The Gimmicky Gadget

As the Campton family set out on their annual summer holiday to Lake Liraz; unfortunate circumstances arise when father’s hand gets trapped inside a wolf trap. Brother and sister, Noah and Ava come to the rescue as their mother instructs them to seek out help. While out on their mission, the siblings stumble upon a mysterious cave with an odd rectangular-shaped drawing on the wall that transports them back to the cavemen times – this is where their real summer holiday adventure begins! Back in time, Noah and Ava help free ‘Maca’ the macaque monkey by playing funny tricks on his slave owners, the caveman and cavewoman with their newly discovered gimmicky gadget; teaching them a lesson or two on how to treat others right.

Meet Leigh Belrose

Leigh Belrose is a children’s author. She has published two children’s middle grade books. Her first ‘Beyond a Large Steep Hill’ has received several positive reviews and her second newly released book ‘The Gimmicky Gadget’ is now available to purchase at Amazon and Smashwords.

Paradise Hill Summer: Paradise Hills, Montana Book #1

They moved to Paradise Hills, Montana for a second chance at life. They found each other. Faith Alexander ran away to Paradise Hills to escape her controlling mother and the ruins of a marriage that never happened with Clark Grayson. A week before their wedding, Clark called it off, only to realize too late that he had made a grave mistake. Faith was already gone. Fast forward to the summer season in scenic Montana. Clark and Faith are reunited when they’re set up on a blind date and discover that they’re bridesmaid and groomsman in the same wedding. As they explore their new small town, sparks begin to fly once again, and they discover that love can be rekindled. But new friendships in Paradise Hills and the past neither can avoid add complexity to their path forward, threatening their second chance at love. People visit the Paradise Hills series for the adventure. They stay for the new friends and family they make along the way.

Meet Merri Maywether

Over twenty years ago, Merri Maywether went on a date with a very sweet man from Montana. Three weeks later, they were engaged, and they have lived happily ever after since. Now, Merri lives with her husband in rural Montana. You can find her in the town’s only coffee house listening to three generations of Montanans share their stories. Otherwise, she’s in the school library, inspiring the next generation’s writers. Merri’s stories explore the intricacies of friendship, family, and love, setting every story in picturesque Montana towns. Each series offers a unique glimpse into the lives of its characters, making every book a gateway to another cozy corner of Merri’s world. Explore Merri Maywether’s Collections: * The Ashbrook, Montana Series: Dive into the lives of Ashbrook residents as they navigate real-world challenges and find second chances at love. * The Three Creeks, Montana Series: Follow the journey from friendship to happily ever after in this engaging series. * Small Town Stories Novellas: Enjoy bonus stories featuring beloved characters from Ashbrook and Three Creeks. * The Paradise Hills, Montana Series: In this cozy town nestled at the foothills of a mountain, the quest for love touches the hearts of those who seek it. * The Hope Springs, Montana Series: Celebrate the season with sweet holiday romance novellas full of festive cheer and tender moments. * The Cottage Cove, Montana Series: Discover a place where love and forgiveness pave the path to happily ever after. You can also find Merri on various social media channels where she has fun sharing her love of reading.

Turkish Delight

Join in on a week filled with laughter, romance, colourful cocktails and language, and honest conversations between good friends + just a little bit of craziness! Maya, Charlotte, June and Cecilia have been friends for more than 20 years and have shared each other’s ups and downs throughout life. Now that they’re in their 40s, they have decided to go on a holiday to Turkey together. A country none of them have travelled in before. We cross paths with the girls while they’re getting ready for their holiday and they invite us to tag along for a week of sun and fun in the beautiful coastal town of Cennet. Together, they have to find their way in a country and a culture that’s like nothing they’ve ever experienced. Throughout their week together, they create lasting memories and uncover surprising, unexpected, and shocking aspects of each other. Because why is the shy Cecilia so much more tense and uptight than usual? What does the perfect Charlotte hide from her husband – and from her friends? Will the fun-loving Maya overcome her insecurities, what is the confident June’s big secret, and is something going to happen with Haci, the cute waiter from the restaurant? And last but not least: What the heck is Turkish Delight?! __________________________________________________________________ A WORD FROM THE AUTHOR: Turkish Delight is a story that is highly inspired from nearly 20 years of escapades and observations during holidays in Turkey. That means that the overall vibe of this book most likely will feel very familiar and relatable to many others who have been on holiday in lovely Turkey, AND are on the “wrinkly” side of their 40s. ;-) We have all experienced relaxing holiday moods, lovely trips to the beach, and a lot of fun and laughter with friends and family. But, because of these real-life components in the narrative, this book also contains loads of alcohol, cheesy and tacky humour, swear words, and a lot of banter between good friends. Is this book for you? In all honesty … If you normally don’t find this type of literature funny or/and entertaining, this book is probably not for you, and I would advise against reading it. ;-) However!If you normally enjoy this type of story, you will most likely totally love this sunny feel-good holiday adventure.

