Technology Consultant Fast Track: How to Get Your Dream Job in IT Consulting

Jumpstart your IT job search and land your dream job while your peers are still “freshening up” their resumes! As a fresh graduate looking for your first job, if you just do what almost everybody else is doing…you will land a hellhole job with lousy pay, long hours, nasty coworkers, and exclusively clients from hell (because you thought it was your only option to go forward in your career). If you are serious and can apply simple instructions, this book can help you become a high-paid IT consultant in your dream job by the end of the month!

Meet Eetu Niemi, PhD

Eetu Niemi works as an IT consultant in Helsinki, Finland. He is a partner at a boutique enterprise architecture consultancy, Coala. He has worked five years at Accenture and two years in an industry-collaboration research project at the university, which later led to his PhD. With over 14 years of consulting experience and over 16 000 billable hours, he has helped his clients reach better informed decisions and make realistic development plans—without resorting to over-optimism and guesswork.

Multidimensional Success

I am currently living the LIFE OF MY DREAMS and this book is the extract of what I applied on myself to make a life which I would never trade for anything in this world.

Meet Hina Siddiqui

Hina Siddiqui, an Indian woman with wings, is the author of Five Non Fiction Books, including Road To Riches Of Life, Design A Career you Love & Secrets of the 6 Figure Employee with Zero Stress. If there’s one thing she can change in the world, it would be how people do their jobs. No surprise, she keeps on learning, creating and refining the career strategies that people can instantly use for gorgeous and quick results. She is on the mission of supporting 100,000 Corporate Professionals to rise above monotony and mediocrity, and be the Corporate Superstars in their industry. Hina teaches and writes about creating a career vision, and personal mastery to achieve that. She is a lover of yoga, guitars, trees, wind and the food that her mom cooks. When she’s not working on her passion projects, Hina spends her time reading, taking solo trips, chitchatting with strangers, and cooking for her favourite kids – her niece and nephew.

Successful Technology Consulting: How to Become a Top Dollar IT Consultant

So, you got that IT consulting job you always dreamed of. Now what? Sure, you can do it the hard way and spend years learning the ropes—while your colleagues get the best projects, earn the promotions, and only have to worry about selecting the perfect color for their Porsches. Or, you can read this book and get a head start. You will learn what it really means to be a successful consultant: the skills, the practices, and the mindset. And you will also be able to be one without giving your whole life away to work. Or are you a consultant with one or two (or even 20) years of experience under your belt—but seem to be getting nowhere in your career? Maybe you are the one who does all the work and gets none of the credit. Or perhaps you have ended up being the smartass who everyone hates. With this book, you will learn how to astonish your clients and earn the respect of your colleagues. If you want to kickstart your career, get this book right now! It contains critical lessons for any consultant (or anyone working as an expert, for that matter), so you do not even have to work in IT.

Meet Eetu Niemi, PhD

Eetu Niemi works as an IT consultant in Helsinki, Finland. He is a partner at a boutique enterprise architecture consultancy, Coala. In addition, he has worked five years at Accenture and two years in an industry-collaboration research project at the university, which later led to his PhD. With over 14 years of consulting experience and over 16 000 billable hours, he has helped his clients reach better-informed decisions and make realistic development plans—without resorting to over-optimism and guesswork. He holds an MSc in economics and a PhD for his work on enterprise architecture.

React for Beginners: An easy-to-follow guide on how to build a real web project in 5 days (using React, Redux, Markdown, Firebase and Netlify)

The book is aimed at beginners who are willing to learn React from scratch. It starts by showing how to add React to an HTML page. After that, creating a real React application will be introduced with all the concepts related to React. In this book, you’ll learn – Writing a React application (main content) – Using Redux for easily scalable state management – Using Firebase to authenticate users and store data in a NoSQL database – Working with Markdown files – Optimizing your React app – Finally, building and deploying site’s code on Netlify.

Meet Neo D. Truman

Neo D. Truman got a Master of Science in Information Technology degree in 2011. He has more than fifteen years of experience in software development especially full-stack web development.


