Eat So What! Smart Ways to Stay Healthy Book 1

What to Eat, What Not to Eat! Still confused? Clear your confusion with Eat So What! The book includes a bundle of 5 chapters, which will make your life healthy and happy—a complete nutritional food guide for a disease free healthy life for vegetarians. You can prevent most of the diseases with nutritional foods and a healthy lifestyle. The health secrets that no one tells you will reveal in the book Eat So What!

Meet La Fonceur

La Fonceur is the author of the book series Eat So What! and Secret of Healthy Hair, a dance artist, and a health blogger. She is a Lacto vegetarian since birth like her parents and her grandparents. She has a master’s degree in Pharmacy. She specialized in Pharmaceutical Technology and worked as a research scientist in the pharmaceutical research and development department. She is also a registered pharmacist. Being a research scientist, she has worked closely with drugs. Based on her experience, she believes that one can prevent most of the diseases with nutritious vegetarian foods and a healthy lifestyle.


Information overload and medical jargon have invaded our daily lives since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak. If you find yourself lost in the vastness of this information or still wondering how this could happen, then read on! Complex medical and scientific information—PCR tests, immunological memory, spike proteins, variants, and mutations, just to name a few—have become very familiar since the outbreak of COVID-19, have they not? What do these terms really mean, and just how much do you really know? This book explains all you need to know about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic: pathology, diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and so much more—an easy-to-follow guide using language that you can understand. After reading this book, you will be able to finally make sense of the media reports and scientific data that have become a part of your daily life.

Meet Christos Evangelou

Christos is a PhD-level medical writer and an avid believer that scientific information should be easily and readily accessible to everyone in an easy-to-digest form. He is passionate about communicating science and translating complex information into accurate, clear, and engaging content for the scientific community and the wider public. Christos believes that “scientifically accurate” does not necessarily mean hard to understand, and vice versa—hard to understand does not mean scientifically accurate.

Eat to Focus: The Not-so-Obvious Natural ADHD Treatment Protocol to Reduce Hyperactivity & Impulsivity, and Better Focus and Memory Without Drug Side Effects

Are You Looking for Natural ADHD Treatment to Help your Child So You Can Avoid The Dangerous ADHD Medications?

If so, this book is for you.
Understanding is Power!

Why is every doctor so quick to start ADHD medication, which has more severe side effects than blood pressure medications?

Standard treatments for ADHD in children include ADHD medications, behavior therapy, counseling, and education services. Studies showed that only one in four kids with ADHD, who are on medication ALSO get psychotherapy.

When you have high blood pressure or pre-diabetes, your doctor often gives you a warning first and suggests that you start eating healthier and exercising before starting blood pressure medication.

Why don’t they do the same for kids with ADHD?

Did you get a warning first to change your child’s eating? Or try psychotherapy?

ADHD medications work by hijacking your child’s control center (the big brain in the head), which explains why the common personality change “not feeling like myself” is seen in ADHD meds.

ADHD medications also cause stunt growth, sleep disorder, mood disorder, personality changes, facial tics, etc., and even death.

I know some of you may not like to hear this, but someone has to tell the truth.In March of 2006, an FDA panel reported that 11 sudden cardiac deaths in children taking Ritalin and Concerta between 1992 and 2005.

Both medications contain the stimulant methylphenidate. They also reported 13 sudden cardiac deaths among children taking the amphetamine-containing stimulants Adderall and Dexedrine.

It makes me sad that parents and doctors are brain-washed by drug companies to think that ADHD medication is the only treatment for ADHD.

ADHD medication is a synthetic (man-made) stimulant in the same drug category as methamphetamine (“meth”). Just because a doctor prescribes it does not make it safer or better.

We believe that ADHD medications should be a last resort when all other non-drug treatments failed, just like other chronic diseases, like diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol.

This book is like your Fast Pass to the cool rides in Disneyland, without the long wait.

In this book, you’ll learn:

  • -> surprising reasons why your child is always hungry and craving sugar
  • -> underlying causes of ADHD symptoms no one talks about
  • -> food triggers to avoid to help your child calm down
  • -> Best brain foods fuel the ADHD brain to maximize focus & memory
  • -> Top 5 ADHD supplements work to reduce hyperactivity and impulsivity

This book shows you step-by-step how to help your child to reduce the symptoms of ADHD, such as hyperactivity, impulsivity, anger outbursts, and emotional meltdowns naturally without medication.

