When Trouble Comes

With nothing but his horse and his Colt, Jack Applewhite is on the run from a posse in untamed Kansas. When he encounters two bounty hunters, Jack discovers his brother has been murdered and vows to avenge his death. But avenging Thomas’ death won’t be easy. Jack has to make his way to Paradise City, Nebraska, ahead of those bounty hunters and find his brother’s killer before the posse or the U.S. Marshal catches up to him. Trouble is, the man Jack intends to kill is innocent.

Meet L.A. Moore

L.A. Moore is a voracious reader and lives in sunny Florida.

Keeping The Watch: Caretaking The Hidden Value Of A Family Heirloom

A Christian family saga of how God answers a patriarch’s prayer and provides a means for multiple generations of one family to choose Him, and home.

Meet Patrick Blau

Sure I’d always thought about writing a book years gone by. Thought about it from time to time, but it never became important enough for me to actually sit down and begin. In 2015 my father gave me my inheritance, a pocket watch, which had been passed down from youngest son to youngest son through five generations. Three years later in 2018 my father passed away, and on a whim one day I opened the watch and found an old photograph cut and pressed into the back cover. The watch had stopped ticking at some time in the past, showing a time of just after noon. Or midnight, depending on how you looked at it. A pocketwatch database website yielded even more details on my inheritance, and the details that I found surrounding its existence, and the existences of the men who had kept it before me, finally gave me the drive and ambition to write a book. “Keeping The Watch” will end up being the first of my books that I’ll write. One day God will give me the drive and ambition to do it again. That’s how I write, and I think it’s worked rather well. And I’m sure my Dad would agree.

Step Lively: New York City Tales of Love and Change

Step back in time to 1980 in New York City. “Step lively” — what the subway conductors used to say in the early 80’s in New York City — describes Jill, as she and her husband Alex step lively in adjusting to living in Manhattan. In their move to the city, they realize a long held dream, and struggle like all of us, to find their place in the world.
Each tale is a slice of life of the “ordinary,” the minutae of daily life. The tales can stand alone, but as a whole they make up the mosaic of Jill’s life back then. As she and Alex discover the city, we see the unraveling of love and dreams against the backdrop of change.
A cast of others join the couple in their world: a businessman from Iceland the night John Lennon is shot, a restless philosopher, a born-again come-to-Jesus elevator man in their building, a talking parakeet, Jill’s grandmothers, Jill’s bicycle. Almost a character in the collection, it transports her through the streets of her beloved Manhattan. Much of what we see is from the handlebars of her bike – from them we explore Greenwich Village and the Upper West Side and get glimpses into the city’s loneliness and its rapid changes. We see the direction Alex and Jill’s lives take in this constantly changing landscape that is New York City.

Meet Sherri Moshman-Paganos

A former secondary school and university educator based in Athens Greece, I grew up outside Washington DC and lived for a while in New York City before making my home in Athens. You can often find me traveling and getting material for the travel/culture blog that I write on Greece. I have been drawn to writing since I was a child, a passion which was clinched by a journalism class in high school. Over the years I’ve published essays and poems in literary magazines, as well as a book of my poems, “Wanderings: Poems of Discovery.” “Step Lively: New York City Tales of Love and Change” is a collection of 14 tales, a fictional memoir based on my years in Manhattan.

Grey the Greedy Cat

Grey the Greedy Cat is an incredible storybook for kids which illustrates the need to be content and not greedy. It additionally portrays the need for children to treat everyone they meet with kindness. …Grey is a greedy cat with an insatiable appetite for cheese. He could not go a single day without eating cheese and he would do absolutely anything to get it. But one day…. something happens to Grey. This book will be available for FREE on Amazon from 3rd to 5th of March 2023. Don’t miss out!

Meet Sydney Merah

Sydney Merah writes sweet, fun stories for kids. As a child she loved to write, draw and paint characters. This passion has grown and made her create beautifully illustrated childrens’ books with inspiring stories. She believes storytelling is a powerful tool that can be used to teach and positively influence young minds.

