Bone Deep Blues

“Follow JD “Big Dog” Walker, a former Navy Seal turned blues musician, as he races to rescue his kidnapped loved ones from human traffickers in a gripping tale of action and suspense that will keep readers hooked until the end.” — Bone Deep Blues is proud to announce its entry into the 2025 Next Generation Indie Book Awards! Bone Deep Blues is proud to announce that it’s been nominated for The 2024 American Fiction Awards! “Bone Deep Blues” intricately navigates the life of JD “Big Dog” Walker, a former Navy Seal turned blues musician and nightclub owner. When his brother and fiancée fall victim to a ruthless kidnapping, JD plunges into a dangerous world of human trafficking, organized crime, and desperate measures. As he races against time to rescue his loved ones and safeguard his livelihood, Will they survive this descent into darkness? JD finds himself entangled in a high-stakes game of cat and mouse, facing off against law enforcement and the menacing presence of the mob and a chilling figure known as Baba Yaga, or The Ice Queen. This sadistic woman is fueled by a thirst for vengeance and revels in causing suffering, taking pleasure in destroying innocence, and inflicting excruciating pain. As JD navigates through this dangerous and treacherous landscape, he encounters daunting challenges and uncovers profound and unsettling truths that test his mettle. Their harrowing experience sheds light on a dark underworld of human trafficking, where influential individuals barter in stolen lives. Is there any hope left in a world where wealth and moral corruption intersect?

Meet Brian R. O Callaghan

I’m glad you’re interested in checking out my profile. I hope you enjoy what you see and that you’ll also take the time to read and appreciate my books. My career has been a unique blend of real-world experiences and imaginative world-building. From my roles as a firefighter, EMT, police detective, police academy instructor, and corporate security professional, I’ve been immersed in diverse situations. These experiences, with their challenges, emotions, and unique circumstances, have not only shaped my worldview but also significantly influenced the development of the storylines in my books. Each experience has left a lasting imprint on my creative process, infusing authenticity and depth into my narratives. From a young age, I was always drawn to action, so it was no surprise to my family when I pursued a career as a firefighter and a police officer. I vividly remember being engrossed in Encyclopedia Brown stories, The Hardy Boys, and Ellory Queen books, where I’d eagerly try to solve the mysteries before reaching the end. As I grew older, my influences expanded to include characters like Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot and contemporary protagonists from authors such as Clive Cussler, Christopher Greyson, and Michael Connelly. I aim to do justice to these influences as I pay them homage in my work.

Pills for a Broken Heart: The Miracle Remedy You’re Looking For

This book promises to touch the hearts of those who have loved, lost, and is learning to love again. “Pills for a Broken Heart: The Miracle Remedy You’re Looking For” is a poignant exploration into the emotional journey of a young woman grappling with a profound breakup. This introspective memoir delves deep into her past relationships, uncovering patterns of love and pain that have shaped her life. Through honest and vivid narration, she recounts romantic highs and devastating lows, emphasizing moments of joy, vulnerability, feelings of unworthiness, and betrayal. Central to her narrative is the story with “A.”, a dreamlike figure who ultimately becomes another source of heartache. As she endures the aftermath of their separation, she cycles through typical responses—from self-destruction to self-improvement, from drowning sorrows in wine to finding solace in affirmation books. This book also serves as a guide through the universal quest for healing and happiness. It offers insights and lessons from failed relationships and provides a profound look at the personal growth that follows heartbreak. It is not just a story but a companion for anyone seeking to find balance, rediscover self-worth, and ultimately, that elusive cure for a broken heart.

Meet Tanya Scher

“As I frantically searched for any means or action to soothe the pain of losing someone close, I read countless books, listened to a million podcasts, and watched hundreds of movies about loving oneself, becoming happy, developing, and perfecting, about forgetting an ex, and all the rules of breaking up and letting go. Yet, I never found exactly what my heart so desperately sought—understanding and knowledge that you’re not alone in your loss. Therefore, I decided to undertake this work, which turned out to be very revealing—I wrote it for myself, and for those who, like me, were looking for such a book and did not find it.” – From the Author. Tanya Scher is a seasoned sommelier with over ten years in the wine industry. Her experiences blend the worlds of wine and love, which are deeply interwoven into her psychological memoirs.

