Dream Trail

Eric Travers never imagined taking a three-week hiking trip through the wilderness. At twenty-seven, and several months after an unexpected breakup with his girlfriend, he was comfortably cocooned in his desk job at the Crandall Insurance Agency in Binghamton, NY, biding his time, yearning for spring and waiting for his life to blossom once again.

Then the weird dreams started. Images of lush, tree-covered mountains, ghostly apparitions and shamrocks inscribed with a puzzling symbol began to invade his sleep. He encountered a mysterious trio of fellow hikers and heard a vaguely familiar song from the 1970s playing in the background while walking in long, lazy circles above the treetops. He was driving himself crazy trying to decipher his nighttime visions yet felt drawn to a trail he knew nothing about, though all the while wondering if he was simply going mad.

So, he decided that the only way to solve this mystery was to temporarily leave his job, sling on a backpack and literally follow the trail to wherever it might lead. But after meeting others along the way who shared many aspects of his unusual story, the mystery only deepened as each footstep drew them closer to their destination and to a shadowy figure that suddenly haunted their latest round of dreams while on the trail.

Though he can’t claim to be even a novice backpacker, Thomas J. Prestopnik was easily inspired by others who are and wrote this backpacking novel with a dash of mystery to fulfill his true passion, telling a story. He is also the author of several other novels including “Nicholas Raven and the Wizards’ Web”, a Tolkien-inspired epic fantasy in three volumes.

Meet Thomas J. Prestopnik


Good Girl Gone (A Seekers Mystery – 2)

Someone Will Have the Devil to Pay! Doris Watson lives a simple life as an ex-military engineer designing home appliances. However, a late-night emergency call drags her back into her secret life as an on-call rookie agent for a firm named Seekers Worldwide – a front for a loose group of high-tech mercenaries, managed by one Della Jamay Charboneau. The owner, Sam Namath of the NSA, is desperate. He needs Doris. Someone made the mistake of taking Della’s niece. And that was a truly epic mistake indeed. Della Jamay is no ordinary aunt. She is a trained killer with a very short temper and a very large arsenal. Doris’ assignment from Sam—to handle her handler and keep Della’s body count low. Plagued by prophetic dreams and embroiled in Della’s most private matters, Doris finds herself in way over her head. Non-stop action and suspense propel these two tough women through a mystery shrouded in the darkest aspects of human behavior and crime. Time is of the essence—every hour, every day the girl is missing means the trail is growing colder and her fate more dire. Della Jamay is forced back to her Creole home, her hidden past and memories she would like to keep buried. Doris is pulled with her into a morass so dangerous and unthinkable it is beyond even her darkest nightmares as they fight for their lives against ruthless New Orleans criminals and a mysterious Voodoo priestess claiming to be stealing souls with fire. Powerful characters, explosive action, touches of humor, romance and the unexpected make this one of the most unique top-rated mystery thrillers you’ll read.

Meet Sam Berretti

Sam Berretti was born and raised in the High Plains city of Lubbock, Texas. Cotton was king and oil wells and cattle were always close by. The land was as flat as his mother’s tattered ironing board and Spring was always ushered in with dust storms, tumble weeds and tornadoes. Sam moved to Florida to attend the University of Florida, met a woman who he says was gracious enough to allow him to marry her and raised two amazing children. Sam is an avid naturalist and photographer as well as an author. Although writing started at an early age and took many forms, mystery fiction has always been a favorite. “When I began writing I was inspired by a number of authors like Lee Child, Sue Grafton, Janet Evanovich, Robert Crais, and Nora Roberts (as J.D. Robb). Writers creating flawed characters overcoming horrific hurdles and solving complex mysteries. I’ve tried to craft my own writing after their styles of tight action, subtle humor, and unique characters. Added to this a sprinkling of the paranormal and romance for flavor. I don’t have a favorite book as much as favorite series. I always enjoy reading the Jack Reacher books by Lee Child. He has an uncanny way of describing characters and action scenes. His plots are believable and the endings are solid.”

Small Space Senior Living: Declutter and Clean Without Being Overwhelmed Using The Micro-Cleaning Block Method

Micro-Cleaning Blocks are small segments of a cleaning task. It usually doesn’t represent the entire cleaning project. It’s a way to declutter while you clean without being overwhelmed. With dozens of micro-cleaning jobs to choose from, even those in a wheelchair, a walker, or using a cane for support can accomplish several independently.

