¡Fiesta for Me! (Best To Meet You Series Book 2)

What does honoring yourself, your family, and your culture look like to you? In this book, it is about accepting and celebrating oneself and everything that makes each of us special and unique! Follow along with Zac as he celebrates himself, his family, and their traditions. A great book to teach your child(ren) or classroom about diversity, culture, language, family values, being proud of who you are, and learning to be bold. Grab your copy and one for your favorite teacher or homeschooler!

Meet Valeria Mar

Valeria Mar is a mommy, wife, educator, and children’s author. Writing books about diversity is important to her as a Latinx author, and her goal is to help give all children more representation in books. When she is not writing, Valeria is creating lists of topic ideas, planning play dates, cooking, and gardening. She loves garden-to-table meals, and aspires to cook more with her garden’s bounty!

Bully-Proof Friends – A Children’s Book about Confronting Bullying and Regaining Self-Confidence.

This Inspiring Story encourages us to be Bully-Proof Friends. Ji-hoon and Elsa deal with a tough situation when bullies pick on Ed. He is losing confidence in his abilities due to continuous bullying. Ji-hoon uses wisdom to encourage Ed, whereas Elsa does not hold back as she confronts the bullies. Ji-hoon and Elsa have been neighbors and best friends since kindergarten. Ji-hoon mostly dwells in his own world, being a perfectionist and an introverted genius who is exceptionally loyal; in contrast, Elsa is a bubbly, self-assured go-getter who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. They navigate childhood adversities and adventures together. This Inspiring Story encourages us to be Bully-Proof Friends. The Adventures of Ji-hoon and Elsa teach children in a fun and simple way about life lessons and how to handle their situations. This story will aid in developing your child’s emotional intelligence while instilling a love of reading. At the end of the book, kids are given Inspirational Quotes and Thought-Provoking Questions that make excellent discussion points. This book has beautiful, expressive color illustrations and Profile Speech Icons, making it unique. Get your copy of the Coloring Books. They are Coloring Books with a Difference that Include Encouraging Words and Writing Lines to Write Your Own Story. Download Free Kids Activities at www.archieweatherly.com

Meet Archie Weatherly

Thank you for taking the time to meet me here on this wonderful platform. You can also visit Ji-hoon and Elsa on my website, or should I rather say, “Their website,” and get a copy of Ji-hoon and Elsa’s free activities. www.archieweatherly.com I moved to Illinois with my parents when I was two years old from the United Kingdom. I grew up in Illinois and went on to work as a teacher, lecturer, and parenting life coach. I’m married to a lovely woman and have two wonderful children. I like to cook, fish, play table tennis, and go hiking. My true passion is writing, which I intend to pursue full-time soon. When I was thinking about teaching my own children some life lessons about saying sorry, how to treat others, and diversity, I decided to do it in a fun and straightforward way by incorporating it into a story. Jihoon and Elsa were originally written for my two children. Jihoon and Elsa’s stories positively impacted my kids’ lives, so I decided to share them with every other child to inspire them. Adults will tell you about one or two people who made a significant difference in their lives. My goal is to write books for children that they will remember as adults as ‘books or coloring books that changed their lives.’ Your words have the potential to make a significant difference in the lives of children. When was the last time you encouraged a child or a friend, cheered them up, or let them know they were valued? A few words of encouragement can have a positive impact. May the words in these books inspire children to be their best selves by building their characters in a language they can relate to. I’m sure you’ll appreciate a few unique features in the storybooks and coloring books. Soon you can be expecting more exciting books from Ji-hoon and Elsa. These books are dedicated to every child who deserves to laugh, learn, and be inspired to make a difference. We are going to laugh together. We are going to learn together. We are going to be inspired together. We are going to make a difference together. Your friend Archie www.archieweatherly.com

Seriously Silly!

Why is Tip Tipper confused? He’s rattled because he doesn’t know the right time to act silly and the right time to act serious. Boys and girls are becoming more and more annoyed with Tip’s behavior. In the Village of Nobble Ook Tip Tipper doesn’t have friends. Will King Obble Nook help Tip figure out the right way to act so he can romp in the grass and high five with his classmates? I sure hope so!

