What if your favorite fiction was a reality?

Turns out the villains of a certain magical girl cartoon actually exist — one fan and amateur tulpamancer in the mundane human realm is sure of it. In fact, these lost demons have been oppressed by humans for millennia. It’s true. He’d do anything to help them, but no one really listens. Some YouTubers are finally starting to take notice — except they just use their platform to make fun of the idea. Are the lost demons doomed to be clickbait mockery for social media addicts, or can their tulpamancer ally prove their existence and free them?

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Meet Blake Brite

“Trump Dog” is funny fast-paced political satire that takes place several years in the future when people come to believe Donald Trump was reincarnated as a dog. The main character is a struggling, down-on-his-luck freelance artist, named Jerry Kendall. One day Jerry goes to an animal shelter and adopts a big, rambunctious and unruly mutt named Mabel. Through a fluke accident, neighbors and the media come to mistakenly believe that Mabel is the reincarnation of Donald Trump. Even though Jerry knows this belief is untrue, he continues to perpetuate the reincarnation myth for the sake of fame and riches. However, all of the attention to Jerry and “Trump Dog” quickly becomes overwhelming as it wreaks havoc on Jerry’s life. He is confronted regularly with extortionists, attempted dog kidnappers, Trump haters, and Trump-loving fanatics. If you enjoy wacky political humor (especially liberal humor), Trump jokes, or dog humor, this short entertaining book is a must read.

Meet Jim Tilberry

Jim Tilberry writes short, funny, and entertaining books on topics as varied as vegetarianism, dating, and business. His latest book, “Trump Dog,” is political satire that takes place several years in the future. Tilberry lives and works near Chicago.