How to Learn Faster and Be More Productive: Improve Your Memory, Focus Your Mind and Achieve Powerful Goals (Bargain Read)

Upgrade Your Mind. Supercharge Your Memory. Streamline Your Learning.

Do you find it hard to focus? Do you struggle to absorb, retain, and recall new information? Do you wish you could learn faster, feel smarter, and be more productive?

In this day and age, we are inundated with so much information it’s easily overwhelming. We should be more intelligent than ever, but instead, we feel lost when we learn anything. It seems nearly impossible to pick up new mental or physical skills, and we end up procrastinating so much that we give up or don’t even try.

But some people are thriving in this age of information overload. These people focus hard, learn fast, and remember what they read and experience. It’s not magic, and they weren’t just born being able to do this. These people possess skills and techniques that you, too, can acquire and practice.

How to Learn Faster and Be More Productive is an easy-to-follow strategy guide to improve your mind, study smarter, and work harder. With practical examples and exercises, from simple to intermediate, you’ll find your mind functioning better before you know it.

In How to Learn Faster and Be More Productive, you’ll discover:

  • Why creating powerful, realistic goals is the greatest key to your success
  • How to build your memory muscle with drills for faster learning, committing to long-term memory, and recalling information
  • The fear of failure—how it can hold you back in all aspects of life, and how to develop a “winner’s mindset”
  • Limiting beliefs and negative self-talk—how they hold you back from your potential 
  • Popular and proven methods of taking notes, from the Cornell Method to mind mapping and bullet journaling
  • How to optimize your learning state, starting with your physical posture
  • Why drawing mental pictures helps you to retain more information and recall it quickly
  • Ways to convince your brain to focus well and for long periods of time
  • Other mental hacks to greatly improve your learning

… and much more!

Whether you want to do better in exams or achieve a new sporting goal, it all starts with believing you can do it. How to Learn Faster and Be More Productive will show you the way from where you are now to where you’d like to be. This concise, handy guide contains all the tips and tricks that successful people use. 

You can do anything you set your mind to, so why not start today? Scroll up and one-click How to Learn Faster and Be More Productive now!

Meet Joseph Milano

Joseph Milano is an author and Success Mentor with two decades of one-to-one and group coaching experience. His welcoming and easy-to-follow approach undoubtedly make him a favorite among the self-improvement community.

Specializing in the field of practical and theoretical skill and study betterment, his simple and unique style has helped thousands of people set and achieve outstanding physical and academic goals, as well as develop the skill sets that they previously believed were out of their reach.

Boot on Neck

KAREN KELLOCK ON SOCIAL PSYCH: BOOT ON NECKTrauma results in collapsed boundaries and morals. Almost unaware It’s a vicious thing for girls. Without a home, personal boundaries or morals she falls into a pit becoming whatever AFFECTS her. But now I understand why I couldn’t’ stand my peers and each generation gets worse for sure. These people are heedless, careless, selfish, callous, a dirty dish mess, gross social princesses. Wicked men hypnotizing weak women in their houses: He has nothing, she gladly gives him all that’s hers. They will do anything they can to you, anything they can get away with. Do not trust one my dearest. For we’re in an entirely new world. See Seattle, San Diego worse than a third world slum. Come Lord.

