A fart-tastic adventure through the sky – Eddy and Corky are learning to fly!

Eddy the Pug loves napping, eating marshmallows, and exploring with his friend Corky the Corgi. But all those things cause a most unfortunate side-effect for Eddy: if he’s excited, frightened or even extra happy, out comes a fart, fast and snappy!

Poor Corky suggests they go in search of fresh air, but when the friends encounter some hang gliders on the hillside, Eddy and Corky embark on a trip that takes them a little further from home than they’d planned.

At first, things look like they’re going to take a turn for the dangerous, but then Eddy’s farts save the day in spectacular fashion!

A hilarious rhyming picture book that will have kids (and adults!) giggling at Eddy’s windy adventures. With delightful illustrations on every page, this fart-filled tale is sure to become a beloved family re-read.

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Entertain Your Kids with Hundreds of ‘Would You Rather’ Questions without Inventing Them Yourself

What if you plan a long road trip with your kids and need something to keep them entertained along the way? Imagine having a family game night, where everybody laughs out loud and has a good time. That is what you can make happen from this book of ‘would you rather’ questions. Everybody will laugh like crazy while trying to explain their choices.

It is so crucial for parents to spend quality time with their kids. According to several research studies, children develop positive behaviors and better self-esteem when they have memorable experiences with their parents and family members. It also strengthens the bond of the family unit.

As a result, your children will be a good friend to other people and perform better in their academic studies.

Here is what is included in this book:

Our fun activity book is great to liven up any dull occasion or situation, such as a long road trip or a family game night.

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Spooky. Informative. Fun!
Learn the facts and origins of famous Halloween Monsters. Each creature is formed with the objects that best represent them. Mummies, Vampires, Witches—discover several of the scariest and most iconic monsters that have been featured in the media, used as decorations and worn as costumes for decades. This collection is sure to be an enjoyable and informative experience for both kids and parents.

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Some children are born with the need to help others around them.

In this story, our young boy wakes-up each day with sincere motivation to want to be of assistance, so much so that he considers it a very important position in life – as though it were his mission. In the delightful rhyming tale with colourful and inspiring illustrations, he sets out to be of service to each and every being that comes his way, including the worms! After all, being helpful gives his purpose and keeps him inspired to do the same each day.

Written for kids aged three to eight, the story makes a great early-reader’s book as well as a warm bedtime story to be read to them by a parent or caretaker.

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Introduce Your Kids to an Ancient African Warrior Queen!

Idia of the Benin Kingdom introduces young readers to the story of Queen Idia of the ancient Kingdom of Benin, who played an essential role during the reign of her son, Esigie, who ruled Benin from 1504-1550. This story tells of a young Idia who pursued her dreams, believed in herself, and became the first Queen Mother of Benin.

The story starts with a dream young Idia has where she sees a woman in battle. The woman in her dream also appears to be using herbs and potions to heal the wounded.

Something about the dream convinces Idia that she is destined to do more for her beloved kingdom. She does whatever it takes to become what her dream had shown her. It wasn’t easy because, at the time, young girls were not groomed to be warriors. But Idia was determined to challenge the status quo. 

Idia is an excellent role model. As history tells us, she grew up to be a fierce dancing warrior queen. After the death of Idia’s husband, the Oba, the kingdom was divided. Idia’s political counsel helped her son end a civil war. He, in turn, bestowed upon her the title “Iyoba” meaning Queen Mother.

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Do you need a memorable gift for a child?

Give your child the gift of learning!

Bella the Cat and Her Friends provides hours of fun learning activities for children.

They’ll find plenty of opportunities to color and strengthen their logic and critical thinking skills while having fun.

Parents and grandparents will love watching their children learn and grow with simple, age-appropriate activities that spark their child’s imagination; encourages them to think critically; teaches them about animals, friendship, family values, proper behavior, and helping others; and keeps themselves safe from harm.

Enjoy a fun-filled time to instill core values and important lessons with this book and watch as your children thrive and grow while having fun!

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Every Little Living Thing - ASIN B08GVCMGXY

Take a journey through nature to see how we are all connected. Colorful, inspirational children’s book for ages baby-7. Grades PK-2.

“Every Little Living Thing” provides a great way to help children understand our world and how we are all connected. Teaching children that they are a part of a whole can build self esteem in social settings, allowing them to feel confident in expressing individuality. Children can develop an appreciation for animals and our planet.

* Large Easy To Read Font
* Appreciation For Our Planet
* Connect With Your Child During Story Time 
* Journey Through This Inspiring Story
* Colorful Illustrated Children’s Book

Add imagination and play to your child’s storybook collection. Encouraging early development of social skills. Explore the wonders of nature, animals, and our planet.

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Meet Imani OseiAcheampong

Follow the journey of Barney the dog as he learns how to control his anger and discover how to teach your kids to manage their emotions effectively!

Barney was a marvellous dog. He was friendly, funny and sometimes a bit mischievous, in a good way. He was a swell fellow and was generally fun to be around. But he had one terrible flaw that threatened to wipe away all his good qualities.

Barney had extreme anger issues.

When he didn’t have his way, whether through a fault of his or others, he was prone to smashing things, upending furniture and generally being unpleasant. But deep inside him, Barney knew his anger was damaging his relationships and tried to find ways to deal with it, without success.

He seemed destined to be stuck with his bad habits forever until one day after another of his anger bouts had run its course. He was still sulking when he met Leo the wise cat who gave him two powerful magic tools to help Barney deal with his anger problems.

These magic tools were so effective that they worked immediately afterwards when anger was about to overcome Barney again. He was elated that he’d finally discovered the magic tools to help him control his anger.

Are you ready to discover the powerful magic tools Barney used to overcome his anger? If your answer is yes, then what are you waiting for?

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The Sunflower (The Sunflower Series Book 1)

Have you ever wondered what would a sunflower do when the sun is hiding? Its whole identity is created after the sun after all! Find out what is going on in the mind of one sunflower when the skies turn dark. This is an exciting, endearing story told by a sunflower of dealing with the ebbs and flow of its life and how it finds its way back of finding hope and courage in the midst of the night.

This is a great book to help facilitate conversations with your kids and students of how they’re dealing with their emotions especially during the pandemic as the world around them change so much. The story portrays how one sunflower is using his courage and intuition as strength and allowing himself to be his authentic self at the end.

For every Sunflower book you purchase, a seed is planted on your behalf to symbolize hope and courage to look up in partnership with a local farm.

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The Case of the Soggy Vandal (The Alex Mysteries Book 1)

A new sleuthing team is in town!

Alex and Lexi are best friends and known around school as “The Alexes” – but more importantly, they are sleuthing partners.

When they discover that a vandal has destroyed some property at Lexi’s house, the dynamic duo spring into action to solve the mystery. Their keen observation skills are put to the test as they try to locate the soggy vandal, following clues until they are sure they’ve found the culprit!

Join The Alexes in this first book in a new youth mystery series that is sure to inspire you to find your own sleuthing partner!

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