The Break In

| May 26, 2018


Ellen Acton wakes in the dead of night to a shadowy figure standing over her and her husband Harry’s bed.

They don’t know this masked intruder, but he knows them. In fact, he knows everything about them and he wants more than just their money. He has a score to settle, and before the night is through, Mr and Mrs Acton will pay up.

Their twenty-two-year-old daughter is visiting them for a few days, and she too will become a pawn in the home intruder’s games.

On the surface, the Actons are the perfect family. Ellen and Harry have a good marriage, a beautiful home, two gorgeous, intelligent, grown-up daughters and plenty of money. But beneath the surface, secrets and lies simmer. The Actons are a family held together by the most fragile of bonds and this home intruder will test those bonds to the limit.

They say that every person has at least one secret that would break your heart.

And some people know your secrets and just want to break you.


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