How To Get Books For Your New Kindle

Did you get a new Kindle for Christmas? Did all of the Kindle advertisements on Amazon finally get to you when you were shopping for gifts? Either way, now that you have your new Kindle it is time to put some books on it.

Using Your Kindle Device

The most obvious way and what you have probably been doing is going to your Kindle>Shop>Books and browsing all of the lists and categories. Once you select the category, you can hit the refine button and sort by popularity, price, customer review and publication date. If you want to find free book options use the Price: Low to High option under refine.

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Another great way to find free books is to subscribe to my Free eBook Newsletter. In case you didn’t know it, this site lists free and bargain books on the front page everyday. Each morning I update the page and add new free and bargain books.

Authors submit their free books to this site. Each morning, I go through the list of submissions and choose the best books to feature on this site.  I look at every book submitted (as long as all of the fields on the submission form are filled out correctly) and make a judgement call as to whether it is appropriate for this site.

I also have a paid guaranteed book submission service. I still go through each book to make sure that it is appropriate for this site. If not, I refund the payment. My priority is to offer my readers a list of quality books that will spark their interest. I don’t read every entire book that I feature, but I do have a list of quality control checks that I go through.

I also promote bargain books on this site. Each bargain book has the price marked in the title so it won’t be mistaken for a free ebook. Authors can submit their Kindle Countdown Deals and their promotionally priced books through the Submit Your Book page.

Advantages Of Subscribing To The List

Because I use author submissions and other sources to find quality free books, you will get a larger selection of books than you would by just going through the top 100 popular books on Amazon. I also screen for quality and try to add a variety of books that will appeal to different people and different tastes. The nice thing about this is that you will get a variety of choices to choose from each day. It’s even possible that you might just discover something new. 

An Example Of Today’s Books

Today is February 2nd and millions of people are looking forward to Super Bowl XLVIII. It’s a super bowl tradition to gather a group together to have snacks and watch the game. Today’s list features 3 books on super bowl party snacks and appetizers. There is also cool book about job freedom, and a very cute memoir written in the voice of a pet cat.

There is also a large selection of popular romance books, mysteries and thrillers. Today’s list is a perfect example of how to get great books for your Kindle, and they are all FREE. Pick and choose and download what looks interesting. That way you will never run out of things to read and entertain yourself with.

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How To Find Free Books To Read

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.
George R.R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons

Are you bored, just looking for something to do with your time? Thanks to the digital and independent revolution there are an endless supply of books to entertain and teach all of us. Want to learn something new? There are tons of fast paced How-To books available at the push of a button. Do you love mysteries or romance? Maybe you are still discovering what your preferred genre is. No problem, there are tons of free ebooks and Kindle books to fit every taste.

How To Find Free Kindle Books On Amazon

There are a ton of free Kindle books listed on Amazon, but if you type free Kindle books in the Amazon search bar you get a small random selection of free Kindle books on Amazon. Here is the path to a more organized list of free books on Amazon:

Go to, under shop by department put your curser on Kindle Books & E-readers, then under Kindle Store click on Kindle Books. Under Browse < Popular Features < Kindle Best Sellers < Top 100 Free. You will now be on this page: Best Sellers in Kindle eBooks. From here you can browse the top 100 free Kindle books or use the categories on the left to narrow down your choices. Just make sure that the Top 100 Free is selected as opposed to the Top 100 paid.

You could also sign up for my newsletter or browse the front page of my site. We also have popular free categories listed in the sidebar.

What Can I Read My Kindle Books On

I love my Kindle, and I use it all of the time. If you don’t have a Kindle you can get the regular e-ink Kindle for $69 or a Kindle HD for $139, at the time of this writing. You don’t have to get a Kindle though. If you are reading this, you can get an app for whatever device you are reading it on. Kindle Reading App, there is an app for that.

I Accidentally Paid For A Book That I Thought Was Free

Occasionally, this happens, and it is not a problem. Amazon allows you to easily return a Kindle book, within 7 days. So, if you buy a book and realize it wasn’t free any longer, just go to your account on Amazon. Click on Manage My Kindle, find the book you want to return and select return for refund from the actions menu.

You can also use this menu to send your book to individual devices, get updates, and delete the book from your library. If you are like me, and download a lot of free Kindle books, you are bound to have some that deserve to be deleted.

How To Find Free Books For The Nook

If you are a Nook user or just prefer Barnes and Noble, you are in luck. There are also free Nook books. Nook also has free reading apps, so you don’t actually have to own a Nook to take advantage of free Nook books. The Nook interface doesn’t seem as cryptic as the Amazon interface. When I typed in free Nook Books I got this page which is good enough for me.

