Memories Around the Table

Memories Around the Table is a memorial cookbook where memories of loved ones no longer able to grace our tables are shared. This cookbook holds the recipes and stories of those we once ate and laughed with. Within these pages of legacy, food and memories come to life! Over 80 recipes compiled by many from all over the USA. Learn to make chess pie, peanut butter fudge, oyster dressing, cucumber pickles, and chicken squares. This is Alice J. Wisler’s third cookbook.

Meet Alice J. Wisler

I’m a mom of four, with one dear child who died too soon. My writing is all about reaching those who are also grieving the loss of a loved one. I believe the memories we hold of food are important and valuable, and bring happy smiles around the table. Memories Around the Table offers favorite recipes and memories of the young and old.


Low-FODMAP DIET New Complete Cookbook 2023: Manage IBS and Other Digestive Disorders with Healthy & Gut-Friendly Recipes

Meet Dr. Viola Park

Low-FODMAP DIET New Complete Cookbook 2023: Manage IBS and Other Digestive Disorders with Healthy & Gut-Friendly Recipes

The Green Mediterranean diet cookbook for beginners

Discover the Vibrant Path to Health and Flavor. Unlock the power of the Mediterranean diet with this beginner-friendly cookbook! Discover the health benefits and tantalizing flavors of this heart-healthy diet, and enjoy 50 plus easy-to-follow recipes crafted to make your taste buds dance with delight. With this book in hand, you can improve your overall well-being and promote longevity, while experiencing the essence of the Mediterranean way of life. Benefits from reading this book: – Enjoy the delicious flavors of the Mediterranean diet while improving your health – Feel vibrant and energized with this time-honored diet – Transform your life with the science-backed health benefits What’s included in the book: – 50 plus easy-to-follow recipes from the Mediterranean region – Comprehensive guide to understanding the Mediterranean lifestyle – Classic Greek salads, aromatic Italian pasta dishes, and savory Spanish tapas Start your culinary adventure today and buy now before the price changes!

Meet Sophia Marino

Good day! I’m a dedicated publisher with a focus on cookbooks, recipe books, diet, and food-related literature. My name is Sophia Marino. I started a journey to provide informative and inspirational information to food fans all over the world since I have a passion for the culinary arts and a desire to share knowledge. My main publishing outlet is Amazon, where I have made a significant impact. I work diligently to choose and produce cookbooks that not only offer delectable recipes but also inspire readers to make better, more fulfilling food decisions. I have a sharp eye for quality and an unrelenting commitment to perfection. Understanding the always changing nature of the culinary world, I look for fresh concepts, new culinary fads, and varied cultural cuisines to provide my readers with a variety of culinary experiences. My aim is to give readers a rich and engaging reading experience, whether that be by researching different cuisines from around the world, advocating for particular dietary needs, or examining the craft of baking.

Type-2 Diabetes Recipes Cookbook for Beginners

Delicious and Healthy Recipes for Beginners Managing Type-2 Diabetes Are you looking for mouthwatering recipes that can help you manage your type-2 diabetes? Look no further! This cookbook is specifically designed to cater to beginners who are seeking flavorful and wholesome meals while keeping their blood sugar levels in check. Say goodbye to bland and boring meals and embark on a culinary journey that nourishes your body and satisfies your taste buds. Inside this book, you’ll: Discover a diverse range of delicious recipes tailored for individuals with type-2 diabetes. Learn simple cooking techniques and ingredient substitutions to make your favorite dishes healthier without compromising on taste. Explore a variety of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options to keep your meals exciting and satisfying. Get expert tips on portion control and balancing carbohydrates, proteins, and fats to maintain stable blood sugar levels. Find creative ways to incorporate nutrient-rich ingredients that promote better overall health. Enjoy guilt-free desserts and treats that won’t spike your blood sugar but still satisfy your sweet tooth. Benefit from a comprehensive nutritional breakdown for each recipe, making it easier to track your dietary requirements. In addition to providing a wide array of tantalizing recipes, this cookbook empowers you to take charge of your health and enjoy the pleasures of food. With its easy-to-follow instructions and insightful guidance, it equips you with the knowledge and confidence to make informed choices about your diet. Don’t let type-2 diabetes limit your culinary experiences. Embrace the flavors, savor the goodness, and embark on a lifelong journey of delicious and healthy eating. Take the first step towards a vibrant and fulfilling life by adding this cookbook to your collection today! Click on the BUY NOW! button to grab your copy today!

