If you were the kind of person who can’t stop making things and you’d made your own bicycle in your shed from unsuitable off-the-shelf industrial steel box section, the obvious thing to do next would be to embark on a solo, unsupported ride round the country to the first place under each letter in the index of your 1998 AA road atlas. Lightly equipped and with a crow as guide Dave Ramsden reaches the parts other touring cyclists do not, including the heights of euphoria and the pit of despair. Along the way he is inspired to poetry, exposed to adversity and experiments with porridge.

‘Tony Benn meets Alan Bennett, meets Bill Bryson, with none of the subtlety or style. Highly recommended.’
Lesley Sadsack, Pigeon Fancier.

‘Part travelogue, part political polemic, Dave Ramsden drags himself and his heavy home-made bike around beleaguered Britain.’
Colin Outcast, Fartown Bugle.


A lifetime dreaming about a visit to Antarctica and South America was to be realised in 2020. After 18 months of planning the anticipation and excitement levels were high as tourists entered the aircraft for Argentina, both were relaxed and looking forward to what lay ahead. Five days into the trip and one day before entering the boat for the Antarctica adventure it all suddenly changed. Travel restrictions and border closes began in response to the World Health Organisation’s declaration that COVID-19 was a world pandemic. A time of uncertainty and confusion faced decision makers. Understandingly countries were looking after themselves and their citizens, tourists concerns relegated in importance. The race was on to escape from the isolation of Ushuaia on the Southern tip of South America to a main international airport and then back to Australia. In this book Jane N. Hughes provides a personal insight into experiences she and her husband faced as fleeing tourist in this unusual situation.

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Meet Jane N. Hughes

Hi, Jane N. Hughes here a new author based in Melbourne Australia. I have just published my first book based on a lifetime dream vacation to South America and Antarctica then getting caught on the covid-19 and the events which unfolded after that. As a first author I enjoyed writing the book and wanted to share my story with others. I hope you enjoy reading the book and provide honest reviews.

Outwardly, they look completely normal. Ordinary typical men: middle managers, big bosses, salesmen, and doctors; with mustaches, glasses, and expensive shoes. But they all have one thing in common: COCKROACHES. And not at home, but in the head. And these cockroaches they present to her, paying for love for an hour and taking off their pants.
Some of them promise to harry to death, but do not even have time to undress, others — make raids on the refrigerator, complaining of their mothers, and others — tearfully convince that in 88 their boner is as hard as a rock! You just need to try.
Honest, caustic, sad, and funny stories from the life of a prostitute in the first person.

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The cornerstone of courage is optimism.

In 1992, at the end of the Cold War, Steven Myers became the first American since Charles Lindbergh in 1931, to pilot an aircraft into the Russian Kamchatka peninsula. There he formed one of the first post-Soviet era joint ventures—a pioneering, expansive, business enterprise with the potential to transform the lives of the people of the Russian Far East. 
Steve’s remarkable true story recounts the dramatic adventure, courageous entrepreneurship, and intrigue in the creation of a breakthrough business in a remote corner of the world, a wonderous place few people have been to or know anything about.

The underlying theme of the story is the clash of two vastly different cultures:   Americans, with go-for-broke, entrepreneurial “can do” attitudes, and Russians with a long, painful history of constraining rules, risk aversion, and fear. 

After years of hard work, just as the enterprise is about to achieve breakthrough success, an unexpected warning by US government agents alerts Myers that his life is in danger if he continues with his business activities in Russia. How he reacts, and what he does next, provides a gripping, dramatic climax to the story. 
 A timeless exploration of human conflict, determination, and power, this book will inspire adventurers, aviators, entrepreneurs, business leaders, politicians, and diplomats to push past their fears and take command of their dreams. After all, “the cornerstone of courage is optimism.”

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Hogan’s Hope: A Deaf Hero’s Inspirational Quest for Love and Acceptance - ASIN B07YL8K4NN

Gain the inspiration to hope, no matter what the circumstance, from a deaf dog’s courage to overcome the challenges, prejudices, and death sentences plaguing deaf dogs. Hogan’s heartwarming story teaches us never to give up and reveals to everyone that choosing hope can make anything possible!