How To Find Free Books On Kobo

Kobo is another book website, and reading device. There is also a Kobo app so you can read Kobo books on a device other than the Kobo reader. Kobo says they have over a million free ebooks, but finding them was a bit tricky. The easiest way I came up with was to go to, click on search, enter any genre such as fiction, click the search button, then under Sort By: < Choose < Price: Low to High, a list of free ebook will pop up, and you can continue to sort by categories.

How To Find Free Books In The iBooks Store

The iBooks store is part of iTunes. Anyone who has owned an iPod, iPhone or iPad should be familiar with iTunes. To get free books from iBooks, you need to download iTunes on your computer or device. Then click on Books and in the right hand sidebar there will be a Books Quick Links column, Free Books are in the middle of that column. Click on it and browse away.

Largest Selection of Free Public Domain Books

Public domain books are books that are out of copyright and are available for anyone to use for any purpose. Classics and some of the world’s greatest fiction fall into this category. Project Gutenberg is the oldest site and largest producer of these books. You can download these books or read them online. Enjoy!

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Amazon Silk May Be Best Feature Of Kindle Fire

The new Kindle Fire has a lot going for it; a 7″ tablet, powered by a dual-core processor, that cost under $200, a color touch-screen, with access to all of the media that Amazon offers, and it is the latest device that is likely to sell out, before it’s release date of November 15th. What really sets the Kindle Fire apart from other tablets is Amazon Silk. Silk is a new split web browser that harnesses the power of Amazon’s EC2 cloud services.

What this means is it is a mobile device that is fast for streaming media and Internet browsing. Instead of downloading a low resolution image, with the power of the cloud, Silk users should be able to have fast loading high resolution images. Couple this with all of the multi media benefits of Amazon Prime Streaming Media, and we have a fast, capable, portable, media device. If you are a nerd like me;  you can learn about Silk from the other nerds at Amazon.

Kindle Fire The Hottest Kindle Of All

My first encounter with ereaders was the Sony ereader which I thought was an amazing device. Imagine having all of your books in one lightweight electronic device, move over Star Trek. Then I kind of forgot about about ereaders until I heard an announcement about the Kindle. When it comes to buzz, Amazon is almost as good as Apple, when it comes to creating it. I thought the Kindle sounded amazing with the easy on the eyes E ink and the power of Amazon technology and their book library behind it. How could it go wrong. I loved the idea of the Kindle that I created a web site about it, before it was even introduced.

Then I forgot about it. One day I was checking my Amazon stats and that lonely little neglected Kindle site sitting on my server made $300 in one month. I was like what’s going on, that site hasn’t made anything? With a little research I discovered that Oprah had featured the Kindle (first generation) on her show, and that was all it took for my little neglected site to suddenly appear to Kindle searchers. Now I was pumped about my Kindle site and started doing research and creating content in hopes of making even more.

About this time the Kindle 2 was introduced and I pre-ordered one and my site was growing I was even getting natural links because people saw me as an authority on the Kindle. My site continued to make a few hundred a month and even got up to about $700. Someone even ordered 12 designer cases at once, which gave me a hefty commission. I ended up selling that site for $5000, which seemed like quite a deal at the time. Although in retrospect I know I could have gotten much more out of the site if I had hung onto it.

My Mom is now the owner of that first Kindle 2, but Kindles will always have a warm place in my heart. In fact, my only regret with the Kindle is I didn’t have the time to lay in a hammock, or sit on a park bench, or on the beach, and read it like it deserved to be read, but then that wasn’t the Kindle’s fault.

Today Amazon announced the Kindle Fire which is a 7″ color touch display with Wi-Fi. It is similar to the Barnes & Noble Nook, but it is priced at only $199 and it has the power of Amazon behind it. There are no storage issues because you get free access to the Amazon cloud and with Amazon Prime there is free instant streaming of movies and TV shows. It has a fast dual-core processor and Amazon Silk for ultra-fast web browsing.

You can pre-order the Kindle Fire now for pre-release on November 15. I am pretty sure these will sell out and will be big money makers on eBay in December. Besides the new Kindle Fire Amazon has also released some new Kindles with amazing price points. The regular Kindle is now only $79, the Kindle Touch is $99, and the Kindle Touch 3G is $149. The Kindle Keyboard is $99 and the Kindle Keyboard 3G is $139. There has never been a cheaper time to purchase a Kindle. But if you ask me the Kindle Fire is the one to get, just for coolness factor alone.