Paws and the tails of happiness: Life lessons from your dog and cat

| June 4, 2018


“Really”, you might think, “is it possible that we can take life lessons from our dog and cat? We are humans and the worst human is superior to an animal”. Isn’t this the principle of Humanism? We have evolved far more than any animal on the planet; we are the only species that created civilization and culture, and the extraordinary capabilities of the human mind are undoubtable. We could say all this and more to our reflection on the mirror – and indeed this is what we have been doing in centuries. In the beginning of prehistory, nature was our mirror. Rivers, mountains and forests had life, animals had souls and we were only a small part of that magic; still mentally underdeveloped yet members of this big family.
Dogs and cats have conquered our hearts for countless reasons, the most important of these being our profound need to constantly look for ways to look at ourselves through different eyes. Nature’s eyes, our little friends’ eyes, look at us in such an innocent and pristine way, a way so deeply etched inside us that it moves and overwhelms us. It is in these eyes we see and recognize parts of our inner self. Animals, without realizing it – but we haven’t realized it either – have carried the tremendous burden of helping us understanding our self, and have succeeded where we have failed: in seeing humans as part of nature and paying attention to the life lessons nature offers. In the final analysis, maybe animals came into our lives for a reason: to show us the way of unity and reconciliation with nature, the way we must find again, this time with the help of our advanced intelligence.
They are here to make us realize that we may be walking on our path alone, but not detached from all other forms of life; a path that the soul opens when it embraces the beings that are here with us, a path that leads to our true self giving life a new meaning. This is the path we walk together with our animals, which remind us that we are human, whatever that calls for.


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