The Fearless Girl and The Little Guy with Greatness – Live Life Motivated

WHAT YOU WILL FIND INSIDE OF THIS BOOK 44+ pages in a workbook format to improve interaction with kids around you. This is meant to be an interactive back and forth with parent or guardian and child… The caregiver asks the question, and then the child answers the question, then the caregiver explains the answer, the caregiver then asks the child to give an example. On each scenario page there is room for the child to write an answer out to bring these conversations to life and save memories to review days or years later.

Meet Mort Greenberg

Jonathan’s Trip to the Other Side

Jonathan’s Trip to the Other Side’ is a comic fantasy for children & young adults, relating the events of a camping break which turned into an outlandish adventure for Jonathan Trenchcoat, Jethro the blacksmith, and Transport the camel. It all starts as a result of a little inter-dimensional flux; when a hole appears in the trouser pocket of the universe. It’s not so much a black hole, just one which could do with a spot of emergency darning. But like a missing manhole cover on the sidewalk of life… you just know that someone is going to fall through it. So Jonathan and Jethro arrive in a land where Mother Nature is on holiday, Grandma Chaos is in charge, time has a tendency to travel in curves, and the laws of physics only apply on weekdays after 7pm. Jonathan and Jethro are given a task to perform in order to earn passage back to their own dimension. It’s not an impossible task, they just have to find a crystal ball, and apparently it came through the wormhole just before they did. The only problem is that someone has already claimed it. By now it could have been melted down to make a nice pair of ornamental vases. It’s a race against time, and time doesn’t like to lose.

Meet Don Gates

Case of the Plucked Chicken (Magical Pumpkin Book 2)

“Bestselling Children’s Book features fantastic illustrations by artist Gary Wein. This book teaches Courage and Responsibility while being the funniest chicken story you’ll ever read. Once upon a time plucked chickens start appearing in every kitchen. Where do these rogue chickens come from and how did they get a peculiar attitude? No one will know until the sheriff cracks the case. A hilarious lesson on courage and responsibility about a sheriff who must man-up before everyone catches chick-a-lunacy or rooster-run-a-phobia. Check out the Pumpkin’s Gone with the Wind. Its one of the most beautiful lessons about life ever. Read more about this book”

Meet Rodney Evans

Rodney is a retired Coast Guard officer. Always a strong advocate for children, after a fantastic career of life-saving, law enforcement and homeland security, he has a lot of stories to tell. Rodney’s humorous artistic voice is a sneaky way to teach. It draws you in, gets you laughing and leaves everyone wanting more. Originally from Gulfport, MS, he currently resides in Winchester, VA with his wonderful wife, children and the oldest member of the family, a beagle-mix named ‘Buddy’.

The Secret Map of the Fairy Kingdom

Introducing “The Secret Map of the Fairy Kingdom: A Chapter Book with Exciting Adventures for Kids” – a delightful tale of adventure, friendship, and self-discovery! Jack’s discovery of an old map in his attic leads him on a journey to the magical Fairy Kingdom, where he sets out to claim the throne and fulfill his dreams. Along the way, he meets Rose and Iris, and together they embark on a quest to find a magical flower to save the Fairy Queen’s people from danger. But their journey is not an easy one, as they face many challenges and obstacles in the Enchanted Forest, battling fierce beasts and cunning goblins. Through their bravery and perseverance, they learn important life lessons about love, courage, and wisdom. This heartwarming tale is perfect for readers of all ages who love a good adventure and a happy ending. Join Jack, Rose, and Iris on their magical journey and discover the secrets of the Fairy Kingdom. Will they be able to save the Fairy Queen’s people and claim the throne? Find out in “The Secret Map of the Fairy Kingdom: A Chapter Book with Exciting Adventures for Kids.” Embark on a magical journey today! Order now with just one click for captivating adventures in print or ebook formats.

Meet Yevhen Kalenichenko

Once upon a time, Jack discovered an old map leading to the Fairy Kingdom. With his friends Rose and Iris, they faced challenges, battled creatures, and discovered the kingdom’s secrets. Together, they saved the Fairy Queen’s people and learned the power of making a difference.


Moraline is a gentle, empowering novel in which young advocates find their work enhanced by moments of magic.”— Foreword Clarion Reviews Twelve-year-old Moraline Reed is about to run away from her problems—again. Since moving from New York to California, Moraline has been pushing against a hot, dry wind whenever trouble happens. When she ends up on the wrong end of a cruel prank, she leaves the school camping trip, running, as always. This turns into the chance of a lifetime as Moraline meets a Lakota holy man who tells her she is the girl who runs against the wind, destined to put the winds back into balance by combatting injustice wherever she finds it. A breath of magic leads her to new friendship and a mysterious stray fox who support her as she advocates for building peace both close to home and throughout her community. Together, they face some of the biggest issues of their time head-on.

Meet Cintia Alfonso Fior

Author, Cintia Alfonso Fior is an educator, clinical psychologist, and the founder of Rising Advocates, an advocacy and educational platform dedicated to promoting children’s rights and environmental justice through storytelling and education. Fior has a MA in Peace and Justice Studies from the Kroc Institute of Peace Studies at the University of San Diego and serves as the current chair of the American Family Therapy Academy’s (AFTA) Family Policy and Human Rights committee.

A Big Fat Tom Lost His Cheese Underwear (Kids’ Funny Book for 3 to 12 yrs)

Tom is a big fat boy who has chubby cheeks and a very huge butt. He really likes to eat and do as he pleases and harms others with his big butt, but one day he receives a very special Birthday gift from his Mama. What is this gift? Let’s Find out more by reading this book.

