Mama, Am I Really A Duck?: Teach Kids Confidence, Kindness and Self-Trust

Does your child understand the value of loving and trusting oneself? Are you keen on building confidence and resilience in your child. Discover the inspiring story of Tulie, the duck with a mighty quack who struggles to understand herself and isn’t sure what to make of the world. “Mama, Am I Really A Duck?” is a heartwarming children’s book that captures the magic of self-discovery and the power of embracing one’s unique gifts. Join Tulie on her captivating journey as she navigates the challenges of feeling different and learns to appreciate her unique talents. With delightful rhymes and vibrant illustrations, this story will engage young readers and spark their imaginations. Build confidence and resilience in your child Watch as Tulie’s quack, initially a source of insecurity, becomes a beacon of courage and strength. When her turtle friend is in danger, Tulie’s mighty quack saves the day, showing her the true value of her unique talent. Children will be inspired by Tulie’s transformation and the loving support of her Mama. Perfect for bedtime reading or classroom story-time, “Mama, Am I Really A Duck?” is a must-have addition to any child’s library. Encourage your little ones to celebrate their individuality and build resilience and self-confidence with this delightful and empowering tale. Get your copy today and let Tulie’s story resonate with young hearts everywhere!

Meet Sarah Summers

Dr. Sarah Summers is an author, physician, mindfulness teacher, and therapist based in Ontario, Canada. With a passion for storytelling and a profound understanding of the human mind, she weaves enchanting tales that inspire young readers and adults alike. Dr. Summer’s multifaceted career is driven by her dedication to helping individuals achieve their highest potential and live fulfilling, rewarding lives. Through her books, she introduces mindfulness and emotional well-being in a way that is accessible and engaging for readers, empowering them with the tools to navigate life’s challenges with grace and resilience. When she’s not writing, Dr. Summers enjoys teaching mindfulness, guiding her patients toward holistic health, and spending time with her family, drawing inspiration from the world around her.

You Can’t Keep a Dinosaur in the Basement

My sister has a dinosaur that she keeps in the basement, but you can’t keep a dinosaur in the basement! Find out why you can’t keep a dinosaur in the basement- or can you? A fun rhyming children’s picture book. Perfect reading for boys and girls, aimed at children aged 3-8 years.

Meet R. K. Nixon

I always have stories floating around in my head, when my oldest was born I finally decided to write one of those stories down. Now I have 4 books published and more to come! As a Speech and Language Therapist, I know the importance of stories for developing children’s language skills. It’s exciting to be able to combine my two passions together.

My Mama Says Inside Me Lives A Village

Inside Me Lives A Village is a new book by Nadine Levitt that empowers children to identify, acknowledge and direct the many feelings that live inside them. Feelings are a part of life, whether you feel happy, angry, sad, or shy, but they can feel even bigger and overwhelming to children. With beautiful illustrations by Miriam Mitzi Rosas each feeling is brought to life as a character that can be welcomed and, when desired, asked to leave. This is a must-have book for children, parents, and teachers to talk to kids about the proper way to think, deal and express their many feelings.

4 Tongue Twisters for Tykes: Food & Animal Humor for Kids (Tongue Twisters for Kids Book 1)

TRY to read these funny fables out loud! Includes popular GROW: How We Get Food from Our Garden, The Dancing Flamingos of Lake Chimichanga, She Doesn’t Want the Worms – Ella no quiere los gusanos (Spanish-English pronunciation guide), and Ma MacDonald Flees the Farm (for kids ages 5 – 8 years, kindergarten – 3rd grade)—each with multicultural characters. Clever stories and word games captivate young children. Explore hidden pictures, characters of diverse races, animal finding, and laughs—plus online EXTRAS like food and gardening tips and story secrets. Don’t miss this entertaining reading challenge by best-selling author and college media instructor Karl Beckstrand (discover his 60 multicultural books) and art by Ash Rowan Sanborn Nuccitelli, David Hollenbach, Alycia Mark, and Zanara. LOOK inside! 115 full-color pages, 1,350 food/farm/animal vocabulary words. Get free ebooks and classroom lesson plans: KidsWorldBooks (Premio Publishing worldwide rights © May 2024), libraries, and major book distributors. 8″x 10″. No AI or CRT. None of our multiracial children’s books discuss gender or orientation. JUV050000, JUV074000, JUV009080, JUV29040, JUV019000, JUV020000, JUV054000, JUV002140, JUV002000, JNF020011, JNF029040; ISBN: 978-1951599287 (eISBN: 979-8215199343)

Meet Karl Beckstrand

College media instructor Karl Beckstrand is the best-selling and award-winning author/illustrator of 30 multicultural/multilingual titles and more than 65 ebooks. He’s lived abroad and interned for a Massachusetts publisher and for Congress in D.C. He earned a B.A. in journalism, an M.A. in international relations and conflict resolution, and a broadcast/film certificate. He’s been a technical recruiter in Silicon Valley, a Stanford Hospital chaplain, a Spanish interpreter for Angel Flight (aviator nonprofit), and a rock band front man. He’s won multiple publishing awards, including a 2016 International Book award for his Y.A. western survival thriller, To Swallow the Earth, and his works have been lauded by Publisher’s Weekly, Kirkus, The Horn Book, and School Library Journal. Raised in Silicon Valley, he has worked with people from all continents (except Antarctica). His work reflects cultural diversity—not only in protagonists, but in collaborators (his illustrators hail from Latin America, Europe, and Asia). Since 2004, he has run Premio Publishing. Beckstrand has presented to Taiwan’s Global Leadership for Youth, city and state governments, festivals, and schools. His Y.A. stories, self-help, ebook mysteries, nonfiction, Spanish/bilingual, career, and STEM books feature ethnically diverse characters—and usually end with a twist. His work has appeared via: Amazon, Apple/iBooks, Baker & Taylor, Barnes & Noble, Costco, Deseret Book, Follett, Ingram, Kobo, Papercrafts Magazine, Everand, Target, The U.S. Congressional Record, Walmart, and KidsWorldBooks.

