The Viking Crown

Honduras, Central America, 1885

Carriage broken down in an isolated area of Central America, abandoned by her guide and surrounded by bandits, Marta Swan appeals to handsome Ramon Santiago for rescue. A swift ride on horseback takes them to a remote castle nestled in the mountains, where Marta is welcomed by Ramon’s employer, an enigmatic, red-bearded man known throughout the region as the Viking. Marta is shocked and terrified to discover the Viking is a madman who believes her to be the reincarnation of a lost princess. 

The Viking possesses great treasure, a golden crown and an ancient medallion, which men are seeking and will kill to own.  
Everything depends upon Marta’s finding her archaeologist co-worker, Alan Avery, who has because of their work ventured into Honduras and has vanished into the jungle. But Ramon, who Marta now realizes is acting as her personal bodyguard, will not allow her to escape. 

Meet Vickie Britton

Vickie Britton, along with her sister Loretta Jackson, has written over fifty novels. There are best known for the popular Jeff McQuede High Country Mystery series, set in Wyoming. They are also co-authors of the eight-book Ardis Cole archaeological mysteries and Arla Vaughn the Pre-Columbian Treasure Series. They also write many single-title suspense, mystery romance and gothic romance. Their suspense titles include The Viking Crown, The Vanished Lady, The Victim’s Child.

Soiled Doves of the Wild West.

Go Behind the Scenes at the White House to Uncover Intriguing (Sometimes Startling) Facts About the U.S. Presidents — Facts Few Others Know

Not just another book about the presidents!

THE PRESIDENT DID WHAT? is structured as a trivia quiz (multiple choice) to make it interactive and keep you guessing. But that’s not all.

Turn the page to check your answer. Each answer page is fully illustrated and provides additional information about the president in question. (Every president is covered, from George Washington to Barack Obama.) Plus, there’s a complete list of the presidents and their vice-presidents for easy reference.

THE PRESIDENT DID WHAT? is really two books in one: (1) an entertaining quiz book of surprising, sometimes quirky, facts about the U.S. presidents; and (2) an illustrated, informative guide that helps you gain an insight into what each president was like, his personality, and why he deserves to be remembered (or not).

No more drawing a blank at the mention of such presidents as Franklin Pierce, Millard Fillmore, or Benjamin Harrison. Thanks to THE PRESIDENT DID WHAT? you’ll know details about even the “forgotten presidents,” details history buffs may be unaware of. For example, see the sample questions below.

What president . . . ?

  • worked as a model in college and was on the cover of “Cosmopolitan”?
  • invented “Baked Alaska” and “Chicken a la King”?
  • made all his own suits and a suit for the governor of Kentucky?
  • was so cheap he served White House guests ice water in paper cups?
  • allowed his son’s two pet alligators to roam loose in the White House?

Who should read this book?

U.S. history buffs … trivia buffs … students … teachers … those looking for a fun, informative read, and those who enjoy an intellectual challenge.

Is this book suitable for children? Yes, for those in the middle grades and higher. As one teacher commented:

“This book of presidential trivia was fun to read and would make an excellent addition to a history teacher’s bookshelf or to an elementary teacher’s supplemental material.”

What’s more . . .

THE PRESIDENT DID WHAT? is a great party book.

It’s a rich source of cocktail-party openers.

It’s an ideal book for the coffee table … bedroom … bathroom.

It’s the perfect book to take on a trip.

And … it makes a great gift!

Scroll up and get your copy today!

The President Did WHAT? - ASIN B00N4KC36C

Otto was born a bastard child to a single mother at the start of The Great War in Eastern Germany. In the 1920s the pair returns to Munich to work as indentured servants for none other than her father in his hallowed beer hall, which rose to be headquarters for the growing Nazi Party. It is there she meets a young industrialist member who falls in love with her charm, wit and child – the origin of whom is still unknown. The two soon marry and Otto is adopted into this affluent loyal Nazi family. By 1934, Otto has risen to the rank of Deputy Minister for the Ministry of Propaganda and Public Enlightenment. However, when his estranged aunt and uncle from years past threaten to expose a dangerous family secret, he must quickly decide where his loyalties lie before it is too late. If he is to retain his position and the life he has grown accustomed to, he will need to do anything necessary.