Meet Karen Kellock

A NEW SOCIAL PSYCH -130 Books by Karen Kellock Ph.D. -Discovery: A new paradigm for the social sciences with a formula for a wide world audience: All disease is obstruction, all recovery is elimination. The new Social Psychology is presented in 60,000 proverbs in 130 books. “After reading Dr. Kellock’s theory you’ll be your own social engineer who can diagnose any psych problem”. Ray Graham Ph.D. Political Psychology (UCI) Postdoctoral: UCI School of Medicine, Dept. of Psychiatry, NIMH/NIAAA Grants to develop a theory of System Pathology. Taught Abnormal Psychology and Pathological Systems Theory at Cal. State Universities. COMMENTS AND REVIEWS A new theory in social psychology: the tyranny of groups vs. the individual and an extremely unusual and unique presentation. Thrilling actually: Collective insanity, the contagion of lunacy. What does it take to be a champion standing out in a sea of sharks? That is the essence of the writings of Karen Kellock. Miguel Tellez, Boca Raton FL Disparate but interesting quips come together later in your mind: little releasors of old anchors from the past or the gutter. Robert Silverstein, Pahoa Hawaii The 130 book set by Karen Kellock Ph.D. is hard science presented in quip format. She is a maestro with words, all about the herds. The writing is subtle, witty, clever and powerful in machine-gun format. Koestler [1962] has noted the blending of art and science marks all rare discoveries. Her use of verse opens up new avenues of thought while forcing the new view. This makes the writing pithier with more depth and amplitude as it congers up higher worlds than the petty mundane greedy one around us. This the author does miraculously–never vacuously. –Mathew Egonsilini, Psychiatrist, Las Vegas Like getting your brain washed out with drano. James E. Ashton We love her sass! The lady has class! These books are fascinating, empowering and relieving. Karen Kellock has a vivid poetic imagination combined with rock-solid psychology producing a masterpiece theory with a simple formula. The clever quips double the impact of these unique principles producing relief from contradiction. At age 66 I had given up on myself but now a new vision explodes up before my happy eyes.–L.B. Minnesota She is set apart so she can write for us, the ones “still stuck in swill”. She sounds like she has a very “subtle” sense of humor–I always hear a trace of a smile in her words. This author was a fighter, a survivor in a “sea of sharks”. This author is so very different: Karen Kellock sounds like the character of her pen in rapid fire advancement of a new theory in the social sciences. Living in total solitude on her vast desert land, Oh my–it’s an archetypal figure. I always visualized heaven as separation into vastness–that’s this book as the author distinguishes between clear and dense. How very nice it would be to know more about her. How enriching. How inspiring. She suffered rejection by society, but no regrets, she’s a superstar created from mud. –Leisha Kahn, Cambridge In reading one of the chapters on the family system I found it a superb description, not to mention highly accurate. She was describing my life story and I felt validation as I read this incredible work–a validation I could never get from a professional (as the book describes). I’m guessing she wrote it based on her own life experiences. I went through this system she so fluently described yet I was simply searching for God. it was hard to let go of it all (the system etc..) but I did it. When you express your “simple yet creative” desires for spirituality and a joyful existence to a group like mine you lose. Well let me say again…fantastic book, I hope it has success so others can gain as I have. Fascinating imagery also–very genius expression. This book is desperately needed by a society such as ours. –Emilia Conroy, Los Angeles This writing sounds rich and inspiring using higher poetic images. The message, of course, is more important than the medium (terse verse and timed rhymes), but the medium enhances the message, and makes the author sound regal and distinctive, which I’m sure she must be, by virtue of doing such a unique work. These 103 books are exotic–works you will never forget–for I know she’s on to something big and beautiful for lost souls across the world. –Ricardo Navarro, Houston ��I am loving your Champion Guides with images–wow! It is surrealistic how your drawings combine with psychology and it makes the whole book come alive. Your new illustrated editions make the original written books rare collectibles. R. Rawley Boston –K, Rawley, Boston��

Rise Up and Take Your Position: Don’t give up. Find your Gift and Cultivate it

This book is to encourage individuals to find their talents and gifts. Once they find their gifts, they must cultivate them and then rise up and fulfil the purpose for which they were created for. Too many people are staying in the same position for too long because they are suffering from inferiority complex, bitterness, and anger. They have great ideas but lack the confidence in themselves so that they can get up and proceed to the next level. Some people have not gotten over their past and are waiting for the perfect time. This book has 12 chapters and hopefully will be a motivational tool for you that will transform your life.

