My Unreasonable Boss (Bargain Read)

She thinks he’s arrogant, he believes she’s unprofessional–but their first impressions couldn’t be more wrong.

Alayna Sullivan is one of the hardest workers at the corporate office of Rolland Myers. Every boss she’s ever had praised her for her exemplary work ethic. But that all changes when she meets her new supervisor, Jasper Garrison, on his first day at the office. Her casual attire lands her in hot water, earning her a reprimand for violating the company’s dress code.

When Jasper Garrison moves to Los Angeles to take on the role of supervisor, he’s intent on proving himself. He believes Alayna has received more favoritism than she deserves, and he decides to rectify the situation.

As tensions simmer between them, the vice president of the company sends Alayna and Jasper to a team-building conference. Forced into close proximity, they grow to admire each other, and their feelings begin to change. They must navigate the fine line between professionalism and the desire for a relationship they can never have.

Will they give in to their feelings or will they let fear dictate their actions?

*This is a contemporary Christian story with strong Biblical themes and Bible references.

Meet (Evangeline Kelly, pen) Jeanine Hawkins

Evangeline Kelly writes clean and Christian romance. She has thirty-five books and has been delighting readers with her heartwarming stories for years.

The Empowered ADHD Woman: Empower Yourself To Live An Amazing Life With Seven Simple Strategies

Are you an ADHD woman looking to take charge of your life? Would you like to empower yourself with simple, practical, and uplifting techniques that will not only help you transform your life but also enable you to embrace yourself, and unlock your full potential? If you’ve been looking for a book that will introduce you to the best version of yourself, even with your ADHD diagnosis, then look no further, you’ve found the perfect book! Studies show that women with ADHD are more likely to have low self-esteem, anxiety, and feel disempowered. This means they never truly get to live fulfilling lives, criticize themselves, and often believe they are not destined for greatness. Does this feel like you? Alice Knox, a trained Life Coach living with ADHD, is deeply passionate about inspiring and helping women living with ADHD. With practical tools that are backed up by exhaustive research, personal experiences, and an empathetic touch, you’ll be encouraged to make constructive changes in your life that will move you a step closer to living the life you’ve always known you deserve. Are you ready to learn how? Inside this must-have guide, you’ll discover: A detailed look at ADHD including what it is, how it influences your thoughts, and how you can use this to transform your mindset and overcome your limiting beliefs. The best ways to stop negative thinking, excessive apologizing, and cope with embarrassment from ADHD, even if you’ve unsuccessfully tried to before! Strategies to enhance your confidence, capitalize on your hyperfocus, and learn how to ask for help and delegate when feeling overwhelmed. How to make taking care of yourself and staying healthy a priority, no matter how difficult this has been for you before. Effective methods to start practicing gratitude, control your ADHD symptoms, and tap into your unique superpower to bring out the best version of yourself. Seven simple strategies later, you’re going to be re-introduced to an empowered and happier you! With enhanced self-esteem, a positive outlook on life, and powerful routines, you’re guaranteed to start living an amazing life! Lady, are you ready to finally take charge of your life? Then read The Empowered ADHD Woman now!

Meet Alice Knox

Alice Knox is a trained Life Coach, Mom of two amazing boys, and wife to an amazing man who also lives with Adult ADHD. She lives with her family and much loved dog, and thrives on the outdoors, the beach, good food and good conversation. Alice realized after many years of living with ADHD, both in herself and her family, that part of her calling was to encourage and help others who also live with this condition. Her passion is to see other people with ADHD, especially women, thriving in life and living a life that they love.

The Ultimate Self-Help Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Book: What Narcissism Is, What It Isn’t, What You Can Do About It, and What You Can’t (Inner Peace Revolution)

