Author Interview Submission for Guaranteed Promotions

Step 2: Author Interview Questionnaire (Optional)

Step 2: Author Interview Questionnaire (Optional)

Want to share your personality, thoughts and feelings about writing and your book? Then fill out the author interview with at least 8 of the questions below.

Please Note: As we edit together the responses you provide to create a interview that looks like conversation please complete this form at least 5 days before the start of your promotion.. If your interview less than 5 days before your promotion is scheduled to be run your entire promotion may be delayed. Not sure what a completed interview looks like? Check out our author interview archives here.

Not interested in an interview? No worries just, skip the interview

Your Paid Book Promotion Information & Contact Details

So that we can double check that we assign the correct author interview to the correct paid book promotion please the following book details into this form for us.

Are You a Returning Author?

Thanks for taking the plunge and participating in our author interview process. The answers you give below will be edited into a written interview that will look like a real-life conversation. For examples of recent interviews check out our author interview page.

Questions About the Book Being Promoted

Please fill out a few of these questions so that we can tailor the author interview to your current book being promoted.

Questions on the Writing, Editing, Publishing and Promotional Processes

Questions About the Author

Fun Quick Fire Questions

Just answer one or two of these quick fire questions. These will be changed from time to time to make things interesting.

Writing Related Quick Fire Questions

The information provided in this section may not be used in the written author interview, but it will be used for additional social media posts linking to your book or your author interview or additional features.

When you click submit please wait for the success message to appear as it may take a few minutes for the interview responses to be saved in the database.

Please check your inbox for confirmation that the author interview information has been received. If you do not receive this please let us know using the contact form.