Eat Healthy, Live Healthy: Your Vegan Guide to Healthy Meals

Eat Healthy, Live Healthy: Your Vegan Guide To Healthy Meals

The complete book on natural food for preventing life complications( Plant-based recipes).

Plant-Based Cooking Made Easy For All

We have over 50 recipes and a to n of tips down the road, and I really hope you have something significant to take on past the book. You now have absolutely no excuse to not stick to a Plant-based diet and Meal Plans. Plus you can always intertwine the dishes depending on your preference.

“Who said we cannot have lunch for dinner and dinner for breakfast? Honestly, the more creative you choose to be, the more fun it gets”
I made sure to include all-rounded recipes plus have special tips for designated categories such as athletes and expectant mothers so that the entire community is accounted for. It’s never too early to include our kids in the healthy eating department and aging is no excuse to not mind what we eat.

“All recipes in this book have nutritional summaries so we can account for how well we take care of our health”

Finally, I would really want to once again challenge us to not only make eating healthy our way of life, we should also encourage the people around us to pick it up. The dinner recipes in this book can be enlarged to serve meet-up meals and do brunches in a healthy way. Preach the better-health gospel to your loved ones and live by example. “This is how we change the world”.

~Kate Martin

Meet Kate Martin

Kate Martin is a serial productivity facts researcher based on behavioural choices. A plant-based or Vegan Diet book is one of her central focuses since most of her work revolves around how we feed ourselves to feed the world.

Writing a plant-based cookbook creation was an important part of her transformation since the best gift she could give to humanity was the choice to eat better and have fun while doing so.

Her mantra has always been, ‘change begins with you.’ Her only prayer is that the change spills over to all the beautiful souls in the world today, empowering us to choose better and choose intentionally.

The Complete Mediterranean Diet Cookbook: The Best Collection of 50+ Easy Mediterranean Recipes and 14-Day Diet Meal Plan for Weight Loss

Are you thinking about losing weight?

Do you want to do it in a healthy way, still eating great food and enjoying mealtimes?

Have you considered a Mediterranean diet?

The Mediterranean diet has long been hailed as one of the world’s healthiest with its concentration on fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds, fish and with just the occasional addition of red meat. This diet has meant that people in the region enjoy better health for longer, without sacrificing any of the taste that we all enjoy.

Now, in The Complete Mediterranean Diet Cookbook, you can adapt your lifestyle to eat well and still lose weight, with chapters that include:

An overview of the Mediterranean diet
History and origins of the foods eaten in the region
The health benefits for you
Shopping list of essentials to get you started
A 14-day diet meal plan
Recipes for breakfasts, lunches and dinners
Snacks and desserts for when you want to treat yourself
And lots more…
With more than 50 stunning recipes to choose from, that are all easy to make and affordable too, The Complete Mediterranean Diet Cookbook promises to help you not only lose weight and be healthier, but also to enjoy the food you are eating and the process of making it.

Suitable for anyone who is keen on good food but has struggled to find the right sort of recipes to make their weight loss journey a reality, this is one book that delivers exactly what it promises to!

Meet Jane Mosley

Hi, my name is Jane – welcome to my page, and thanks for stopping by!

I grew up on a Mediterranean diet and knew firsthand about it.

I am a nutritionist, writer, consultant, recipe maker, and a Master of Science in Nutrition.

Plus, I’ve always been a passionate fan of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

I hope my knowledge in the books will help you feel better and start a new life.

Enjoy your diet and good health.

Best Regards,


Diet for Great Sex: Food for Male and Female Sexual Health

As Featured In: -Huffington Post -Marie Claire -cbs -Daily Mail -The Sun “A comprehensive, valuable, enjoyable, and potentially society-enhancing resource on how to enjoy mutually magnificent sex regularly and naturally.” -Indie Reader Hot Sex, naturally? Sex truly becomes great when our nerves, blood vessels and hormones operate in synchrony. Luckily, modern research has shown that diet affects this trifecta, and having a great sex life might just be as easy as preparing the right dinner. In Diet for Great Sex, author Christine DeLozier, L.Ac. explains how the foods we eat can balance hormones, increase blood flow and strengthen nerve conduction to and from the genitals. Calling upon her years of experience treating sexual health issues, and her training as a research scientist, DeLozier walks readers through the specific foods that will lead to great sex and explains the science of how it works. When our bodies are well-nourished, desire comes naturally, pleasure comes naturally, and orgasm is effortless. Isn’t it time you unlock the secret to eating for sexual pleasure? • “Top sexual therapist reveals the sizzling sex diet that will make you fall in love all over again.” – Daily Mail • “Packed with easy-to-navigate advice along with delicious food ideas, as well as no-nonsense tips on how to bring out the best passion in a ho-hum intimate encounter.” – Toronto Sun

Meet Christine DeLozier

My name is Christine DeLozier, author of the book, Diet for Great Sex: Food for Male and Female Sexual Health. I am a licensed acupuncturist in private practice specializing in sexual health. A lover of nature and of food, I strive to cook delicious, beautiful and healthy food for myself and my family. Having a science background, I love learning about how food affects every aspect of human health. I have 4 kids, live in NY and love to ride my bike.

