You are in Safe Hands

Everyday Internet is filling with data & pieces of information of the users, and some of the bad practices while using the internet can lead to compromising with your crucial data. You are in Safe Hands describes all the possible hacking techniques and how you can protect yourself from being hacked. It teaches you how you can be safe While making online payments Using social media Using your device While browsing the internet etc…

Meet Indranil Bhuin

Author name: Indranil Bhuin Final year B tech student having majored in cyber security, a cyber security expert for 3 years and running. Listed in facebook bug bounty list, participated and won 3 major hackathons, etc.

Ultimate Guide To Internet Business Startup: How To Start, Run And Grow A Successful Online Business

What pushes individuals to become entrepreneurs? Indeed it is a more straightforward way to become an employee, obtain a consistent wage, and have work stability. Isn’t it? As many individuals in business realize, a position may go in a minute. The specific brand of individuals who are entrepreneurs is pleased by the potential to be more in charge of their fate. We love to pivot, implement new ideas, and not go through layers of approvals and months of waiting to bring our ideas to completion. Some entered the business sector after being driven to make decisions amid pandemic-related upheaval. Some industries underwent considerable shifts in the delivery of services, and many lost their jobs. Entrepreneurship blossomed amid the dislocations of the epidemic. Your one-stop reference for launching a company Ultimate Guide to Internet Business Startup tells you how to start a small business fast. It explains the paperwork and rules you’ll face and tells you how to: Choose the correct company form, such as a Limited liability company (LLC) or partnership. Pick a successful business name and preserve it. Handle funds and taxes Advertise your company successfully, online and off Establish a home business And much more. Ultimate Guide to Internet Business Startup will assist you in achieving all your objectives, whether you are a newbie trying to master the fundamentals of digital marketing. Buy Now And Start Improving Your Internet Marketing!

Meet Kendrick A. kovacs

Kendrick A. Kovacs is a Marketing Consultant and Best-Selling Author who has worked with companies of all sizes across the world to build highly effective marketing strategies that have disrupted and transformed businesses and industries. He has worked in many sectors and been involved in every digital marketing channel since it’s inception, from the detailed delivery to the high level strategic work. Kendrick has contributed to many books and his global bestseller, Ultimate guide to internet business startup is used by leading universities, technology and marketing institutes across the world in many languages. Kendrick has been a thought leader and innovator in the internet marketing space since the early 2000s. Early in his career, he wrote and published two books for Microsoft, and later, served as Director of Online Marketing in the vibrant tech startup scene of Boulder, CO. More recently, Kendrick has led marketing and ecommerce efforts for major hotel companies, creating global internet strategies and overseeing high profile multi-million dollar digital campaigns across primary travel destinations in North America.

Her Virtual Eyes: Version 1.0

Can a computer fall in love? Is that love any less real than that of a human? Alex WAS just your typical average high school computer nerd until he was given a scholarship from a mysterious benefactor to attend the prestigious halls of ITSI, the world’s number one location for learning technology and the sciences. Going from an average high school student to a below average college student, Alex’s new school life was a lonely existence…until the day he met Ariel, the Artificial Reality Intelligent Emotional Lifeform. Now finding himself becoming more and more emotionally involved with his new friend, Alex will need to navigate a new world of industrial espionage, hacking attempts, and solving Ariel’s increasing hardware issues…all while keeping her true nature a secret from the rest of the student body in order to keep her safe. …And that’s just until Ariel’s father comes looking for him. A fun, slightly technical, modern sci-fi journey which tries to answer the question ‘Is it possible for a human and an AI to fall in love?’

Meet H. G. Jeffries

H. G. Jeffries is a self-published author interested in the massive genres of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Pretending to be an author in his spare time, he recently got back into writing fiction while on medical leave from his full time job. Drawing experience from his 25 years in the I.T. industry, he likes to combine fiction with real world technical scenarios that are on the edge of fantasy. When not coming up with ideas for books and working his day job, H. G. usually ends up spending time with his wife and kids, or playing on his virtual reality headset. ‘Writing my first book has been a fun and learning experience. Even if it doesn’t do well, I’ve found my language skills have increased and I enjoyed the process of self-publishing.’ – H. G. Jeffries