Meet Bonnie Lieberman

I grew up in the Bronx in a neighborhood in which social acceptance was greatly based upon wearing similar clothing, hairstyles, using the same expressions, and walking with the same strut as my popular peers. Hence, the idea for this story. I live in the Mid-Hudson Valley with my child therapist husband and our two dogs. We relish spending time with our adult children and grandgirls. My husband and I have a common interest: “Must Love Dogs and Children”. I treasure reconnecting with friends from my childhood and adolescence.

Surrounded by Love: An Open Adoption Story (Open Adoption Stories Book 1)

This modern take on the “where did you come from” adoption book celebrates open adoption. Through words and illustrations, the characters express the immense amount of love that everyone involved in the process has for the adoptee. Being both an adoptee and an adoptive parent, Allison Olson has a unique perspective on the topic of adoption. Her goal is to build confidence and self-esteem in young adoptees by changing the adoption narrative from the “lucky” child to the “loved” child. “… a wonderful celebration of uniting two families together through open adoption.” — Sara Silvestri, MD, Adoptive Parent, The Adoption Doc, LLC “… I think it is a great tool for helping a child understand adoption.” — Melanie Leal, Adoption Specialist, LMSW, LCPAA “…this book sends a clear and tender message about the beauty of open adoption.” — Lorri Antosz Benson, Birth Mom, Author of “To Have and Not to Hold”, “Adopting Hope”, and “Amazing Adoptees Who Changed The World”

Meet Allison Olson

Being both an adoptee and an adoptive parent, Allison Olson has a unique perspective on the topic of adoption. Her goal is to build confidence and self-esteem in young adoptees by changing the adoption narrative from the “lucky” child to the “loved” child. Allison lives in Oregon with her husband, two daughters, and their cat named Howie Meowie.

The Book of Spooky Jokes, Poems, and Bedtime Stories

Is your little ghoul or goblin looking for good clean fun? The Book of Spooky is here to help! Inside you’ll find a mix of hysterical jokes, thought provoking riddles, twisted tongue twisters, poetry in different forms, and calming bedtime stories. No major frights, just a spooky good time! Great for all reading levels ages 6-12. Here’s a full list of what’s inside: Jokes and riddles that get your child thinking Limericks that will make your child crack up Tongue twisters that are great for speech practice Poems in different meters And a series of short bedtime stories that build into two wonderful storylines! Why buy a joke book, or a poetry book, or a bedtime story book, when you can have them all in one? Just in time for the spooky season, purchase today!

Meet Bessie Baker

Bessie Baker loves writing children’s stories, even though it’s hard for her to write with paws. But she still writes every single day, and will be updating her author page often with new books. You should follow her so you get all the updates. There will be lots of bedtime stories, poems, tongue twisters, jokes, riddles, and other funny stuff!

Goodnight, My Home

“Goodnight, plants,” says Steven, after checking to be sure they have been watered. This young boy lives in a happy home with his family and several pets. He loves his home so much that he develops an adorable goodnight ritual to keep it safe and sound. Check it out; you might want to try it too!

Meet Felicia Richards

Felicia Richards is a children’s author who has loved to write since her youth. However, Felicia was motivated to write her book because she couldn’t find a suitable book for her child. Everything she read, she wanted to change and bring to the ideal. Then it was decided to make her book and put everything she wanted to tell her child about through a children’s story. The book impressed not only her son but also the children of Felicia’s friends. Therefore, Richards decided to do it professionally and began publishing her books to a broad audience.

The Pizza Christmas Tree: A Children’s Holiday Story

Christmas magic and pizza for everyone! Have you ever wondered what would happen if you planted your favorite food? Imagine a crackling fire, a wreath hung on the door, and Christmas decorations galore. Two children, Nina and Miguel, are enjoying some yummy pizza with their parents. Later, while their parents sleep, the siblings plant two slices of leftover pizza in the backyard. What do you think will happen? A wonder occurs, as a pizza tree begins to grow. The magical tree glows, glimmers, and shines in a variety of colors. The more excited the siblings get, the larger the tree grows! But what will they do when the pizza tree grows too big to hide from their parents? And what will their parents do? Get mad – or will they all come up with the best idea ever? Join them to find out, learn about the joys of magic, sharing, and community, and grab a slice of your favorite pizza!