Meet Dotti Swenson

For 25-years, I worked as a caregiver to older adults who preferred to stay in their homes. Some were quite active and living independently, needing little help. There were those living at home Aging in Place, finding life more challenging and requiring various degrees of support, and others in different stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Torn Apart: Convergence (Book 1)

As a priestess in the service of the dragon goddess, Halea must roam the land hunting demons and sealing tears caused by the Chaos Dimension that seeks to converge with their world. She has sworn an oath to devote herself only to her goddess, and if necessary, will even die for her mission. One day she discovers that her beloved childhood friend, Varg, has survived the devastation of the last convergence and has since risen to become the alpha of his people, the lycans. Together they battle the forces of Chaos, but when Varg wants Halea to be his mate, she is torn between her oath and her desire to be with the Wolf King who loves her. Only a blood sacrifice can stop the coming of the next convergence, and with Halea’s life on the line, Varg will do anything to save her. *Warning: Mature content and language. Genre: Fantasy Romance

Meet J.M. Riddles

J.M. Riddles is an avid lover of fantasy, science fiction, and horror (and heavy metal). For other writing projects, social media links, and additional information you can visit her at http://www.jmriddles.com

Manifestation Prayer Secrets: How to Ask, Embody, and Receive (Heart-Based Manifesting Book 3)

Ready to Step into the Realm of Unlimited Quantum Possibilities? It’s time to fuse yourself with something bigger and activate your cosmic powers to create a life you love, desire, and deserve! Manifestation Prayer Secrets is the third book in the Heart-Based Manifesting series. In this book, bestselling modern spirituality and manifestation author, Elena G. Rivers, invites you to take yet another deep dive into the art of magical, love-based, heartful manifesting! As you keep releasing ego-based limitations such as fear, doubt, resentment, and other negative shackles of your shadow self, you open the gate to a myriad of new possibilities you had no idea you even existed… This is the KEY to joyful and effortless manifesting everyone on this journey so deeply desires! Manifestation Prayer Secrets will help you: -Make you feel guided and well taken care of by the Universe (or whatever Higher Power you believe in); -Restore your connection to something bigger and act in alignment with your authentic desires to manifest what you want; -Release your fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs; -Unleash your full potential and have more energy and zest for life. Join Elena as she walks you step-by-step to help unleash your full spiritual potential, soothe your inner state, empower you, and manifest your wildest dreams! Do not let your ego mislead you…Manifestation Prayer is not a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of inner strength and spiritual maturity. By unlocking the power of heart-based manifesting and embracing manifestation prayer secrets, you will never feel alone on your journey… Why stubbornly force yourself into coming up with limited solutions that may not even work or get on the path of misalignment and disappointment if you can tap into Something Bigger, and co-create with the Divine? All you need to make this material work for you is the willingness to open your heart, acknowledge that the Divine, your angels, the Universe (or whatever you believe in) are there to help you, and be ready to be guided! (Please note: reading past works of this author is not required to understand the message of this book; nor is it required to have any previous knowledge or experience with manifesting; this book covers everything you need to know in simple, conversational, no-judgemental, so typical for Elena “let’s talk over some coffee” style that welcomes all spiritual seekers and ambitious souls!) You, too, can manifest with more joy and ease…just by unleashing the power of your heart and using it as a compass that connects you with the Divine creator inside you. It’s time to acknowledge that your HEART is always right… It’s time to replace fear with faith… It’s time to step into the unknown and joyfully create the results your mind can’t even comprehend yet! Because you can! And you deserve to have an amazing, joyful, and happy experience here on Earth. Manifesting is your birthright, so unleash your full potential! Order your copy of Manifestation Prayer Secrets today and start your heart-based manifesting journey to live your most magical life!

Meet Elena G. Rivers

Elena G. Rivers is a bestselling author with a passion for writing highly uplifting Law of Attraction and spiritual self-help books aimed at helping ambitious souls manifest their dream reality. Elena’s books combine the metaphysical with the practical. Instead of chasing the latest “manifestation method,” Elena focuses on timeless and practical Universal laws and metaphysical principles to help you shift your mindset and energy to find the alignment you deserve. Thanks to embracing your true path and alignment, you can create a new, more empowered version of yourself and mindfully create a life you love. Elena fuses her proven manifestation tools with deep inner work to help you embrace self-love and transform your self-image in a powerful way. After all, you don’t attract what you want; instead, you attract who you are – this is the real LOA work and profound metamorphosis you can experience by reading one of Elena’s books! It’s time to raise your vibration and launch a new, more empowered version of yourself! When not writing, Elena enjoys indulging in self-care, meditating, yoga, reading, traveling, long walks in nature, listening to audiobooks, and inspirational programs, cooking, and eating.

