Spencer the Spark: Not All Wildfires Are Bad! (Book 4 of the Nature Speaks Series) (Bargain Read)

What is a wildfire?

How does it start and how does it grow?

Why is it beneficial?

Join Spencer the Spark on his great journey to become a mighty wildfire. Spencer grows into a wildfire when he reaches the pine forest, but it is not all bad! Although Spencer causes great destruction, he also helps create new growth for Polly the Pinecone, the entire pine forest, and the land around it.

Meet Rana Boulos

Multi-lingual educator and author, Rana Boulos, has dedicated a lifetime towards educating people of all ages and all backgrounds. With her degrees in Education and Modern Languages from the esteemed McGill University in Montréal, Canada, she pursued several educational roles such as teaching English as a second language, teaching the fifth grade at an international school in the United Arab Emirates, opening and acting as the Managing Director for Blooming Buds Nursery, before pursuing her current role as a children’s book author. Her first publication, “Pearl the Raindrop: The Great Water Cycle Journey” was released in July 2021 detailing the natural process of the water cycle through the perspective of a personified raindrop named Pearl. As the first book in her Nature Speaks Series, “Pearl the Raindrop” received astounding reviews and 5-star ratings from parents and educators across the globe. The fourth, and latest, book in the Nature Speaks Series “Spencer the Spark: Not All Wildfires Are Bad!” describes how forest wildfires prompt growth and new life in an ecosystem.

In the Shadow of the Kogaionon

Dacia fourth century BCE. Daos has it all figured out. The gods have granted him a special fate that only few young men achieve. His sacrifice will bring honour to his family and fulfil the prayers of his people. Destiny has something else in store for him, though. As he struggles to make sense of the frightening changes taking over him, all that he has once believed in tumbles upside down, and no one is safe anymore. A whirlwind of fateful events makes him question everything about himself, including his sanity. In the wake of the storm that shakes his life off track, a chilling realisation dawns on him. Was he born a monster?

Meet Sabina Lungeanu

Sabina Lungeanu writes dark fiction and the occasional poem thrown in for good measure. Her work has been shortlisted for the Daniil Pashkoff Prize 2018 and has appeared in various anthologies. Her debut novel, Hiraeth, a gothic thriller set in Victorian Scotland, was published in 2020. She owes much of her writing to her patron goddess, Lady Caffeine. At night, she defies the light-polluted urban skies and goes planet hunting with her telescope. Her second novel, In the Shadow of the Kogaionon, explores the myths of ancient Dacia. Find out more at: Instagram @sabina.scribbles.

JavaScript Quick Learning Guide with 55 Eminent Projects: Practical Concepts Including Source Code (JavaScript Quick Learning Guide with Projects Book 1)

Start learning JavaScript With 55 Eminent Projects right away. Learn JavaScript first if you want to build something worthwhile. Knowing “the language of the browser” is the most crucial step in today’s world where the browser is the foundation of all computer use. Until recently, JavaScript’s potential was unknown, and many programmers thought it was useless. But nowadays, capable programmers have discovered JavaScript’s true potential and applications, and it has transitioned from a toy language to the default language of the browser. It has developed into one of our era’s most valuable languages. Every developer should have a working knowledge of JavaScript at the very least. A developer who is proficient in JavaScript is the company’s rock star and is always in demand by employers. Would you like to learn JavaScript and work as a front-end developer making a nice living? Spend less time by purchasing this javascript book. You will quickly and easily learn how to start programming in JavaScript! Both theory and a tonne of practise will be covered. I’ll demonstrate Practical examples in this JavaScript book. I will make every effort to ensure that you comprehend JavaScript. You will always be able to understand the code you are writing after taking this JavaScript book. You will comprehend every idea and design on your own. You can become a front-end developer after taking my book. Employers have a high demand on the language JavaScript. The book is intended for non-programmers or those who want to comprehend JavaScript completely. Whether you have never developed a programme or know nothing about programming is irrelevant. All of this will alter following this JavaScript book. You will dispel the falsehood that only a few few can master programming! To become a front-end developer, JavaScript is required. Consider a scenario in which your website includes a clock. This clock would need to be updated every second by sending a new value request to the server. With JavaScript, nothing needs to reconnect to the server; everything runs on the user’s end. Just picture the chaos if the clock had to be reset every second. The user experience would be ruined by having to repeatedly reload your website to update the content. JavaScript enables content updates without requiring a page reload. Additionally, there are sophisticated libraries for JavaScript, such as AJAX, that let you connect to the database and obtain data without having to reload the website. To sum up, a visitor to your website “runs” JavaScript in their web browser.

