Homegirl Ain’t Gonna Make It: Why They Hatin’ on Me in Boston?

| May 27, 2018


The debut fiction novel by Eric Reese that captures essence of Octavia E. Butler, Sista Souljah and Mark Gimenez in this surprising plot of racial fiction.”

Fresh starts are not always as rosy as it appears. Sometimes the hope for new beginnings end up with a worst nightmare. Gabrielle, a gorgeous, young, black woman working for peanuts in her hometown of New York City with an Ivy League education was planning for a new start in Boston.

But Destiny has some other plans for her. She had to learn a hard way to live the life. As the obstacles pose a strong barrier in front of her, she explores the ways of survival. The story of Gabrielle unfolds how a girl of a tender age has to deal with the worst of trouble ever that will come her way. It’s make or break in frosty “Bean Town” Boston.

Will she survive or she won’t?

Find out in Eric Reese’s Home Girl Ain’t Gonna Make It.


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