Charles Murray is in Edinburgh when tragedy strikes him. Yet is everything quite as it seems? The deaths of a lawyer and a servant not only draw him down to Edinburgh’s grim underclass, but also make him reconsider his elegant society friends. Who kills – and who gives the orders?
Service of the Heir is the third in the Murray of Letho series, set in Georgian Scotland.

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Meet Lexie Conyngham

Lexie Conyngham is a historian living in the shadow of the Highlands. Her Murray of Letho novels are born of a life amidst Scotland’s old cities, ancient universities and hidden-away aristocratic estates, but she has written since the day she found out that people were allowed to do such a thing. Beyond teaching and research, her days are spent with wool, wild allotments and a wee bit of whisky.

Fake History: The Wildly Inaccurate, Ruthlessly Manipulative, Dangerously Deceptive, and REAL History of the World - ASIN B08K3FHG68

Fake History is the textbook you wish you could have read while falling asleep in history class. It reveals the secret reality behind world history, including these incredible ‘‘fake facts”:

  • Noah and the Flood was the original political controversy over manmade climate change.
  • The famous general Hannibal rode war elephants during a historic battle with militant animal-rights activists.
  • Julius Caesar was assassinated by Roman senators for demanding bipartisan cooperation.
  • The Black Death was an Asian bioweapon of Genghis Khan.
  • Barack Obama assassinated Osama bin Laden because of an internal feud between Shia and Sunni Muslims.
  • And Donald Trump actually planned to replace the torch of the Statue of Liberty with a searchlight.

From Jesus Christ to Donald Trump, from Genesis to World War III, from ancient legends to alternative facts, Fake History takes a comic romp through the tangled narratives of history to reveal the scandalous truth of the world’s past and the incredible destiny to which it is heading. The provocative novel of “fictional nonfiction” takes the form of a mock textbook and rewrites human history as fake news. It satirizes the extremist spirit of the Information Age in all its social misinformation, political disinformation, and hysterical hyperreality.

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Outwardly, they look completely normal. Ordinary typical men: middle managers, big bosses, salesmen, and doctors; with mustaches, glasses, and expensive shoes. But they all have one thing in common: COCKROACHES. And not at home, but in the head. And these cockroaches they present to her, paying for love for an hour and taking off their pants.
Some of them promise to harry to death, but do not even have time to undress, others — make raids on the refrigerator, complaining of their mothers, and others — tearfully convince that in 88 their boner is as hard as a rock! You just need to try.
Honest, caustic, sad, and funny stories from the life of a prostitute in the first person.

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Cleopatra 54 BC: When Your Father Leaves You The Family Business ~or~ Who Let The Scribes Out? - ASIN B07PP18HZD

In 54 BC, Egypt is in its death throes (5 years before Caesar steps foot in Egypt, 13 years before Antony) … the latest of many rise-and-falls due to its last nine Ptolemies. The first three were the empire builders: once Alexander the Great chased out the Persians, Ptolemies I, II, and IIII expanded the Egyptian empire and stuffed its treasury to bursting. The remaining Ptolemies from IV through XII, just spent the money like it had no end … which of course, was a mistake. To make matters worse, with no funds left in Egypt, Ptolemy XII borrowed enormous amounts of cash from Roman moneylenders, for bribes to put himself back on the throne … twice.

At 15 years old, this is the empire Cleopatra begins to rule without a formal title: bankrupt and under crippling debt. Now that her dad has secured the empire as a “good friend” of Rome, he’s done … and retires from political life to relax and only participate in pleasant religious activities. As a side effect of Ptolemy’s shenanigans, Cleopatra also has to deal with an embezzling Roman tax collector and pay the salaries and expenses of 2500 Romans stationed in Alexandria. She needs gold … and lots of it.

So far, this is historic fact, and the fiction starts with Cleopatra as she tries one scheme after another to dig Egypt out of its financial hole. She romantically bonds two scribes to priestesses to make sure they return to Alexandria after a mission 1000’s of miles away. She gets women in the tax collector’s house to work against him, and deals with the soldiers by rewarding Egyptian women to bend Roman loyalties. Anticipating an upcoming civil war, Cleopatra plays both sides of a political game between Pompey and Caesar (leveraging the women in their lives), and covertly attempts to extend her influence behind the scenes in Rome. Between all that, she spends a little too much time obsessing over notes she took from an interview with one of the scribes … stumbling into her own coming-of-age.

