Awaken An Angel

| May 26, 2018


“I enjoyed the writing, the plot, and characters.” Fran’s Book Love

“This is an author who bears watching.” – CNor

Angels. Demons. Humans.

At the beginning they coexisted peacefully, living and learning within the same Universe.

That all changed when the Universe came under attack.

Now a force of elite angels and demons known as the Balance Keepers fight to save humanity from the revenants, angel and demon souls who succumbed to the lure of evil and who now prey on humans as a way to regain life. But not everyone is an ally, and trusting the wrong person can lead to death.

The only hope is a little-known prophesy about a human girl who can save the Universe – but who she is, exactly, remains a mystery to all but those intent on destroying her…

When Mia was seven years old her nice, normal world ground to a halt – literally – and gave her a startling glimpse into a world filled with angels, demons, and magic.As she grows up that world collides with hers again and again… until she finally succumbs to fate and leaves humanity behind to become an angel. 

Now she must learn how to embrace her destiny, fight the revenants that threaten humanity, and save the Universe from a fate worse than death… all while coming to terms with the fact that she’s mated to the sexiest demon she’s ever seen.

It’s hard work being an angel.

Perfect for fans of The Shadow Children, The Demon-Born, and Angelbound.

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  • Paranormal Fantasy 
  • New Adult / College
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Contemporary Fantasy

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