Love Hurts

Leopold’s life has been marked by hardship until he meets Anthony, a man who embodies strength and kindness. Will they overcome their inner demons and find a chance at love, or will the universe keep them apart?

Meet Tara Conrad

Tara Conrad is the author behind sizzling and passionate love stories that ignite the senses. Her novels celebrate the fiery intensity of desire. They’re known for having a blend of deep emotional connections, relatable characters, and captivating plots that ensnare readers from the very first page to the last. Tara’s married to her soulmate and Dominant, George. They are about to celebrate their 29th anniversary and are more in love today than yesterday. George encouraged Tara to start writing, and with each passing day, she’s more thankful for his insistence that she tell her stories and his partnership on this journey. There’s no one else in this world she’d ever want by her side. He is her happily ever after.

Intent: Deadly Secrets

Raylee’s life is thrown into disarray after her parents are killed in a tragic accident. As she begins to uncover the truth behind the incident, will she prevail as her faith — and her heart — are tested?

Meet Krista Wagner

Krista Wagner is a 70’s product who lives with her supportive Marine Corp veteran husband,three entertaining and very bright children, a suitcase of storiesbegging to be finished, and an indispensable faith in Christ. She hasbeen creating stories since she was seven and is best known for hermystery and suspense novels. Back in the 90’s, she was on her highschool literary magazine staff, and she also co-authored a zine, amontage devoted to the creativity of multiple teenagers. Her shortstories and poetry have appeared in several literary publications. Shewrote her first novel at the age of 14, but it wasn’t until her thirties that she published her first book. Krista reaches into those chasms ofdarkness, dealing with themes of betrayal and deception and hope, withintriguing characters and intense story lines. All her books are cleanand are for young adult and up. “Dealing with danger and handing out hope” Krista Wagner, author of mysteries, thrills, and all that is real Find out more about Krista here:

Waltzing Hearts

Naïve travel reporter Lisa Sparks lands on the doorsteps of a reserved Christoff Myers after a snowstorm leaves her car stranded on her visit to a town named Shaira. What follows next intertwines their lives as Lisa’s curious nature begins to unravel Christoff’s tumultous past. In doing so, she discovers secrets which would change the very fabric of her own existence. A riveting tale of romance and sacrifice follows suit on this rollercoaster ride of a tale whose ending is bound to mesmerize its readers.”

Meet Krish

The author Krish is a doctor who is currently pursuing higher studies in his hometown. He has a love for writing which resulted in penning down his first novel titled Waltzing Hearts published by Ukiyoto.

A Foodie’s Guide to Tuscany: Places, Flavours, Itineraries, Must Do for the Epicurian Explorer ; 20 Fabulous Recipes (A Foodie’s Guide Book 1)

No-where is the love of life taken more seriously than in Tuscany, Italy. ‘La dolce vita’ is like a mantra here, and a life lived well is something that all Tuscans strive for. Stunning scenery, ancient culture, some of the best art in the World, Tuscany really does seem to have it all. It is not surprising then, that this love of life spills over into the food and drink of the region. Some of the best dishes and wines of Italy can be found in Tuscany, and anyone who visits here will do well to leave their diets at home. Visiting Tuscany is a time to indulge all the senses, but most especially, it is a time to delight the taste buds. Come with me as I journey around Tuscany and show you the best places to eat, drink and if you have time, sightsee! This book contains all the information you will need to make planning a trip to Tuscany easy and make it the most memorable ever as well as cooking some amazing Tuscan recipes you can find: • Basic facts about Tuscany • Tuscan epicurean specialities: foods and wines that make up the mouth-watering flavours of Tuscany • Places to visit: Florence, Siena, Lucca, Pisa, the coastline • A practical glossary of the different types of restaurants : Trattoria, Gelateria, Tavola Calda, Café, Ristorante, etc • 30 Must Do here in Tuscany that you won’t forget • Our recommended culinary schools and Winery tours • 3 fabulous itineraries : Tuscan Wine Tour, Taste of Tuscany Food Tour, Art Tour of Tuscany • 20 memorable recipes to bring home the unique Tuscan flavours including appetizers, first course and second course dishes and desserts. Scroll back up to grab your copy!

Meet Gabriella Lepore

Gabriella Lepore is a foodie and loves to travel and immerse herself in a new culture. She grew up in a traditional American-Italian family, surrounded by the warm smells of roasted tomato sauce. Her grandmother was a huge influence on Gabriella’s cooking. After school, Gabriella would watch her cook for the family. These early childhood memories are how Gabriella first got interested in cooking. With her family, she has tried to provide a modern twist on Italian classics! Working as an independent freelancer, she has spent several months in France, Spain, Morocco, Viet-Nam and South Africa in the past years. She adores experiencing different foods and cultures to see how to improve her cooking. Her adventure-seeking personality has led her to explore many areas of the world, but her favorite cuisine remains her native Italian. This simple cuisine has captured her heart ever since she was a little girl. Her cookbooks feature the familiar tastes of Italy and other cuisines she had the pleasure to discover.