Learning the right strategies from another ADHD mom who understand your feelings, had been there, has done that, and survived with the fantastic outcome will save you years of your child’s time and thousands of dollars and, not to mention, heartaches.

I believe every child is a genius and will thrive when given the right nurturing and opportunities. So don’t let your child’s genius and confidence slip away.

Instant Pot, please, make my day!: Cookbook with 100+ delicious & healthy Instant Pot recipes for you and your family

You are too busy and have little time to cook? Want to feed your family with delicious meals having easy-to-follow instructions? This book is exactly what you need! With a preparation time of only 10 minutes for most recipes, this cookbook will ensure every stomach is fed and every task is done on time. The cookbook is about American recipes with European flavor, having easy step-by-step procedures, tips and tricks, and accompanied with color photos! The author will make you discover 100 different recipes for breakfast (rice & berries), soup (creamy mushroom), stew (tuscan chicken), beans (curried quinoa), pasta (meatball spaghetti), red meat (beef bourguignon), chicken (carnitas or adobo), seafood (cioppino), vegetable (mashed sweet potato) and even desserts (tapioca pudding). This cookbook contains recipes mostly fit (by major functions used) for such Instant Pot models as Duo, Duo Nova, Smart WiFi, Viva. The author of the book is A.J. May, a passionate home cook and a recipe developer who is promoting the idea of being a wonderful cooker without requirements to have a chef diploma or work experience in a 5-star Michelin restaurant. Being a consultant, a wife and mother of 2 sons, Amy know everything about rush hours and “no time for cooking”.

Meet A.J. May

Amy May is a passionate home cook and a recipe developer who is promoting the idea of being a wonderful cooker without requirements to have a chef diploma or work experience in a 5-star Michelin restaurant. Born in Atlanta, Amy has been a corporate consultant for years and travelled a lot across USA and Europe. She fell in love with multi-faced American and South European cuisine and mixed them. These experiments gave zest to traditional American recipes and using of Instant Pot make cooking of them easy. After that Amy decided to share her love of cooking and results of her experiments with others trying to create more happiness in the world. Now Amy is living in Atlanta with her husband and 2 sons.

Such Unfortunates

Each year, more Americans die of drug abuse than the total of those who perished during the Vietnam War. This is the true story of an addict who was able to overcome his addiction against all odds. Andrew’s life began in an upper-class town of Moorestown, New Jersey. His family had a million-dollar beach house, he attended college and even had the rare opportunity of driving a Ferrari around South Florida. His life seemed normal on the outside, but the internal turmoil he was experiencing was a horrific ordeal. Behind what seemed like an idyllic life was a nightmare of abuse, mental illness, and torment that no child should ever face. This led Andrew to suffer from pain, anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. Searching for relief, he found solace in drugs and became quickly addicted to anything that would change the way he felt. His addiction to drugs took him to such extremes as working for the DEA while being high on drugs, multiple rehabs, jails, becoming homeless, and even to the point of being considered dead. When all hope was lost, people he considers “angels” entered his life. One person, in particular, refused to give up on him even when everyone told her this was the best option. Through her determination, he was able to find the strength to look inside and find the real reasons for his addiction. Once he understood these reasons, he was finally able to figure out how to stay clean and successfully turned his life around. This book will give hope to anyone who is suffering from addiction or knows someone who is facing the adversity of addiction. It will show them why they should never give up and how working together, we can beat this opiate epidemic.

Meet Andrew Mann

Andrew Mann is 42 years old and lives in Bergen County, NJ. He is an Author and part-owner of a Solar Energy business. He is a recovering addict who also suffered from anxiety attacks since age 12 and depression his whole life. After years and multiple failed attempts, he was finally able to beat his addiction and has now devoted his life to helping people who suffer from addictions and issues related to childhood abuse. He has a fiancee, two step-children, two dogs, three cats, and they live in Bergen County, NJ. He enjoys surfing, exercises, alternative energy, boxing, MMA, writing and doing podcasts/radio shows about the book while getting the message out that “If an addict like me can get clean, anyone can!”

Healthy Living, Happy Life: A Practical Path to Finding the Healthy Lifestyle That Works For You

Healthy Living, Happy Life introduces unique concepts and makes the simple yet elusive goal of happy, healthy living REAL and attainable. In a sea of health and nutrition books, this one is a clear and practical approach to applying healthy lifestyle principles to our lives that are adaptable for a personalized path that is right for you.

