Artisan Bread Cookbook: Artisan Bread Baking Recipes for Beginners, Easy Steps How to Make Healthy and Delicious Bread at Home.

Bread is something we can all relate to. It is one of the greatest staple foods in existence and almost every culture in the world has its own version of it. You will find bread participating in every kind of meal as well, from breakfast through to late-night snacks, often providing a cheap and filling solution to mealtimes. Recently, artisan bread has become more popular and now you can learn them for yourself. Inside the pages of Artisan Bread Cookbook: Artisan Bread Baking Recipes for Beginners, Easy Steps How to Make Healthy and Delicious Bread at Home, you will discover: •Simple instructions to help you bake tasty bread •How to fix problems when baking •Equipment you will need •100% whole wheat recipes •Traditional recipes like French bread, croissants, and others •No-knead loaves •Vegan and gluten-free recipes •And lots more… This book provides the clearest and simplest instructions for baking a wide range of bread so that even a complete beginner can start baking awesome and delicious loaves and other treats right in your kitchen whenever you want it? You can do it easily with the Artisan Bread Cookbook

Meet Karla Samadan

Karla Samadan. Since her teenage years, Karla has always been passionate about cooking. And with her grandparents running the bakery for over 40 years, she had no other option but to fall in love with baking and confectionery. She began her passion for baking and confectionery while studying in France. She studied under the nation’s premier pastry chefs. She helped her grandparents to run a bakery in their hometown Carcassonne. Even though Karla has been living in the USA for her entire life, she decided to stay and become a part of her family business. Today, Karla helps to run bakeries in 3 separate locations and is enjoying her life in France. Just recently, Karla discovered her new passion for writing and book publishing – an ability to share her experience, ideas, and baking secrets with people worldwide. And allow them to enjoy the same amazing pastries, desserts, bread, and other baked goods her clients have been enjoying for years. I hope you will learn a lot from her amazing content and use it to bring more joy and happiness to your own life!

5-Ingredient Cookbook for Men

Save time and money by preparing family meal with five or fewer ingredients. Who has time to cook anything special for dinner after a long day at work? That doesn’t imply, though, that you’ll have to depend on frozen pizza. You do not need to be concerned about more labor. You’ll be one step closer to a delicious breakfast, lunch, or supper with these simple 5-ingredient dishes. To show your loved ones that you care, you don’t need to purchase a lot of ingredients. These dishes, for example, just need five ingredients – maybe even fewer – yet they’ll still taste fantastic. Prepare to have your mind blown with these 5-ingredient dishes. Let’s get some food! This book includes not only recipes but also culinary hints and suggestions for food substitutions, equipment and cooking shortcuts, and how to utilize leftovers. Say goodbye to time-consuming recipes that need many visits to the supermarket or require so much equipment that you spend the rest of the evening washing up. Let’s get this party started!

Meet Leslie Hanks

Leslie Hanks is a professional writer who loves to explore her culinary passion through travelling in different regions of the world. In the recent years, she has been enjoying recipes from multiple cuisines. This eventually led her to involve herself in writing recipes. With her experience in culinary world, she now shares fun and easy recipes in her cookbooks. In her pastime, she enjoys yoga, gardening, baking and celebrating the rich food heritage of the diverse communities of the world.

30 Christmas Recipes for Kids

We all love our kids, but we also need to show them time to time that how much they mean to us and there is nothing more special you can do than creating a custom made menu dedicated to the kids during the holidays! Gifts are, of course, a big part of the holidays but food can also serve as a great way to show your love to them.

Meet Menchenia Viktor

My cookbooks cover all topics and all subjects. If you want to dive deep into the possibilities of cooking with any type of ingredients. If you are looking for great tasting pressure cooker recipes or authentic ethical and cultural dishes. I will offer you a delicious and simple cookbook.

Healthy Holiday Cookies

Think you have to give up baking on a low carb or keto diet? Think again! With this comprehensive cookbook dedicated to ketogenic baking, you too can create mouthwatering baked goods that will satisfy every craving while maintaining your healthy lifestyle. Your family and friends may not even realize that these recipes are keto!

Meet Menchenia Viktor

My cookbooks cover all topics and all subjects. If you want to dive deep into the possibilities of cooking with any type of ingredients. If you are looking for great tasting pressure cooker recipes or authentic ethical and cultural dishes. I will offer you a delicious and simple cookbook.

Air Fryer Cookbook: 650 Amazingly Easy and Healthy Air Fryer Recipes for Beginners and Advanced Cooks. Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, Dinner & Exciting Bonus Recipes You Need to Try.

