Author interview with Regina Puckett of ‘I Close My Eyes’

Author interview with Regina Puckett of 'I Close My Eyes'

The last thing The Duke of Greystone wants is a wife until The Lady Jane Blackmore seeks out his quiet corner of Earl Braxton’s ballroom. But there she stands, attempting to shut out the rest of the world by simply closing her eyes, but the duke understands better than most that life is never that simple. Whilst marriage isn’t on Phillip or Jane’s mind, when society’s trials and tribulations come, they soon become each other’s touchstone, and by it discover that joy is tantalisingly within their grasp, although others seem intent on thwarting their every wish.



Will these two be able to reach the joy what they’re wishing for? Regina Puckett has kindly dropped in to open our eyes to the trials this couple needs to overcome in her historical romance in ‘I Close My Eyes’. Regina, we’ve chatted a little in the past about your writing journey, so first things first, what have you been doing in the writing space recently?

I’ve attended several writers conferences and book signings. It was great to connect with other writers and I loved meeting the readers. They are always so excited to find new writers and met with the writers they have already been reading. And I Close MY Eyes became a 2017 finalist in the Historical Romance Awards.



Congratulations on becoming a finalist, that’s awesome! Has seeing your work recognised, and being able to connect with other writers and readers translated into an energetic motivation boost, or do you still find yourself exhausted by the prospect of more writing?

It depends. There are days I can’t type fast enough, but there are many others where the words are stuck. Those are the days I find exhausting. They just aren’t fun.



I for one, hope that these days of exhaustion are few and far between for you. But I don’t want to talk about the bad days, let’s talk about the fun ones. And there’s nothing more fun than the genesis of a new story. What can you tell us about how ‘I Close My Eyes’ came to life?

I love the beach and use it as my place to escape whenever life becomes too much of a hassle, so I decided I wanted to write a book where my main character also used it as an escape too.



You know, I never really associated the beach with a regency romance before, but I love the idea of exploring the beach in these times with your main character. As you look back on your characters today, do you still remember how they first came to life?

Some were easier than others. Lady Jane is more like me than anyone else, so she was easy to write. Lord Phillip was a little harder to write. I always find it harder to put myself in my male characters’ shoes, but I try to think like a man and hope I get some of it right.




I think you did. In an effort to get it right, did you use aspects or events in your own life to inspire your work?

I always draw from my own life experiences.



I love that you brought elements from your own life to the table to enrich the pages of your novel. But Regency life is different from life today, so these events would not have formed the novel alone. As you folded in your own story as you kept writing, what did you feel that you learnt?

It was a real learning experience. Even though Regency is my favorite genre to read, I’d never tried writing it. Since I knew nothing, I had to begin from the ground up. With every paragraph, I had to research a new question. I almost gave up several times, but I loved my characters. I decided their story had to be told – no matter how long it took me.




What do you feel is the most important message that needed to be shared in their story?

That love might be hard work, it is worth fighting for.



Indeed it is! Now, I can’t wait any longer, so I’m going to ask you what I wanted to from the start of our chat, is ‘I Close My Eyes’ the last time that we will see of this era from you, or can readers look forward to seeing this story continue?

I’m working on book four of my Closed Series – yes, I’ve stuck with the Regency era because I love it so much.



Regency is a fascinating period to work in, and really I think there’s only one way to show our love for both romance, and the Regency period. Let’s share your favourite quote from this book that showcases both. What’s your choice?

“I don’t know what I ever did to deserve someone as sweet as you, but I thank all the stars in the heavens that you picked my corner of the ballroom in which to hide away.”



Nailed it! What a wonderful taste of romance and Regency in one sweet sentence. You know, I have liked both your selection, and the Regency romance read so much that I think we’ll have to end our chat here today, so I can pick up a few more copies of ‘I Close My Eyes’ to share! Regina, thanks so much for chatting with me today, and I can’t wait to hear about your next adventures in writing romance.



Excited to read the book we discussed today? Find it here on Amazon: ‘I Close My Eyes ( ASIN: B01MUCMBRS )‘.

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