Emotional Intelligence for Social Success: Enhance Your Relationship Skills. Practical Strategies to Communicate Effectively, Manage Conflicts, and Build … Connections (Improve Yourself NOW Book 1)

Unlock the secrets to social success with emotional intelligence! Have you ever felt misunderstood in social settings? Do conflicts leave you feeling drained and defeated? Are you yearning to build deeper and more meaningful connections with those around you? If so, then Emotional Intelligence for Social Success is the book for you. You see, building strong relationships doesn’t have to be a complex and daunting task. Even if you’ve struggled with communication and conflict resolution in the past, this guide offers a straightforward approach to mastering emotional intelligence and achieving social success. Bestselling author and relationship expert Logan Mind provides a step-by-step blueprint to enhance your relationship skills, communicate effectively, manage conflicts, and build deeper connections without sacrificing your well-being. In Emotional Intelligence for Social Success, you’ll discover: – The 5 essential components of emotional intelligence that will transform your social interactions – How to cultivate self-awareness and self-regulation for better emotional control – Effective strategies for active listening and interpreting non-verbal cues – The key techniques to build trust and rapport in any relationship – Powerful methods to identify and manage your emotional triggers in conflicts – Proven communication techniques for resolving disputes and finding common ground …and so much more! These tactics and techniques will help you: ✓ Create lasting relationships built on trust ✓ Communicate with empathy and understanding ✓ Resolve conflicts with grace and confidence ✓ Maintain positive interactions through open communication ✓ Develop resilience in social settings And now to the Free Downloadable Resources: ✓ 21-Day Challenge: A practical, downloadable challenge to enhance your emotional intelligence over three weeks. ✓ 101+ Conflict Resolution Phrases: A handy guide to navigate and resolve disputes effectively. ✓ Checklist: Enhancing Empathy in Relationships: Practical steps to deepen your empathetic abilities and improve your connections. Imagine having the skills to effortlessly communicate, resolve conflicts, and build meaningful relationships. Imagine the profound impact this could have on your personal and professional life. So even if you’ve struggled with social interactions in the past, you can master emotional intelligence and achieve social success with Emotional Intelligence for Social Success. Scroll up and get the book now!

Meet Logan Mind

Logan Mind is a renowned psychology and communication author. Featured in multiple newspapers as a leading psychologist, mentor and mindset coach.

How To Self-Learn Anything: Must-Have Self-Learning Tools To Become An Expert In Anything (Bargain Read)

Imagine waking up every day excited to dive deep into the world of knowledge, mastering new skills effortlessly, and becoming an expert in whatever piques your interest.

This isn’t just a dream; it’s a reality waiting for you to grasp.

“How To Self-Learn Anything” is your ultimate guide to unlocking the secrets of self-learning, transforming you from a curious beginner to a confident expert in any field.

Ever felt overwhelmed by the vast amount of information available today?

Struggled to find reliable resources or methods to learn effectively on your own?

The fear of not being able to keep up with the fast-paced world, feeling stuck in a rut of never-ending learning, or missing out on opportunities because you lack expertise in a particular area.

Imagine having the freedom to explore any subject deeply, mastering complex concepts with ease, and achieving your goals faster than ever before.

Picture yourself confidently navigating through life, equipped with the knowledge and skills to excel in any endeavor.

Backed by years of research and proven techniques, this book offers a comprehensive approach to self-learning.

It demystifies the process, providing practical tools and strategies that have helped countless individuals transform their lives through continuous learning.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of lifelong learning?

Dive into “How To Self-Learn Anything,” and discover how to become an expert in anything you set your mind to.

Unlock the door to endless possibilities and start living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Critical Thinking For Complex Issues: How To Tell Fact From Fiction, Discover The Truth, And Build Wise Arguments (Bargain Read)

Are you tired of being manipulated by fake news and false arguments?

Arm yourself with the ultimate weapon – critical thinking.

Critical Thinking For Complex Issues is your guide to cutting through the noise and discovering the truth.

Learn how to spot logical fallacies, overcome confirmation bias, and analyze arguments objectively.

Case studies and examples throughout show you how to apply these powerful skills in real life.

Master the art of Socratic questioning to get to the heart of any issue.

Build rock-solid arguments based on logic and evidence.

Develop the wisdom to guide yourself and others toward the truth.

Critical Thinking For Complex Issues is your essential toolkit for clear thinking in the modern world.