Are you a new user of Air Fryer or an advanced cook looking for new ideas? Are you looking for affordable, easy, but exciting recipes? Are you looking for that one cookbook that you will ever need? If you said yes to any of these questions, this will be your go-to cookbook. Discover 600+ main dishes and bonus recipes for easy and healthy frying that will change your life. Filled with over 600 recipes, ranging from juicy Chicken Teriyaki Burgers to crispy Apple Fries and Peanut Butter Doughnuts, the Air Fryer Cookbook goes beyond fried main meals and provides you with ideas for breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner, as well as 50 spectacular bonus recipes. A sneak peek of what’s inside: • Wide range of sweet and salty Breakfast Ideas • Lunch and Dinner Recipes • Salty and Sweet Snacks • Cakes, Muffins, and many other baking recipes • 50 bonus recipes • Available ingredients • Easy to follow instructions • Cooking time and servings for each recipe • Shopping list • The one and only cookbook you’ll need for an Air Fryer Get the most of your Air Fryer with these delicious recipes. Air Fryer Cookbook is an excellent tool for all of you busy folks. It will save your time and provide great alternatives for healthy frying and baking, contributing to your health. Grab this book now and make simple OR exclusive recipes for your friends and family, save your money and time and enjoy your life! Lastly, this can be a great gift for someone special. Get it now and try the best air fryer recipes.

Meet Olive Bennett

Olive Bennett is a mom of two, a wife, and a passionate cook from Texas. As a Nutritional Science student, she started to help people with their diet plans, so she had to play around with recipes to meet an individual’s nutritional needs. After several years of working with clients individually, Olive changed her carrier in 2019 and decided to share her knowledge writing books. Olive doesn’t focus on weight-loss plans only, as she wants to teach people that health comes with food and creating a good relationship with it.

Plant Based Diet for Beginners: 4-week program for an easy transition to a healthy, fit and energetic body: with over 80 delicious, simple, fast and cheap recipes

This book is not for those who: – are looking for a short diet for a few days or weeks to then go back to their old behavior – expect the author to give them looooong explanation for why they should switch to a plant-based diet – think calories restriction is the only way to go – believe that a healthy diet needs to be expensive and complicated – do not believe that simple and consistent changes in your lifestyle bring you long term results Are you still reading? Amazing, it seems like you are among us who believe that simplicity together with consistency is the key! Now, let’s jump right away into what you’ll find out inside this book. – Short introduction about the meaning and benefits of a plant-based diet – Quick overview and explanation of the human anatomy compared to other mammals – A VERY SIMPLE 4-week program with the introduction of gradual changes into your diet – Pantry list in order not to get lost in the aisles of the grocery store you have probably never browsed before – EXTREMELY EASY recipes for every week (3 recipes per week with suggestions for different variations) – these are no excuses super simple recipes that a 5 years old can follow. Remember- the aim here is to make you eat a plant-based diet, not to become an award-winning culinary chef. – 80+ more recipes for those who want to be a bit more playful in the kitchen (different types of main courses, salads, sweets, small bites, desserts, etc.) Is this book for you? If you said yes, take an action now, get this book and jump on the plant-based train right away.

Meet Markéta Hale

Markéta Hale is a courageous adventurer who loves unpredictable situations, life-changing twists, and quite wild jokes. A dedicated “mom” of an adopted dog, a full-time vegan, and a passionate world explorer who follows her heart.

Vegetarian Tapas: 150 quick and delicious snacks and bites for sharing

Now you can enjoy tasty veggie cuisine with your friends and family. Within the pages of Vegetarian Tapas you will find a tempting selection of dishes for your tapas, buffets, meze and picnics. Along with tapas classics such as patatas bravas, tortilla and garlic mushrooms, you can treat yourself to savoury and sweet snacks from around the world, including: falafel, grissini, onion bhaji, gorditas and treacle tarts.

Meet Julia Barnard

Hack your body

How to adjust the diet to fit your body? The book “Hack your body” is the shortest path to weight loss, which tells about the most effective ways to lose weight. We often make big mistakes in nutrition and using the stored power in the body. Every day can be spent productively for yourself and your body, your lost pounds are just new opportunities and one more hour for each day of your active life. Once I asked myself the question – “how can people try different diets for themselves, if they don’t fully know how their body will behave? And how many people are torturing their bodies in vain, without even achieving results? ” We are all unique, and everyone’s diet should be different. You need to know which specific products are right for you, what should be their quantity and time of consumption. In this book, I will shed some light on the concerns of most people, pointing out the truths that you need to adhere to in order to succeed and tone your body. Learn to monitor your body’s energy intake and expenditure, insulin, and overall well-being. Discover the diet builder. • Learn to find energy balance for your body • Learn how to correctly calculate calories • Use suitable products • Make yourself the most effective diet from those suggested in the book, by studying the principle of how it works. Have you tried many diets and nothing has changed? This book is for you.

