Magoch: Young and Lost in a New Era

| May 30, 2018


A mysterious yet out of place young figure goes through a hard-fought struggle to gift the masses a wide range of complex magical power to discover and wield on their own. Follow how this unexpected event affects the mundane, stress-filled lives of a few city-dwelling citizens and everything around them in the world of Cepha.

Magoch is an urban fantasy filled with comedic moments and some subtle Meta humor that has fun with certain aspects of the genre. This dialogue-heavy story also explores the impact of conversation, general sadness and not really knowing what to do in the world, and being uncertain about going after a goal you’ve been told to chase because it promises a rewarding future.

Contains excessive use of profanity, offensive language, and some graphic acts.

Ezreth, a mage who’s far away from home, stands out like a sore thumb in the populous city of Kale and on his journey, he pairs with a stressed out retail associate that’s itching to learn about him and the magic he does.

Chip, a quiet highschooler in his final year, wanders through life, moving with the tide and not having much of a plan for the future, seemingly just waiting for something to happen to him. Luckily enough, something does.

Sam, a young assistant to an even younger, mysterious boss with a vast estate and an unrivaled knowledge of history quickly becomes fixated on finding out who Ezreth is and where he’s from.

See how these three stories collide into one another.

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