In a vast and intertwined simulated universe, a holographic matrix transcends the simple binary of life and death, unfolding a future deeply entangled within the intricate webs of digital innovation, artificial intelligence, and quantum evolution. This scenario goes beyond the mere initiation and cessation of existence, engaging instead with a continual interplay of sophisticated holographic data streams that originate from the Source Core—a reservoir of limitless possibility residing at the very crux of human consciousness. These holographic projections are not mere illusions, but rather tangible manifestations of individual essences, exquisitely crafted and interacting seamlessly with both human consciousness and the fabric of the multiverse. Within the boundaries of “HOLO SONIC,” the fates of humanity are intricately linked with the progression of digital and artificial intelligence, fundamentally redefining the essence of what it means to be alive. Initially celebrated as a dawning age of digital democratization, this new digital paradigm quickly devolves into an arena dominated by economic powerhouses and enigmatic elites. These groups exploit virtual currencies, not for the stabilization of society, but as instruments of subjugation, Furthermore, they exploit women and children for their nefarious cult Devil worshipping and hybrid breeding agenda. Despite early promises of enhanced equality, the emergent technologies catalyze an era dominated by an extreme form of capitalism, where the powerful mine deep into the bedrock of privacy, extracting data and progressively stripping away freedoms under the deceptive guise of autonomy. Amidst this vast, manipulated multiverse, the very dynamics of reality are controlled by those who command the digital infrastructures, crafting an existence where artificial intelligence blends indistinguishably with human life. This convergence threatens the collective identity of humankind, placing human consciousness at risk of manipulation, hijacking, or complete erasure for darkly manipulative purposes. Society, now closely monitored and guided by pervasive digital networks, finds its essence of personal identity and liberty increasingly diminished by these invisible governing forces. From the depths of this oppressive existence, a formidable resistance emerges, led by a courageous woman, flanked by her ex-military allies and supported by a decentralized international movement. Together, they launch a revolutionary campaign of bravery and valor to thwart the deployment of an advanced, weaponized technology designed to enslave human consciousness. Their struggle challenges the digital overlords, drawing upon the primal energies that resonate within every human being, aiming to shatter the digital shackles binding the spirit of society. “HOLO SONIC” is not just a story; it is a clarion call for a resurgence of freedom, and a collective awakening to reclaim our intertwined destinies. Dive into this narrative of resistance, where the transient and eternal concepts merge, where the lines between the digital and the bodily realms blur, and where a global community rises to redefine the forces that mold their existence. Witness the Phoenix, the emblematic of renewal and rebellion, prepared to eliminate the shadows of oppression and illuminate the road to a new, equitable future. Prepare to be captivated and moved as “HOLO SONIC” invites you to partake in a profound journey of conviction, self-discovery, and a revolution that traverses not only the digital landscapes but the very core of our existence. This is your call to arms, an invitation to move beyond the illusions, reach a new level of consciousness so you can break free, and spearhead a renaissance of genuine freedom and equality within this intricately connected cosmos.

Meet Ellie Nelhams

Ellie is an emergent voice in the realm of speculative fiction, blending an academic background in Policing, Intelligence & Counter Terrorism with her hands-on experience as a cyber security consultant in Australia. With her extensive travel around the globe, Ellie brings a distinct insight and broadened perspective to her storytelling. Her debut novel, the first installment in a planned trilogy, is a unique fusion of dystopian and cyberpunk themes with elements of science fiction, women’s empowerment, spirituality, history, and visions of the future. Ellie’s career and travels have not only provided rich material for her creative pursuits but have also shaped her into a fervent advocate for freedom and equity. Her writing is fired by her passion and her visionary outlook, urging the reader to explore complex worlds and challenging ideas. This bold narrative is just the beginning of what promises to be a compelling journey through the vivid landscapes she creates, all inspired by her own life experiences and the diverse cultures she has encountered. As a debut author, she writes with conviction, inviting readers to dive into a story that challenges the conventional and enlightens the spirit.

The Long Night

When darkness falls, can you find your way home?