Houseplants Guide for Beginners: How to Choose, Care and Grow Indoor Plants for a Healthy Life

This comprehensive guidebook will let you know everything you need to know about growing and maintaining houseplants. You will not only learn the basics of how to choose houseplants but also learn how to look after them properly. To be able to keep a houseplant alive, you have to mimic its natural habitat by providing it with its preferred amounts of water, light, humidity, and so on. All of these factors have been described in this book in a manner that’s very easy to understand. You will also learn how to prune, groom, repot, and propagate your houseplants. You just have to read this thoroughly and apply it to your plants. In addition, this book will also provide you with a list of some of the most popular houseplants that are available in stores all over the world. With this, you will be able to identify a wide range of houseplants.

Meet Angela Kubiak

Yoga for Every Body: A beginner’s guide to the practice of yoga postures, breathing exercises and meditation

Anyone can do yoga – and anyone will benefit from starting a yoga practice! Did you know that as well as improving your strength, flexibility, balance and overall physical health, yoga can help you overcome anxiety and depression? You may have heard that yoga can make you feel full of vitality, but don’t know where to start. Maybe you’ve done a few classes but feel that you want to understand more. Or maybe you don’t want to spend more time staring at your phone or computer just to practice yoga. It doesn’t matter if you’re completely brand new, and it doesn’t matter how much you do – a small step is enough. By developing a yoga practice you’ll begin the journey towards completely transforming your life. In Yoga for Every Body you’ll discover: The incredible benefits of yoga practice that have been backed up by scientific research. More than 50 illustrated yoga postures with step-by-step instructions to take you from start to finish with accessible variations and simple modifications for any body type. Different yoga sequences to practice depending on your mood or energy levels – and how to make your own routines How to incorporate different breathing exercises and meditation techniques into your life. The roots of the practice and how it has developed into the postures that we do today. …and much more!

Meet Luisa Ray

It’s a cliche to say, but it’s true: yoga saved Luisa’s life. It came at the just the right time and she’s stuck with it ever since. She started practising yoga when it was much harder to find than it is now – it wasn’t all over the internet, and there weren’t studios in every neighbourhood. Now it’s everywhere and she hopes its popularity will only continue to increase. She will always keep on trying to spread the message of yoga, and try to make it as inclusive as possible.

When Your Marriage Ends

You wake up one day and your planned happily ever after is gone! As a woman who wanted to make her marriage work, you suddenly find yourself feeling stuck, struggling to process your new normal, and desperate to move on with your life. If you’re in this situation and you’ve been looking for practical, easy-to-use, and realistic methods that will help you use your divorce to rediscover yourself and build a new life, then look no further; you’ve found the perfect book!

Research shows that although 70% of people who initiate divorce are confident they’d done the right thing, almost 50% of them are haunted by one fear: being alone in the wake of such a traumatic experience. The good news, though, is that the chaos won’t last forever!

When Your Marriage Ends is more than just a comprehensive guide that will help you cope during the first few months after your separation. With an empathetic and supportive tone, it’ll help you bid farewell to the old you and help you embrace a transformed woman who’s about to create a meaningful and beautiful life for herself.

Inside When Your Marriage Ends, you’ll discover:

  • Tools designed to support you as you embrace your past, handle your current reality, and transition into a bright and positive future.
  • Effective steps that will allow you to identify, process, and manage difficult emotions, even if you’ve failed before!
  • Tips to make you feel better faster and move on from your ex in a healthy manner.
  • Practical methods you can start implementing today that will help you prepare yourself mentally, emotionally, financially, and socially during the first few months after your divorce.

Your days of feeling like you’re a failure have come to an end! By using the resources provided in this book, you’ll realize that you’re destined to live a fulfilling life, no matter how difficult things have been for you. No more crying over a failed relationship, blaming yourself, or giving up on the woman you’ve always dreamed of being!

Are you ready to embrace your life after divorce? Then read When Your Marriage Ends now!

Meet Vivian Hodges

Vivian holds a Master’s degree in communication with a major in psychology. All of this knowledge became important when she transformed from a twenty-one-year marriage with three kids and, in the process, created a friendly and collaborative relationship with her ex-husband.

In her first book When Your Marriage Ends Vivan shares her experiences as well as the knowledge she gained during the process.

Vivian considers her family, especially the quality of the relationships with her close ones, the most important thing in her life.

Increase Your Immunity

Habits are what make or mar us. Healthy habits make for healthy living. You can stay healthy everyday of the year. Find out more in the book.

Meet Paige Hayward

Paige Hayward is a certified immunologist, with over ten years experience and helping her client stay healthy all year round.