Sketches Of The Common Saints

Sketches Of The Common Saints is an audacious, funny, and wistful portrayal of a Southern Italian family and the genuine world they inhabit. From the ominous beauty of Reggio Calabria, through the baroque cityscapes of Torino, to the promise and sometimes harsh reality of Toronto’s working-class streets, these nine interrelated sketches are reflections of common folk and their journey towards a kind of sainthood in the culmination of a dream. Told from various perspectives, in clear and fast-paced prose that often dances with the poetic, each story is conveyed through an unfiltered lens of blunt realism imbued with imagery that evokes the common beauty of a working-class culture navigating the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of a willing and necessary diaspora. Steeped in a traditional world where the sanctity of the family and the beatitude of the Catholic Church, intermingle with the dark doorways of iniquity and the unforgiving weight of crosses to bear, these people face the emptiness and the absurdity and the bounty of life, with a jaundiced eye and an unbridled passion, offering no apologies and putting on no airs. Taken on their own, or as a part of the larger narrative, the stories befit a boisterous Sunday table filled with heaping plates of pasta, carafes of homemade wine, and the fullness of life unfolding.

Meet Vincent Oppedisano

The author has been writing for many years. Even as life has been happening and he’s been busy making other plans, he has always been writing. Now he has finally decided, not only to write, but to be a Writer. He is a proponent of great literature and recommends reading Hemingway, Celine, Kerouac, Eliot, Dostoyevsky, and as many works of the Western canon as a life of reading will allow. He believes, with unwavering conviction, that just like great music and great art, great literature is great for a reason and it should be read with voracious audacity; detractors and deconstructionists be damned. He currently lives outside of Toronto with his family and he writes.

We Are the Tide

Meet Steven Richard Harris

Currently based in Spain, my first foray into the world of writing came in the shape of “Covidiots – Stories of Idiotic Acts and Bizarre Behaviour”, co-written by myself and Natalia Gómez Álvarez as we tried to make sense of the way people were reacting to the early throes of the pandemic back in March and April 2020. A light-hearted look at human nature – but with a serious undertone that runs throughout this short compendium of true stories – which we felt we just had to share with the rest of the world. Then along came my first novel, “The Butcherbird Tree”, released in August 2021. Set in 1994, it tells the story of Simon Webb, an eighteen year-old fighting an internal battle of guilt and self-harm and his conversations with his psychologist. Secret desires, self-effacing feelings, personal and professional doubts and gruesome nightmares all reveal themselves in the emotional meetings between client and therapist – until true meaning of Simon´s dreams becomes astonishingly clear. The second novel, “We Are The Tide”, in this two-part series, which was released in the summer of 2023. A common theme runs throughout my books – that of social justice (or should I say, injustice). The two books in the “Butcherbird” series also bring to light those in society that have to live with what are often erroneously described as personality disorders – as will my third novel, which is a stand-alone story set against the backdrop of the Zapatista rebellion in Mexico in the mid nineteen-nineties. Autism, schizophrenia and dissociative personality disorder all features heavily while other conditions such as post-traumatic epilepsy and psychosis owing to substance abuse appear in one form or another. I became a writer later in life (mid-forties) but have eventually followed a childhood dream, not to become rich and famous, but to shed light on issues and tell stories that I sincerely believe should be told.

The 14 Unshakable Laws of Learning Music: How to Master Any Instrument and Singing in 5 Minutes a Day

Do you dream of being on stage, a rock star, pop star, or serenading your loved ones with melodies that flow from the very depths of your soul? Let this guide be the bridge to those dreams. Just a short while ago, my dream was distant, like a fading star. I had a passion, a desire to sing and play, but I hit wall after wall. Every time I tried to learn, I felt more and more disconnected from the world of music. But destiny had another plan. With relentless perseverance over many years, I unveiled the secrets to mastering music in this digital age. I unlocked the treasures of music on various instruments and vocal techniques, amassing knowledge from diverse sectors: digital apps, books, online courses, and hands-on instruction with music teachers…including two college degrees. Unlike most, my journey wasn’t just about signing up for expensive courses or spending hours aimlessly on apps. It was about crafting a blend of apps, books, courses, and sometimes teachers so powerful that failing felt unthinkable. Dive into this ultimate guide for learning music and discover how easily you can reach your dreams.

Meet Dan Spencer

After fighting to find easier ways to make sense of music through a fog of anxiety, ADHD, and trauma from growing up in a cult, I decided to dedicate my life to bringing you simple and straightforward ways to learn, understand, and create music. I’ve helped hundreds of students one-on-one and thousands through books, courses, and social media make music, use their time and focus effectively, and feel confident in their music journey. Because making music is the best way to discover who you really are.

