Florence: If you were invited to join the paranormal, would you? (Charlie Holiday Book 1)

| June 1, 2018


As I wrote my last book “Every Single Day,” a character kept creeping in between the lines. It was as if he was both over my shoulder reading along and in my head telling me what to write.

Since I finished that book, he’s been pestering me to set him free into the wild.

I don’t really have a choice. I’m at his mercy. He wants out of my mind and, yeah, sorry about this: into yours. If you don’t want him in there, just stop reading now.

He means well. He has a beautiful and warm heart. He really only wants what’s best for me—and you.

You see, he knows one thing. He doesn’t quite know how to get it or explain it so maybe that’s why he’s dragging me along on all of his adventures.

He knows just one thing and it’s what has my curiosity piqued to the point where I let him into my mind in the mornings and let him tell his stories. I write them down. I learn from him.

The one thing he knows is this: there is more.

That’s it. That’s what he knows.

With that, I introduce to you: Charlie Holiday.

Go easy on him, he has no idea what he’s doing, where he’s going, or how he’s going to get there. But he knows.
He just knows.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a really short book!


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