Hidden: Tales of Ryca, Book 1

| May 28, 2018


Come out, come out, wherever you are

In a moment of crisis, Gillly’s fantasy of safety is shattered. With a twisted leg that’s both a hindrance and a reminder of her tragic past, and her family lost, she had hidden among shadows. For twenty-three years, she disguised herself as an eccentric goat herder and lived alone at the edge of an idyllic village, thinking, Who would notice me here?

Then her use of magic lifts the veil and she and her sister Anna must flee again, for an evil sorcerer, and the malevolent king he serves, are on their trail.

A perilous journey across unknown terrain with family, friends and strangers will lead Gilly and Anna back to the beginning. They’ll discover hidden secrets, earn forgiveness for past discretions and perhaps even find enduring love.

But can either of them stay alive long enough to claim it?

If you like epic fantasies with a flavor of mystery, are raring to go on a dangerous journey where you’ll enter exotic lands and meet strangers who could end up being either a trusted friend or a dangerous killer, this is the tale for you.

Step out of the shadows and pick up your copy today.


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