Greece Travel guide: Explore Greece’s Hidden Gems and Lesser-Known Destinations

Sally Sojourn Sullivan’s Greece Travel Guide is a comprehensive companion for passionate travelers seeking authentic experiences. Filled with insider tips, off-the-beaten-path recommendations, and stunning photographs, the book unveils Greece’s hidden gems, emphasizing sustainability and responsible travel. Embark on a transformative journey and explore the country like a true insider.

Meet Sally Sojourn Sullivan

My name is Sally Sojourn Sullivan and I am an ardent explorer, fueled by an insatiable wanderlust and a profound love for all things travel. From an early age, I was captivated by the world’s diverse cultures, historical narratives, and natural wonders. This insatiable curiosity led me to embark on countless adventures, traversing the globe in search of hidden gems that lay beyond the beaten path.

Albert B. Squid The Architecture Kid The Mystery Of The Trout Lake Monster

Nine-year-old architect Albert B. Squid and his father Atticus face challenges while designing a house on Big Trout Lake in Canada. Missing tools, tampered designs, and suspicions of the Big Trout Lake Monster create obstacles, but Albert, accompanied by his dog Baji, skeptically investigates and employs deductive reasoning to solve the mystery and save the project.

Meet Albert B. Squid

Accidental Magic

Welcome to Myrtlewood, a quirky town, steeped in magic, tea and mystery… Life’s a struggle for Rosemary Thorn and her teen daughter, Athena. But their regular troubles are turned upside down after Granny Thorn’s mysterious death. Despite her cousin’s sinister manoeuvrings, Rosemary returns to Myrtlewood and the sprawling, dilapidated Thorn Manor. But there’s more to the old house than meets the eye, as Rosemary and Athena soon find out — in a whirlwind of magic, adventure, mystical creatures and endless cups of tea. Life in Myrtlewood would be bliss if Rosemary could only clear her name in a certain murder investigation, solve the mystery and stay out of mortal peril – for at least a little while!

Meet Iris Beaglehole

Iris Beaglehole is many peculiar things, a writer, researcher, analyst, druid, witch, parent, and would-be astrologer. She loves tea, cats, herbs, and writing quirky characters

Parenting Talent: The Grown-Up’s Guide to Understanding and Supporting Creatively Driven Teens and Tweens

Are you the parent of a tween or teen who is passionate about a creative art? Do you ever find yourself wishing that you had a little more parenting talent to help you . . . parent your talent?

Whether your teen’s passion is singing, dancing, acting, art, music, content creation, or another creative art form, parenting “talented” tweens and teens can at times be a wonderful journey of inspiration and celebration—but it can also be a jarring experience full of worry, frustration, confusion, and lack of direction. You may be wondering if some of the challenges your teen is facing are directly connected to their relationship with their art.

In “Parenting Talent: The Grown-Up’s Guide to Understanding and Supporting Creatively Driven Teens and Tweens,” psychologist, author, and fellow parent Dr. Alaina Johnson uses her professional expertise and personal experience to help you guide your tween or teen through the challenges unique to being a young person in the arts.

“Parenting Talent” will teach you:
• How to become the type of parent your teen turns to for support (when they’re not asking you for rides to their activities, of course).
• What to do when perfectionism, procrastination, fear, and anxiety rear their ugly heads (because unfortunately, denial won’t make them go away).
• How to use your tween or teen’s specific personality type to help them find and sustain motivation (because every teen is different!).
• Strategies for helping your teen build their skills, share their art, and face rejection (because your teen didn’t come with a manual).
• Tips for navigating the modern technological landscape of social media and cyberbullying (without feeling like you should just toss your teen’s mobile phone into a river and avoid the internet altogether).
What to do when your teen utters one of two dreaded phrases: “I quit” or “I want to go pro.” (Hint—it’s not running away screaming, “Nooooo!”)
Whether you’re parenting an amateur artist or an aficionado, “Parenting Talent” will become an invaluable resource in your quest to understand, support, and affirm your talented tween or teen.

Meet Alaina Johnson

Dr. Alaina Johnson is a psychologist with twenty-plus years of clinical experience. She created Parenting Talent to offer support and guidance to parents of creatively driven tweens and teens. Dr. Alaina lives with her husband, their three sons, and a sizable collection of music-related gear outside of Chicago.

Master Mair Bennet: A Pride and Prejudice Gender Swapped Sequel

Mair Bennet has made a decision. He’s the plain dowdy unmarried son but he wants to marry well and make sure his future has a library of his own. How can he improve himself to find a rich husband? Mair meets Miss Bradley and is attracted to her but she’s only an attorney’s clerk. And after an overheard conversation at a ball, he suspects she’s only interested in him to help his career prospects. Mair then meets Sir Jamesina Bayward at Pemberley, she’s rich and titled and everything Mair wants on paper, but will he be happy with her? You’ll love this Pride and Prejudice sequel with a twist.

