Mail Order Misfit (Bargain Book)

A woman with a broken past, a man with a fragile heart, two people who realize they can be the salve for each other’s wounds.

After tragedy destroys Cara McGregor’s family, her only choice is to become a mail-order bride to a widower in the Dakota territory. When she arrives, she’s thrust into taking care of three resistant children and a distant man.

James Cassidy doesn’t want a new wife, but he needs a mother for his children and helpmate around his farm. Since the jobs go hand-in-hand, he reluctantly takes out a mail-order advertisement to acquire what his family needs. What neither of them expect is the attraction or the affection that develops between them. Their budding romance is interrupted, however, when Cara is arrested for a crime she didn’t commit.

Will James find a way to save Cara? Will they decide their marriage is worth fighting for? And will this family find a way to have a happy life together?


Mail Order Misfit
Mail Order Misstep
Mail Order Miscast
Mail Order Misaim
Mail Order Misplay
Mail Order Mister
Mail Order Mishap

Mail Order Miranda
Mail Order Miriam

Mail Order Madeline

Meet Jenna Brandt

Jenna Brandt is an international bestselling and award-winning author who writes inspirational historical and contemporary romance. Her page-turning books have elements of romance, suspense and faith. She has her own best-selling historical series, Window to the Heart Saga, Mail Order Mix-Up and Civil War Brides, as well as contemporary series, Wild Animal Protection Agency, Billionaires of Manhattan and Second Chance Islands. Additionally, she has created two best-selling multi-author series, The Lawkeepers and Disaster City Search and Rescue based off the life of her husband in law enforcement. She also is the co-creator of the Billionaire Birthday Club and Border Brides series. Both of her books, Waiting on the Billionaire and Lawfully Treasured, were voted into the Top 50 Indie Books of 2018 and her book, The Billionaire’s Birthday Gift was a Finalist for The Best Books We’ve Read All Year 2021 contest.

Saving Taylor (Bargain Read)

She is a woman on the run…

Taylor Allen is an eyewitness to a double murder. Raised in the church, she only sang for the Lord until her father sold her to pay off his gambling debts to the local Opera House. Taylor’s voice is a magnet that draws in crowds but not even her talent can save her from a murderer. After a brutal attack she runs for her life.

He’s taken hostage by a desperate young woman…

Why should he care what happens to her? On the train to New York, they are hunting for the woman that robbed and set fire to a saloon, killing the owner, and burning down several buildings in the process. How did she end up in his private sleeper car with a gun pointed at him?

John Fielding Jr. is determined to help prove her innocence and claim her heart in the process.

Meet Lynn Landes

Lynn Landes is a Best-Selling, Illumination Award-Winning Author. Lynn is the author of multiple novels that span several genres and timelines. Faith, action-adventure, and romance always seem to find their way into her books. If you love clean romance and action-adventure with a touch of suspense, you will love Lynn’s books. You can learn more about her at

Pattern Black

A city-sized prison with little oversight and a snitch economy is the worst place for an ex-cop. Especially one who is losing his mind. Once a respected police officer, Mason Shaw’s father threw away his career by going rogue and landing himself in Revival’s privately-run prison, HRO22. Now Mason is following in his father’s footsteps — he’s an inmate with no hope of parole and only two ways out: Chamber Therapy or a body bag. Chamber Therapy promises the miracle of criminal rehabilitation, curing prisoners of their criminal tendencies. But the flip-side of Chamber Therapy’s success is its ultimate failure: Pattern Black — the total disintegration of identity that drives the prisoner insane. Worse, Revival seems to be hiding what happens to the prisoners once they go Pattern Black. As Mason makes his way through his new reality, a mysterious Preacher seems to haunt his every move. His only hope is Immunity, a rebel group led by a hacker named Calliope, who’s trying to fight the system from inside. Can Mason find the truth — and expose the dark secret behind Chamber Therapy — before Revival finds a way to shut him up forever? It’s Escape from New York meets The Matrix in this fast-paced, heart-pounding SciFi thriller by best-selling authors Johnny B. Truant and Sean Platt. Johnny B. Truant is also the author of Fat Vampire, a new television series coming to the SyFy channel in 2022.