See how a woman is trained to snare a husband, without him realizing what’s happening. What kind of dance is it, exactly, that the scribe does to amuse his paramour in her bedroom? What could that scholar have possibly done to get him banned-for-life from a woman’s temple? Watch how a storytelling Macedonian warrior gets turned into a tongue-tied puppy at first glance of a friendly Kushite. Will the Romans ever figure out that they’re being manipulated by the entire female population of Alexandria? What are that priestess’ OTHER tattoos?

It’s a world where women call the shots and men do the grunt work. Star-crossed, separated, reunited, desired … people are just people, not puffed-up pompous elitist upstairs/downstairs snobs. They’re more like the knuckleheads that live in your neighborhood.

It’s a story about how people deal with unexpected situations and unintended consequences, and how sometimes the heart just wants what the heart wants.

New Series, New Genre: HISTORICAL Romantic-Comedy
Let me know if it works for you with a review.

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Meet Marian Marion Kebab

I’m not very savvy about the social part of the internet.  That’s why I don’t have Facebook or Twitter … or anything else.  I’m nervous about the stories I’ve heard of trolling, and shaming, and blocking.  I don’t like the idea of being censored.  If you don’t like what I have to say, no one requires you to come to my site.

On the bright side I am familiar with internet research.  Ten years ago, I couldn’t have written my books.  They may seem like complete fluff, but I’ve researched personalities, events, and cultures in libraries all over the world.  Libraries in Salamanca, Spain have many Latin and Greek copies of books like Galen’s that you can read online.  The Vatican has many original documents digitized and easily accessible.  The German library system has many books available online, so do British libraries.  I’ve barely touched the papyrus repositories which are coming online as well.  Anyone can access this information … and Google Translate works great on modern languages.

The “devil is in the details,” and I work hard to make sure the details in my canvas of Ptolemaic Egypt are correct … or at least “reasonable”.

Manchester in the 1960s is a man’s world. Yet Connie Campbell has defied convention and built a successful career in the city. Proud of her working-class roots, she still lives in Ardwick; a community now condemned for demolition. A fighter, Connie battles to protect the neighbourhood she loves. But can she overcome the arrogance of the planners and the corruption of business and political elites?

Will Connie’s own search for love end in anything other than betrayal and disappointment? Will the ultimate price of her professional success be the denial of her personal happiness?

Connie’s story is Manchester’s too. A time when social and political change is transforming the city and its people. Whilst bringing the promise of opportunity and freedom for many, will it destroy the traditional values of the city’s proud, working class communities?

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This future she knows for certain—the great sun city will be her undoing.

Amidst a power struggle between Pharaoh and the priesthood of Amun, Queen Nefertiti helps the ill-prepared new Pharaoh, Amenhotep, enact his father’s plan to regain power for the throne. But what seemed a difficult task only becomes more grueling when Amenhotep loses himself in his radical obsessions.

Standing alone to bear the burden of a failing country and stem the tide of a growing rebellion, Nefertiti must choose between her love for Pharaoh and her duty to Egypt in this dramatic retelling of a story forgotten by time.

Salvation in the Sun is the first volume of Lauren Lee Merewether’s debut series, The Lost Pharaoh Chronicles, a resurrection of an erased time that follows the five Kings of Egypt who were lost to history for over three millennia. The story continues in book two, Secrets in the Sand.

Meet Lauren Lee Merewether

Lauren is a historical drama fiction author who loves to dive into history and find overlooked, under-appreciated and relatively unknown tidbits of our past and craft for her readers engaging stories with characters who love and lose, fight wrong with right, and hope in times of despair.

Although Lauren strives to paint an accurate picture of historical events, details and people, she will obey the demands of story and drama first. To help the reader delineate between historical fact and fiction, she includes “A Look into the Past” section in the back of her books with a summary of her research as it relates to the story.

Salvation in the Sun is the first volume of Lauren Lee Merewether’s debut series, The Lost Pharaoh Chronicles, a resurrection of an erased time that follows the five Kings of Egypt who were lost to history for over three millennia. To celebrate the series’ completion, the complete quadrilogy is available for $3.96 Limited Time Only!