Meet Edcorner Learning

Edcorner Learning is a course provider and book creator with over 140K students worldwide. We are a very reputable computer agency that provides excellent tutorials.

Stranded With Alex

This is a crazy rom-com novel, where Felix an insecure prodigy can’t deal with his girlfriend Alex breaking up with him, so he decides to kidnap her and put them on a boat without her knowing, so they can work things out. But.., things go haywire, read their funny and crazy arguments on the boat and when Alex found out

Meet Fabian carl

Fabian carl is a relationship counsellor who has spent the last decade reading and writing rom-com novels, giving his characters a good sense of humor His latest work is the rom-com novel ” Stranded With Alex” He likes reading and writing novels at Starbucks with his favorite vanilla latte

Cook Indian With Confidence

Cook Indian with Confidence aims to bring authentic Indian culinary experience to your kitchen. Easy-to-follow, well-tested Indian recipes with lots of tips and tricks to help you make soul-satisfying Indian dishes. All the vibrant and delectable dishes in this book are captured in gorgeous photos to motivate the foodie in you to try them yourself. This Indian recipe-book contains a good mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes with vegan and gluten free alternatives provided for majority of the recipes. Whether you are a beginner in Indian cooking or you have already tried your hands and want to dive deeper into it, there are plenty of options for you in this book.

Meet Tanu Varma

Tanu Varma is the founder and owner of the food blog tanusrecipes.com. She helps food lovers across the globe to savour varied flavours of Indian food through her online cook-along classes (Tanu’s Indian Cooking Classes) which have got excellent reviews on google. She has also featured on Colors TV UK. Tanu was born and brought up in India. She started experimenting in the kitchen from an early age, drawing inspiration from her mom who was an amazing cook. Her studies and work took her to different regions of India where she got an opportunity to experience the varied regional cuisines of India. When she moved to UK in 2008, she brought her passion of cooking with her. After spending 15 years as a lecturer, she decided to embark on a journey of spreading her culinary knowledge across the globe.

The Secret War: Uber-topical spy thriller with a chilling twist (Karen Andersen Series Book 3) (Karen Andersen Spy Thriller Series)

A confident China plans to alter the world order Border expansion for her burgeoning population is an essential element. Bioweapons will be used as a first tester in the US An underground laboratory. A claustrophobic liner. A trail of dead mistresses. Karen Andersen, private investigator, stumbles across intelligence in a Liverpool University that an ultra-right faction of the CCP plan to release the hyper contagious virus on an unsuspecting New York City. Heading out of Southampton on a luxury cruise, she has just seven days to disrupt the strategy. In the turmoil on board, Karen struggles to unravel the complexities. ‘With a chilling premises and twists and turns at every page, The Secret War is definitely the perfect read for lovers of Dan Brown and Blake Crouch thrillers.’ BooksTechnica What reviewers are saying: ‘Great spy fiction’–Liverpool Echo ‘Exceptional. Riveting’–Reader’s Favorite ‘Utterly up to the minute social media undercover work, this is absolutely fascinating.’ Charlie Flowers, best-selling author and counter-terrorism advisor ‘Better than Homeland..a masterpiece.’ Sanjit Book Blog What NetGalley and Goodreads are saying about The Secret War ‘Wild, somewhat whacky and deeply chilling journey into modern day socio-politics’ ‘As thrillers go you really can’t get much more up to the minute than this!’ ‘Tense and completely brilliant from beginning to end’ ★★★★★ ‘This tense drama concludes with a satisfying yet unexpected final twist’ ★★★★★ ‘Sharp dialogue, heart beating moments and a brilliant twist.’ ★★★★★ ‘ The elements weaved into the novel were so brilliantly done that you had to remind yourself that it was a work of fiction.