Be Careful What You Wish for

A Trilogy of Terror Welcome to Bella Luna Bookstore and Metaphysical Shop. Don’t let the innocent façade fool you. It’s much more than just a bookstore, and Belda, the owner, so much more than a mere proprietor. There is power within these walls. Just ask the people you will meet who have been there. Three people, all willing to take desperate measures to make their dreams come true. Elizabeth McGwire, a selfish and spoiled young woman, willing to sacrifice her only living relative for greed and obsession. Martin Reynolds, a gifted attorney, willing to do anything to make his social-climbing wife happy, even if it includes destroying innocent lives. Stormie Banks, a Hollywood legend, tortured with a morbid fear of aging. Willing to sell her soul, she desperately turns to the occult to remain young. Little did any of them know what evil powers they had called into play when they engaged Belda’s unique talent to help them realize their darkest dreams. Three very different people, with only one thing in common——they all enlisted the aid of one evil woman to attain their heart’s desires——and they all wished they could turn back the hands of time to stop the horror they set in motion by walking through the door of Bella Luna.

Meet Krystal Lawrence

Krystal is the author of four previous novels and numerous short stories. She lives in the Pacific Northwest.

The Road to Hancock County: From Tragedy to Triumph

Meet the man who had it all, lost his all, but found true all. If you are ready for a wild, jaw-dropping, mind-blowing rollercoaster of crime, drugs, and sex- prepare to meet James Odell-a millionaire who spent his fortune on alcohol, cocaine, women, and a lavish lifestyle. In his breathtaking, shocking, and mesmerizing autobiography, “The Road to Hancock County,” James Odell tells about his life in organized crime and shows his long fall from power, position, and prestige. He shares how he became a heroin addict and an alcoholic. Finally, he ended up losing all the money that he made and everything that made life worthwhile, including his family. One day in the small town of Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, James was arrested and had a spiritual experience with God through Jesus Christ. He gave his life to the Lord. Miraculously, God opened the way for him to witness the goodness of God to thousands. He became a living witness of grace in the Hancock County Jail, in schools, treatment centers, and churches all over South Mississippi. James Odell did all of this while he was in prison. He would eventually become a college student at America’s largest Christian university. You should hold on tight because James Odell gives you a riveting account of his former life and a beautiful testimony of God’s grace. “The Road to Hancock County” has been verified and seen on over 417 newspapers and news stations in North America. It has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, Iheart radio, Tony Gribben’s Show, and many more media outlets. The media had a field day with the press release.

Meet James Odell

Author James Odell is forty-five years old and is from Arlington, Texas. He currently resides in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. James enjoys playing and watching baseball. He also enjoys weightlifting his free time. He has three daughters, which he loves beyond comprehension. He is currently a college student at Liberty University and will be a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor in just a few years. The book that is titled “The Road to Hancock County,” took him approximately two years to bring to print. He also wrote a second book that will be out soon called “Stripped.” He donates most of his book royalties to charity, in order to help feed the poor. The sad state of this world is that 25,000 people die a day of hunger related diseases. Approximately 10,000 children of that 25,000 die each day because of malnutrition. Please help support the less fortunate by purchasing a copy of my book.

How We Healed: a novel

BEST BOOK AWARD FINALIST for American Book Fest “An often vivid family saga, centered on a satisfyingly complex matriarch.” – Kirkus Reviews “This book did an excellent job of teaching essential life lessons.” – OnlineBookClub.org Review There is nothing ordinary about the journey we take in life, or the people in it. A tale of starting over and an unforgettable odyssey of healing. How We Healed follows Drunetta Brown, an oppressed black housewife desperate to escape her drunkard husband and small-town southern life. After fleeing with her youngest children to New York City in 1957, she finds unlikely friendship with Sister Rose, a church secretary, and Miss “Raycie” Rayceen, a boisterous bar singer. These women prove to be the right friends at the right time as they help Drunetta navigate her journey of self-discovery. With a determination uncharacteristic of her time, Drunetta ultimately learns what’s worth sacrificing—and, more importantly, what isn’t—to secure her place in a changing world.

