Under the Silken Moonlight

| June 3, 2018


Anirbhan is the most feared warrior, he is the trained to be a savage fighter and he never loses a war. Heir to a wealthy kingdom, he is as rich as he is handsome. He is known for never compromising and never losing out on anything, whether it’s a battle or a game.

Having won all battles he has fought, and expanded his territory to form the largest known kingdom. He has everything to pride in himself. He is haughty and arrogant to the extent that he is not able to find a bride good enough to match his inflated ego.

Until one day, he is captured by a group of masked tribal warriors who want to bring him to justice. How will the prince escape? Who will he meet on this journey from his capital to the tribal village? Will he find the perfect bride among the tribal? Will it be the tribal chief’s daughter who is believed to be extraordinarily beautiful? Or does a princess come to rescue him? Find out who captures the Prince’s heart in this romantic story


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