Annie’s Verdict

| June 27, 2018


Attorney Michael Gresham has a new go-to person. Her name is Annie and she’s twelve.

Annie is a savant. She can look at you and, like her idol, Sherlock Holmes, tell you where you’re from, whether or not you’re happily married, and where you went to school.

But now she must use her skills to discover who murdered her entire family, because it looks like the killer was actually looking for her. Annie must profile the killer before he kills her. It will take all of her brilliance and all of the lawyering skills of Michael Gresham. But will even that be enough?

At the last minute, Annie spins out an entire universe of killers and leads Michael Gresham to their door.

Now the door must be opened.

ANNIE’S VERDICT is book 6 in the USA TODAY bestselling author’s thrillers featuring Michael Gresham.

“Spellbinding legal/psychological thriller. If you only read one book this year, make it this one!” American Institute for Justice

The series books are all standalones. For example, if you missed book five, enough background about it will be provided in book six that you don’t miss anything. All books work this way.

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