Meet Drexwell Seymour

I am 51 years old and am married with 5 children. I am a certified public accountant and have my own business. However, over the past three years, I discovered my love for writing. I write weekly articles and also have a Youtube channel.

I suffered from inferiority complex for many years from when I was a little boy to a an adult. I felt insignificant and inferior to others. I now know that I am important and that no one is better than me and hence I want to write this book to inspire, influence and educate others.

Why the F Do I Need Life Insurance?

Why the F*&% do I need Life Insurance?

It’s a question many people ask. And it’s a product we really don’t want to think about needing because it only pays out when the unthinkable happens. It is a concept that seems macabre and rather morbid, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Life Insurance wasn’t even on JB’s radar for the first thirty-five years of his life.

So, why Life Insurance? Why now? Why would JB be writing a book about Life insurance? He has written so many other books that are fun, full of imagination and mystery. Why waste his time on writing a book about life insurance?

It makes zero sense.

The answer isn’t complicated: buying life insurance is a selfless act.

JB started a family and realized that if something happened to him there wouldn’t be anyone to take care of his wife and kid. That simple concept of love and concern drives the vast majority of life insurance sales.

Love drives Life insurance sales.

Join JB on a hilarious, touching, and informative look at life insurance, through a lens only the award-winning mind of JB can provide.

Meet JB Michaels

I have spent my life in the study of story from riveting novels to the slam-bang action-packed world of comics to the examination of film history, I have spent a lifetime learning and examining the elements that make a story incredible. This steadfast dedication has led me to writing stories of my own.

I am married and with a son, I have a great love of family. I hope that you enjoy my bestselling books that mash genres from thrillers to science fiction to fantasy!

Spiritual keys for life

Every kingdom has a key they used to operate. In the satanic kingdom, they have their keys. In the animal kingdom, they have their keys. In the metaphysical realm, there is a key, Psychics used to operate. The elemental spirits, the occult, the agents of Satan, the Muslims, the Pagans, the Buddhist, the Shinto’s, the Jews, the Atheist, the Hindus, the humanist, the scientist, the freethinkers, the universalist, the Freemasons and other religious bodies have the keys they used to operate. Each Kingdom uses its keys to exalt their faith.

The Christian must know certain rules and regulations that govern the Kingdom of God because ignorance of these deeper truths and keys allows the wicked to dominate. In this booklet, I have laid down deeper truth and keys every Christian must know to enable him to become resourceful. You can use my booklet as a teaching manual in your church and in various organizations. I have added four powerful chapters to the book to help broaden your spiritual strength in the Lord.

Meet Duodu Henry Appiahkorang

I’m a Christian leader who loves to work with God and serve the church of the living God with all my heart. I love reading life-transforming and self-help books, especially Christian books. I’m an ordained Pastor who is into campus (evangelism) and online ministry. I completed the University of Professional Studies, Accra in the year 2017, where I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and completed several bible schools. By the grace of God, I have been in the ministry of God since 2009. The Word of God is one of my most exceptional spiritual food. I love to teach, preach, prophesy, and help people understand the Word of God, especially those in colleges.

TAKE DECISIONS!: Be Decisive Learn How to Make Tough Decisions Quickly

Are you sometimes unsure about what decisions to take ?
Do you feel overwhelmed or sometimes even feel paralyzed by what choices to make ?
In this short step by step guide you will learn how to strategically prepare and set priorities before you are going to take a tough decision

Having Clear Values
Don’t Let Stress Get You Down
Write Down the Pros and Cons
Weigh Your Options
How to Get Others To Accept Tough Decisions
And More …

Meet Barrett Phoenix

Hello I’m Teacher Dino

Homeschooling can be very stressful, but it’s also rewarding. However, homeschooling is not for
every parent, and parents unprepared or unwilling to make the commitment to be an effective teacher should avoid it.