Tales Of The PhD (Pig Headidly Determined): True Stories of Tragedy, Triumph and Relentless Tenacity

How do you turn “impossible” into “I’m possible?” Simple. Become a PhD and use sheer willpower to transform your dreams into reality.

Do your big dreams always seem just out of reach? Does it feel like the universe is against you, plotting your downfall?

Life indeed knows how to throw punches: unexpected challenges, barriers at every turn, and uphill battles that seem endless.

And it’s pretty easy to feel defeated, to believe that maybe it’s not meant to be.

But what if there’s a secret to help you break through those barriers?

It’s called being Pig-Headedly Determined (PhD), and it’s not just about stubbornness. It’s about turning those “No way, not happening” moments into defiant “Watch me” victories.

This book is your front-row ticket to the action-packed, heart-wrenching, and ultimately, uplifting stories of PhD people who refused to back down.

Real-life battles against the odds would make most wave the white flag, but not them.

From the depths of personal tragedies to the peaks of staggering achievements, meet the heroes who prove that with a PhD attitude, giving up is never an option.

Inside, you will discover:

  • Stories of 13 PhDs who transformed their insurmountable challenges into unparalleled triumphs
  • The incredible life story of resilience and forgiveness even when hope seems lost, teaching you the true meaning of strength in adversity
  • How consistency turns the ordinary into the extraordinary – take it from those who showed up, day in and day out, so that small, steady wins can become life-altering success
  • The beauty of bouncing back from failure – with tales of those who saw every setback as a setup for a comeback
  • Heroic lessons during one of the world’s most tragic terror attacks – see how one’s courage and selflessness can positively impact the lives of others
  • Insights into the power of a unique calling – with stories of people driven by a destiny so compelling, it became their life’s mission
  • How a struggling actor with unwavering determination and belief in oneself became a Hollywood icon – with life lessons on overcoming limitations and embracing your unique journey

And much more!

Feeling like it’s too late or that you’re not cut out for greatness? Don’t be.

Whether you’re the main character of your struggle or just feeling sidelined, these stories are the nudge you need.

They stand as irrefutable evidence that it’s never too late to chase your dreams.

So, are you ready to ditch the doubts and dive headfirst into pursuing the life you want with everything you’ve got?

Take the leap and redefine what’s possible. Show everyone what being Pig-Headedly Determined is all about. Scroll up and click “Add to Cart” right now!

A Different Life: An authentic and inspiring story about trauma, mental illness and resilience

5 stars! “Honest, uplifting, biographical, insightful, relatable …” — Dr Wathsala Yapa – General Practitioner – MBBS FRACGP

5 stars! “A must read book. Jonathan has written an honest, raw and vulnerable story …” — Elspeth Haswell-Smith, CEO – Well Life Services, Psychologist

5 stars! “A fast paced, brave and honest telling of one person’s journey through mental health …” — Pauline Collins, Professor of Law UniSQ, LLB Adel, BVisArts USQ, Grad.Dip in Prof.Com. USQ, LLM UQ, PhD UQ.NMAS,GAICD

5 stars! “Jonathan’s courageous account of his journey through trauma is compelling …” — The Reverend Canon Paul Mitchell – Rector St Lukes Toowoomba

5 stars! “A courageous book that seeks to fight the stigma associated with mental illness …” — Dr Ashar Imam, Psychiatrist MBBS FRANZCP

A brilliant young man suffers life threatening childhood trauma that returns as mental illnesses in his adult years.

With aspirations of being a successful lawyer, Jonathan embarks on a path to make his dreams come true, but is ultimately, unable to do so due to his schizoaffective disorder. In this candid and unflinching memoir, Jonathan reveals his story in all its rawness: the ups, the downs, the wins, the losses, the highs and the darkest of lows.

Determined to discover his own normal life and find his purpose, Jonathan takes us on the journey of his different life from his earliest memories, through to his debilitating mental illnesses, drug addiction and recovery. Pushing through the depths of his mental health to climb out of the darkness into the light, he shares not only his experiences with trauma, mental illness and self medication but also his wisdom. Jonathan provides simple, easy to use tools and principles that have been the keys
to living his own, different life.