Meet Louise Burfitt-Dons

I’ve wanted to write thrillers ever since I met Ian Fleming as a child when he visited Kuwait, where I spent my childhood. So the adventures of James Bond were one of my early influences, along with those of the great spy writer John Le Carre and mystery novelist Agatha Christie. My first book THE MISSING ACTIVIST, featuring private investigator Karen Andersen made the Amazon bestseller lists. So I decided to continue her adventures in a series. While she is often compared to Stieg Larsson’s Lisbeth Salander, my inspiration comes from authors who write dynamic action as diverse as Lee Childs, Mick Herron, Charles Cumming, Adam Hamdy and Mark Dawson. It’s been said my books are “ripped from the headlines” thrillers, which is pretty apt as a way of describing them. I hope you are as gripped by conspiracies, political machinations, and social media manipulation as I am when I’m compiling them. Real life currently keeps me on the edge of my seat and the psychological games people play in their day to day lives. I was a political candidate in the 2015 UK General Election of 2015 so THE MISSING ACTIVIST is also a masterclass in candidate manipulation, as is the major theme in THE KILLING OF THE CHERRYWOOD MP. If you found the House of Cards entertaining, you’ll probably enjoy my observations on life. My books also pop up in terrorism thrillers, a genre led by the likes of Terry Hayes, Frank Gardner and Simon McCleave. Having been born and brought up in the Middle East, I cover Muslim integration from both sides and spent a year brushing up on my very basic Arabic to get my facts right. Brought up in the Middle East as well as the UK and then married to a New Zealand airline pilot, I’ve travelled the world a lot. I’ve lived full time in France and Australia, so I often visit these and other places I’ve travelled to in my writing. But my books are mostly set in and around London, a city I love and city in which we have settled. I started out writing stage plays (under Louise Byres, which is probably why I favour multiple points of view. Now, when I’m not writing books, I’m hammering out a screenplay. Recent TV thrillers of mine, including Mother of All Secrets, Your Husband is Mine, The Ex Next Door, at Fame at a Deadly Cost have been on the US Lifetime network and other channels around the world, sometimes with different titles. To prove I still have a sense of humour and the soul of a romantic, I wrote a Christmas film. Called Christmas in the Highlands in Europe, it was released by Lifetime in December 2020 as Christmas at the Castle and its premier clocked up over a million views. One of my life passions has been helping victims of bullying. I set up an anti-bullying charity twenty years ago called Act Against Bullying and when I’m not writing fiction I’m still at the helm, championing the cause. It’s been a humbling experience to connect with as many people as I have, promoting the life-saving values of kindness and respect for others. It’s allowed me special insight into what motivates a bully as well as the crippling emotional and pain caused by bullying. It’s a theme which crops up quite a lot in my fiction. What else? I have two grown daughters I adore and a new grandchild called Dempsie Lee. The above is a bit about my world. Please keep in touch with me to share yours. I’m on Facebook and Twitter @LouiseBurfDons. Oh, and if you’re interested in my future books, if you click the Follow button Amazon will wing you a note when I’ve got a new book coming out. Or you can join my newsletter via my website www.louiseburfittdons.com

Unleashing Organizational Creativity for Business Excellence: Understanding & applying the powerful concept of Radiant & Visual thinking In Organizations

Organizational Creativity is a potent competitive advantage in any organization, but many a times not given its due importance. The journey towards becoming an innovative organization starts by sparking the creativity of the employees. Generating new ideas or overcoming challenges in an organization is easily aided using the concept of radiant and visual thinking via Mind Maps. This is a quick read e-book to bring CEO’s, HR heads, Managers and all interested to speed on the basics of Mind Mapping and how it can be applied in a variety of situations inside any organization.