In an instant, everything changed. “The Long Night” takes you on a heart-stopping journey of survival, as a massive cyber-attack triggers a nationwide blackout. This cyber-attack survival thriller is a must-read for fans of “One Second After” by William R. Forstchen, “Lights Out” by David Crawford, and “Station Eleven” by Emily St. John Mandel.

After a cyber-attack, followed by an electromagnetic pulse (EMP), the Winter family from Harbour Island, Florida, faces an unprecedented struggle for survival. Former military officer John Winter and his son, Jack, find themselves 100 miles from home when technology disappears. Their dangerous journey back is filled with dangers in a world that has suddenly turned primitive overnight.

Meanwhile, back at home, John’s wife, Emily, an esteemed electrical engineering specialist, along with their daughter, Sarah, face the daunting task of surviving in a world now shrouded in darkness and chaos. Their courage and intelligence are their only weapons against the advancing chaos.

“The Long Night” intertwines the Winter family’s intimate fight for survival with the broader challenges faced by a nation under cyber siege. This captivating story, set in a post-EMP America, challenges readers to confront their reliance on technology, making it a remarkable addition to the dystopian fiction genre.

Immerse yourself in this narrative, a blend of cyber thriller and post-apocalyptic survival, where the resilience of community, faith, and scientific expertise shines in the darkest of times.

“The Long Night” is a testament to human resilience in the face of a technological apocalypse.

  • Excerpt from “The Long Night”:

Suddenly a deafening series of explosions reverberated around the arena. John and Jack instinctively ducked, their hearts racing. As they dared to glance up, they witnessed electrical transformers detonating, sending showers of sparks and flames into the night sky. Power lines, once a symbol of modern reliability, were now ablaze, their flames flickering like malevolent serpents.

A massive LED panel at the front of the Amway Arena, which usually displayed highlight reels of the Magic’s star players, horrifyingly burst into flames. The inferno cast an eerie, otherworldly orange glow over the entrance below.

On the streets, every car came to a sudden and mysterious stop. Smoke billowed from beneath the hoods of some vehicles, while others were jolted by the sudden deployment of airbags, leaving their occupants shocked and disoriented.

Without hesitation, John seized Jack’s arm, yanking him away from a live wire that had fallen perilously close. “We need to get out of here!” John’s voice cut through the chaos, his eyes darting, searching for a sanctuary amidst the bedlam.

They moved away from the crowds still pouring out of the Amway Arena. They found a spot up ahead, a brief respite from the vehicular and electrical chaos.

Taking a moment to assess the situation, John was struck by the profound darkness that had enveloped them. It was an oppressive, almost palpable void, swallowing every sound and sight. Not a single light was on – no streetlights, billboards, emergency lights, or even headlights.

The streets, once teeming with life, now resembled a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Cars lay abandoned, their drivers standing nearby, their faces etched with disbelief and confusion. A cacophony of voices rose as people grappled with the inexplicable blackout. (…)

Meet Alex Bueno

Trained as an engineer and driven by a passion for storytelling, Alex is a lifelong learner, with a background in tech product development. Yet, it’s not just the wonders of the digital age that fascinate him. His novels revolve around thrillers and adventures, consistently exploring the influence of technology on society. At the same time, he weaves in Christian values emphasizing family, community, and the resilience of the human spirit.

Inspired by renowned authors like Stephen King, James Patterson, Tom Clancy, and Michael Crichton, Alex’s stories captivate while also provoking deep thought.

Alex cherishes life alongside his wife and their 18-year-old son. Their journey is anchored by unwavering faith and a profound bond.

A Complete Guide for Small & Big Businesses to embrace the Digital Ecosystem

Ebooks play a pivotal role in the digital marketing strategies of both small and large businesses. This time webOdoctor INC has ventured into a new segment to offer in-depth insights and solutions to target audiences, enhancing brand recognition and customer trust. For smaller enterprises, Ebooks serve as powerful tools to establish expertise, generate leads, and build credibility on a budget. In contrast, larger businesses use Ebooks to nurture existing leads and maintain their industry leadership. These comprehensive resources can fix the complex topics, showcasing their authority and thought leadership. Regardless of the business size, our Ebooks are well-crafted, visually appealing, and strategically carved to maximize their impact in the dynamic world of digital marketing. Many more to fill in our bucket list… so lets start from the first one !