Ultimately, each one of us has to rescue ourselves and Jonathan’s story is living proof that all of us possess what it takes to be stronger, healthier and happier than we ever imagined. This is a story of extreme resilience, courage and above all hope…

Meet Jonathan Govender

Despite his achievements, Jonathan, walked a very rugged, and sometimes merciless, path through his young life. Suffering trauma through severe, life changing burns, at the age of 20 months, parental divorce in his formative years, and a home invasion before his teenage years. In his later teens, he was caught up in a deportation experience from the USA, and by his early twenties, his mental health was beginning to impact his dreams of success through University. With his mental health taking its toll, Jonathan’s life took a dark turn away from further studies towards self-medication. But, despite his worsening condition and ongoing struggles, Jonathan pushed on to find his own normal life, however different it may have been from the life he’d hoped for himself.

With Love And Kisses

Isabelle was dared to go in search of love, Julia attempts to win it, and Beverly searches in the small print. Anne puts on a lavish dress, Angie dons a nice new waterproof jacket and Tracie removes her clothes. All of them want the same thing – to love and be loved. Others use more extreme methods in their quest for romance; marriage brokers and weird dogs, historic ships, even stolen magic dust. Andrew has proposed to Jemima many times, as part of plays they’ve acted in together. It never meant anything, although when she accepted, he always wished it did. Now it’s her asking him and he doesn’t see the words on his script. What’s going on? Dan too has made numerous proposals to Sharon. She likes him a lot, he’s a good man with a good job and the father of her child, yet still she says no. Is that because she’s still interested in one of the four Thomas Hardy’s who’ve crowded her life? Whether they’re together forever, broken-hearted, or still trying to make it work, anyone who has loved has a story to tell. This collection contains 25 of them.

Meet Patsy Collins

Patsy Collins spends her time making things up and writing them down from her home in Lee-on-the-Solent, or whilst traveling in a campervan. When away she enjoys writing, scrambling round ruined castles, visiting friends and eating cake. At home she writes, gardens, bakes (and then eats) cakes. She is the author of eight novels, and 29 themed collections of short stories. Hundreds of her short stories have been published in women’s magazines, such as My Weekly, The People’s Friend and Fiction Feast. For more information about Patsy, sign up to her newsletter or visit

Pink Eye

“LMAO…” “…BRILLIANT…” “…IF YOU HAVEN’T LAUGHED BY THE END OF CHAPTER ONE, CHECK YOUR PULSE. YOU MIGHT BE DEAD!” Pink Eye is a sci-fi comedy about first contact and an impending alien invasion. If you’ve ever felt like you’re being watched, you’re right, aliens are watching. When an astrophysicist discovers a message from outer space, everything changes. If anyone else had answered the call things might’ve gone better. Now, one small town has one massive opportunity to prove that humanity is worthy. For most people, this would be a hard pass. Luckily for us, two unlikely heroes are stepping up. And the odds of them winning are… Well, let’s keep it polite… Humanity is screwed. This is dark. This is fresh. This is PINK EYE. If you liked Hitchhiker’s Guide, Catch-22, or The Princess Bride, you will love this.

Meet Tom Norton

It’s rare for an author to be both a great storyteller and very silly. Tom is that kind of writer. He lives in a tiny house with his beautiful family and their little cat, which experiments on him daily. By night, Tom writes like a madman. He’s performed stand-up, worked as a journalist and made short films – some were nominated for awards, but sadly no wins. Don’t worry, Tom’s so silly he’ll keep trying. By day, Tom is a TV editor and co-host of a fun STEM podcast, where he jokes with big-brained professors. It’s called… BIG QUESTIONS from SMALL MINDS

A Girl, Bullied

Escape the Shadows and Find Your Light

📚 Introducing “A Girl, Bullied” by New Chief
In every shadow of bullying and manipulation hides the silent strength within you, waiting to break free. “A Girl, Bullied” isn’t just a story; it’s a beacon of hope, a guide back to yourself, and a powerful affirmation that you are not alone.

