EZ Speaks Pet Care Journal

Now, keep track of all the times you cared for your pet and other vital info in this simple paperback book. You can also keep a log of advice or tips you received as well as great websites and books about your pet’s breed. Also, record pet products you used and how well they worked, giving each your own rating based on 5 stars. All your pet’s info can be safely stored in one place: MY PET CARE DIARY!

Bring it with you wherever you go and share it with your friends.

Meet Jerry Niemi

My name is Jerry Niemi and I like to write self-help blog posts and useful, informative paperback books.


NOW YOU CAN FIX YOUR BROKEN MARRIAGE There is more to marriage than just love. It involves a life, a family, and a lifetime commitment, both financially and emotionally You will never truly want to mend a broken marriage if you are not madly in love with the notion of reshaping the union into the finest possible version of itself. Always keep in mind the initial reasons you fell in love with your lover, but don’t stop there. No marriage is perfect. Occasionally, it requires a few tries before you realize what the relationship needs in order to grow stronger and happier. You have the choice to end your marriage, but you don’t. If you have it in you to try harder and make things work, then your marriage is definitely worth preserving. Divorce should be your absolute last option. We are more likely to see marriages end without regret in today’s society since they are no longer considered sacred. The book “Marriage Survival Guide” is written for; ✓People who are battling the breakdown of their marriage. ✓Couples who want to mend their marriages ✓Couples who are willing to restore the marriage and resume peaceful coexistence. Marriage is challenging , but we make it simple. With the assistance of this book, any couple can save their union. To order this book right away, click the link above!

Meet Larrisa W. Gottmann PhD,

Larrisa W. Gottmann PhD, is a clinical professional counselor and certified marriage and family therapist. She specializes in alternative relationships, shame-resilience, intimacy, personal growth and human connection. For more than a decade, she has guided groups and romantic partnerships toward clarity and connection. During that time, she has created a strong framework based on neuroscience, peaceful communication, and positive thinking research, which has improved varied relationships around the country. She is able to provide clients incredibly potent tools to help them break free from stuck behaviors because of her experience in psychology, mediation, and communication training. Even the most anxious participants are put at rest by her very inclusive, nonjudgmental approach to couples counseling. She will constantly call you out and help you progress. When she’s not lecturing, advising, or consulting, you can find her reading, running, cooking, experimenting with new knitting patterns, playing the organ, spending time with her three adorably cute children, or traveling the globe with her loving husband, Gary.

Paint by Number Paris

It will take time and patience to complete your Paint by Number masterpiece, however in the end you will be rewarded with beautiful artwork that you can call your own even with little or no artistic talent.

Paint by Number – Paris will take the reader on a photo journey from the beginning to the end. Anybody who has considered doing a PbN project will enjoy the Tips and Tricks that are provided to the reader to help with their painting project.

From the author. Paint by Number – Paris: Tips and Tricks From A Paint by Number Project is a short Kindle book designed to give the reader an honest recap of what is involved in undertaking a PbN project. I hope you enjoy it.

How to Draw Cool Things, Optical Illusions, 3D Letters, Cartoons and Stuff 2

Your kids will love learning how to draw cool stuff with the following easy-to-follow step by step illustrations and tutorials. This is the second book by this name, continuing to teach you how to draw cool stuff, letters, and optical illusions. The simple steps in this drawing book will show you and your kids how to draw optical illusions, 3-dimensional letters that pop out of the page, 3d cartooning effects, and cool things that will blow your mind. Each easy art lesson starts with easy geometric shapes that will help you and your child build the basic structure of your drawing. If your child has loved our other cartooning books, he or she will want to take their drawing skills to the next level with these super cool drawing tricks, tips, and optical illusions. This book is for older children, teens, students, teachers, parents, and adults. You are never too old to learn how to draw. These cool drawing tricks will follow you wherever you go in life. Kids will enjoy learning how to make 3-dimensional art, letters and stuff that that pop out of the page, and so will their parents. This book is filled with cool stuff to draw – I hope you think so too! Each “Cool Stuff / Things” drawing lesson is a step by step process. Each tutorial is broken down into the simplest of steps that can be followed by older children & teens. Kids, teenagers, students, teachers, and adults can enjoy this book…it isn’t just for children. The only thing your child needs is time and interest. Let the Cool drawing and doodling start now and let the creativity flow! This book is part of the Drawing for Kids series of books!