Meet Debris Ron

Hi I, Debris Ron a writer, who loves to write children’s books, especially humor type of books which entertained the fantasy world of children providing them happiness and smiles on their faces every time.

Jackson the Space Dog Issue #1 of an ongoing adventure series.

Jackson the Space Dog is a quirky, and ridiculous mix of talking animals, strange worlds and ridiculous circumstances that would best be described as, “What?!” Jackson the Space Dog is heavily inspired by comedy movies of the 80’s like Airplane, The Naked Gun, or Young Frankenstein. Jackson the Space Dog is a talking dog who travels the cosmos in his spaceship shaped like an electric guitar. He travels to different worlds and sometimes battles vacuu-bots (evil vacuum cleaners) sent from his arch nemesis, Appendix. Jackson is accompanied on his adventures by his ship mates who include: Kevin, a dolphin from the planet Kevin who only says, “Hey” or “The Building!” Matt, a yellow bunny that Jackson always mistakenly refers to as Skippy. And Nichelle, a penguin named after the great Nichelle Nichols. Jackson also jams with The Barking Spiders who hail from the eighth dimension and comprise his back up band. He has recorded a full album of 18 songs including titles like, “Guess What? Chicken Butt,” “The Earth is Round,” and “How Many Times Do You Fart in a Year?” Some of these songs can be heard on Jacksons Youtube channel “Jackson Animation.” Jackson also has a line of action figures for the character Admiral Potato available at any grocery store.

Meet Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin is brand new to creating graphic novels. He has been creating 3D animation for two Youtube channels “Mr. Griffin’s Math World” and “Jackson Animation” for several years now. Both channels feature Jackson the Space Dog, a talking dog who lives on a spaceship shaped like an electric guitar. Currently Peter Griffin teaches 8th grade math and records rock music that is performed by Jackson the Space Dog.

NURSES NEED LOVE TOO!!!: Humor for Nurses; Jokes, Cartoons, Tips, Trivia, and more fun than changing an old man’s catheter!

It’s time to laugh!

This is the perfect humor book for anyone who is a nurse, has been a nurse, or is thinking of becoming a nurse. It is filled with enough fun and laughter to make any nurse break out with a giant grin.
This book is filled with:

  • Jokes
  • Cartoons
  • Comic Strips
  • Antidotes
  • Trivia
  • Funny Stories
  • Nursing Tips
  • And more fun than you can an IV stand at!

It is a great bathroom reader, gag gift, or stocking stuffer for anyone in the medical profession.

Meet Steve Lee

Steve Lee loves having fun. His motto is “funny first.” Steve’s number One goal in bringing you this book is to add a little laughter to your life. His full-time career is as a movie & TV producer. He has produced nearly 40 TV shows & feature films. He has also written screenplays for 3 of those movies.

Sharing: Princess and Unicorn Stories: Sharing Book Teaching Children How to Be Polite, Caring, and Kind

(Rhyming book suitable for Toddlers, Preschoolers, Ages 1-6)

Follow us on the path of kindness and caring in Princess and Unicorn Stories!

Learning good social behaviors is vital to a child’s development, and sharing is one of the first social skills every child must learn. That might mean sharing a toy with a playmate, a snack with a parent, or even a room with a sibling. These are early opportunities to teach your little ones the power of sharing.

Join Princess Penelope and her unicorn Aurora in Sharing: Princess and Unicorn Stories. When Penelope’s friends Owen and Bella come to visit, she has something magical to show them. But even though these best friends love and respect each other, mishaps do happen. As always, they solve their problems by remembering to be polite, kind, and caring as their day of play turns into a day of learning.

The father-daughter duo of J.S. and Penny B. Jen writes in a whimsical fashion educating while entertaining your children. 

“Penelope shows her friends what is hidden:
A MAGICAL WAND, decorated with a kitten.
The wand makes animal shapes of all different types.
Animals made from stone, wood, ice and even bright lights.”

Penny B. Jen’s Personal Mantra: “Be respectful. Solves problems. Make good choices.”

Download your copy today! A review is greatly appreciated.

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

If you enjoyed Sharing: Princess and Unicorn Stories then please check out the next part of the series. Coming in Spring 2020.

Please visit for additional information. 

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Wendell and Wanda Explore the animals of Noitanigami: Draw It Yourself. Illustrated by you.

Wendell and Wanda Explore the animals of Noitanigami - ASIN B087W2T9CK

Wendell and Wanda Explore the animals of Noitanigami

Written by Christopher Davy

Illustrated by YOU!

PLEASE BE AWARE: This is the eBOOK version.

Only by using certain devices can you download the eBook and print it off.

If you buy the eBook you can still enjoy the story.

Just create your artwork on something else and then copy the story on to it.

There is a PAPERBACK version available.

Wendell and Wanda
Like to sit and ponder
Just like you and me

They live in a place
There’s lots to do and see

Now with a rhyme
And a pinch of idea
Can you add all the pictures
Make the story appear?

Wendell and Wanda is a special kind of book. It is a D.I.Y. book – Draw It Yourself!

Anyone, of any age, can enjoy creating the artwork to go with the story inside!

When you are done, if you want to, take a photo and share what you have created with the world using:




To follow Wendell and Wanda and to stay up to date with future releases please visit:

Instagram @wendellandwanda
Twitter @wendellandwanda
Facebook /wendellandwanda
Pinterest /wendellandwanda

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