BREATH MAGIC: How ONE Secret Key Can Unlock YOUR Optimal Health and Wellness in Just 10-Minutes a Day!

This short guide will teach you one simple technique to open the doorway to greater levels of health, energy and well-being. It can be used by virtually anyone, of any age to bring about an enhanced sense of physical and mental integrationand calmness resulting in greater focus, peace of mind, reduced anxiety and heightened creativity. This Guide Will Teach You: A new way of looking at an unlimited resource that most people take for granted and how you can benefit from it A single, simple technique that you can practice for 10 minutes per day to begin to experience life-transforming results for yourself A superior mindset that can help you significantly reduce doctor appointments as well as reduce costs associated with prescription medications How this method can help break addictions, bad habits, anxiety, ADHD, PTSD etc TOPICS & THEMES COVERED INCLUDE: Teaching The Hulk to Breathe… The Hidden Truth Gaining More Health Autonomy & Freedom PLEASE NOTE: This is a Short-Read, under 50-page guide book, designed to help readers access one simple technique that they can get started with right away.

Meet Raj Khedun / Keep Fit Kingdom

Raj is an experienced relationship and life coach with a special interest in peak performance and helping people achieve their maximum potential. He has over 10 years of coaching experience, and 20 years of yoga, stress, time and energy management experience. He also enjoys consulting with clients to achieve their physical training and nutrition goals. His inspiring, energetic, yet result-oriented style is contagious – he has a unique ability to help people find their true life purpose and get them passionate about their own short and long-term goals. Raj also speaks several languages, widening his international appeal.

Women in STEM

With full colour illustrations and simple rhyming verses, this book is for little people everywhere, so they know that they are wonderful people, with the capacity of genius like Marie Curie, with fiery courage like Dr. Muthulakshmi Reddy, with tenacity of purpose like Wang Zhenyi, and the compassionate good will of Mary Seacole.

Meet Ramya Julian

Author, illustrator, and dentist, Ramya Julian finished her first novel at the age of ten and she avers it was very well received though it was read only by her brother. She has all the hobbies of a maiden Victorian aunt – reading, writing, painting, crocheting, knitting and sewing, and the temperament of one. When she’s not guilt-tripping her two daughters into good behaviour, she can be found devouring books, crafting poems and puns, and chuckling at her own witticisms. She grew up in India and now lives with her husband and their two daughters in London. She has experienced so much joy through the enchanting artistry of many authors and creators, that she aspires to share at least some of it through her writing.

Advanced Spanish Short Stories

In order to move out of the beginner zone, you need to stop studying like a beginner and start practicing your comprehension skills by reading more complex content. Whether you are a student, an English speaker learning Spanish, or a native speaker of Spanish interested in improving your language skills, this book (Free for 2 days, then back to 3.99) has the right difficulty to let you polish up your skills and improve your comprehension by learning new vocabulary. This book is written with more complex phrases and words, focusing on daily situations that the main characters develop in the sequence of events that take place in each story.

Meet Acquire a Lot

I believe that a good education shapes not only minds but hearts as well. And that by learning a different language and traditions, at any age, can make students more cultural appreciative and incorporate that respect into their daily and future lives. My biggest joy is to see that self-confidence build up and put into practice when we role-play skits in our class, or when a student tells me that they were able to use what we acquired in class and talked to somebody in Spanish!

On Your Mark, Get Set, INVEST: A Kid’s Guide to Saving Money, Spending Wisely, and Investing in the Stock Market

Slow and steady wins the race―an intro to personal finance and investing for kids ages 8 to 12. Feet thumping and arms swinging, Thrifty Tortoise and Ritzy Rabbit set off on a race to the finish line. At the end awaits a brand-new bike! Follow this competition to see who can earn, save, and invest their way to the ultimate prize. Lots of money decisions will be made along the way—some good and some bad—but you’ll get to learn from them all! Geared for kids ages 8 to 12, On Your Mark, Get Set, INVEST provides seven engaging chapters to simplify the essential concepts of personal finance and money management…many of which are not taught in schools. You will find answers to questions like: Where does money come from, what do I need it for, and where do I store it? Why will I be better off later if I spend less and save more now? How does creating a budget help me reach my money goals? What is the stock market, and how is compounding a kid’s most awesome superpower? With over a dozen interactive worksheets, fun illustrations, and kid-friendly examples, this book will get you closer to the finish line with every turn of the page.

Meet Luke Villermin

Luke Villermin opened a retirement account and started investing in the stock market at fifteen years old. His only regret…he didn’t start earlier. Since then, he has become the best-selling author of the Invest Now Play Later series and has shared his investing knowledge on multiple podcasts and interviews. When he isn’t working his corporate day job or advocating financial literacy for young people, you can find him hiking, camping, and traveling to new places. Visit his website at He loves to hear from readers.