Parents who decide to school their children at home commit time and energy to an activity that was once left to
specialized professionals. Even in the states with the most permissive home-schooling laws, parents must learn
what is normally taught to children of a given age, find materials and projects that teach specific skills, and learn
how to use their own time and that of their children productively. The vast majority of home-school parents hope
their children will attend college and so must also learn how to assess their children’s progress
against higher education admission standards.

Meet Kids Zone Fun and Play

You are your child’s first teacher, and your child will keep learning from you as she/he gets older.

At Kids Zone Fun and Play we want kids to learn and have fun. to help your children to succeed.

Babies are born ready to learn, and their brains develop through use. So your child needs a
stimulating environment with lots of different ways to play and learn. she/He also needs plenty of chances to practice what he’s learning.

In our new Learning Kids Zone Fun and Play. We have lots of fun and cool activities books for
learning from home and we hope you enjoy exploring them as much as possible.

Think About Homeschooling: What It Is, What It Isn’t, & Why It Works

How can you make a decision about homeschooling if you don’t know what it really is? And how will you reach your full potential as a homeschooling family if nagging doubts keep you second-guessing your every move?

Think About Homeschooling guides prospective and new homeschoolers on a journey of discovering what home education actually is so they can make well-informed educational choices for their family. This book will help you:

  • Discover the three key benefits to home-based education and learn why it works so well for so many different families.
  • Identify and dismantle the homeschooling stereotypesand misconceptions that are holding you back.
  • Evaluate the pros and cons of educating your child(ren) at home.
  • Explore what the role of home educator means for youand envision what the homeschooling lifestyle could look like for your family.
  • Respond confidently to the homeschool critics in your life.
  • Gain the knowledge and courage you need to step out of the cultural current and homeschool successfully.

Don’t let fear stand between your family and this rewarding, life-changing adventure! Empower yourself to make an educated decision; think about homeschooling!


“Sandy uses a wonderful blend of scholarship, statistics, logic, stories, and humor to address many contemporary objections to homeschooling. The transparency, honesty, and vulnerability of her own journey allows others the necessary emotional and intellectual air they need to deeply consider homeschooling, not simply as a viable educational alternative but as a way of doing life together. This book provides both macro and micro insights to prospective homeschoolers as well as serving as a solid treatise for veterans to use.”

—Kirk Smith, Executive Director of Illinois Christian Home Educators (ICHE)

“I think anyone considering homeschooling for their family will walk away from this book with the confidence to step forward and the tools to put it in motion. And those seeking to understand a friend or family member’s homeschool decision will find themselves better informed and able to see it in a new way.”

—Katie, stay-at-home mom of three public-schooled children

“A must read for anyone who wants to homeschool their children. I wish my mom had this resource when I was homeschooled 30 years ago.”

—Lisbeth, homeschool graduate and pricing analyst

“In a systematic and logical way, based on research, Sandy addresses all the fundamental worries I had this year (our first as a homeschooling family). I have new-found confidence in my role as a home educator and my ability to respond to any potential criticism of our choice to home educate our children.”

—Kristen, first year homeschooling mom of three

“LOVE IT!! Love the writing style, love the snippets of humor & pop culture, love that the white elephant in the room, referred to as “weird homeschooled kids,” is addressed. I appreciate that the intention of the book is to open the eyes of parents to other educational options for their children.”

—Sheri, full-time brand and product development manager

“Sandy is honest, transparent, and objective about every aspect of homeschooling, including some I didn’t even know I should be thinking about until I ran into them myself. An excellent overview of what homeschooling is (and isn’t) and why it just might be the best choice for your family.”

—Kathy, part-time book editor and veteran homeschooling mom

Meet Sandy Glenn

Sandy Glenn, MAE, went from “Homeschooling? No way!” to “Homeschooling is awesome!” in just a few short years. She and her husband live and learn with their three children in the Chicago suburbs. Sandy’s writing has been published in the Journal of Architectural Engineering and The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, and she also provides practical help and encouragement to homeschooling parents on her blog,