Living Every Minute: Dr. Tim’s Pillars for Creating a Spectacular Life

Living Every Minute: Dr. Tim's Pillars for Creating a Spectacular Life - ASIN B08G3QDFFG

From Green Beret training, travel adventures to 63 countries, being a highly successful emergency medicine doctor, to raising 5 thriving children, Dr Tim Reynolds has accumulated a lifetime of experiences. Now he wants to share the nuts and bolts of how to get out of the “Zombie life” and create spectacular for you and for your family.

His desire to help everyone onto the road to financial freedom, great health, spectacular relationships, and how to squeeze the juice out of all areas of life were his motivating factors to write this book. The tools are each laid out in step by step processes, making this book into an easy to use manual for anyone who wants to reach their fullest potential.

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Some of the best stuff Wallace D. Wattles, who’s best known for his classic masterpiece The Science of Getting Rich, ever wrote about money is contained in three articles he wrote as part of his Lessons in Constructive Science series, which was first published in Elizabeth Towne’s The Nautilus, the leading new thought magazine of its day.

In this exclusive book, Tony Mase, a serious student of the works of Wallace D. Wattles, is going to take you by the hand and walk you step-by-step through these three articles, which were first published in 1910, commenting on what Mr. Wattles wrote, explaining it in minute detail using real-world examples, and giving you specific, detailed, proven, step-by-step instructions and action steps for applying what Mr. Wattles wrote to enable you to think about and spend money in the way, the “Certain Way”, that’ll create wealth in your life.

To sweeten the deal, a free bonus has even been added to this book!

As a thank you for downloading this book, inside you’ll receive free access to Tony’s “Constructive Science 101: 3 Keys to Getting What You Want” minicourse.

It’s a 4-part email course sent to you every other day in which you’ll discover Wallace D. Wattles’ simple, easy-to-understand formula for success and lots more.

Plus, you’ll get a free subscription to Tony’s Constructive Science Newsletter filled with all-new, 100% original self-development tips and strategies to skyrocket your success.

That minicourse and newsletter are yours for free as a thank you for downloading this book!

About Wallace D. Wattles

Wallace D. Wattles (1860-1911), who’s best known for his classic masterpiece The Science of Getting Rich, was a late 19th/early 20th century American author who primarily wrote new thought and self-development books and articles. Although very little is known about him, his works are widely quoted and remain in print.

About Tony Mase

Tony Mase is a serious student of the works of Wallace D. Wattles, who’s best known for his classic masterpiece The Science of Getting Rich. He used Wallace D. Wattles’ principles to make more progress in just a couple of years, both personally and in business, than he did in the previous thirty years combined.

Here’s a Preview of What’s Included Inside This Book…

  • Introduction
  • Lesson 1: The Constructive Attitude
  • Lesson 2: A Correspondent Answered
  • Lesson 3: Spending Money Without Fear
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix A: Frequently Asked Questions
  • Appendix B: Glossary
  • Appendix C: Resources
  • About Wallace D. Wattles
  • About Tony Mase
  • Other Books from Tony Mase
  • Bonus Section 1: Bonus Articles
  • Bonus Article 1: Why You Should Always Buy the Best
  • Bonus Article 2: Are You Being Cheap or Are You Managing Your Money Well?
  • Bonus Article 3: Why You Should Always Carry Heavy
  • Bonus Article 4: How Much Money Should You Save for Financial Emergencies?
  • Bonus Section 2: Original Text of Wallace D. Wattles’ Money Lessons
  • Original Lesson 1: The Constructive Attitude
  • Original Lesson 2: A Correspondent Answered
  • Original Lesson 3: Spending Money Without Fear

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This book is jam-packed with information, straight from Wallace D. Wattles and a successful student of his writings. You even get access to an invaluable free bonus!

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People often debate whether Agile and Lean are the same or different. This book is written to introduce you to the core values and principles of both Agile and Lean methodologies and will hopefully answer some of the common questions such as:

– What is Agile?
– What is Lean?
– Which is better? Agile or Lean?
– What are the 12 Agile Principles?
– What is the Agile Manifesto?
– How many Agile frameworks are there?
– What is Scrum?
– What is the difference between Agile and Scrum?
– Which methodologies are used to scale Agile to large teams or to the enterprise?
– What is Kanban?
– Is Kanban Lean or Agile?
– What is the Toyota Production System?
– What are the different versions of the Toyota House of Lean?
– What are the principles of Lean?
– How are Lean and Agile different?
– How is Lean the same as Agile?

