The demand for AWS certified professionals in the IT industry is increasing day by day. Getting the AWS Solutions Architect certification and having enough knowledge to take up the job can surely place a hefty six-figure paycheck in your hands every month.

This is the latest AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate’s exam preparation book based on the AWS SAA-C02 version.

This book is designed for individuals who already have completed AWS Solutions Architect Associate training and ready to take the exam.

I created this small preparation book to prepare before you take your first AWS SAA level exam. To better prepare you for the exam itself, I created chapters and content in such a way that specifically target the AWS SAA-C02 exam questions and that will help you remember all the key concepts for the exam.

This book consists of the following chapters:

  • Introduction 
  • Storage 
  • Database 
  • Compute 
  • Multi-Tier Applications 
  • Security Practices 
  • VPC Security 
  • NAT 
  • Elasticity & Scalability 
  • Encryption
  • Performance 
  • Network Architectures
  • Other services 
  • AWS Certification Exam Taking Strategy 2020-21

These chapters also include use-case scenarios and architectural diagrams. Plus, I have also shared the Solutions Architect Certification Exam taking strategy at the end of this book for free.

This will give you more confidence before going into the actual test because this book will help you understand the core concepts being questioned during the test. 

So don’t miss the opportunity to become a Certified AWS Solutions Architect. If you learn this new approach to the AWS Solution Architect exam, you will surely be able to crack the AWS SAA-C02 exam.

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