If you’ve always wanted to break free from the shadows of narcissistic abuse but felt lost in the darkness and powerless against the narcissist’s control, then keep reading… Have you ever felt confused by someone’s behavior, unsure if it’s just challenging personality traits or something deeper like narcissism? Have you found yourself feeling powerless and searching for ways to reclaim your sense of self and boundaries? Are you looking for clarity on how to heal from the emotional toll of narcissistic abuse and wondering what steps to take next? You see, reclaiming your self-esteem after narcissistic abuse doesn’t have to be difficult. Even if you’ve tried self-help techniques that seemed to make no difference, The truth is, it’s easier than you think. As a leading voice in emotional abuse recovery, Callie Parker provides you with a step-by-step blueprint to reclaiming your self-esteem after narcissistic abuse without enduring more pain or self-doubt, ensuring breakthrough results with our special, proven techniques. In “The Ultimate Self-Help Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Book,” you’ll discover: The biggest mistake people make in identifying narcissistic behavior that prevents them from effectively protecting themselves and setting healthy boundaries. Because we understand the complexity, we introduce easy, proven solutions. 8 Subtypes of narcissism and how they might show up in your life, offering a special insight that guarantees a deeper understanding. Critical strategies for protecting yourself from narcissistic abuse, introducing breakthrough methods that are easy to apply. The difference between NPD and BPD, Bipolar Disorder, and more Secrets to setting firm boundaries with a narcissist without feeling guilt What Dr. Ramani said about authentic forgiveness How to break out of the 3 phases of narcissistic abuse with proven, easy strategies never shared in this way before. Look inside the brain of both diagnosed narcissists and survivors with exclusive interviews 11 narcissistic tactics, and what you can do about them, introducing special techniques for unprecedented empowerment. And so much more! Imagine how you’ll feel once you’ve healed from the emotional scars of narcissistic abuse, and how your life could change for the better. So even if you’re questioning your own reality, worn down by years of gaslighting and emotional abuse, you can learn to trust yourself again and build a life based on truth and self-respect with “The Ultimate Self-Help Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Book.” If you’re ready to reclaim your sense of self, rebuild your confidence, and embark on a journey of healing and empowerment after narcissistic abuse, then grab “The Ultimate Self-Help Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Book” TODAY!

Meet Callie Parker

Callie Parker’s writing is born from her own journey through life’s tumultuous highs and lows. Raised in the southern U.S., her experiences have shaped a profound understanding of trauma and the resilience of the human spirit. This personal journey inspires her compassionate and educational writing in the self-help and mental health field. Callie’s style is a heartfelt blend of empathetic narratives and serious discourse, reflecting her commitment to helping others navigate their paths to healing. An enthusiast of hiking and yoga, Callie believes in the holistic approach to healing, where physical movement complements emotional and mental recovery.

The 10 Effective Ways Young Families Handle Money Topics With Kids: Creating a Money-Smart Modern Family in This Turbulent World

Struggling to talk money with your kids? Get ready to revolutionize the way you approach financial topics with these 10 game-changing tips! Parents tend to focus on ensuring their children get the best education possible, putting financial matters on the back burner—but it’s never too early to help your kids get ahead on their journey through economics. Do you want to raise your kids to be financially wise so they can handle the challenges of adulthood with confidence? The right financial mindset can help a child stay one step ahead of their future (while also giving their parents’ wallet a break). Whether you’re unsure of where to start, or you’re not quite a financial expert yourself, you can find what you’re looking for in this book! Inside The 10 Effective Ways Young Families Handle Money Topics With Kids, parents will learn about: How to create a conducive home environment to encourage conversations around money topics. Money habits, budgeting tips, and interactive activities for kids aged 6–12 to help promote children’s financial literacy. Fun financial games for kids that take money-oriented learning to a new level. Guidance on how to help your child earn money through chores, and other creative ideas for supporting young entrepreneurs. Wise spending strategies to foster a powerful saving mindset and prepare your child for future purchases. Fundamental guides that will set you and your child up for financial success, no matter what your current circumstances are. If you are a modern young parent who wants to help supercharge your family’s financial literacy, look no further than this guide. From understanding ways to make your money grow to learning how to earn income, you will discover tips and tricks to develop your money-related knowledge (and help your kids do more chores in the process)! Empower yourself and your children by adding this financial tool to your collection today!

Meet Stephanie Yip

Stephanie is a dynamic entrepreneur, a dedicated full-time mom, and the co-founder of Creatopia™, an innovative educational platform designed to unleash children’s creative potential while instilling essential life skills. Her journey commenced with a firm belief that education transcends traditional textbooks and classrooms. This conviction inspired her mission to create a platform that not only sparks children’s creativity but also nurtures the crucial skills required for success in an ever-evolving society. Always seeking avenues for personal and professional growth, Stephanie recently earned certification as a Kidpreneurs™ Certified Educator. Her goal is to motivate the next generation of entrepreneurs and change-makers, embodying her commitment to continuous improvement. During her experience teaching kids entrepreneurial skills, Stephanie identified a significant gap in children’s understanding of basic financial concepts. This realization prompted the inception of this book, aiming to bridge the divide between theoretical mathematical concepts learned in school and the practical application of math in the real world. Her desire is to empower parents to facilitate this learning journey within the comfort of their own homes.