Meet Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant

Sean Platt is an entrepreneur and founder of Sterling & Stone, where he makes stories with his partners, Johnny B. Truant, and David W. Wright, and a family of storytellers. Sean is a highly-prolific author in both fiction and nonfiction, with more than 10 million words under his belt and more than a dozen published collaborations. He brings a rich sense of place, strong pacing, conflict-filled dialogue, powerful twists, and a flair for high-stakes drama to every story he contributes to. He’s known for bringing out the best in whoever he collaborates with, thanks to his generosity, his adaptability, and his philosophy that “the best idea wins.” You’ll see Sean’s work as a co-author with Truant and Wright, and invisibly all throughout the studio. Originally from Long Beach, California, Sean now lives in Austin, Texas with his wife and two children. He has more than his share of nose.

Before the Cure

In Neil’s mind it started with the man in the park. Or, more specifically, with the vicious bite the man had given Neil. He was wrong about that. The December Plague had started weeks earlier, though no one knew it. The early symptoms were so mild that almost no one noticed them. A scratchy throat. A feeling of lethargy that you just can’t shake. But then the slurring started. And an intense irritability. Finally, an irresistible urge to bite and consume accompanying an uncontrollable rage. The Infected cannot be reasoned with and there is no known cure. They cannot recognize even their closest friends. Anything that attracts their notice risks being torn apart, including one another. Quarantined in a desperate attempt to contain the December Plague, the patients and staff of Wing Memorial hospital are left to fend for themselves. When the small security force sent to aid them are wiped out, the Infected run loose in the halls and Neil is trapped inside with them. Even worse is the knowledge that containment has failed and the outside world has no idea what’s coming.

Meet Deirdre K Gould

The Rubber Stamp

Psychologist Peter Huber has been asked to consult on the release of a patient sentenced to a secure psychiatric facility. He has done this work before but this time things are different. This time the patient not only was sentenced for murder but he has an extraordinary history. Dr. Huber has his work cut out for him in this short story The Rubber Stamp.

Meet Jeff Margrett

Jeff Margrett has worked in a variety of writing disciplines including six years as a nationally touring comedian, writing syndicated humor material for radio stations around the country, and writing scripts and marketing campaigns for an advertising agency. Now you can follow his latest works of fiction.

Don’t Buy Multi-Family! Build IT (Bargain Read)

Buy Multi-Family for Passive Income!
Sounds awesome, right?
Who doesn’t want passive income?

Here’s the dirty little secret that they don’t want to tell you: There is nothing passive about owning older properties that constantly need repairs and updates!

Right now real estate developers, big and small are putting up new construction multi-family properties as fast as they possibly can.
Why should you join them? …….

  • Strong market of people ready to snap up new construction!
  • Rents are at all time highs!
  • Interest rates are near record lows!
  • Shortage of new housing persists!
  • Lenders anxious to lend on new construction!
  • Great loan programs available for owner occupied buildings!

In this book, you’ll learn the process of building new multi family buildings for yourself. Once you understand the numbers, youll never think of buying an older property again!”

Meet Roger Luri

Roger Luri lives in Chicago with his wife Christine and two teen age sons.

“Growing up in Chicago, I’ve been intrigued by architecture and building since I was a kid”

Roger has been in the real estate and development business for well over 30 years. His companies have specialized in home building, real estate development, general contracting, architecture & design and real estate brokerage. He formerly served as a director on the board and on the loan committee of Ravenswood Bank.

Journey of Hope

Hardship defines Claire’s life. Her husband, Harold, dreams of greater opportunity. A treacherous journey lies ahead. 1829. Claire Appleton experiences an arduous life filled with hard work, struggle and sacrifice in the rugged British North American wilderness. In her lifetime, she hasn’t traveled more than a few miles from her hometown. Harold dreams of adventure and suggests uprooting their lives and traveling 900 miles in search of a better life. Content, Claire resists. Claire’s mind, however, changes when her drunken father-in-law threatens to the kill her family. Getting away from him is the best thing they could do, but a journey comes with risk. Many aspects could go wrong, and often do for travelers. Will the Appletons’ journey of hope end safely? Will they achieve success?

Meet Melina Druga

Melina Druga is a multi-genre author with a lifelong love of history, books and the English language. She pens historical fiction and nonfiction. Druga writes about the past because although school history classes may have been boring, the past was not. Her era of expertise, and obsession, is 1890-1920 with a particular focus on the Great War and how it affected the lives of ordinary people. Druga’s other interests and hobbies include listening to music, yoga, photography, astronomy, travel and healthy eating.