Why This Book?

  • Empower Yourself: Learn to identify the signs of narcissistic abuse and bullying.
  • Transform Your Life: Gain practical strategies to disentangle yourself from toxic dynamics.
  • Real Stories, Real Strength: Inspired by true events, this book offers both solace and actionable advice.

📘 Dive into Your Journey of Healing and Empowerment

Step out of the shadows—your new chapter begins now.

Reflect – Realign – Regain

Meet New Chief


In a vast and intertwined simulated universe, a holographic matrix transcends the simple binary of life and death, unfolding a future deeply entangled within the intricate webs of digital innovation, artificial intelligence, and quantum evolution. This scenario goes beyond the mere initiation and cessation of existence, engaging instead with a continual interplay of sophisticated holographic data streams that originate from the Source Core—a reservoir of limitless possibility residing at the very crux of human consciousness. These holographic projections are not mere illusions, but rather tangible manifestations of individual essences, exquisitely crafted and interacting seamlessly with both human consciousness and the fabric of the multiverse. Within the boundaries of “HOLO SONIC,” the fates of humanity are intricately linked with the progression of digital and artificial intelligence, fundamentally redefining the essence of what it means to be alive. Initially celebrated as a dawning age of digital democratization, this new digital paradigm quickly devolves into an arena dominated by economic powerhouses and enigmatic elites. These groups exploit virtual currencies, not for the stabilization of society, but as instruments of subjugation, Furthermore, they exploit women and children for their nefarious cult Devil worshipping and hybrid breeding agenda. Despite early promises of enhanced equality, the emergent technologies catalyze an era dominated by an extreme form of capitalism, where the powerful mine deep into the bedrock of privacy, extracting data and progressively stripping away freedoms under the deceptive guise of autonomy. Amidst this vast, manipulated multiverse, the very dynamics of reality are controlled by those who command the digital infrastructures, crafting an existence where artificial intelligence blends indistinguishably with human life. This convergence threatens the collective identity of humankind, placing human consciousness at risk of manipulation, hijacking, or complete erasure for darkly manipulative purposes. Society, now closely monitored and guided by pervasive digital networks, finds its essence of personal identity and liberty increasingly diminished by these invisible governing forces. From the depths of this oppressive existence, a formidable resistance emerges, led by a courageous woman, flanked by her ex-military allies and supported by a decentralized international movement. Together, they launch a revolutionary campaign of bravery and valor to thwart the deployment of an advanced, weaponized technology designed to enslave human consciousness. Their struggle challenges the digital overlords, drawing upon the primal energies that resonate within every human being, aiming to shatter the digital shackles binding the spirit of society. “HOLO SONIC” is not just a story; it is a clarion call for a resurgence of freedom, and a collective awakening to reclaim our intertwined destinies. Dive into this narrative of resistance, where the transient and eternal concepts merge, where the lines between the digital and the bodily realms blur, and where a global community rises to redefine the forces that mold their existence. Witness the Phoenix, the emblematic of renewal and rebellion, prepared to eliminate the shadows of oppression and illuminate the road to a new, equitable future. Prepare to be captivated and moved as “HOLO SONIC” invites you to partake in a profound journey of conviction, self-discovery, and a revolution that traverses not only the digital landscapes but the very core of our existence. This is your call to arms, an invitation to move beyond the illusions, reach a new level of consciousness so you can break free, and spearhead a renaissance of genuine freedom and equality within this intricately connected cosmos.

Meet Ellie Nelhams

Ellie is an emergent voice in the realm of speculative fiction, blending an academic background in Policing, Intelligence & Counter Terrorism with her hands-on experience as a cyber security consultant in Australia. With her extensive travel around the globe, Ellie brings a distinct insight and broadened perspective to her storytelling. Her debut novel, the first installment in a planned trilogy, is a unique fusion of dystopian and cyberpunk themes with elements of science fiction, women’s empowerment, spirituality, history, and visions of the future. Ellie’s career and travels have not only provided rich material for her creative pursuits but have also shaped her into a fervent advocate for freedom and equity. Her writing is fired by her passion and her visionary outlook, urging the reader to explore complex worlds and challenging ideas. This bold narrative is just the beginning of what promises to be a compelling journey through the vivid landscapes she creates, all inspired by her own life experiences and the diverse cultures she has encountered. As a debut author, she writes with conviction, inviting readers to dive into a story that challenges the conventional and enlightens the spirit.