In the 21st century, it has become imperative that learners at all levels of education are armed with the technological skills needed for the next stage of their life. The majority of teachers believe that technology will kick them out of their jobs. No, teachers will always be drivers of knowledge and innovation but a driver of knowledge that does not know the road will drive the learners on a wrong path. The top-rated teachers are creative and innovative, loving, caring and they have empathy towards their learners. They are masters of subject matter, they facilitate learners’ growth in the three domains of learning, cognitive, psychomotor, and affective domains through technology and other skills aforementioned. Today, there are many facets to classroom technology as concerned lesson delivery, text, video, games, simulations, and appropriate hardware and software to bring everything together. Different Learning Management systems bring part or all of this together which allows for great collaboration between the school, teachers, learners, parents, and the global education community. These platforms are either paid, free, or in-App purchases. It is not only the teachers that are creative, but the learners also do too and there must be a shift in the role of the teachers from content deliverer to the role of learning facilitator who guides the learners in the use of technology to create their learning. Classroom technology is not about the technology device(s) you have in your classroom, it is about making the most out of what is available.

Meet Kunle Oyedokun

Kunle Oyedokun is a certified physics teacher, a young education technology coach, a science enthusiast, and most of all, a learner. He has worked as a physics teacher, instructional designer, and education technology coach in Nigeria. He currently enjoys leading professional learning workshops to help teachers create engaging experiences for students in Nigeria. He is the founder of Mtishtech International Ltd. A firm that seeks to integrate technology into the teaching-learning process. He believes that students should have access to current technology to be creative in ways that weren’t possible when he was a student

Omni Reign

Omni Reign is an adventurous science-fiction novel set in a future where Omni, an all-encompassing artificial superintelligence, governs humanity. To generate fair democratic votes, Omni lets its people constantly observe each other and reads out everyone’s emotions. When Mark’s robotic surgeon botches up a cosmetic body modification, his peers blame him for killing his client. Voted out of society, he is to be suspended in an eternal virtual dream so he won’t ever hurt anyone again. But what if he ignored appropriate medical protocols and hacked together a procedure to revive his client and save his own skin? — In Omni Reign, neither artificial superintelligence nor meta-verse-like experiences or robots destroy. They all work more or less as advertised, which might seem like a utopian future for some. But on an individual level, problems certainly still exist, and human extinction is by no means off the table. — Go down as a nobody or go through with an invention that elevates or destroys humanity? Cyberpunk in the age of AI government, quantum computing, blockchain, metaverse, social credit, and transhumanist medicine

Meet Aeon Mosbach

I grew up in rural Switzerland, where the air tingles from nearby CERN. Surrounded by bandes dessinées, mangas, and books about the Apollo space mission, I dabbled in programming video games and web pages when modems were noisy. Later, I set out to study computer sciences but ended up graduating with a master’s degree in design research. Since, I’ve worked as an innovation researcher and startup consultant in Europe and Asia.

Narrow Podcasting: Make Profitable Connections and Grow your Business, Without Paid Ads, Sponsors, or Thousands of Listeners

Throughout the pandemic period, podcasts exploded in popularity. So you’re right to think about creating one yourself.

But most of these shows are either pure entertainment or vanity projects. Narrow Podcasting shows you how to run a podcast that actually grows your business. By focusing on not the quantity of listeners, but the quality of the relationships you build.

There’s a lot of nonsense on the internet. But one of the most pervasive myths around podcasts is that you need paid ads, sponsorship, or hundreds of listeners to make them successful. Not only is that not true, but most people’s idea of success is actually just fame. If you’re anything like me, maybe you’d prefer to grow a wildly profitable business without having to “put yourself out there.” In this book, I’ll show you how you can get “in there” with the right people and leave them wanting more.

Meet Toby Goodman

Toby Goodman is a Pro musician (drummer/percussionist) turned podcast marketing coach. As a drummer, he has been hired by some of the most famous musicians and record labels in the world to perform and record music over his 20+ year career as a “gun-for-hire” musician. He traveled the world playing for a Rolling Stone, A Bee Gee, A Spice Girl, and more TV Talent show winners (and losers) then the press can remember.