Meet Anjelica Søndergaard

Anjelica Søndergaard (1975) grew up in a suburban area called Hvidovre, just outside the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen. The power of the written words has always fascinated Anjelica. That stories can paint vivid images, evoke specific emotions in readers or make someone completely disappear into another world, if only for a moment. That’s almost magical. Her debut novel Turkish Delight, which launched her writing career, is a huge declaration of love for both women’s friendship and the magic that comes when you say yes to the adventures of everyday life. The inspiration came from countless holidays in Turkey with family and friends for over 20 years. Throughout the journeys, an abundance of amusing and outrageous tales and experiences has been collected and written down, featuring a diverse array of individuals and scenarios.

The Short Story Emporium

Discover a collection of 8 stories that become more compelling and engrossing one after the other… Genres such as horror, crime, historical fiction, literary fiction Nightstalkers & Lycanhawks- a bloody battle between vampires and werewolves Labyrinth of Torture- A notorious serial killer is on the prowl The Liberationist- An over-zealous king must flee his own country The Kryptonite Room- An egomaniac seeks revenge on an ignorant society

Meet Justin Bienvenue

Justin Bienvenue is a New England-based writer and poet of 12 books. He is the author of the psychological horror series The Wax Factory and of the horror poetry series The Macabre Masterpiece. Justin is a big football fan(Sundays are for football), he’s never drank coffee(gets fuel from Mountain Dew Code Red), and The Shining is his favorite movie(He has 5 Shining shirts and even the rug). Due to his fascination with the unexplained and belief in the bizarre, he hopes to one day become a Ufologist. He is also interested in Egyptology and has a good shelf-size collection of Egyptian artifacts. He is the host of the Youtube series Mystery Unsolved and Mystery Ghost Stories, where he discusses some of the world’s most unsolved mysteries, conspiracy theories, and paranormal ghost stories.

Unlooked for Tales

I have always enjoyed writing. Sometimes I get an idea for a story in my head, but it’s not yet fully formed or not suitable to turn into a full length story. Rather than discard the idea, I will sometimes take the idea and turn it into a very short story, just to see where the idea takes me. In a way, I would call that unlooked-for as I didn’t set out to find it, it just found me, hence the name ‘unlooked-for tales’.

Meet C.S. Rhymes

C.S. Rhymes is a web developer by day and a part time author. He has written 4 books, as well as publishing short stories to his website.

Inn Dreams

Karen Grace has just realized her life’s dream of buying an old motel to renovate — by herself. How hard can it be? But money slips through her fingers fast and she’s forced to find a job in town, where she meets the love of her life. Then the real trouble begins. She begins finding her belongings destroyed, ominous messages scribbled on her walls, an effigy planted behind her property. It’s clear someone doesn’t want her in town and they’re going to make sure she leaves.

Meet April Tompkins

April Tompkins grew up on the prairies of North Dakota and now lives in Minnesota with her husband and her cat Sasha. She is the mother of two strong men.

She is not only an author, but an accomplished songwriter and singer, whose independent albums have garnered thousands of plays on Spotify and are featured in music libraries. She is also the creator and editor of a digital music magazine and has been a music blogger since 2007.

In her writing universe, April’s characters are not as uncomplicated as they seem. Everyone has a story, but it may take some coaxing to get them to tell it.

Darcy’s Spell

unexpected romance ♥ short story ♥ Pride & Prejudice ♥ and magic… She swore he was the last man she’d ever marry. She didn’t know about magic. Elizabeth never saw Darcy’s marriage proposal coming. After months of hating him, she is shocked when she suddenly says “Yes”, and even more surprised, when she starts falling for him hard and fast. But Darcy hides a terrible secret and just when Elizabeth discovers that there are some things even magic cannot fix, will a sister’s social fall destroy her only chance for happiness?