Meet Rachel Goldstein

Rachel Goldstein has been teaching drawing to children for about 15 years on drawinghowtodraw.com. Rachel is known for teaching kids how to draw with letters and numbers to make it easier for them to learn how to draw.

Crochet for Beginners: 21 Easy Patterns to Create Cute and Soft Amigurumi Toys with Step-by-Step Instructions and Pictures

Are you just starting out and looking for clear step by step instructions to make your first beautiful Amigurumi? Do you want to master your Amigurumi skills and try new cute amazing patterns? Discover the joy of Amigurumi crochet with this wide-ranging collection of 21 original toys. Crochet for Beginners is perfect for crochet enthusiasts of all levels and includes designs of low, medium, and high complexity, ideal for those wanting to build up their skillset and confidence. From Max, the sleepy Owl and Señor Avocado, to Chubby Penguin and Cutosaurus, to Ozzy the Koala and Foxy the Charmer – the book is sequenced by difficulty level to help you build your way up to Amigurumi expert. This adorable collection of animals, food, and an occasional gnome will provide you with the tools you need to crochet like a pro in no time. Join celebrities like Cher, Meryl Streep, Aretha Franklin, and Madonna in practicing this wonderful craft and create cute stuffed companions for yourself and your loved ones. Not only is crochet a fantastic creative outlet, but it is also proven to boost your happiness levels, encourage creative thinking, combat Alzheimer’s disease, insomnia, and depression. In Crochet for Beginners, you will find: • -21 original crochet designs. • -Step-by-step instructions for each toy. • -Beautiful full-color photography. • -Beginner, intermediate, and expert-level designs, arranged by level of difficulty.

Meet Natasha Pashuk

My name is Natasha, and I am no stranger to the beautiful artform of crochet, as I have been a practitioner for over 30 years! My favorite items to create are amigurumi – the toys like the ones you will find in this book – as well as baby clothes and virtually any crochet item you can imagine. I am a highly creative, curious person, and aside from crochet, I love to spend time cooking new recipes and going for nature walks with my youngest daughter and my dog.

Project Fashion: Fashion Illustration: Drawing Techniques

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street; fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” – Coco Chanel ★ Are you an aspiring Fashion Designer fired up to start sketching your unique designs but worried about figure drawing and struggling to know where and how to get started? ★ PROJECT FASHION: FASHION ILLUSTRATION – Drawing Techniques by Mila Markle will help you get started in an instant. ⚠ Best used in conjunction with the PROJECT FASHION Croquis and Design Books series* this book is a full colour addition to get you going or to further improve your fashion design abilities. The aim of this book is to help advance your fashion design skills by showing you how to use the PROJECT FASHION series* as well as introducing themes important in the fashion illustration industry. Included is 58 full colour pages and helpful information about which drawing materials to use, colouring and rendering techniques and applying the formal elements. In this compact book,there are numerous tips discussed in order to learn the secrets of doing FASHION ILLUSTRATION. The Chapters of this book consist of: Drawing Materials The Formal Elements Rendering Techniques Technical Drawings Croquis and Figure ✔ Perfect for fashion design students or people who are interested in fashion design as a hobby or career.

Meet Mila Markle

Mila Markle – Fashion Designer. Author of Books in the Fashion Design Industry.