Meet Veronica Pellegrini

Author: Veronica Rodriguez Pellegrini is a published author, musician, and composer. She holds a master’s degree in music and is currently working on a Ph.D. in history. Pellegrini resides in San Juan, Puerto Rico, with her husband, daughter, and son. Her children came up with the original idea for The Pizza Christmas Tree story after a day of gardening when they suggested ordering a pizza. The two then started joking about what would happen if they planted it. Illustrator: Rhododendron Art grew up in India, surrounded by mountains. The valleys would turn red every spring because of the Rhododendrons, and hence the artist created her artist name. Rhododendron Art specializes in illustrating children’s books. Her wish is to contribute to the magic and wonder of children’s stories through her art.

My Tiny Pet Elephant

Looking for a fun and playful book for a child in your life? If you could choose any animal to be your very own tiny pet, what would you choose? What fun things would you do for the day? Get ready for an adventure! In this magical story your child will discover what it would be like to have their very own tiny pet elephant. This story encourages children to use their imaginations by pondering the possibilities of “what if.” Children of all ages will enjoy the vivid and fun illustrations. This book shows that even the tiniest of dreams can become the biggest adventures! BONUS: This book includes 10 fun elephant facts, a S.T.E.M activity, a gross motor activity, a fine motor activity, a visual motor activity and parent-teacher prompts. Perfect for toddlers through second grade.

Meet Jessica Dailey

Jess Dailey lives in central Florida with her husband and their three children. You will find the Dailey family playing together on the beach or hitting the trails with their mountain bikes. Fun facts about Jess is she loves coffee, food, photography, hiking, waterfalls, and the beach. In addition to being an author, Jess is the host of a mental health podcast called Diamond Mind Radio where she helps people overcome trauma-related experiences through shared life experiences. Jessica is also a licensed Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant who formally practiced within the pediatric population, although she no longer practices she incorporates her experience in her current work.

Spencer the Spark: Not All Wildfires Are Bad! (Book 4 of the Nature Speaks Series)

What is a wildfire?

How does it start and how does it grow?

Why is it beneficial?

Join Spencer the Spark on his great journey to become a mighty wildfire. Spencer grows into a wildfire when he reaches the pine forest, but it is not all bad! Although Spencer causes great destruction, he also helps create new growth for Polly the Pinecone, the entire pine forest, and the land around it.

Meet Rana Boulos

Multi-lingual educator and author, Rana Boulos, has dedicated a lifetime towards educating people of all ages and all backgrounds. With her degrees in Education and Modern Languages from the esteemed McGill University in Montréal, Canada, she pursued several educational roles such as teaching English as a second language, teaching the fifth grade at an international school in the United Arab Emirates, opening and acting as the Managing Director for Blooming Buds Nursery, before pursuing her current role as a children’s book author. Her first publication, “Pearl the Raindrop: The Great Water Cycle Journey” was released in July 2021 detailing the natural process of the water cycle through the perspective of a personified raindrop named Pearl. As the first book in her Nature Speaks Series, “Pearl the Raindrop” received astounding reviews and 5-star ratings from parents and educators across the globe. The fourth, and latest, book in the Nature Speaks Series “Spencer the Spark: Not All Wildfires Are Bad!” describes how forest wildfires prompt growth and new life in an ecosystem.

A Reason to Shine

Lucy has a problem when she discovers that she is just a little star in the night sky, among thousand of other stars. Follow Lucy on her adventure to discover if she can find her purpose and if there is a reason for everyone to shine. “A Reason to Shine” is a adventure story aimed to help children understand that it takes only small actions to leave an positive impact on the world. The book teaches children how to stop comparing themselves with others and accept themselves as they are.

Meet Thea Eliss