Meet Diana Benson

In an effort to help my husband and hundreds of other people suffering from a similar problem with losing weight, I chose the best ways to control yourself, your health and weight. My book: “Hack your body” will help you lose weight without health problems. Discover new things for yourself, choose the right foods and a diet that is right specifically for you. “Reprogram” yourself for an accelerated fat burning regimen.

Favorite Tasty and Simple Menu Ideas

Do you not know how to cook or do you feel too lazy to spend time in the kitchen?
Perhaps you simply don’t have enough time to stand at the stove for hours to feed your family?
You’re probably already thinking about having to go to the nearest supermarket to buy convenient foods that will take care of lunch or dinner without unnecessary trouble.
Wait a minute! Don’t rush to replace a healthy diet with dubious processed foods. If you want to spend less time in the kitchen but would still like to maintain a slim figure, save money, or just eat healthy and tasty food without complicated ingredients—then this book is for you.
Alexandra Nichols’ cookbook contains over 100 recipes for all occasions so that you and your family can enjoy nutritious and delicious homemade food even on the most stressful days. Simplicity is the main component of most of these recipes, and there are also more challenging ones that will increase your culinary skills and improve your personal menu.
In this book, Alexandra has prepared:
• light recipes with ingredients that can be bought year-round in the local market;
• tasty and simple menu ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert;
• tips on replacing ingredients, on proper and healthy nutrition, on saving, on when and what to cook, and much more!
Don’t miss the opportunity to learn culinary skills and delicious recipes without much effort or financial cost.

Meet Alexandra Nichols

Yay! I finally managed to translate my ideas, inspiration, and personal experience into recipes that not only my family but also my friends can enjoy. And now I’m ready to share this wealth of flavors with the whole world.
I’m Alexandra Nichols. I love you all and will be happy to hear your thoughts and comments. I am not a professional chef, but a certified nutritionist with many years of experience. Cooking is my passion: I devote a lot of time to it and do it with great pleasure. Creating not only tasty but healthy food is an art. I invite each of you to join me in exploring the wide variety of healthy and delicious meals everyone in your life can enjoy.

Step-by-step Illustrated Vegetarian Cookbook: 103 Picture-Packed Recipes for Easy Cooking

UCookFine Studio is excited to present its first book: Step-by-step Illustrated Vegetarian Cookbook: 103 Picture-Packed Recipes for Easy Cooking!

Created in collaboration with Mykyta Vialov, an Eastern-European chef, this book fully addresses the needs of health-conscious people who want to have fun cooking & eating well-balanced, nutritious, and beautiful food!

Below, you’ll find just a few reasons to give this book a try:

  • 103 authentic recipes inspired by the world’s tastiest cuisines. The book is packed with brightly colored food and rich flavors, so the meals never get boring.
  • No stock-bought photos. No more airbrushed images that have nothing to do with the real food you can make in your home kitchen! Every photo used in this book is made by a chef and his team during the real cooking process.
  • Step-by-step illustrations. Each recipe step (we mean it!) is followed by a picture – so that you are always aware of where you are at a certain point, and the outcome of cooking never turns out to be “surprising.”
  • Nutritional and serving size information. Keep track of the consumed carbs, fat, and proteins to better balance your diet – and always know how many people can enjoy your cooking as well!
  • Easily adaptable recipes. The book provides replacement options to switch between different diet plans: you can choose from vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free dishes, and raw food to try something new or please your friends and family.
  • Common ingredients. The recipes call for affordable products that can be found at your local store.
  • Little tips and tricks all over the book. Enjoy chef’s tips on enhancing the appearance of the dishes, maintaining freshness, or facilitating specific cooking processes.
  • 4 sections representing the full course meal. The most recipe-packed part is the main course one – as we want you to benefit from cooking hearty and nutritional food substantial enough to serve as main dishes.
  • Easy-to-follow recipes and appealing layout. No more “recipe-in-a-recipe” approach, just straightforward directions and manageable cooking steps.

UCookFine Studio is a project launched by SP Market Connection LLC in 2020. It is aimed at empowering young chefs all over the world and connecting them to people who are passionate about food. The core value of the project is promoting gastronomic well-being through a balanced and healthy diet.