Keys to the Coven (A Hellfire Universe Novel)

| September 24, 2013


Keys to the Coven (A Hellfire Universe Novel)

The Road to Hell is Paved with Bad Intentions
Get ready for Keys to the Coven, a tightly plotted, spicy urban fantasy set in an original universe where karma is power, sex is karma, and it’s not who you know but whose soul you own that matters.*

To become a demon, you must die in complete and utter despair. Three hundred years ago, Max passed that test with flying colors and joined the afterlife resolving never again to have innocent blood on his hands. Now Max has been given the job of breaking a young witch’s family curse. But what she doesn’t know, what Max can’t bring himself to tell her, is that completing his mission almost certainly means her death.
*Caution: This book contains violence, strong sexual themes, moderately explicit sex between consenting adults, (unfulfilled) threats against children, and one completely gratuitous reference to unicorns.


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