Beyond the womb: The journey of a first – time mother from pregnancy to motherhood.

Beyond the Womb: The journey of a first-time mother from pregnancy to motherhood.

Experience the transformative journey of pregnancy and motherhood with ‘Beyond the womb’

Meshi shares her personal story with invaluable insights and practical tips to guide first-time mothers through every stage, from prenatal care to childbirth. Discover heartfelt encouragement to embrace the joy and challenges of motherhood. Let ‘Beyond the Womb’ be your trusted companion on this extraordinary journey.



Harper James died. He just didn’t know it yet. He walked – or so he thought – through a perfectly level, smooth dirt path in the woods. Had he not been lost in thought he would have realized that the setting, much like a postcard, was not real.

He liked to reminisce and when he did he never failed to think of his students. He had worried about Arianna, the sad, beautiful, lost girl from Iran with the sparkling, inquisitive eyes and unsmiling mouth, who struggled with adapting to American life. Harper saw her potential and her stifled intelligence. He knew she could have a happy, successful life, but then she had simply vanished one day without a trace.

Devi, his passion, his drive, and his unyielding commitment to justice. Devi had fallen in love with Arianna and she with him. Harper knew it even if the two them didn’t. Harper had seen the devastation in Devi’s eyes when Arianna disappeared.

He couldn’t think of Devi without thinking of Eddie. Eddie and Devi; Devi and Eddie. They had become the most incongruous salt and pepper set imaginable. Devi, a wiry 5’9” white, Jewish kid, and Eddie, huge at, 6’8”, black, and a basketball legend who had played in the NBA. They were inseparable to this day. It had taken Harper a lot longer to gain Eddie’s trust than Devi’s but the three of them were now fast friends.

Harper felt the tension. He feared for his students. He had taught them acceptance. He had taught them to embrace their commonalities but respect their differences. He preached love and understanding in these troubled times. But what good had it done? True, his students would have a choice. But would they follow his teachings? Would they join the never-ending conflict that plagued today’s world? Or would they simply give up on life?


The Layover: A Connor Callahan Novella

You’re not always safer on the ground . . .

When Connor Callahan misses his connecting flight in Chicago, he finds himself stuck at O’Hare with four hours to kill. He expects it to be a mundane layover. But when he sees a stranger discreetly tag a man’s suitcase with a black magic marker, he sets out to discover what is going on.

It doesn’t take long before he realizes that if this stranger gets his way, people are going to die.

He turns to airport security for help but gets nowhere. Connor has already been through a lot in his life. More than anyone should. He has seen more people die than he could count, and he can’t watch it happen again. Not if there’s something he can do about it. The only question is: Will he have to trade his life for theirs?

Find out in this action-packed thriller from international bestselling author Reagan Keeter. If you like James Patterson, David Baldacci, and Harlan Coben, this novella will keep you turning the pages.

Praise for the author:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Reagan Keeter is a master author of thrillers.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ You cannot go wrong with anything by this author.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Be prepared to hang on while Reagan Keeter takes you along a suspenseful ride!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ An author I will be following closely.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Can’t wait to read more by this author.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I love the author’s style.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ This author is a keeper!


Echoes of Arcadia: Legacy of a Lost World

In a world ravaged by apocalyptic destruction, where the remnants of humanity cling to survival amidst the ruins of their former civilization, “Echoes of Arcadia: Legacy of a Lost World” unfolds an epic tale of resilience, hope, and the quest for a forgotten utopia. Authored by Amro Heikal, this gripping novel blends dystopian grit with a profound exploration of human endurance in the face of overwhelming despair.

The story centers around Maya, a determined survivor burdened by memories of a better past and driven by the myth of Arcadia—a legendary sanctuary said to be untouched by world-end calamities, where the remnants of the old world thrive. Together with a band of unlikely allies, including the cautious Jax and enigmatic Kai, Maya embarks on a perilous journey across desolate landscapes haunted by mutant creatures and ruthless marauders.