Carrie’s Herbal Infused Skincare Cookbook : A Beginners Guide to Creating Your Own Personalized Skincare

Do you like to use all natural skincare? Would you like to learn how to make your own? Learn how to make personalized all natural skincare that is good for your specific skin care needs. Learn about many plants, flowers, oils and other ingredients that are good for your skin and how to use them to make your own recipes. Carrie Scharf has a skincare business and is the author of Herbal Infused Skincare: How to use herbs and flowers for glowing skin. Carrie’s experience making skincare and experimenting with ingredients inspired her to write her books. In this book you will find over 20 recipes for skincare products like lip balm moisturizers, face cream, cleansers and bath items. Start making your own skincare today!

Meet Carrie Scharf

Carrie Scharf has a skincare business and is the author of Herbal Infused Skincare: How to use herbs and flowers for glowing skin. Carrie’s experience making skincare and experimenting with ingredients inspired her to write her books. Carrie has an associate in arts degree from Mayland Community College and a BS from the University of North Carolina at Asheville. Carrie lives and works out of her home in West Virginia. She homeschools her two boys and plays clarinet with a local band.

Small Space Senior Living: Declutter and Clean Without Being Overwhelmed Using The Micro-Cleaning Block Method

Micro-Cleaning Blocks are small segments of a cleaning task. It usually doesn’t represent the entire cleaning project. It’s a way to declutter while you clean without being overwhelmed. With dozens of micro-cleaning jobs to choose from, even those in a wheelchair, a walker, or using a cane for support can accomplish several independently.

Meet Dotti Swenson

For 25-years, I worked as a caregiver to older adults who preferred to stay in their homes. Some were quite active and living independently, needing little help. There were those living at home Aging in Place, finding life more challenging and requiring various degrees of support, and others in different stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s.

F*ck You Chaos: Declutter Your Home, Mind and Finances to Discover More Happiness, Calm, Purpose and Abundance

Declutter your home, mind and finances to unleash the energy you didn’t know you had. The freedom, ease and tranquillity that comes from a well-organised, thoughtfully decorated home can be life changing. But why stop there? What if you could be more intentional and organised in other areas of your life? Clutter is anything that doesn’t serve you. Junk-filled cupboards and littered surfaces, self-limiting thoughts and beliefs or self-sabotaging financial habits may all be causing you mayhem and preventing you from creating the life you deserve. In F*ck You Chaos, Dominika will show you how most of your clutter stems from your mind or habits, and that changing your narrative and having strategies is more valuable than a hundred checklists, regardless of your homeownership, family or financial status. Taking one, small, intentional step at a time, you’ll discover how to get organised with a host of life-changing tools, including: – Step-by-step strategies to declutter and decorate your home to create an environment where you love spending time. – Tactics to bring awareness to your thoughts and overcome self-sabotage. – Techniques to clear unhelpful mental clutter and develop a more positive mindset. – Strategies to organise your finances and make them work better for you. – Tips and tricks to feel calmer, less anxious and more in control. – Online tools to support and inspire you along the way. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve when you start taming the chaos and taking ownership of your life. Heck, you might even love the process!

Meet Dominika Choroszko

Dominika is a decluttering and organisation expert, a life coach and former world-class ballroom dancer with a keen aesthetic eye. After almost two decades of decluttering, organising, finessing her methods and applying them to different areas of her life, she now helps her clients create more space on the inside and outside.

Houseplants Guide for Beginners: How to Choose, Care and Grow Indoor Plants for a Healthy Life

This comprehensive guidebook will let you know everything you need to know about growing and maintaining houseplants. You will not only learn the basics of how to choose houseplants but also learn how to look after them properly. To be able to keep a houseplant alive, you have to mimic its natural habitat by providing it with its preferred amounts of water, light, humidity, and so on. All of these factors have been described in this book in a manner that’s very easy to understand. You will also learn how to prune, groom, repot, and propagate your houseplants. You just have to read this thoroughly and apply it to your plants. In addition, this book will also provide you with a list of some of the most popular houseplants that are available in stores all over the world. With this, you will be able to identify a wide range of houseplants.

Meet Angela Kubiak