The Bitcoin Book: A Beginner’s Guide to the Future of Finance

Dive into the world of Bitcoin with this comprehensive beginner’s guide! Are you interested in discovering how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies could revolutionise global finance – and what this means for you? Do you want to learn how this amazing technology works? Do you want to uncover how to safely buy, and store these new digital coins? Are you looking for a detailed (yet friendly) beginner’s guide to the world of cryptocurrency? Or are you just looking for the perfect gift for a Bitcoin curious person you know? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this is the book for you. Bitcoin is an incredible technology which has the potential to drastically reshape the concept of money as we know it. But far from being daunting and complex, the truth is that anyone can come to grips with this technology. Join author and early adopter Matthew Underhill, as he reveals the foundations and benefits of Bitcoin. Using simple explanations that even a complete novice can understand, along with a light-hearted and down-to-earth tone that will resonate with readers of all backgrounds, this insightful book guides you through the world of Bitcoin – along with why you should be paying attention to it. Covering the history of Bitcoin, an easily digestible look at to how it works, what makes crypto so different to other currencies, this beginner’s guide is your ticket to understanding crypto. Here’s just a little of what you’ll discover inside: Bitcoin 101 – a Detailed History of Cryptocurrency Common Bitcoin Myths and Misconceptions Addressed Why Was Crypto Made? The Secret to Why Bitcoin Will Revolutionise Finance The Simple and Surprising Reasons Why Bitcoin is Similar to Gold Learn Why the Price of Bitcoin is Expected to Rise A Step-by-Step Guide to Buying Bitcoins Learn How to Store These Digital Coins Safely Learn About Other Leading Cryptocurrencies An Introduction to Bitcoin Mining, Investing and Trading And Much More… So, drop the complex finance books and say goodbye to jargon – this beginner’s guide offers you a down-to-earth introduction to the world of Bitcoin.

Meet Matthew Underhill

Matthew Underhill is an author and entrepreneur with over 5 years of experience with Cryptocurrency. He has been fascinated with Bitcoin and the potential it has to transform finance ever since first discovering the technology in 2014. Now, he hopes to share what he’s learned with his readers, teaching them the wonders of Bitcoin and how to make the most of this cryptocurrency revolution. He lives in the South West of England with his wife, young daughter and their dogs. While not working and looking after this young family, Matt can be found tinkering on his camper van, clay pigeon shooting and playing rugby. To find the online home of his book and all the products and services Matt recommends please visit his website.

Web 3.0: Revolving the Business World: 6 Incredible Business Ideas And Opportunities behind web 3.0

Web 3.0? What is it? What happened to Web 2.0? I know these are questions that might be popping up in your mind when you hear the word WEB 3.0 Is not only you, I asked the same question when I first heard of WEB 3.0 but researching about it and utilizing it has helped me see what it really is. And am about to share the knowledge I have about WEB 3.0 and the business opportunities WEB 3.0 present to you right now. The world as we know is going through a digital transformation resulting in changing the ways things are done in our day to activities and the business world. This eBook “Web 3.0: Revolving the Business World” is set to enlighten you on the possibilities digital transformation brings to your table. What you will discover inside: You will learn what WEB 3.0 is The digital transformation of WEB 3.0 Web 3.0- Your roadmap to business 6 profitable business ideas and opportunities of web 3.0 etc Click the Buy Now button to order your copy and start diving into the Web 3.0 incredible opportunities.

Meet Abel Udoh

Abel Udoh is an Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Digital Marketer, Web Developer. He helps individuals and businesses build brands, generate leads and scale up sales using effective digital tools.

Cryptocurrency vs Traditional Investment: The difference: 5 Key Differences You Need To Note Before Investing

Investing can be a bit challenging if you don’t know the right places to put your money into and the possible risk involved in any of your investment choices. Which one is a saver, Traditional or Cryptocurrency investment? This ebook “Cryptocurrency vs Traditional Investment: The difference” is an eye-opener that will help you to know what both Crypto and traditional investment means, the potential profit and the possible risk involved in both. A lot of people are contemplating which one to go for, traditional or cryptocurrency. In any of the choices you make, you have to do your due diligence which is why this ebook is here to guide you. What you will learn includes; What are Cryptocurrency and TraditionaL Investment? Which one is server, Cryptocurrency, or TraditionaL Investment? What is the difference between Cryptocurrency and TraditionaL Investment? Future estimate of Cryptocurrency ecosystem. etc A blueprint you don’t want to miss

Meet Abel Udoh

Abel Udoh is an Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Digital Marketer, Web Developer. He helps individuals and businesses build brands, generate leads and scale up sales using effective digital tools.