Meet Maneesh Dutt

Maneesh Dutt is a consultant, speaker & trainer on the subjects of Project Management, Visual thinking and Mind Mapping. He is also the author of numerous best-selling books on Amazon on the subject of Mind Mapping. His book on project management featured on abcFOX and FOX34.com under “Best Book by Independent Publishers” and has been procured by leading libraries/management schools across the globe. His publications showcase not only the wide range of application of Visual Thinking but also the vast expertise that he has gained in the subject. He also has a number of publications in international journals.He has over 20 years of experience in managing projects and leading innovation drives in organisations. In 2014 he quit his regular job to pursue his passion for Project Management and Mind Mapping as a freelance consultant & trainer. Since then he has conducted numerous workshops on Mind Mapping & Project Management with outstanding feedback and provided consultancy to a number of organisations across sectors. A Chemical Engineer from IIT-Delhi & an MBA from ENI University Milan, he lives in India with his wife and twin kids. You can know more about his work here www.maneeshdutt.com.

Jake the Deer-Hearted

Jake the Deer-Hearted is a hopeful story about a curious, ill-proportioned dog who wanders away from his dog family. The lost puppy is befriended by a small herd of deer in the Piney Woods of East Texas. Jake is the unexpected hero who overcomes hardships, learns about values and companionship, and realizes his dreams of becoming deer-like and finding his human family. Young readers will: Empathize with Jake’s journey of having big dreams and finding happiness in receiving care and love Enjoy the cozy, colorful textile illustrations Benefit from the repeating and rhyming words. The setting of the story offers opportunities to investigate: Facts about Texas Seasons Wildlife Caring for animals The processes and history of weaving and quilting. What Others Say About this Book: I have known the author, Deborah Kuster, for quite some time and I’m well acquainted with her creative talents. Her work, Jake the Deer-Hearted, exudes not only her artistic passion but her ability to take life’s difficulties and translate them into a lovely story that children of all ages will adore. –Tommy Wallace, Pastor Children will love the story of Jake the Deer-Hearted and the unique illustrations Deborah has hand-crafted. Aren’t we all a little bit like Jake the Deer-Hearted, just searching for a place to feel loved and accepted in this big world? –Brenda Price, Elementary Art Educator The author, Deb Kuster, shares a beautiful story of self-discovery. Jake’s journey explains to children that emotions such as loneliness, insecurity, and fear can lead to unexpected blessings in life. The patchwork illustrations in the book reinforce the story’s message that being different is what makes us our “unique” and “worthy” selves. A beautiful book in every way! –Kathleen Atkins, Associate Professor, Early Childhood and Special Education

Meet Deborah Kuster

About the Author: Deborah Kuster (Ph.D.) has been involved in the field of art education for all ages for her entire career. She creates artworks from her hand-woven textiles. Deborah is Professor Emeritus of Art at the University of Central Arkansas, and her artworks have been exhibited and published nationally and internationally. Deborah and her husband call Texas and Arkansas their home. Their daughter, son-in-law, and three grandchildren live in Texas.

Firmament: No Man

She doesn’t have much longer to live. Losing the last of the radialloy puts Andi’s life in immediate danger and sends her, August, and the Doctor rushing towards the demolished Qandon system in search of more. Their speeder is crippled, a powerful man is desperate to stop them — and they are running out of time. Meanwhile, Crash has escaped from prison and is hiding somewhere in Hungary, hunted by assassins who have instructions to kill him if Andi and the others don’t return to Earth in one week. The only person on Earth who can help him is Guilders, who very nearly despises him. Is there more radialloy out there? Can Crash and Guilders make it to safety? And will Andi ever be able to return to the way of life that she loves so much?

Meet J. Grace Pennington

J. Grace Pennington has been telling stories since she could talk, and writing them down since age five. Now she lives in the great state of Texas, where she writes as much as adult life permits. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading good books, having adventures with her husband, and looking up at the stars.

A Reason to Shine

Lucy has a problem when she discovers that she is just a little star in the night sky, among thousand of other stars. Follow Lucy on her adventure to discover if she can find her purpose and if there is a reason for everyone to shine. “A Reason to Shine” is a adventure story aimed to help children understand that it takes only small actions to leave an positive impact on the world. The book teaches children how to stop comparing themselves with others and accept themselves as they are.

Meet Thea Eliss