This book bundle includes:

  1. The Critical Thinking Effect: Uncover The Secrets Of Thinking Critically And Telling Fact From Fiction
  2. The Socratic Way Of Questioning: How To Use Socrates’ Method To Discover The Truth And Argue Wisely
  3. How To Argue With Anyone: Expand The Boundaries Of Your Thinking Through Resolving Conflicts Based On Reason And Empathy

You’re going to love this book because it’s not just another dry theoretical guide. It’s packed with practical exercises and real-world examples, making it easy to apply critical thinking in your everyday life.

Get it today and start seeing through the lies!

Meet Thinknetic

Monochromatic Mind

This book is an invitation to embark on a journey into the limitless expanse of the human imagination. In a world with technology and inundated with preconceived notions of possibility, this book serves as a beacon, reminding us of the boundless potential within our minds. It is a celebration of creativity in its purest form. Through a collection of imaginative micro-stories, readers are transported to worlds both familiar and fantastical. Every story is accompanied by striking black-and-white photographs, serving as visual prompts to ignite the creative spark within. As renowned photographers eloquently express, there is a certain magic inherent in black-and-white imagery. Far from being restrictive, monochrome photography allows for a level of abstraction that transcends the confines of reality, inviting readers to explore realms of fantasy and emotion beyond the limitations of color. The book urges us not to passively consume the stories fed to us by the world but to actively engage our imaginations to tear down the barriers of what we believe to be possible and to embrace the unknown with open arms.

Meet Tristan Mowrey

Tristan Mowrey is an accomplished author who has already left an indelible mark on the world of literature. His written works possess a unique quality that stimulates the reader’s thought process and offers fresh perspectives, resulting in an exciting reading experience. Tristan’s journey as an author began after he spent several years working alongside copywriters, editors, and digital designers, acquiring the requisite skills and expertise. Since his debut in 2019, he has produced several works of literature that have garnered widespread acclaim for their creativity, originality, and captivating storytelling.

For a Football Fan Who Has it All : The Wonderful World of Football (For People Who Have Everything Series Book 24)

Step into the electrifying arena of football, where passion meets the pitch, and every match writes history! Delve into a collection of the most unbelievable football tales that go beyond the ordinary. From self-red-carded referees to teammates sparking full-team brawls, these stories are more than just headlines – they’re the heart-pounding narratives that define the spirit of the game. Imagine sharing with your friends the most outlandish football moments they’ve never heard of, armed with facts and anecdotes that will astonish even the most dedicated fans. Enrich your knowledge with quizzes, and immerse yourself in the drama and glory of football history. Don’t just hear about these incredible events – experience them yourself. Turn the page and begin your journey through the beautiful game’s most captivating stories. Order your copy now and gift the magic of football to yourself or a fellow enthusiast! Tags: football, soccer, football book, soccer book. football biographies, football facts, unusual football and soccer stories.

Meet Bruce Miller

Bruce Miller is an accomplished professional with diverse interests and talents. As an attorney and businessman, he has achieved success in multiple career paths. However, Mr. Miller’s passion lies in continuous learning and sharing knowledge and spends his days studying, writing, and exploring the ever-changing world around us. Mr. Miller is a prolific author, having written over 50 books in various genres. His recent publication, the psychic mystery/thriller novel “Beware the Ides of March: A Novel Based on Psychic Readings” was honored with a 2023 NYC Big Book Distinguished Favorite award, recognizing its high quality and popularity among readers. He founded Team Golfwell and the popular Facebook group, “Golf Jokes and Stories” with over 370,000+ followers. In addition to his literary works, Mr. Miller is also an active member of several professional organizations related to his interests. He belongs to the Australian Golf Media Association and the New Zealand Society of Authors. He also holds membership in the Independent Book Publishers Association. With his extensive expertise, broad intellectual curiosity, and productive career, Mr. Bruce Miller exemplifies a lifelong dedication to personal and professional growth through learning, writing, and community engagement.

Nanny for the Off-Limits Billionaire Protector

I fled the city and my scandalous past, hoping for a fresh start as a nanny for a billionaire in a small Vermont town. Then I met Ethan. Brooding, gorgeous, and built like no man I’ve ever seen in the city. Our first encounter? Mortifying. He wasn’t checking me out; he was pointing out my skirt was stuck in my butt. Perfect. I thought I’d never see him again. Wrong. He’s my new boss. Ethan’s a wealthy entrepreneur and ex-Special Forces officer, guarding his heart since the tragic loss of his wife. The more time we spend together, the more our fiery attraction turns into something deeper. But just when he asks me to be his, my past catches up. Threatening letters arrive, and my first instinct is to run. I’ve always fled when things got tough, but Ethan makes me want to stay and fight. For the first time, I’m considering it. Can I trust in his love and the new life we’re building? Or will my past ruin everything?

Meet Lily Merchant