My Fair Queen: Allies of the Fae Realm (Paranormal Misfits Book 6)

It’s not every day an obscure orphan girl becomes a fae queen. Crysta and her companions have found the diadem and stone, but just when it looks like the tide has finally shifted in their favor, Crysta is sucked into Terise’s sleeping curse with no way of escape and nowhere to hide from Titania’s ruthless attacks. And now she is permanently bonded…to the wrong fated mate. Jareth is not only heartbroken at the loss of his fated mate bond, his mating frenzy is in overdrive, preventing him from functioning. He and Kheelan must overcome their differences if they hope to free Crysta, but they are faced with more setbacks as Titania takes faerie captives by the hundreds, building her army and growing her powers. And the diadem, the key to Moridan and Titania’s undoing? Tainted by Titania’s curse. But a cursed relic isn’t the only surprise the wicked queen has in store for Crysta. The battle for control over the minds and hearts of the fae is one Titania intends to win by any means necessary. Can Crysta and Jareth unite the Unseelie and Seelie Courts before Titania and Moridan destroy the Fae Realm? “Sometimes you find the perfect fantasy world and you want to crawl inside of it and live there. Surrounded by magic, mystery, and psychological messes. This is by far one of the most intriguing, breathtakingly haunting worlds I’ve ever come across. I love it!!” – Kallie, Amazon Reviewer

Meet C.J. Anaya

C.J. Anaya is a USA Today bestselling and multi-award-winning author. She also enjoys assisting authors in writing, publishing, and marketing their books with her helpful non-fiction guides on Amazon and her YouTube channel Author Journey. CJ enjoys writing sweet romances under the pen name Cynthia Savage. So be sure to check out those fun books as well. She’s a huge fan of The Mindy Project, Hugh Jackman, and binge eating any and all things chocolate. Who isn’t, right? As a mother of four awesome children, C.J. is usually helping out with homework, fixing dance recital costumes, or delivering her kids to their karate classes so they can learn discipline, respect, and “…kick some serious butt, mom.” She loves writing entertaining reads for everyone to enjoy, and dabbles in singing and songwriting for kicks and giggles. Newsletter Sign-up: http://www.authorcjanaya.com

Aurthera and the Kingdom of Torment

“Sure, you probably think I’m evil. But you’re a naïve little girl who knows nothing of the true horrors waiting for us in the cold vacuum of space.” Aurthera is defeated! All her friends have turned against her, and worse, she’s been imprisoned in the deepest dungeon. Yet, even when darkness fills her world, there is hope. A rebel faction called the under children, risk it all to attempt a daring rescue. Aurthera and her new friends soon find themselves hunted by king Deimos and his army of blade masters. While on the run, Aurthera and the rebels find unlikely allies. The people of Sabral are restless; they may appear happy and well off on the outside, but all are subject to Arkadian law. Every year they must send their children to die in the trials. She soon finds herself fighting to liberate this nation from Deimos’s grasp. She must face peerless blade masters, genetically modified monsters and even her former friends. Her greatest enemy is King Deimos; he is a blade master of unimaginable might. Will Aurthera survive the Kingdom of Torment? Or are her enemies too great to be defeated? Join us in this epic conclusion to the Journey of the Lost Children Saga!

Meet K.H Giblett

Before the age of 25, K.H. Giblett had travelled the world working as a translator for the UN. He’s worked in battle zones in the Middle East and helped broker deals in Africa, India, and Europe. Then one day, he gave it all up, focusing on the history and working to unravel the secrets of our past. Not much else is known about Mr Giblett. Some say he discovered something and now works tirelessly translating old stories.

Adapt & Overcome: Stories, Insights & Strategies to Defeat Self-Sabotage, and Develop Awesome Success Habits

Have you ever found yourself working toward an important goal only to fail? Maybe you feel stressed and anxious while seeking your life’s meaning? You must overcome your self-sabotage mindset, to make the most of your life and your career. You can beat self-sabotage by developing your behaviors, feelings, thoughts, and beliefs about yourself and challenging them when they stand between you and your goals. You can develop positive, self-supporting behaviors to keep you on the right track. “Adapt and Overcome” shares real-life stories, lessons, insights and strategies to get you to develop awesome Success Habits. This is a book compilation that guides you to defeat self-sabotage and helps you to achieve focus, dedication, and success… as explained by the experts: “You Are Allowed To Dream Again” by Sonja Henke “Step Into Self Love” by Gina Marissa “Be Careful What You Wish For… Your Subconscious Is Listening!” by Peter Harris “From Hoarding to Freedom” by Lynda McCallum “Seven Golden Secrets to Grow and Scale Your Business 100X or More” by Juan Jeffery “The Knowledge, Skills, Attitude, and Habits of Horse Training” by Norm Glenn “Vestibular Dysfunction & Migraine Rebalanced” by Gillian Train “Mentors Come in Many Forms” by Deborah Gallagher “Adapt to the Struggle and Overcome with Massive Action” by David Cavanagh “Overcome Any Obstacle with Personal Reinvention” by Pat Mesiti Following these strategies and tips to free yourself from exploring new opportunities, work more efficiently, and improve your relationships. Download your copy now!