Meet Lory Pattanaik

A very rare combination of an Engineer, Human Resource Strategist, Entrepreneur, Writer & Journalist. In previous incarnation (Yr2009), she joined Power Sector as an Instrumentation Engineer and flipped the stereotypical concept of which had almost made everyone believe that Girls in Power Plant can only be given documentation work. Right from green field project to erection and commissioning of the Plant she served 8 years with dedication and commitment.

Everything You Want To Know About Bitcoin (But Are Afraid To Ask): Questions and Answers About Bitcoin

“Everything You Want To Know About Bitcoin (But Are Afraid To Ask). Questions and Answers About Bitcoin” rises above the fray to address over 100 of the most probing questions about Bitcoin, offering both digestible and in-depth responses that cater to beginners and advanced enthusiasts. Your quest for answers ends here, within the groundbreaking chapters of this book: What is the process of ‘Halvening’ and why is it significant? Could the elusive Satoshi Nakamoto be more than one person? What role could Bitcoin play in your investment portfolio? How does it intersect with global economics and regulations? What challenges could impede its future? Let “Everything You Want To Know About Bitcoin (But Are Afraid To Ask). Questions and Answers About Bitcoin” be your launchpad into the future of finance.

Meet BBCD Satoshi

BBCD Satoshi is the author of Bitcoin books. His original blog was called Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Digital Assets (hence BBCD). So BBCD was added to Satoshi as a homage to Satoshi Nakamoto for creating Bitcoin and writing the Bitcoin White Paper.

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey into the realm of artificial intelligence? Dive into the captivating pages of this book and unlock the secrets of AI’s rise, impact, and limitless potential. From its humble beginnings to its groundbreaking achievements, this book takes you on a thrilling exploration of the past, present, and future of AI. Discover how AI is revolutionizing industries, transforming work and society, and shaping the very fabric of our existence. But this isn’t just another technical book. It’s a captivating narrative that combines deep insights with real-life examples and interactive exercises. Delve into the ethical considerations of AI decision-making, learn how to navigate its challenges, and harness its power for the greater good. With this book as your guide, you’ll gain the knowledge and tools to thrive in an AI-driven world. Unleash the potential of AI and embrace the opportunities it offers for innovation, productivity, and personal growth.

Meet Aditya Jha

Your Data is F**Ked – For Marketers: Growth Marketing, Strategy and Personalisation Handbook for Digital Marketers

Your data is F**ked. Here is why and how to fix it. Your data, reports, insights, and dashboards are totally F**ked. At least, it feels that way. You are not alone. Many other marketers are in your boat. Good data = better marketing. We all get that, but by knowing our customers, we can offer more personalised communication and have better conversations. We can understand what is working in our campaigns and what isn’t. With automation, communication can be scaled, highly effective, and highly profitable. With AI, it can be turbocharged, and with the right models, we can confidently predict the future. Customers want and expect you to know them, but they also don’t want to be stalked, spammed, chased, cajoled, and generally bothered without permission or reward for their attention. The frameworks, exercises, and strategies in this book are designed for you to go back to time and time again; the concepts are easy enough to follow for anyone new to this increasingly critical and once specialist-only area. This is a book for the frustrated, dazed, and confused containing everything you need to know as a marketer or decision-maker to hold your own and understand why your data is F**ked and how to fix it. This is a book for digital marketers of all creeds, but if a family member or friend has casually and repeatedly assumed that you ‘do SEO’ – and you don’t – this is probably the book for you. The issue of F**ked data is persistent because it is a symptom of a much deeper set of challenges. Let’s start by understanding the problem. Go get a coffee and pull up a chair.