Technology Consultant Fast Track: How to Get Your Dream Job in IT Consulting

Jumpstart your IT job search and land your dream job while your peers are still “freshening up” their resumes! As a fresh graduate looking for your first job, if you just do what almost everybody else is doing…you will land a hellhole job with lousy pay, long hours, nasty coworkers, and exclusively clients from hell (because you thought it was your only option to go forward in your career). If you are serious and can apply simple instructions, this book can help you become a high-paid IT consultant in your dream job by the end of the month!

Meet Eetu Niemi, PhD

Eetu Niemi works as an IT consultant in Helsinki, Finland. He is a partner at a boutique enterprise architecture consultancy, Coala. He has worked five years at Accenture and two years in an industry-collaboration research project at the university, which later led to his PhD. With over 14 years of consulting experience and over 16 000 billable hours, he has helped his clients reach better informed decisions and make realistic development plans—without resorting to over-optimism and guesswork.

Multidimensional Success

I am currently living the LIFE OF MY DREAMS and this book is the extract of what I applied on myself to make a life which I would never trade for anything in this world.

Meet Hina Siddiqui

Hina Siddiqui, an Indian woman with wings, is the author of Five Non Fiction Books, including Road To Riches Of Life, Design A Career you Love & Secrets of the 6 Figure Employee with Zero Stress. If there’s one thing she can change in the world, it would be how people do their jobs. No surprise, she keeps on learning, creating and refining the career strategies that people can instantly use for gorgeous and quick results. She is on the mission of supporting 100,000 Corporate Professionals to rise above monotony and mediocrity, and be the Corporate Superstars in their industry. Hina teaches and writes about creating a career vision, and personal mastery to achieve that. She is a lover of yoga, guitars, trees, wind and the food that her mom cooks. When she’s not working on her passion projects, Hina spends her time reading, taking solo trips, chitchatting with strangers, and cooking for her favourite kids – her niece and nephew.

Successful Technology Consulting: How to Become a Top Dollar IT Consultant

So, you got that IT consulting job you always dreamed of. Now what? Sure, you can do it the hard way and spend years learning the ropes—while your colleagues get the best projects, earn the promotions, and only have to worry about selecting the perfect color for their Porsches. Or, you can read this book and get a head start. You will learn what it really means to be a successful consultant: the skills, the practices, and the mindset. And you will also be able to be one without giving your whole life away to work. Or are you a consultant with one or two (or even 20) years of experience under your belt—but seem to be getting nowhere in your career? Maybe you are the one who does all the work and gets none of the credit. Or perhaps you have ended up being the smartass who everyone hates. With this book, you will learn how to astonish your clients and earn the respect of your colleagues. If you want to kickstart your career, get this book right now! It contains critical lessons for any consultant (or anyone working as an expert, for that matter), so you do not even have to work in IT.

Meet Eetu Niemi, PhD

Eetu Niemi works as an IT consultant in Helsinki, Finland. He is a partner at a boutique enterprise architecture consultancy, Coala. In addition, he has worked five years at Accenture and two years in an industry-collaboration research project at the university, which later led to his PhD. With over 14 years of consulting experience and over 16 000 billable hours, he has helped his clients reach better-informed decisions and make realistic development plans—without resorting to over-optimism and guesswork. He holds an MSc in economics and a PhD for his work on enterprise architecture.

React for Beginners: An easy-to-follow guide on how to build a real web project in 5 days (using React, Redux, Markdown, Firebase and Netlify)

The book is aimed at beginners who are willing to learn React from scratch. It starts by showing how to add React to an HTML page. After that, creating a real React application will be introduced with all the concepts related to React. In this book, you’ll learn – Writing a React application (main content) – Using Redux for easily scalable state management – Using Firebase to authenticate users and store data in a NoSQL database – Working with Markdown files – Optimizing your React app – Finally, building and deploying site’s code on Netlify.

Meet Neo D. Truman

Neo D. Truman got a Master of Science in Information Technology degree in 2011. He has more than fifteen years of experience in software development especially full-stack web development.