Linkedin Marketing: 50 Shades of Hay

| September 24, 2013


Linkedin Marketing: 50 Shades of Hay

Want to dominate your market on Linkedin?

Download your copy of ‘Linkedin Marketing: 50 Shades of Hay’ Today before your competitors do.

Not sure if this book is for you? Well ask yourself the following questions:

If any of the following apply to you, then stop losing money and start winning clients on – TODAY

  • Frustrated by a lack of fans, friends & followers that recommend you and give you referrals?
  • Perplexed by a lack pre-qualified prospects for your solution(s) despite everything you’re doing?
  • Struggling to prove to your boss, shareholders or family that it really can generate ‘business’?
  • Under pressure to fill your pipeline, send out proposals, and win new clients?

˃˃˃ If you answered YES to more than 2 of the above questions, then DOWNLOAD THIS BOOK NOW

Many people perform differently on LinkedIn in the privacy of their own home or office.

Some are satisfied with their results, others are desperate to enhance their performance.

If you crave bigger and better results, then you’re about to discover:

  • 29 questions you must answer before you start any marketing on Linkedin
  • The 7 fundamental Principles of Social Networking that the author follows
  • 30 reasons why people WILL want to connect with you & how to ENGAGE with them
  • 7 reasons why your linkedin profile isn’t converting hits into leads or sales
  • 18 “essentials” that prospects expect to see in the SUMMARY section of your profile
  • Identify the 4 types of networker and how to engage correctly with each
  • How the creator of “Wonder Woman” can help you win more sales
  • Your choice of 15 powerful questions that persuasively engage with your network
  • 11 Ways to build your ‘house’ list using your linkedin profile
  • A powerful little known referral system that 99.3% of members don’t know exists
  • 15 questions about their business cards that your competitors don’t know to ask
  • 10 face slappingly obvious profile mistakes that are losing you sales
  • 7 ways to communicate with your network that most members dont use
  • 12 ways to prove to yourself that what the author shares, actually works
  • How to beat 1m+ competing members to get to the top of Linkedin search results
  • How to turn your profile headline into a pre-qualifying prospect magnet
  • 24 fill-in-the-blank templates for you test and prove yourself right
  • How the author got found on #1 google & pulled 25,000+ people to his page
  • 12 specific criteria you can use to target decision makers on Linkedin
  • How to post content in all 50 of your groups instantly with the click of a button
  • How to get your message into the inboxes of up to 1m members instantly

Think for a second. LinkedIn has 200,000,000+ members.

How many do you think you could close, if you generated just 30 pre-qualified hungry prospective visitors to your profile
in a week using the proven persuasive strategies in this much talked about book?

˃˃˃ Isn’t it time you gave your competitors on Linkedin a damn good spanking?

  • Are you going to be submissive, bite your lip & let them dominate you & your market online?
  • Are you going to just lie back and let your competitors whip your ass?
  • You’re not powerless, but you do need to take ‘control’ of your marketing.
  • It’s time to take the iniative, and get on top.

Achieve the results you desire on Linkedin. GET THIS BOOK NOW !!


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