| May 28, 2018


Reggie Price is given an unofficial assignment to transport a young woman to the airport. The request landed on his lieutenant’s desk in the middle of the night from a police department in Texas and rolled downhill to the young patrol officer. Carla Demonte and her boyfriend stole her stepfather’s car and drove it from Waco Texas to Florida. The boy was arrested for a dozen serious crimes, not the least of which was kidnapping and attempted murder. Carla was to be put on a plane back to her stepfather in Texas, but she never made the flight.

What started as a routine assignment turned into a nightmare for the young police officer who’s unintentional involvement with the girl has changed his life forever.

This story is a novelette of more than 12,000 words. It is a stand-alone tale that includes graphic details of sexual acts written for adults and not suitable for young readers.


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