Social Skills for Kids 3 to 10

The things your kid learns in childhood can determine the type of adult they will become. Take this opportunity to teach them the necessary skills to thrive as adults. Are you constantly worried that you’re not preparing your child enough to face the real world when they grow up? Are you concerned that they don’t seem to be interacting with others and making friends easily? Do you want to help your child develop socially without putting too much pressure on them? Children between the ages of 3 and 10 are at a point in their lives when they have already started socializing with people. Whether it’s making friends, starting conversations, or sharing toys, your child needs to learn how to get along well with others. Having these skills will not just help your child do well in school, but it will also give your child a great foundation for life. With the right guidance, your child can learn how to properly conduct themselves in various settings. This book offers useful skill-building activities for your child while also making it fun and exciting. Take this chance to teach them what they need to know to eventually become successful adults in the future. In this practical guide, you will discover: * 90+ effective, fun, and engaging activities that will build essential life skills and promote important values * The world of social skills – how to help your child develop this crucial set of skills that is critical to success in all aspects of life * The power of communication and listening – gain the knowledge on how to properly teach your little one the right way to converse with others * The importance of body language so they can learn the major differences between good and bad gestures * The art of sharing and self-control – uncover the secrets of staying calm and getting closer to kindness and friendliness * How to teach your kids empathy so they can understand the true meaning of emotional intelligence * The tools children need to make friends and practice good manners with incredible tips, tricks, and activities * Problem-solving skills that your kids can learn to turn them into fully-functioning adults with their own independent outlook on life And much more. Even if your child is naturally shy and introverted, they can still learn to become more sociable and confident. They just need constant practice and exposure to social situations to help them get comfortable and keep them building their skills. And with the activities they’ll be doing in this book, they’ll be enjoying themselves so much that they won’t even realize they’re learning at the same time.

Meet Kate Herm

27 Ways to Market and Monetize a Podcast

“Start a podcast” – they said. “It’ll be fun” – they said. And it is. But what they didn’t tell you was how to properly market and monetize your podcast. You hear about other podcasters doing it, but you don’t know how. This book solves that problem. Some of what you will learn in this short, concise book is how to: Directly and indirectly monetize a podcast as either a host and/or as a guest Create a call-to-action, lead magnet, and sales funnel Submit your podcast for free featured placement in podcast apps Run paid ads in podcast directories Run targeted social media ads Organize podcast swaps: intro, outro, trailer, feed-drops, and cross-promo Get sponsorships before you even launch your show Get affordable media and press coverage and much, much more! It’s time to stop spinning your wheels, and it’s time to start making connections, getting clients, and making money.

Meet Sarah St John

Sarah St John is an entrepreneur, podcaster, online course creator, and author. She has created several startups throughout her entrepreneurial career of over a decade. She currently owns a podcast production agency called PodSeam. She is also the podcast host of “Frugalpreneur: Building a Business on a Bootstrapped Budget” which aims to show people how to launch and manage an online business on a budget.

Web 3.0: Revolving the Business World: 6 Incredible Business Ideas And Opportunities behind web 3.0

Web 3.0? What is it? What happened to Web 2.0? I know these are questions that might be popping up in your mind when you hear the word WEB 3.0 Is not only you, I asked the same question when I first heard of WEB 3.0 but researching about it and utilizing it has helped me see what it really is. And am about to share the knowledge I have about WEB 3.0 and the business opportunities WEB 3.0 present to you right now. The world as we know is going through a digital transformation resulting in changing the ways things are done in our day to activities and the business world. This eBook “Web 3.0: Revolving the Business World” is set to enlighten you on the possibilities digital transformation brings to your table. What you will discover inside: You will learn what WEB 3.0 is The digital transformation of WEB 3.0 Web 3.0- Your roadmap to business 6 profitable business ideas and opportunities of web 3.0 etc Click the Buy Now button to order your copy and start diving into the Web 3.0 incredible opportunities.

Meet Abel Udoh

Abel Udoh is an Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Digital Marketer, Web Developer. He helps individuals and businesses build brands, generate leads and scale up sales using effective digital tools.

Cryptocurrency vs Traditional Investment: The difference: 5 Key Differences You Need To Note Before Investing

Investing can be a bit challenging if you don’t know the right places to put your money into and the possible risk involved in any of your investment choices. Which one is a saver, Traditional or Cryptocurrency investment? This ebook “Cryptocurrency vs Traditional Investment: The difference” is an eye-opener that will help you to know what both Crypto and traditional investment means, the potential profit and the possible risk involved in both. A lot of people are contemplating which one to go for, traditional or cryptocurrency. In any of the choices you make, you have to do your due diligence which is why this ebook is here to guide you. What you will learn includes; What are Cryptocurrency and TraditionaL Investment? Which one is server, Cryptocurrency, or TraditionaL Investment? What is the difference between Cryptocurrency and TraditionaL Investment? Future estimate of Cryptocurrency ecosystem. etc A blueprint you don’t want to miss

Meet Abel Udoh

Abel Udoh is an Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Digital Marketer, Web Developer. He helps individuals and businesses build brands, generate leads and scale up sales using effective digital tools.

Project Fashion: Fashion Illustration: Drawing Techniques

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street; fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” – Coco Chanel ★ Are you an aspiring Fashion Designer fired up to start sketching your unique designs but worried about figure drawing and struggling to know where and how to get started? ★ PROJECT FASHION: FASHION ILLUSTRATION – Drawing Techniques by Mila Markle will help you get started in an instant. ⚠ Best used in conjunction with the PROJECT FASHION Croquis and Design Books series* this book is a full colour addition to get you going or to further improve your fashion design abilities. The aim of this book is to help advance your fashion design skills by showing you how to use the PROJECT FASHION series* as well as introducing themes important in the fashion illustration industry. Included is 58 full colour pages and helpful information about which drawing materials to use, colouring and rendering techniques and applying the formal elements. In this compact book,there are numerous tips discussed in order to learn the secrets of doing FASHION ILLUSTRATION. The Chapters of this book consist of: Drawing Materials The Formal Elements Rendering Techniques Technical Drawings Croquis and Figure ✔ Perfect for fashion design students or people who are interested in fashion design as a hobby or career.

Meet Mila Markle

Mila Markle – Fashion Designer. Author of Books in the Fashion Design Industry.