The Forgotten Ornament

Christmas Magic happens at midnight.  

The spirit of the holidays shines bright on all the special ornaments on the tree.

Willie Bear, an imperfect ornament sits in a box, wishing that he too can experience the magic

An Inspirational Christmas classic endorsed by a Hollywood Legend.

“A beautiful Christmas book bringing adorable animals to life.  One broken little ornament 

is sadly neglected, then mended, placed high on the Christmas tree and

loved just as much as the newer ornaments” – Jan and Mickey Rooney

Meet Erik Daniel Shein

As a visionary storyteller and animal activist, Erik Daniel Shein blends his talent for children’s and young adult writing with a passion for CGI animation and animal health and well-being. He has authored and co-written more than 30 novels and feature films, including the animated fantasy adventure tale, The Legend of The Secret Pass (Lions Gate Entertainment, 2019), which first began as a co-written novel by Erik and fellow author, Melissa Davis. In addition to his writing, Erik is the founder and CEO of Shein Partnership LLC; a revered leader in the entertainment and publishing domains; and a producer, voice actor, and trained herpetologist.

It was crowded there and hard to rest,
Just half a closet to help her get dressed.
Her only belongings a plant and a ball,
No, there was no space inside there at all.
It was time for Anna to find a whole new place,
a home much wider with plenty more space.

Are you tired of preaching to your young kids, students, and clients about the importance of handwashing and hygiene? Well, stop preaching and start reaching for the perfect book to “holler for hygiene!”

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Lather up and follow Alex, the young protagonist, as he encounters a gentle monster named Mo, who not only teaches Alex about friendship but also courage! Mo and Alex discover how to hand wash and practice good hygiene. This magical, musical tale will bring lots of giggles, smiles, and life lessons in such an engaging, age appropriate way!

Mummys can be so much fun!

They love their little ones to bits and are always ready to have a good time—whether it’s a learning situation or just being silly.

Mummy’s will help you ride your bike through the neighbourhood or drive you to school, making each journey an adventure.

Bathtime is far more fun with Mum. And bedtimes just aren’t the same without a story and a big hug goodnight from your superhero and best friend: Mummy!