Anyone who is interested in being Agile or who wants to adopt lean thinking would benefit from this book. Grab your copy today. Learn Agile and Lean methodologies to deliver better business value.

This is Book #1 in the series titled ‘The Basics Of Customer-First Product Management’.
Other books include:
The Basics Of SCRUM (Book #2)
The Basics Of Kanban (Book #3)

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Do you want to try out Facebook Advertising but have no clue where to start? Learn how to amplify your marketing strategies with the power of social media marketing with this step-by-step guide.

Advertising on Facebook is so much more than just boosting a post. Don’t lose out on sales from “abandoned cart” customers! Capture potential customers who visit your website but don’t complete the sale in your spider web with a Facebook Pixel and remarket to them in the coming days. Conduct lead generation campaigns on Facebook by having people fill out a form with their contact information. Imagine your sales team’s delight when you present them with a list of qualified sales leads.

This book will provide a basic understanding of the capabilities and walks you through how to create impactful ads on Facebook. Take your marketing strategy to the next level and expand your reach into new possibilities.

Jessica Ainsworth, Founder of the digital marketing agency Pendragon Consulting, LLC, has years of experience on helping businesses expand their reach into new pools of potential customers. She has a strong background in research and analytics and has turned that into a passion for marketing. Through easy-to-follow tips, The Beginner’s Guide to Facebook advertising will teach you all you need to know in order to run successful ads on this powerful platform.

In this book, you’ll discover:
•What Facebook Advertising is
•Why you should be advertising your business on Facebook
•How you to advertise on Facebook
•And more!

“Finally, there is a no fluff, straightforward, quick read for any small business looking to start or re-energize their marketing on Facebook and/or Instagram!” — Amazon review

Get The Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Advertising and start generating more leads today!

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The world of investing, planning and retirement accumulation is a bit of a maze often leaving consumers lost and going in the wrong direction. Blue Green and Gold offers comprehensive, yet simple concepts, told in short stories, vignettes and examples to help the reader better grasp concepts and ideas. An easy read for all, creative ideas, real life concepts and direction. For many people, we waste our most precious commodity, time. After reading this book, you will want to act quickly getting started on your path.

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What a Time to Be Alive!: Reinstating the American Dream Through Passive Income and Tiny Living

Forget what you’ve been culturally conditioned to think about financial freedom. It’s no longer reserved for the elite. How many legitimate problems would you have if acquiring money to pay for your basic needs was no longer your primary focus? Imagine what your life would look like if your primary focus was not money, but instead something truly meaningful to you. With your basic financial needs met, you would be free to create, free to impact, free to explore, and free to evolve. What more could you want?

What a Time to Be Alive is both a battle cry for American’s subscribed to unfulfilling life paths and a manifesto designed to provide two different solutions anyone can utilize to achieve financial freedom and thus gain the opportunity to reach their personal potential. While most millennials are crippled with student debt, and many others across multiple generations are confined to mortgages, financial freedom can be attained quickly.

Austin Laudenslager worked hard on changing his life. A traditional career path meant six-figures per year, which came at the price of limiting his life in order to continue sacrificing desired experiences for ongoing employment. After scaling up his passive income, and scaling down his living situation, he now travels the world full-time doing what he loves while still enjoying the same annual net-income. In his revolutionary publication you’ll learn why America is uniquely positioned to claim the ideal society our Founding Fathers designed for us. The American Dream does not need to be redefined; it needs to be reinstated.

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Better Online Meetings: How to Facilitate Virtual Team Meetings in Easy Steps

Better Online Meetings: How to Facilitate Virtual Team Meetings in Easy Steps - ASIN B08FQM9R9C

Learn how to facilitate your Zoom meetings more effectively.

This is a super-short book (will take you less than 30 minutes to read) that covers a step-by-step approach to running your meetings. 

It also includes downloadable templates and scripts that will help save you time.

Note: This book is technology-agnostic. This means that it doesn’t matter if you use Zoom, Webex, GoToMeeting, Skype, or any other meeting tool. The concepts focus more on process and communication best practices as opposed to technical guidelines. 

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The one question to ask yourself before scheduling a meeting
  • How to draft an effective agenda (and include a simple phrase to save you time)
  • When to schedule meetings to minimize the number of interruptions (batching techniques)
  • How to take helpful meeting minutes (note-taking strategies that save you time)
  • How to schedule online meetings for team members in different time zones

Resolve the Two Main Issues with Meetings

There are two main problems with meetings. First, there’s a quantity problem (too many meetings), and second, there’s a quality problem (too many bad meetings).