Jem and the Yumboes

If you love fantasy, then… this book is for you! Jem’s curiosity leads her on the adventure of a lifetime where she meets the tiny but stout-hearted Yumboes. She soon discovers that all is not well: The Yumboes need her help with a problem that could affect their very existence. Packed with fun and adventure, you’ll want to keep turning the pages as you follow Jem ever deeper into the forest, and ever deeper into danger. In her quest to help the Yumboes, Jem forms an unbreakable bond with a brave dog, Cutenpaw, and encounters a loquacious wyvern called Viridianux. She’s also drawn into an epic battle between good and evil, but will she emerge victorious and find her way home?

Meet Louise K. Tucker

Early years in England Louise Kirstie Tucker was born in a lovely languid summer in Gosport, England. She is the youngest of three sisters and can tell you that being the youngest is not as easy as people may think! Her father, John (Tug) Wilson, was a submariner in the Royal Navy and her mother, Sheila, a home executive. The family moved around quite a bit due to naval assignments and based themselves in Thurso, Scotland when Louise was but a wee lass. Later, they moved to Plymouth, Devon, where Louise attended the Whitleigh Infant and Junior Schools. She has fond memories of playing marbles in the street, swinging on ropes in the woods, collecting blackberries and walking down narrow lanes to sing in the choir at St Mary’s in Tamerton Foliot. Moving country When she was just nine years old the family emigrated to Cape Town, South Africa, to begin a very different life. Louise’s Dad began working at the newly commissioned Koeberg Nuclear Power Station approximately 40 Km from Cape Town. Initially, there was lots of sand and beautiful beaches and not much else! But it was insanely picturesque. Louise began school at Table View Primary School where she had to learn Afrikaans (South Africa’s compulsory second language) and also integrate into a new culture. During her teen years she attended Milnerton High School where she mostly hid behind a cool Eighties fringe and railway-track braces. However, she did learn a few things including how to play the guitar, a passion for art, English, and biology. And of course, she read loads and loads of books; from love stories to John Irving, John le Carre, and Mary Brown. Career and Family After school, Louise attended secretarial college for a year and thereafter began a career as a personal secretary. Following this, she moved into sales for a computer networking company. In 1992, she married Sean and they have been inseparable ever since. Louise switched careers again in 1998 to a post as IT Research Manager for a large insurance company which she still holds today. Things changed radically for Sean and Louise in 2003 with the addition of their son, Jack. Whilst on maternity leave, Louise was inspired by all the children’s books she was reading and acquiring for her young son. She began pursuing opportunities to write books herself and so began her life as a children’s book author. Academic Qualifications In 2016, after years of hard graft, Louise achieved academic success with a BA degree in Creative Writing (cum laude) from the University of South Africa (Unisa). Things Louise loves … Louise has a deep love for her family and her favourite thing to do is spend time with them. “Family” includes a spoiled white Maltese rescue dog called Toby, who is her constant shadow. She loves being in and around nature and enjoys gardening; particularly acquiring new plants (no shoe obsession here!) In addition, Louise loves art and culture, reading novels (especially classics), and if she gets the chance, painting in watercolour. Although not overly adventurous, this lady loves travel, new experiences and the odd adventure which translates to having tandem-skydived, ziplined, and ridden an elephant! She is driven to be creative and her hobbies over the years have been many and varied, including: painting in watercolour, knitting, singing, guitar, organ, Scottish country dancing, Ballroom and Latin dancing, a commercial and movie extra, bird-watching and photography.

The Philosophy of Life

The book illustrates the author’s point of view on important sectors in life, giving away the recipe for a better life. He also answers a lot of questions such as the importance of ethics and family, how to control your emotions, the solution to depression, freedom, racism, success, failure, and so much more. He believes that true beauty is what’s beneath, which is one of the concepts he applied in this book, he also kept each chapter short, with a maximum of 2 pages per chapter shuffled, similar to chapters of life, and so you don’t get bored. The reasoning behind writing The Philosophy of Life is that he always wanted to imprint on others, make the world a better place, change people’s way of thinking and teach those who seek words of wisdom. Not so good with English? Don’t worry this book was written with simple phrases so that everyone can understand. Trust me you don’t want to miss the opportunity of reading this book. Get your copy now!

Meet zeyad zeyadeh

Zeyad Zeyadeh has just finished university but his focus was always on writing, he is one of the young promising authors out there, he’s 21 year old only and have written his first book the philosophy of life, he is going all-in with writing books, be one of the first to discover him before he becomes famous.