Meet Anne Wrightwell

Anne Wrightwell enjoys reading and writing fiction set in the world of Pride and Prejudice. She particularly enjoys fantasy, mystery, paranormal or supernatural Pride and Prejudice fiction and gender swapped Pride and Prejudice fiction. She’s started posting reviews of Austenesque stories on her website.

F**ked My Way Up to the Top: The Complete Biography of Lana Del Rey Using Her Own Words

“If you are born an artist, you have no choice but to fight to stay an artist.” ― Lana Del Rey With her latest album, Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd, Lana Del Rey has again proven herself as one of the most crucial and original female musicians of the 21st century. So let this celebrity biography reveal the full story of Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, largely told in Lana’s own words using hundreds of interviews and public statements. We connect the dots between Del Rey’s humble Catholic school beginnings, her teenage troubles with alcoholism, and her earliest unknown recordings as May Jailer/Lizzy Grant. We explore how the ruthless streets of New York City and the noir of Los Angeles struck a chord of nostalgic romance in Lana’s creative mind, seeking retro Hollywood glamour at whatever cost, transforming into the multi-platinum “gangster Nancy Sinatra” superstar we love today. And we illustrate how the accusations of toxic femininity and a fabricated past could never compromise her vision; instead, the opposition provided even stronger material for her unique artistic dedication, selling millions of records across the globe. More importantly, this book delves deep into her music, where Lana Del Rey has always felt the most comfortable sharing personal details. We document her hundreds of unreleased songs, her biggest hits (such as the viral sensation Video Games), her soundtrack contributions (The Great Gatsby, Maleficent, Big Eyes), and her collaboration work with The Weeknd, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, and Stevie Nicks. Furthermore, we passionately analyse each of her eight studio albums, including the critically acclaimed Born to Die, Ultraviolence, Honeymoon, and Norman F**king Rockwell!. In doing so, we present a commercially successful career that hides within the darker underbelly of the pop world, just like her cult following prefers it. For dedicated fans only, here is everything there is to know about the real Lana Del Rey.

Meet Jared Woods

Born in South Africa and now homeless as a nomadic something or other, Jared Woods does whatever he wants. He is best known as the former scriptwriter for the YouTube channel Pencilmation, where billions of people have seen his work with scripts surpassing the 100 million mark. He has authored numerous books, including the spiritual philosophy of the “Janthopoyism Bible”, the self-help publication “Heartbreak Sucks!”, the fictional novel “This Is Your Brain On Drugs” and a music journalism guide “The 250 Best Albums of the Decade (2010 – 2019)”. His other creative projects include #legobiscuits (a daily one-panel Instagram comic), composing solo music under the name Coming Down Happy, “singing” for the band Sectlinefor, and producing a film called Definitely Not a Cry For Help which is already partially on YouTube. Jared is the founder of the Janthopoyism religion. Follow Jared on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @legotrip

Soundtrack Your Story

Do you struggle with writer’s block? Or do you want to try a new approach to storytelling? Let music help you to share your story. The book introduces the P-O-P method to writing practice. By tapping into the power of music, you will learn the three steps to help you prepare for productivity, overcome obstacles, and practice persistently. The P-O-P method matches popular hits with writing prompts complementing the mood of the song. With 505 prompts and 101 writing categories, you’ll never run out of ideas. With the included playlist, with songs across multiple genres, you can easily integrate music into your writing routine. The prompts are designed to fit both fiction writing and personal self-reflection for journaling. The P-O-P prompts are a fun and engaging way for teachers to engage students in writing projects. “Soundtrack Your Story” also includes a resource section with a guide to finding your voice and a toolkit for creative writing. Whether you’re an aspiring writer or a seasoned storyteller, this book can help unlock your creativity. Let music guide your story!

Meet A.B. North

Hey there! I’m an author on a mission – looking for ways to let everyone express themselves. When we can create art and share our stories, it allows us to connect. Let me tell you more about myself and what sparks my creativity. Here are seven things that rock my world: • Woodworking crafts • Crafting stories from the woods • Hiking in the mountains. Few things beat that crisp autumn morning air. • All things musically – from Broadway to Brit-pop. • A cup of black coffee made over an open bonfire. • Spending time with my family of five. They are my everything. • Making lists. Yes, I’m a bullet-point believer and not ashamed to admit it. Let’s connect and see where our creative journeys take us!