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Meet Connie Bombaci

Connie Bombaci, a retired educator, is an optimist and compassionate person whose Christian faith guides her to believe in the extreme goodness and immeasurable importance in all God’s creations. Her resolute love for animals began in childhood, rescuing both domestic and wild orphaned or abandoned animals. Her desire for others to believe in the value of themselves led her to become an educator where she worked fervently to increase young peoples’ confidence and belief in themselves no matter what challenges they faced. She offers hope where frustration and failure seem inevitable. While a teacher and assistant principal in the Haddam-Killingworth School District of Connecticut, she enjoyed working with young people, finding it especially fulfilling to help students who needed special encouragement. Her involvement with animals also developed from her desire to be helpful. She has enjoyed many pets, especially ones that have needed help, rescuing domestic and wild orphaned, injured, or abandoned animals Hogan’s is a story of success despite the odds. In her book Connie shares his story and the message that hope can be found in the kind and generous hearts of patient people.

Enlightenment!—You may spend your whole life seeking it, but never find it. You may never search for it or even know that it’s possible, but reach it by accident. And you may live out your life ignorant of its existence, and die having never discovered your highest potential for happiness, self-mastery, and creative brilliance.

The enlightened psychologist Abraham Maslow was the first to scientifically describe the fully enlightened person—which he called the “self-actualizing person.” Building on Maslow’s work through careful biographical study of the lives of self-actualizing people, humanistic psychologist and biographer Roman Gelperin found their enlightenment to stem from a nearly-identical handful of breakthrough experiences, which he will reveal to you in this book.

Partly a firsthand account of the author’s own accidental enlightenment, and partly a full biography of Abraham Maslow’s rise to self-actualization, this book will teach you how to identify, understand, and attain those key experiences of:

  • Unlocking the perennial method of using your mind to its fullest potential
  • Being fully at peace with yourself, by deconstructing your internal conflicts
  • Deriving a near-constant joy, pleasure, and satisfaction from sheer existence
  • Half-creating, half-discovering your driving passion and unique purpose in life
  • Automatically evolving the self-actualizing qualities of total honesty, supreme self-confidence, natural creativity, effortless spontaneity, and independent thinking

By the end of this book, you will thoroughly understand what enlightenment is, how and why it occurs, and the ways to pursue it!

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Welcome. “Paranormal powers” refers to the utilization of consciousness in a manner enabling a person to influence a physical system without direct physical interaction, a capacity increasing recognized in the academic and scientific communities as part of the field of human ability.

This book contains detailed accounts of explorer M.G. Hawking’s experiences and conversations with true practitioners of paranormal abilities, including first-hand narratives of their demonstrations of psychokinetic and extrasensory powers, and in-depth descriptions of the esoteric knowledge and practices that enable the attainment of such exceptional abilities.

Although widely acknowledged in India, Nepal, Tibet and various Himalayan areas of Asia, paranormal abilities have in the Western World been largely disregarded by the general population. However, in the scientific community the perception is very different. For example, the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research program, which operates under the aegis of Princeton University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science, pursues an agenda of studying the interaction of human consciousness with sensitive physical devices, systems, and processes, and developing complementary theoretical models to enable a better understanding of the role of consciousness in the establishment of physical reality.

Results of the Princeton experimental studies, along with many similar research projects both private and governmental, have established paranormal abilities as operating at both the macroscopic level (using large-scale apparatus) and at the atomic level (using computerized random number generators). Although the test subjects in general do not believe that they can actually influence outcomes, and have no real idea of how to focus their consciousness to influence the outcomes, over thousands of experimental runs the results have been far beyond chance expectation, demonstrating that subjects can influence outcomes that deviate significantly from the statistical norm, often by a factor of several billion-to-one. For those familiar with quantum physics, these results come as no surprise.

The knowledge and practices presented in this book arise directly from the teachings of profoundly enlightened individuals. If studied with patience and fully integrated into your core belief system, these teachings can lay the foundation necessary to enable you to acquire abilities that most people would say are unbelievable or even impossible. Yet nothing explained in this volume is supernatural or supernormal or beyond the ability of a properly equipped individual. These abilities are not miracles. Quite the contrary. They do not require any capacities that are not inherent in the human species as a whole, if those capacities are properly recognized and developed.

As entertaining as it is enlightening, this is an incomparable book for anyone seeking greatly enlarged knowledge and personal power. 2020 Edition, includes an extensive Source and Additional Material Section. Kindle e-reader page count 350 (estimated, actual count varies depending on the reading device used). A Kindle Unlimited Book.