Meet Mark McKenzie

Mark McKenzie, starting his career in media in London, has amassed over a decade of experience in the field of digital marketing and analytics. Throughout his journey, he has collaborated with SMEs, corporates, and enterprises, establishing highly specialised consultancy and agency departments that prioritise digital analytics. Serving clients across New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the USA, Mark has encountered and tackled challenging questions from struggling marketers in diverse industries, spanning web analytics tools, platforms, connections, and databases. It is this wealth of real-life experience that forms the foundation of this book.

The Only ChatGPT Book You Will Ever Need: Making Money Online has Become so EASY

How to become a ChatGPT expert in 1 week so you can make money online even if you are not tech-savvy.

This comprehensive and engaging guide demystifies the world of ChatGPT, an advanced AI language model, and reveals how you can leverage its capabilities to establish and grow your online presence. Packed with insider tips, real-life success stories, and step-by-step instructions, this book is designed to empower beginners and experienced users alike to unlock the full potential of ChatGPT in their online ventures.

Inside this groundbreaking book, you’ll discover:

• A thorough introduction to ChatGPT and its practical applications in the online world.
• The best sites, add-ins, and external apps you can use with ChatGPT.
• Proven strategies for integrating ChatGPT into your existing online businesses or starting new, profitable ventures from scratch.
• Insightful case studies that showcase the power of ChatGPT in various industries, including content creation, social media management, affiliate marketing, and customer service.
• In-depth tutorials on using ChatGPT to create high-quality, engaging, and optimized content to drive traffic and increase conversions.
• Expert advice on how to do prompt engineering on your own and never be dependent on external resources anymore.
• And so much more!


• 250+ Prompts to Go Even Further in Your GPT Utilization
• A Cheat Sheet with all the Useful AI Websites I Use
• How to Bypass AI Detection
• A Tutorial on the AutoGPT Installation
• And so Much More!

“The Only ChatGPT Book You Will Ever Need” is a must-have resource for anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve in the competitive world of making money online. With this book as your guide, you’ll be well-equipped to harness the incredible capabilities of ChatGPT and watch your online income soar! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your approach to online entrepreneurship.

Grab your copy today and start making money online the EASY way!

Meet Mike Adams

Michael Adams is a multi-talented professional known for his expertise in finance, technology, and writing. He is based in Manhattan and has established himself as a go-to expert for anyone looking to improve their financial knowledge or explore new opportunities at the intersection of finance and technology. His book on ChatGPT is a must-have resource for anyone wanting to become proficient with AI, make money with ChatGPT, or learn how to incorporate innovative technologies into their work.

Although his background lies in engineering and finance, Michael’s interests extend beyond these fields. He loves exploring the vibrant culture of New York, indulging in gourmet cuisine, cycling around town, and spending quality time with his family. However, it’s his passion for technology that sets him apart. Michael firmly believes that the future belongs to those who can harness the power of technology and use it to create innovative solutions that benefit society as a whole.
His book on AI is an essential resource because it provides valuable guidance on how people can leverage AI to improve their lives and make money in innovative ways. Whether you run your own business or work for someone else, there are plenty of ways that you can leverage chatbots like ChatGPT to reduce your workload or automate routine tasks. For example, you could use ChatGPT as a personal assistant to help schedule appointments or draft emails quickly.
Nonetheless, this is just scratching the surface of what’s possible with ChatGPT. By diving deeper into Michael’s book, readers can discover new strategies that enable them to tap into the full potential of these technologies for both personal and professional use cases.
One key area where Michael’s book shines is its focus on highlighting case studies from real-world experiences implementing AI. By reading about these examples from other industries across many verticals you will harness durable knowledge.
This book is a must-have resource for entrepreneurs looking to stay ahead of the curve in their business ventures or young professionals and students who want to pursue careers in the tech industry. It provides a comprehensive overview of AI concepts and techniques while providing practical tips on how to implement them in real-world scenarios. This is not limited to those with a financial background either – AI technologies, specifically chatbots like ChatGPT can be highly useful across all industries.
Furthermore, Michael’s book isn’t just geared towards individuals looking to tap into the full potential of AI – it’s also useful to companies themselves. For example, the book explains how companies can leverage chatbots like ChatGPT for customer service purposes, reducing response times and enhancing user experience through instant solutions. Improving this experience leads to loyal customers who will likely return as customers over time.  