Meet Angela J. Heitmann

Angela J. Heitmann is an acclaimed cookbook author with a passion for bringing culinary delights to kitchens around the world. Known for her expertise in creating mouthwatering recipes and her knack for demystifying complex cooking techniques, Angela has become a trusted guide for both seasoned chefs and enthusiastic home cooks alike. With a background in gastronomy and a lifelong love for exploring diverse cuisines, Angela’s culinary journey has taken her on a delightful adventure. Her relentless pursuit of flavor and her dedication to the art of cooking have earned her a reputation as a true culinary connoisseur. Angela’s writing style is engaging and accessible, making her cookbooks a joy to read and follow. Her recipes are thoughtfully crafted, with a focus on using fresh, seasonal ingredients to create vibrant and unforgettable dishes. From comforting classics to innovative culinary creations, Angela’s cookbooks offer a diverse range of recipes that cater to all tastes and skill levels. Beyond her cookbooks, Angela is also an avid advocate for sustainable and ethical food practices. She believes in the power of food to not only nourish our bodies but also to connect us with the world around us. Her commitment to promoting responsible sourcing and supporting local farmers and producers shines through in her work. Whether you’re an aspiring chef looking to expand your culinary repertoire or a food lover seeking inspiration in the kitchen, Angela J. Heitmann’s cookbooks are an indispensable resource. Through her passion for food and her talent for storytelling, Angela invites readers to embark on a gastronomic adventure that will leave them hungry for more.

Eat So What! The Science of Fat-Soluble Vitamins

Clear your Vitamin Dilemma! Get answers to all your questions about vitamins A, D, E and K, like which vitamin you should take and when, and which vitamin combinations are dangerous that can nullify the benefits of others when taken together. Unlock the hidden nutritional benefits of fat-soluble vitamins and become a healthier version of yourself.

Meet La Fonceur

With a Master’s degree in Pharmacy, the author, La Fonceur, is a research scientist and registered pharmacist. She specialized in Pharmaceutical Technology and worked as a research scientist in the pharmaceutical research and development department. She is a health blogger and a dance artist. Her previous books include Eat to Prevent and Control Disease, Secret of Healthy Hair and Eat So What! series. Being a research scientist, she has worked closely with drugs. Based on her experience, she believes that one can prevent most of the diseases with a nutritious vegetarian diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Atkins Diet Cookbook

Quick & Mouthwatering Recipes for Smart People to Lose Excess Weight and Lead Smart Life

Meet Dr. Bernadette Thornton

Quick & Mouthwatering Recipes for Smart People to Lose Excess Weight and Lead Smart Life

Flat Breads & Pizza

Flat breads were undoubtedly some of the earliest breads ever baked. They continue to be produced today. Flat breads cook very quickly; many of these breads are shaped with a rolling pin. Bread dough rolls out most easily when rested at intervals. When making these recipes, roll the dough until you feel resistance, then turn to another piece of dough, and give the first piece to rest

Baking recipes for all occasions

Tortillas – How to Make Flour and CornTortillas
Crêpes Recipes from seafood to French
Pizza- Calzones and Focaccia
How to Cook Panini
Pretzels, Pretzel Rolls and bagels

˃˃˃ Focaccla

Focaccia is made from a softer, more yeasty dough than pizza and, unlike pizza, is usually served warm or at room temperature. Seasoned with herbs and sprinkled sparingly with coarse salt, Sharpe cheese or other piquant toppings, focaccia makes a satisfying accompaniment to any meal. It also becomes the perfect snack. Served on its own or as a base for such hearty ingredients as sliced potatoes, pesto sauce and pine nuts.
Naan-Punjabi Flat Bread

Naan, flat bread often leavened with buttermilk or yogurt, comes from Punjab in northern India. To prepare Naan, toss the dough quickly from hand to hand to stretch it into a thin, oval shape, before baking. The dough can be brushed with or oil or ghee and sprinkled with poppy or sesame seeds. Nan also may be stuffed with cheese, vegetable curry or meat.
Pizza and Calzones

A Neapolitan pizza crust must be thin, but not cracker-thin as is traditional in Rome. If your prefer an extra-crisp super thin crust, roll the dough into a round 11 inches in diameter rather than the 9-inch specified in the pizza recipes. Note that this recipe makes 2 pizza crusts or 2 calzones.

Meet June Kessler

The Covid Chef

Life hit rock bottom for Alia Lasrem, a Tunisian sales marketer living in La Marsa while she was sunk in a busy life. She got divorced, fired from her job, and got the coronavirus during her pregnancy. During these difficult times, she discovered that she was talented in cooking. Bit by bit, she came to know that she could make food for customers, and soon after that, she opened her own restaurant. “Cooking Only Vegetarian Impeccable Dishes” was her concept and the concept of her restaurant, “The Covid Chef”. With the help of her dearest and best friend Selma Bach Mamlouk, “Sel”, she was able to get her ducks in a row. Nonetheless, someone from her past came into her present life only to fill it with the unexpected. Alia, also known as “Houria”, had to beat all the odds amid a pandemic and missteps with her passion to make her dreams a reality for herself, her future baby, and her loved ones. She was more than just “The Covid Chef”.

Meet Abdelkader Ben Rayana

Abdelkader Ben Rayana is a young Tunisian author. He was born in 1994 in Tunis and living in the UAE. In 2018, he started writing his debut novel Shining Dreams: The Roots and self-published it in 2020. He devotes his time to writing and editing his future works, including novels, short stories, poems & lyrics collections, novelettes, novellas, and children’s books. He is also reading some books.