After reading this short book, you’ll learn how to address both those problems. You will learn how to have fewer meetings, how to have better meetings, and how to get the most out of your meetings to get things done. You’ll benefit by saving your team and yourself some time, and you’ll end up with more successful meetings. 

The book is divided into three sections: 

Section I: Before Your Online Meeting

  • Decide on a Need and an Objective 
  • Determine the Attendees and Draft an Agenda
  • Define the Remote Logistics
  • Send the Invite, Agenda, and Reminders

Section II: During Your Online Meeting

  • Join Early and Cover the Ground Rules
  • Run Through the Agenda
  • Capture the Meeting Minutes
  • Close with a Review

Section III: After Your Online Meeting

  • Distribute the Meeting Minutes
  • Follow Up on Action Items

Note: The subject of meetings can be really boring, and you’ve probably heard most of the common-sense advice about meetings before, so there’s nothing earth-shattering about the material in this book. However, if you follow all the steps to the letter, then this will be the only book you’re ever going to need about managing your virtual teams effectively, guaranteed.

Free Bonus

As a free bonus for purchasing this book, you’ll get a free Meeting Minutes Template and a free Meeting Agenda Template (MS Word format) that you can copy and paste and use with your own team.

Would you like to learn more?

Download Better Online Meetings now to get started.

Scroll to the top and click on the “buy button.”

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Million Dollar Service Secrets: Systems to Do Less & Grow Fast

Million Dollar Service Secrets: Systems to Do Less & Grow Fast - ASIN B08DXWXNXT

You want more for your service business. As a matter of fact, you KNOW you were meant for more. 

Wherever you are on your entrepreneurial journey—you want more.

You’re ready to get off the “do everything myself while the employees get paid first and I get left over scraps” merry-go-round. 

You’re ready to own a REAL business with real systems and with REAL employees that give you freedom instead of sucking the life from you.

A business that doesn’t require you to “do the work.” That pays you exactly the same whether you’re in the office, spending time with your family, or on vacation.

A business that will make your in-laws, friends, and maybe even a couple enemies jealous. 

You want CONTROL over your life, your time, who you spend it with, where you spend it and of course, the money to make it all work!

The problem is, owning a service business hasn’t given you that time with your kids or your spouse. 

You’re working harder than ever but you’re not getting ahead financially. Maybe not even staying afloat.

The craziest part of this whole thing is… You wouldn’t give it up for the world.

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Shopify Made Easy: The Step-By-Step Blueprint To Launch Your Shopify Store

Shopify Made Easy: The Step-By-Step Blueprint To Launch Your Shopify Store - ASIN B08D6ZJ4R9

This book is about getting your Shopify store up and running!

Drawing on years of experience as an Ecommerce business consultant and Shopify expert, Veronica Jeans, provides a step-by-step blueprint that shows you how to set up your store correctly so it runs efficiently and successfully without having to rely on outside developers. 

Giving you a step-by-step blueprint, you learn:
– How to visually brand your store
– How to add products
– How to get paid
– How to set up shipping
…and much more!

There’s never been a better time to start an online business…

Maybe you are thinking…  
… I am not technical enough.
… I have not had an online business before. 
… I have no idea where to start.

Let’s see…
…. if you’re reading this, then you’re on a computer or a phone… that’s technical enough because I’ll show you where to click and what to do
…. Most people haven’t had an online business before, now is your time
…. Every good business has to start somewhere, doesn’t it? Why not start here and start today??
Who should buy this book?
– If you don’t have a functioning online store, but you want one.
– If you have an online store but it’s not where you want it to be and you aren’t generating sales.
– If you’re ready to get away from Amazon and Etsy to have your own store.

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A Penny Pincher’s Guide to College: Transforming your Money Mindset, What Grads Wish They Knew From the Start

The ever rising cost of tuition has made the option of graduating college without massive debt seem all but impossible. That is only true if you let it! The false information about numerous aspects of college life have led millions of Americans astray in their pursuit of a degree and a better life. Cover to cover, this book walks you through actionable steps you need to take to shift your mentality when it comes to money as a college student. From tuition and books to credit cards and Friday nights, you will get the knowledge you wish you had learned in high school. If graduating decades ahead of your peers financially sounds good, then this book is for you!

Bradford and Chase- two expert penny-pinchers and debt free graduates, reveal a simple and attainable guide to pinching your way through college, including:

The truth about student loans
Common pitfalls
How to make your money go further
Textbooks: the book that broke the camel’s back
…And much more! Personal finances in college just became that much easier!

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