Meet Pat Mesiti, Sonja Henke, Gina Marissa, Peter Harris, Lynda McCallum, Juan Jeffery, Norm Glenn, Gillian Train, Deborah Gallagher, David Cavanagh

“You Are Allowed To Dream Again” by Sonja Henke “Step Into Self Love” by Gina Marissa “Be Careful What You Wish For… Your Subconscious Is Listening!” by Peter Harris “From Hoarding to Freedom” by Lynda McCallum “Seven Golden Secrets to Grow and Scale Your Business 100X or More” by Juan Jeffery “The Knowledge, Skills, Attitude, and Habits of Horse Training” by Norm Glenn “Vestibular Dysfunction & Migraine Rebalanced” by Gillian Train “Mentors Come in Many Forms” by Deborah Gallagher “Adapt to the Struggle and Overcome with Massive Action” by David Cavanagh “Overcome Any Obstacle with Personal Reinvention” by Pat Mesiti

Choose to Change: It’s your life: Easy Steps to Live the Life of Your Dreams (Happiness is One Choice Away Book 1)

Ready to stop dreaming about happiness and claim your bliss? Discover easy-to-follow steps for helping to overcome life’s challenges. Fear that joy has passed you by? Plagued by worry over what other people think? Struggling to get through each day? With training in behavioral therapy and knowledge gained at the feet of spiritual gurus, respected author Jacqui Penn has helped hundreds break out of ruts and build fulfilling futures. And now she’s here to show you the way to wipe out negativity and tackle the world with sparkling confidence. Choose to Change is a powerful, fluff-free tool for kicking self-defeating practices to the curb and embracing personal empowerment. Featuring thought-provoking questions and a gentle manner, Penn’s conversational tone demystifies the true roadblocks on the path to positivity. And by following these simple but profound ideas, you’ll dismantle destructive habits and replace them with a newfound zeal for each sunrise. In Choose to Change: It’s your life, you’ll discover: Expertise to help point you toward a vibrant outlook A friendly, chatty approach so you can safely pull down your own barriers How to let go of what’s holding you back so you’ll aspire to new, exciting goals Actionable guidance for analyzing and making purposeful choices to find enrichment Access to a free downloadable journal, inspirational quotes, and much, much more! Choose to Change: It’s your life is the enlightening first book in the Happiness is One Choice Away self-help series. If you like straightforward lessons, empathic advice, and finding motivation, then you’ll love Jacqui Penn’s uplifting resource. Buy Choose to Change: It’s your life to stand tall today!

Meet Jacqui Penn

Jacqui Penn was born in London and grew up in Kent. She spent her childhood by the sea where she spent many hours contemplating life. If you’re looking for inspiration, positive thinking, or something uplifting, then check out Jacqui’s nonfiction, life-changing books. When she’s not writing, she’s walking with her dogs and husband on the coast of Kent, or around the lovely Andalusian hillsides, gathering inspiration and plotting her next book. You can follow her author page here on Amazon.

Supernatural Wave of God’s Presence: Receive Miracles From Heaven Every Day (Bargain Read)


Discover how to ride the supernatural wave of God’s presence and experience miracles from Heaven following you every day. Do the miracles of Jesus and even greater things as you learn how to follow God everywhere. You could even be used of God to become one of the catalysts that starts the next wave of God’s presence around you and across the world. Start your journey today to experience Heaven’s supernatural miracles chasing after you and those around you.

Many Believers are looking for the next great movement of God like surfers who are always looking for the biggest most exhilarating wave to ride. We want to follow great spiritual leaders of the faith hoping that what they have experienced somehow gets transferred to us so that we can move in the same anointing. You can catch the supernatural wave of God’s presence by not following these spiritual leaders but rather by following God everywhere and only do everything He is doing and saying.

Learn the secret of how to catch the supernatural wave of God’s presence and move in a powerful anointing that radically changes your surroundings. Discover how to do the miracles of Jesus by doing what Jesus did – He followed God, the Father, everywhere and only did and said what the Father was doing and saying.