Today, Toby is a partner at a US-based full-service podcast production company, Podcast Network Solutions (no, the founder did not realize the amusement and pleasure the acronym would bring). He has a global client base that works privately with TED speakers, CEOs, and even one astronaut. Toby brings incredible value to his clients by harnessing the power of podcasting to grow their businesses, influence, and authority. He finds delight in helping experts and business owners create not only pleasurable but also profitable podcasts. Toby is proud to be a certified Book Yourself Solid® Coach, and is the owner of a UK-based 1:1 consulting and coaching business, Listen Better Marketing.

Most importantly, Toby is the father to two boys.

HEXA: Pick 3 Lottery System

From the clever mind of John Savant arrives another Pick 3 lottery breakthrough. Presenting HEXA. A fully automated system that eliminates all the guesswork and time consuming lottery workouts. Players can now sit back and relax and allow the game to be fun again. Forget about being glued to your arm chair performing mind numbing exercises that leave you exhausted and frustrated. That old way of playing is officially now a thing of the past. John Savant has taken charge and propelled a system that obliterates anything else on the Pick 3 lottery scene. Don’t sit back and allow this premier system to run away from you. The time is now to take action. This brand new winning system has perfectly timed itself for the spring and summer months ahead. Time to collect those prizes. HEXA: Pick 3 Lottery System. Make it yours today.

Meet John Savant

John Savant, is a leading authority on the pick 3 lotteries. He has been an active player since 2011. He’s mingled with the best and developed some of the finest systems of his own. He has taught thousands of players worldwide on how to win using his innovative number systems. He’s relentless when it comes to analyzing lottery numbers and his brilliant observations have made him an original system creator. Just when you thought you had seen it all; he always surprises with new cutting edge algorithms. With his instructional books, winning the pick 3 game just got easier.

Wyoming Bones and the Potion of Everlife

The world of Minecraft is full of ancient tombs needing exploration, and Wyoming Bones is just the human-turned-skeleton adventurer for the job! It’s a race against time as this archaeologist and treasure hunter tries with his friends to out-think and out-run the villainous Dr. E. Ville as both search for the ancient Tower of the Witch and an artifact with great power. Wyoming and his friends are on a quest to locate the elusive Potion of Everlife before the ruthless Dr. E. Ville gets his hands on it. Legend has it that the potion can restore life or stop a person from dying. But Wyoming and company must hurry if they’re to find the artifact and save the city of Cubero. The plot offers plenty of interesting settings, levers, secret passageways, arrows, trap doors and the like to engage elementary-aged readers. It includes old temples made into Adventure Zones. Beasty ravagers, numerous puzzles, riddles, and traps. Be sure to bring your imagination and prepare for a fast-paced fantasy ride filled with adventure. Follow Wyoming and his friends as they face challenges, craft solutions, and fight their way through mobs to retrieve the artifact and save the city of Cubero! Written for an elementary reading level, this story captures the imagination of children and parents alike! A perfect balance of silly Minecraft exploration and daring adventure and stunts, this series is bound to become your new shared obsession. DISCLAIMER: THIS BOOK IS A WORK OF FANFICTION; IT IS NOT AN OFFICIAL MINECRAFT BOOK. IT IS NOT ENDORSED, AUTHORIZED, LICENSED, SPONSORED, OR SUPPORTED BY MOJANG AB, MICROSOFT CORP. OR ANY OTHER ENTITY OWNING OR CONTROLLING RIGHTS TO THE MINECRAFT NAME, TRADEMARKS OR COPYRIGHTS.MINECRAFT ®/TM & © 2009-2020 MOJANG / MICROSOFT

Meet Elden Walseck

Elden Walseck has been having adventures in the world of Minecraft for over a decade now. He, along with his wife and kids, enjoy exploring and creating in this land of blocks. When he isn’t crafting stories, crafting blocks, or spending time with his family, Elden works as a rocket scientist at a rocket factory.