Chapters Include: Insights Regarding the Practitioners; Background of the Practitioners; The Ultimate Nature of Reality; The Physical World as Symbols; The Potential of Power and Knowledge; Fundamental Understandings; Advanced Understandings; Utilizing Etheric Energy; Visualization Practice; Reflections on the Teachings; Planck, Schrödinger, Einstein, Bohr, Pauli, Wheeler.

For more information, please see the ‘Look Inside’ feature on this page. Thank you.

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If you enjoy memoirs, this book is a must-read. In this gripping memoir, Jennifer Degl brings her readers on an emotional roller coaster from the decision to get pregnant—and nearly dying four times during her pregnancy—to the birth of her daughter, Joy, seventeen weeks early, and this tiny baby’s fight to survive.

On the night her daughter was born, Jennifer started a journal on a sheet of paper given to her by a nurse. Once she was discharged from the hospital, a little blue notebook—in which she wrote everything—became Jennifer’s constant companion. Five months after the birth of her daughter, Jennifer went to write in her notebook; instead, she sat down and read her journal cover to cover. That’s when she knew she had to tell this story.

A remarkable story, “From Hope to Joy” is filled with love, determination, strength, hope—and finally Joy. Grab your copy today!

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A 1959 US Naval Academy graduate searches for a perfect wife that is beautiful and can cook. He spends 3 years in the tropics aboard the First Last and Only ship in a discontinued experimental construction program. Key West during the early 1960s was a remote tourist destination populated mostly by personnel assigned to destroyers and submarines. The largest ship in the Destroyer Force tested a new weapon system in waters so shallow that divers had to lie on their backs to inspect the bottom of the ship after 2 groundings. A young officer is assigned duties above his pay-grade. Interactions with senior officers were grist for a Broadway production.

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Escape from America combines one American expat’s experience living and working in the United States and China to give an unvarnished account of the world’s dominant superpowers. From a ground-level perspective, Vinnie Apicella finds surprising likenesses between these two seemingly vastly different nations. His bold insights reveal the real people of each country and emphasize the differences between their experiences and the ongoing political rhetoric.

As Escape from America shows, the opinions, achievements, and anxieties of working people in each country are relevant to us all. Apicella argues that much can be learned living among the locals and looking beyond false façades and fabricated truths. Using a balanced blend of praise and criticism toward both countries, he highlights the potential for upward mobility through mutual tolerance and trust.

Apicella sets out to educate and entertain through anecdotes, observations, and years of hard-earned experience. He points to lessons learned about family, education, business, and society inside China to help encourage cultural exchange of ideas and ideals so that we may all benefit. His inspirational story will change our perspective and persuade us to think critically, not just about America, not just about China, but also the place we call “home” and our place in it.

In Escape from America, Apicella provides a blueprint to overcome our biases, fears, and insecurities. He points us in the right direction to explore new trails. He challenges us to expand our horizons. He shows us that, through what he has learned from living abroad, we can improve our understanding of one another while better understanding ourselves.

Vinnie Apicella is a professional business writer with more than 30 years’ experience. He has written for Forbes, film and music companies, medical publishers, and e-commerce businesses. Originally from New York, he relocated to China in 2011 and currently operates Shanghai EDGE Consulting to assist students achieve greater success in academics or their professional career.  

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Meet Vinnie Apicella

Wow, I’m an “authorpreneur.” I could never conceive of that back when I first took an interest in writing so many years ago. It’s wonderful really, opening doors for us writers to become viable authors and share our work with the public. Quite the learning experience!

My writing career began by drafting press releases and artist bios for NYC music and film companies, then later producing financial articles for Forbes, travel and tourism pieces for a medical publisher, and more recently, marketing and sales copy for a Beijing-based e-commerce firm. I guess you could say I’ve run the gamut of writing on diverse subjects.

I am originally from New York and earned my BA from Columbia University where my guidance counselor had to “convince” me that choosing a major in Literature & Writing wasn’t a waste of time. In hindsight, he was right. Indeed there is much value in a Liberal Arts-based education where primary importance is placed on reading, writing, and critical thinking.

Several years later I relocated to Beijing to reinvent myself and pursue new opportunities for business.

Today, I oversee Shanghai EDGE Consulting, an online education company where I assist students at home and abroad to improve their interpersonal skills and guide them toward achieving greater success in academics or their professional career.

I sincerely hope that my new book, Escape from America, can help make a positive impact on society, and inspire others to improve their lives and pursue their passions.