PROSTITUTE TO PROFESSOR: A Guide to Radical Transformation

Discover the inspiring journey of Becca Jacobson who transformed her life from a young prostitute grappling with drugs, alcohol, and loneliness, to an unlikely career as a college professor battling the same demons. Her journey culminates in a dramatic fall and unexpected rise to a new career coaching others through their own transformations. Jacobson’s story illustrates that human transformation is not a straightforward path; it’s messy. Using her own tumultuous journey as a powerful example, Jacobson skillfully guides us through the major obstacles to transformation, empowering us to overcome them and embrace the life we dream of.

Cruising the Mississippi

In crossing another travel adventure off their bucket list, two retirees take a fascinating river cruise and find the heart and soul of the American South.

Born travelers Al and Sunny Lockwood seized their dreams of exploring America’s natural wonders. From hiking Sierra Nevada mountain trails to photographing wildflowers in Death Valley, they’ve documented their fascinating journeys to critical acclaim.

A serious car wreck changed their lives. They stopped postponing their dreams of ocean cruises.

Now, these veteran travelers embrace a new travel adventure: a river cruise up the magnificent Mississippi.

Join Al and Sunny on the decks of an antebellum paddle-wheel riverboat as they experience the culinary delights, rich architecture, breathtaking vistas, and famous hospitality of southern culture.

You’ll visit lavish plantation mansions, honor the fallen at Civil War memorials, and be swept away by the magical beat of authentic New Orleans jazz. Before the journey ends, you’ll witness how the couple’s first impressions are challenged, changing their hearts forever.

In Cruising the Mississippi, you’ll discover:
-Fascinating histories of riverside cities
-Little-known facts about famous landmarks
-Personal reflections and insights from their daily experiences
-Tested travel tips and advice for embarking on your own river cruise adventure
-The lifelong benefits of immersing yourself in different customs and cultural experiences
-A detailed tour of the historic paddle-wheel riverboat, and much, much more!

If you like cultural exploration, American history, practical travel insights, colorful characters, and authentic personal stories, you’ll love Al and Sunny Lockwood’s illuminating exploration of America’s mightiest waterway.

Buy Cruising the Mississippi today and embark on a breathtaking adventure for the young at heart!

Meet Al & Sunny Lockwood

Al and Sunny Lockwood have traveled by foot, car, rail, air and cruise ship. They’ve camped in national parks, hiked mountain trails, photographed springtime flowers in Death Valley and wintry surf along the rugged beaches of Northern California.

They’ve watched July 4th fireworks over Lake Tahoe, explored the Taos Pueblo and ridden the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad through forests ablaze with autumn colors.

They’ve ridden the amazing Falkirk Wheel in Scotland, the Flam Railway in Norway and Ushuaia’s train at the end of the world.

They’ve photographed the Barbary apes of Gibraltar and Gentoo Penguins frolicking in the surf on Falkland Island beaches.

From North Carolina’s Outer Banks to New Orleans’ Bourbon Street and Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry, Al and Sunny love to wander and wonder and enjoy.

Everywhere they go, they capture unforgettable moments with their cameras and notebooks, moments to share with their readers. Their work has been published in magazines and newspapers. It has been recognized with awards from the National Federation of Press Women, the California Newspaper Publishers Association, the Wishing Shelf Book Awards and Seven Sisters Book Awards.

“We write to encourage others to travel, to take a break from their ordinary routine and discover the many rewards of traveling with your eyes wide open,” Sunny said. “Go somewhere new, even if it’s only in the next county. And have fun exploring the sites, the sounds and flavors of the place. You’ll be amazed at how much fun you’ll have.”

Al added, “We also write to share the wonder of our own travels. To help you feel what it’s like to be on a cruise ship, or wandering the back alleys of Venice, Italy. We hope our books give readers a real sense of our travel adventures.”