Why You Can’t Catch a Rocket to Mars: Some Personal Reflections on Science and Society, by Lyndon N. Smith

Have you ever wondered why you can’t catch a rocket to Mars? Or Jupiter, or Pluto, or the nearest star? The latter is an exciting prospect, since it is orbited by an ‘exo’ (earth-like) planet that might support life. This richly illustrated book will explain why getting there is not as crazy an idea as you might think. It will also help you understand what has been holding back science and technology for many years, or decades, and what we can do about it; as well as providing a fascinating glimpse into a wide range of fantastic future possibilities. Artificial intelligence, or AI, which is presented as a key means for us to achieve these goals, is discussed in depth. The author, Lyndon N. Smith, is a professor in AI at a major UK university, with a background in physics and engineering, and over 25 years of research experience (on both sides of the Atlantic). After publishing 180 scientific papers and a number of academic books, he explains in this unique, provocative, and accessible book, not only what amazing tasks can be achieved by modern AI techniques such as ‘convolutional neural networks’ – but also how they actually work! This is followed by an enlightening survey of potential and definite threats that we all face (with possible responses), that include Brexit, contact with extra-terrestrials (ET), near Earth objects (NEOs) colliding with the Earth, viruses, and global warming. There is then a discussion of fascinating technological developments that we may expect to see in the near, and far, future. Here topics addressed include: transport, robotics (from Robby the Robot through to Data), elimination of the need for instrumentalities, prospects for abundant power, manufacture of any objects we desire, as well as the likelihood of a number of miscellaneous miracles that include: invisibility, truly useful nanotechnology, and space elevators. The author goes on to discuss the effects we may expect such advanced technologies to have on our lives, including the prospects for eternal life and attainment of velocities in excess of that of light for interstellar travel; with all the astonishing implications the latter would have for overcoming the previously mentioned threats, as well as facilitating human exploration and possible colonisation of the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond. As though this wasn’t enough, a range of predictions are then given of the amazing technological developments expected in the far future. The author encourages us to ‘reach for the stars’ and concludes that we have it in our power to realise a new Golden Age for humanity – providing we can find the wisdom to avoid destroying ourselves in a nuclear Armageddon and instead focus our efforts on the powerful potential of future research and development. If you have any interest in science and technology, and its effects on society – and more specifically your future life (and who hasn’t?), you will find this book engrossing and enlightening. As well as employing a highly accessible and breezy style, the author makes liberal use of quotations and allusions to well-known figures from popular culture. The result is a very engaging book that you will not be able to put down nor stop thinking about. You will wonder why we don’t hear more about how all the technologies that surround us can and should help improve our quality of life (much more than they currently do), both now and in the future. You will understand why we need to spend more time and effort on looking to the future rather than agonising over the past. And, you will never view Sherlock Holmes or Star Trek in the same way again!

Meet Prof. Lyndon N. Smith

About Prof Lyndon Neal Smith PhD Lyndon N. Smith has a strong interest in science and technology, and a particular fascination with developments in physics and engineering that can have potentially revolutionary effects on the way we live. He feels that scientific and technological developments of recent decades have been less dramatic than was expected, say, seventy years ago and that an investigation into why this is the case and what we can do about it is well overdue. His background includes degrees in physics, robotics and engineering, as well as 26 years of research experience in the UK (and USA), which has resulted in 180 technical papers, two books and the supervision of 20 PhDs. As well as being a professor at a major UK university, he is also something of a bibliophile; but has had a long-standing concern about the lack of accessibility of many science and technology related publications, in terms of the associated difficulties with public engagement with science, as well as reducing the likelihood of science having a strong and beneficial impact on society. He believes that one way to increase the accessibility of science is to employ an informal style, and to make liberal use of quotations and allusions to well-known figures from popular culture. This is what he has aimed to do with his new book. His intention is to make you wonder why we don’t hear more about how modern technologies can revolutionise our lives. He believes we need to spend more time and effort on looking to the future rather than agonising over the past. And he uses discussion of people and events from the past, as well as various predictions of the possible future, to throw light on the situation for science and technology, and what developments we might expect going forward. Lyndon lives in Central Somerset, with his wife and son.