As they navigate the perils of a fractured world, Maya and her companions uncover the dark truths about Arcadia and the powerful entity known as Genexis, whose shadowy machinations have shaped the fate of humanity. The deeper they delve into the mysteries of the past, the more they realize that the path to salvation is riddled with sacrifices and the echoes of moral quandaries long forgotten.

“Echoes of Arcadia” is not just a journey across a post-apocalyptic terrain; it is also a deep dive into the soul of humanity. It examines the ethical limits of scientific pursuit, the corrupting allure of power, and the unyielding strength of the human spirit to adapt and overcome. The narrative is rich with vivid descriptions, complex characters, and a compelling plot that balances intense action with thoughtful reflection.

Amro Heikal’s novel is an invitation to explore a world where hope persists in the darkest corners, where every heartache is a step towards redemption, and where the future of humanity might just hinge on uncovering the secrets of its past. For fans of dystopian adventures and philosophical sci-fi, “Echoes of Arcadia: Legacy of a Lost World” offers an unforgettable journey that resonates long after the last page is turned.


Balancing between Bits and Bookkeeping: The IT Professional Who Had Wanted to Become an Accountant

Balancing between Bits and Bookkeeping
The IT Professional Who Had Wanted to Become an Accountant

What do you do when you want to pursue a technical education but face obstacles? Certainly not become a boring, dusty accountant, right? In my case, that’s exactly what happened. I found economics and administration interesting. While I thought I could do accounting well and applied for the position of assistant accountant, my life took a second turn. Uniquely, this led me into the realm of technology. The narrative of an IT professional originally aspiring to be an accountant unravels this story.

This book outlines office life at an accounting firm over the past forty years. It portrays the challenging and amusing moments etched in my experiences. What lingers most vividly are the interactions with colleagues, clients, and suppliers. Though there were trying times, I was fortunate to have supportive colleagues and trusting managers. This book recounts this remarkably beautiful period.

Peter van Es has been working in various IT roles at the accounting firm EY since 1981. Throughout his journey, he has witnessed the unfolding of numerous transformations, from the rise of personal computers to the dawn of the internet era. He has lived through the transition from a paper-centric environment to a digital landscape. And yet, all these changes were embraced as opportunities for continuous personal development.


Super-Delicious Mediterranean Diet Cookbook For Beginners (Bargain Read)

Are you ready to enjoy a healthy lifestyle from this NEW APPROACH of the Mediterranean Diet while enjoying super delicious recipes?

Do you want to lose weight and nurture your overall health and well-being without having those complicated and weird eating restrictions?

Do you want to cut calories without sacrificing flavor while still enjoying a healthy lifestyle?



  • Unhealthy disorder eating habits
  • Feeling hungry later or not getting satisfied
  • lost all sense of health trying other diet plans and now trying to recover your health using the Mediterranean diet lifestyle
  • Have Allergy to some kinds of food or ingredients

Before saying anything, this book provides you with 4- weeks of pre-planned menus that will help you establish healthy habits and accelerate your weight loss without requiring much time or effort and WITHOUT compromising on TASTE. This will help you remove any GUESS WORK from YOUR MEDITERRANEAN JOURNEY OR EATING HABIT

When writing this book, I have you in mind, and I made sure I put two things in my MIND, SIMPLICITY AND RESULTS.

SIMPLICITY in the sense that the recipes are EASY TO PREPARE AND BUDGET FRIENDLY EVEN FOR BUSY PERSONS and the information in the book is easy to understand, which is BEGINNER FRIENDLY
: you lose weight fast, but at a healthy rate, and you’ll have loads of energy and will feel years younger

If this is what you’re looking for, don’t go further. This is the SOLUTION that best suits your body, health, and soul





 A detailed overview of THE FOODS that define the Mediterranean Diet


 The numerous HEALTH BENEFITS it offers


✓ Understanding Mediterranean Diet Macronutrient Composition AND How they Affect Your body

✓ What to Eat and How Often to Eat It

 An indispensable 30-DAY MEAL PLAN

 How To Effectively Transitioned to Mediterranean (Experts recommendation and advice)




The cookbook is a friend to both novices and seasoned chefs which is presented with TOP NOTCH SUPER DELICIOUS and easy-to-prepare Mediterranean recipes.









Your health will never forgive you if you click off this page without getting this SOLUTION-BASED BOOK that is dedicated for you to achieve BIGGER RESULTS THAT YOUR BODY, MIND, AND SOUL NEEDS.

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