Meet Reut Barak

Mother, hiker, and total foodie living in Edinburgh, Scotland… Reut graduated as a trained Opera Singer from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, and then worked in Berlin, singing church music by Mozart, Haydn and Bach. While arranging concerts in the city and managing artists, she discovered her passion for business. She joined fellow entrepreneurs in the 2013-2014 class at the University of Oxford, with a scholarship to study business (MBA), where she found that creativity goes far beyond art. She later had a taste of corporate life, seeing the inside workings of some of the world’s largest finance, energy and manufacturing companies. Leaving the world of corporate drama behind, she now pursues her dreams of becoming a fiction novelist, a self published vegan author, blogger and youtuber. She first arrived in Scotland as a hiker, eager to explore the mysterious highlands.. Well, no not really… The true story is: Once upon a time… Reut was born in Camelot in the year 1201, following the famous explosion of the northern dragon tower. She has a degree in fantasy and science fiction from the University of Atlantis and this record can be found in the central library, now twenty thousand leagues under the sea. She likes phoenix riding, dragon fighting and painting the roses red. And Grimm’s Fairy Tales  Reut shares her PERSONAL LIFE stories on YouTube at

The Exiled: A Web of Lies Book 1

With fleets of airships, mancery, and the ability to read anyone’s Truth, the Elves have squashed every rebellion with bloodshed and war. But the arrival of a foreign race on the shores of Belissia threatens to tip the balance of power.

Airship Captain Selouteau of the Elven Armada, races to save her home from the Human invasion by seeking an alliance with the exiled Prince of the Ez. But in the Prince’s court, Selouteau finds someone that brings the legitimacy of the entire Elven reign into question.

Old tensions rise and as the continent slips towards another war, Selouteau grapples with the weight of what she’s discovered.

Can Captain Selouteau stop the next Belissian war before it begins? And if she can’t, do the Elves—her own race—deserve to remain in power?

Meet Jason Leigh Smith

Jason began reading at a young age, and started writing his own work not much after that. His first book was ‘terrible’, as he wanted to write themes of sex, drugs, and death but didn’t have the life experience to do those ideas justice. He continued writing as a creative outlet through university and found a job working in a small independent publishing house. Working up through the ranks, Jason attained the role of publishing manager and helped thousands of authors bring their books to life.

Now, with years of experience in the publishing industry, Jason is finally ready to release his debut series, A Web of Lies.

Monochromatic Mind

This book is an invitation to embark on a journey into the limitless expanse of the human imagination. In a world with technology and inundated with preconceived notions of possibility, this book serves as a beacon, reminding us of the boundless potential within our minds. It is a celebration of creativity in its purest form. Through a collection of imaginative micro-stories, readers are transported to worlds both familiar and fantastical. Every story is accompanied by striking black-and-white photographs, serving as visual prompts to ignite the creative spark within. As renowned photographers eloquently express, there is a certain magic inherent in black-and-white imagery. Far from being restrictive, monochrome photography allows for a level of abstraction that transcends the confines of reality, inviting readers to explore realms of fantasy and emotion beyond the limitations of color. The book urges us not to passively consume the stories fed to us by the world but to actively engage our imaginations to tear down the barriers of what we believe to be possible and to embrace the unknown with open arms.

Meet Tristan Mowrey

Tristan Mowrey is an accomplished author who has already left an indelible mark on the world of literature. His written works possess a unique quality that stimulates the reader’s thought process and offers fresh perspectives, resulting in an exciting reading experience. Tristan’s journey as an author began after he spent several years working alongside copywriters, editors, and digital designers, acquiring the requisite skills and expertise. Since his debut in 2019, he has produced several works of literature that have garnered widespread acclaim for their creativity, originality, and captivating storytelling.

Slightly Spooky Stories I

Ghosts, sixth sense and things not of this world aren’t always scary, though they can be. Some help or warn, frighten or comfort those who perceive them. Others are here for their own purposes, waiting for a chance to move on. We might see, hear or feel them, perhaps they’ll only reach us through our subconscious. Are ghosts memories and echoes of the past, contacts from another time and place, or just figments of our imagination? Whether you believe in them or not, ghosts, spirits and mysterious spooking happenings all provide stories. This collection contains 25 of them.

Meet Patsy Collins

Patsy Collins spends her time making things up and writing them down from her home in Lee-on-the-Solent, England. or whilst traveling in a campervan. When away she enjoys writing, scrambling round ruined castles, visiting friends and eating cake. At home she writes, gardens, bakes (and then eats) cakes. She is the author of eight novels, and 29 themed collections of short stories. Hundreds of her short stories have been published in women’s magazines, such as My Weekly, The People’s Friend and Fiction Feast. For more information about Patsy, sign up to her newsletter or visit