How Things Work: The Computers

“How Does it Work: The Computers” is a reader-friendly guide that simplifies the world of computers and technology for beginners. Covering topics from computer components and internet security to artificial intelligence and blockchain, this book offers real-world examples and practical applications, empowering readers to better understand and navigate the digital landscape.

Meet Nil Reid

Nil Reid, a tech enthusiast and educator, has dedicated years to helping individuals unravel the mysteries of technology. With a passion for making complex concepts accessible, Reid combines their expertise in computer science and knack for engaging communication to empower readers. In “How Does it Work: The Computers,” Reid offers a comprehensive and relatable guide for anyone seeking to navigate the ever-evolving digital world with confidence.

Affiliate Marketing Handbook: Build a Successful Online Business and Achieve Financial Freedom

The Affiliate Marketing Handbook is the perfect guide for anyone looking to start a profitable online business through affiliate marketing. This book provides an easy-to-follow, step-by-step approach to building a successful affiliate marketing strategy that generates consistent passive income. You’ll learn everything from what affiliate marketing is to how to pick a target market, create content, and pick the right products to promote. Plus, with the bonus chapter on utilizing artificial intelligence in affiliate marketing, you’ll have the tools to take your results to the next level. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced marketer, The Affiliate Marketing Handbook has the information you need to succeed. Don’t wait any longer, start your journey to financial freedom today!

Meet Will Strong

I’m Will Strong, a non-fiction author and expert in making money online. With over a decade of experience in internet marketing, I’ve helped countless individuals start and grow their own online businesses. After graduating from college, I began working in traditional brick-and-mortar companies. However, I quickly became interested in the potential of online businesses, and began to study and experiment with different online marketing strategies. In 2023, I published my first book on making money online, which focuses on growing a successful affiliate marketing business. Since publishing my first book, I have started work on several more books on the topic, sharing my expertise and knowledge with readers around the world. My approach to making money online is grounded in practicality and realism. I understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach, and I work closely with readers to help them develop their own unique strategies and approaches. Whether you’re just starting out in the world of online business, or you’re a seasoned entrepreneur looking to take your business to the next level, my books offer practical, actionable advice and guidance to help you succeed.

Narrow Podcasting: Make Profitable Connections and Grow your Business, Without Paid Ads, Sponsors, or Thousands of Listeners

Throughout the pandemic period, podcasts exploded in popularity. So you’re right to think about creating one yourself.

But most of these shows are either pure entertainment or vanity projects. Narrow Podcasting shows you how to run a podcast that actually grows your business. By focusing on not the quantity of listeners, but the quality of the relationships you build.

There’s a lot of nonsense on the internet. But one of the most pervasive myths around podcasts is that you need paid ads, sponsorship, or hundreds of listeners to make them successful. Not only is that not true, but most people’s idea of success is actually just fame. If you’re anything like me, maybe you’d prefer to grow a wildly profitable business without having to “put yourself out there.” In this book, I’ll show you how you can get “in there” with the right people and leave them wanting more.


Meet Toby Goodman

Toby Goodman is a Pro musician (drummer/percussionist) turned podcast marketing coach. As a drummer, he has been hired by some of the most famous musicians and record labels in the world to perform and record music over his 20+ year career as a “gun-for-hire” musician. He traveled the world playing for a Rolling Stone, A Bee Gee, A Spice Girl, and more TV Talent show winners (and losers) then the press can remember.

Today, Toby is a partner at a US-based full-service podcast production company, Podcast Network Solutions (no, the founder did not realize the amusement and pleasure the acronym would bring). He has a global client base that works privately with TED speakers, CEOs, and even one astronaut. Toby brings incredible value to his clients by harnessing the power of podcasting to grow their businesses, influence, and authority. He finds delight in helping experts and business owners create not only pleasurable but also profitable podcasts. Toby is proud to be a certified Book Yourself Solid® Coach, and is the owner of a UK-based 1:1 consulting and coaching business, Listen Better Marketing.

Most importantly, Toby is the father to two boys.