YES YOU CAN: Canning 101 Book

If you are about to embark on your first ever canning journey, you may have a lot of questions: How to can meat? How to can vegetables? What are the food preserving items needed for this process? How to find an ultimate canning tomato recipe? What are the safest methods of pickling and preserving? And, last but not least, what are the canning water bath times?

Canning to preserve food is one of the most popular methods of long-term food preparation. However, deviations from the approved techniques may result in food preserving problems. Fortunately, UCookFine Studio has launched this Canning 101 book intended to explain how to can food for beginners!

From the early history of canning to the most creative modern approaches, this new canner book will take its rightful place in your canning supplies kit!

If you want to know how to can and preserve food, please refer to this food preserving book and get to know one more “how to” canning food may require you to learn! 

So, this brand-new title:

  • TEACHES YOU NOT WHAT TO CAN, BUT HOW: ‘Canning 101’ is NOT a recipe collection, and this “how to” canning book does not just guide you through myriads of recipes. Although you may find some canning keepers inside, the main goal of this book is to provide you with the best canning practices, methods, and techniques, as well as to explain the essence of canning for beginners. 
  • PROVIDES VALUABLE INSIGHTS INTO ALL THE ESSENTIAL CANNING METHODS: Water bath canning, pressure canning, and steam canning basics are now at your fingertips. You’ll never ask yourself again how to can foods properly, or what is canning preserves, because from now on, with this “canning for beginners” book, you are ahead of the game! Spoiler: game can be canned too (pun intended)! 
  • HAS USEFUL TIPS FOR CANNING FRUITS OR VEGETABLES: Whether you are canning vegetables or fruits, you have to know how to do it in the safest way, right? You may also need to know what is considered the best pressure canner, and how to bring canning tomatoes to a whole new level? Well, it’s time to expand your home canning kits by introducing this ultimate title!

Ready to learn how to can tomatoes with our cool canning tomato recipe? Grab this book, and get prepared for the fun of exploration!

Awakening Your Taste: A Journey Into The Art Of Healthy Eating

If you’d like to NEVER have to worry about traditional dieting again…and still become healthier than you’ve ever been in your life, then this is the most important book you will ever read.

I’ll show you why in a minute…But first, I’m going to be completely honest with you…

If you aren’t willing to INVEST in yourself, don’t bother reading any further. It’s not worth your time or mine.

I’m speaking directly to those of you who are willing to invest time and money into yourself…

Into your own personal transformation.

Into becoming a happier, healthier, and all-around better human being.

The best thing you can do for yourself and everyone around you is to become the best version of yourself! You must be willing to GO ALL IN ON YOURSELF… for you, for your family, for the people that mean the most to you!

All you need is the WILLINGNESS… I will take you the rest of the way.

Also understand that this book isn’t a magic pill, secret supplement, or some kind of scheme that promises to show you how to lose 50lbs in a week.

The stuff I talk about in the book is real for me. I LIVE it, my wife LIVES it, and our son LIVES it. It has completely transformed our lives, the lives of everyone I’ve shared it with, and I know it will help you too.

If you just want a quick fix…DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK!

If you are ready to transform yourself into a healthier and happier person who has more control over their entire life… THIS BOOK WILL BE YOUR ROADMAP.

Let me show you what you’ll get when you buy the book…

First of all, this book is dramatically different from anything you’ve ever read because it doesn’t try to convince you to adopt a certain type of diet program. It helps you uncover what your individual body actually needs…without requiring you to spend years studying nutrition.

It’s a self-transformation road map that will lead you from where you are, to where you want to be, AND you’ll get access to tons of special bonus material that will help you turn your new knowledge into real-life experiences!

Here’s a small sneak peek of what’s inside…

  • Why you should never think of food in terms of nutrients…like calories, protein, carbs, or fat. (pg. 47)
  • How to raise your awareness in all aspects of life…so that you become empowered to make the best decisions possible for yourself and everyone around you. (pg.16)
  • How to simplify the mental processes…so your mind begins to work FOR YOU and not against you. (pg.20)
  • You need to limit your carbohydrate intake to be healthy right? WRONG! See page 64.
  • You need to eat lots of protein to be healthy right? WRONG! See page 56.
  • 4 steps to transform any meal into a healthier version…so you don’t have to completely ditch your “go to” meals. (pg.117)
  • The truth about dieting…and what it means for your long-term health. (pg.71)
  • What to do if you’re a picky eater…or don’t like the taste of “healthy food”. (pg.120)

So here’s what to do next…

Scroll to the top of the page and click the BUY NOW BUTTON.


By clicking the BUY NOW BUTTON you are taking the first step toward investing in yourself…

Whatever it takes, whatever it costs…Your health and happiness are worth it!

Don’t Wait…Time will keep ticking no matter what…Your ONLY option is to decide how you want to invest your time.

What things are worth your precious and limited time?

Your health, your happiness, your family, your loved ones.


So when someone or something comes along that can show you how to get where you want to be…DON’T WAIT a minute longer!

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