Dog Joke Book for Kids: 300 Super Pawsome Dog Jokes for Kids

300 dog jokes for kids that are easy to read and full of laughs! Clean, fun, silly jokes that are teacher and parent approved. Hours of fun and entertainment that will tickle funny bones while encouraging kids to think quickly.

Meet Tim Zak

Tim began writing his children’s books to share with his daughter. She is now grown and an integral part of the writing process, providing the names for all those cute baby animals is his fun adventures.

The Best Kids Soccer Book

Get ready to lace up your cleats and join the excitement with “The Best Soccer Kids Book”! Aimed at soccer-loving kids aged 6 to 10, this book is your ticket to the thrilling world of European soccer. Discover what makes teams like Real Madrid, Liverpool, and Bayern Munich not just teams, but legends. With every turn of the page, uncover secrets of famous stadiums, learn about historic victories, and get to know the heroes who make the crowd roar. From Italy’s tactical genius to England’s fast-paced play, this book takes you on a tour of Europe’s soccer heartlands, offering a front-row seat to the action. Packed with vivid illustrations, fun facts, and interactive activities, “The Best Soccer Kids Book” is more than just a book—it’s an adventure that inspires and educates. Whether you’re a budding striker, a future goalkeeper, or just a curious fan, this book will fuel your passion for the game and maybe even inspire you to kick a ball around. Join the legion of young fans discovering their love for the sport. Ready, set, goal!

Meet Noah Walker

Noah Walker is an esteemed author deeply entrenched in the world of soccer, whose passion for the game transcends the boundaries of the field. With years of experience coaching youth soccer and serving as a director of youth soccer programs, Noah has dedicated his life to fostering a love for the game among the younger generation. His profound understanding of soccer tactics and the rich history of the sport is evident in every piece he writes, making his work a treasure trove for enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Noah’s approach to soccer is holistic; he believes in engaging with all levels of the game, from the enthusiastic toddles taking their first kick at a ball, to the seasoned adults strategizing in competitive leagues. This inclusive perspective is a hallmark of his writing, where he skillfully intertwines technical knowledge with compelling narratives of the game’s impact on individuals and communities. Beyond the field, Noah is a prolific writer, whose articles, books, and blogs resonate with a wide audience. His ability to articulate complex tactical concepts in an accessible manner has made him a beloved figure among fans and players alike. Noah’s contributions extend beyond mere entertainment; they serve as educational resources that enlighten readers about the nuances of soccer strategy and the sport’s global significance. In every word he writes, Noah Walker’s fervor for soccer shines through, inspiring readers to explore the depths of the game. His works are not just about soccer; they are an invitation to understand the passion, dedication, and community that define the beautiful game.

Kid Scientist 3: Centrifugal Force & the Time Traveling Marble

In the third installment of the Science Kids series, we meet Finn Montgomery, a budding artist who is absolutely not a scientist. Despite his admiration for his science teacher’s ability to capture his wandering attention like no one else can, Finn struggles to grasp the concept of centrifugal force and its implications. Little does he know that he is about to embark on an extraordinary and exhilarating journey through time and space, which will start showing him exactly what centrifugal force is! As he finds himself at the beginning of an intergalactic adventure filled with mystery, friendship, and discovery, the unraveling of the secrets of some seriously mind-bending forces begins to become a part of his understanding. Readers will be transported into a world where the impossible becomes possible, where science is not just written facts but the very life around him.

Meet Lisa Hoffman

Immerse your child in the enchanting world of Lisa Hoffman, a visionary storyteller with a magical blend of fantasy and science. As an experienced educator, Lisa introduces complex concepts like chromatography in their children’s books, captivating young minds and fostering a love for storytelling and scientific discovery.With an innate ability to infuse wonder into words, Lisa creates stories that entertain and empower children to explore the magic of their creativity. Join Lisa Hoffman on a literary adventure where imagination knows no bounds, and the joy of learning springs from every page. Discover the magic within the stories, letting your child’s imagination soar. Dive into Lisa’s books to watch as your child’s love for reading and curiosity blossoms – an experience lingering long after the final page turns.

Ellie the Chick – Writing Readiness: Improving Pencil Grip for Toddlers

More help for the fans of the Ellie the Chick series – a short activity book to improve the little ones’ pencil grip! Packed with fun activities that are perfect for on-the-go play, this book is a lifesaver for working moms looking to keep their little ones busy.

Meet Avery Smart

Avery Smart, a vibrant author who resides in the heart of the lively family chaos with her three energetic kids. Nestled in the midst of parenting, she channels her passion for nurturing well-mannered children into delightful tales. It is within this dynamic environment that she draws inspiration, transforming her deep-seated passion for fostering well-mannered children into captivating tales. Avery’s writing becomes a heartfelt expression of her commitment to instilling values in the younger generation. Her three lively kids not only serve as a source of inspiration but also as eager test subjects for the lessons embedded in her stories.

Counting with Cute Critters: Counting Books for 1 Year Old

“Counting with Cute Critters” is a delightful introduction to numbers for toddlers. Through the charming antics of adorable animals, children will learn to count from one to five in a fun and engaging way. With its simple text and vibrant illustrations, this book is perfect for early learners. Each page offers a new set of critters to count, making it an interactive and educational experience for young readers! If You Enjoyed Reading This Book Please Leave A Review On Amazon

Meet Alan Barker

I enjoy my family warm and honest friendship, I will provide a favorable solution to the reader, to make them more hope to achieve the goals and needs.