Meet Melody Fowler

Melody is a free-spirit born and raised in Vancouver, BC. She worked for prominent Vancouver law firms, a psychiatrist, and retired after decades working for a Crown Corporation. She is also a recognized painter and a poet. Her art has been showcased in local galleries and she published a book of poetry, “Life Lyrics” in 2011. She now lives outside Vancouver, with her husband Arric, where their backyard, affectionately known as the “Fowler Vineyard”, continues to produce amazing wines and jellies. She has a wide range of poetic influences – Charlie Bukowski, Maya Angelou, Khalil Gibran, Alice Walker, Joaquin Zihuatanejo, Natasha Carrizosa, fellow Canadians Chelene Knight, Joseph Kakwinokanasum, Shane Koyczan and the late great Richard Wagamese. A novel she has co-written with her husband Arric Fowler, “How We Healed,” released August 24, 2022. CHECK OUT www.melodyfowler.com

The Kaval Rises

“When the waters bleed and the walls fall, I will come for you. We will destroy them all.” Apocalyptic visions haunt Eero Laine, unveiling a future he’s trying to avoid. All the warring, diseases, and natural disasters the voice prophesied to him have begun to transpire. Every day of Eero’s incarceration, the voice’s lust for death grows. It demands Eero claim his rightful place atop the ashes of a dying world. Together they will demolish its regimes and build a unified civilization in their image. Why the voice chose him has always been a mystery to Eero, but he stopped worrying about that long ago. The only thing he cares about now is saving the last family he’s got. The people who murdered his little brother and sent him to prison now hunt his older one. To save him, Eero must escape. One gang possesses the skill to pull it off, the Kaval. If Eero joins them though, he’ll start down the sordid path the voice set forth for him. He despises the monster he could become, but embracing the darkness is the only way for his brother to stay in the light.

Meet Mike Moon

Mike Moon is a native Illinoisan who’s always had a love for writing. From concocting short stories about monsters and aliens as a child to detective mysteries in high school, creating fiction has long been his passion. In his free time, he enjoys reading, hiking, and going to concerts, just to name a few. Most importantly though, he loves hanging out with his wife and animals. He released his debut novel, The Kaval Rises, in December 2022.

Adventures of Relviana

Relviana, a dark skinned beauty born in villa suddenly developed a fierce ambition to pursue her innate desire of exploring other lands outside her native homeland. Her sudden passion for discovery led her to faraway lands across the sea, embarking on an exciting adventure through jungles, villages and large cities in a quest to gain new experiences. Throughout her journey, she followed the direction of a bright shooting star which she believed was her God ordained guide on the path to her destiny. The star led Relviana on a journey into the unknown.

Meet Triona Uwem

The beautiful Triona Uwem, Author of Adventures of Relviana, is a young, highly talented, award winning Nigerian writer and poet who has consistently wowed her audience with awesome literary releases. Born in Borno state, Nigeria, to the family of Prof&Dr(Mrs) Okwong Nkereuwem. Having very shiny prospects right from childhood, Triona has indeed proven herself today not only as a gifted writer but also as a multi-talented artiste based on her acting, singing, dancing, public speaking, modelling, fashion creativity and business skills. She became active in November 2010, when she received an award of TALENT FOR WRITING from United Kingdom’s society of young writers and in May of 2014, she was officially decorated with the beauty queen title, MISS TOURISM NIGERIA 2014 and moved on to contest on 5 other beauty pageants. Also, as a proud patriot of her country, she has voiced her contributions towards national change through publications such as carving out a pathway for Nigeria and a few others.

Twenty Miles West of Branch, Texas and other stories

From a desert highway in West Texas to the plains of frontier Kansas to an abandoned mine in New Mexico, from a courtroom to a high school girls’ speech contest to a nursing home, from the side yard of a suburban home to a youth revival to the halls of an urban high school, K.C. Knouse puts the main characters of the thirteen short stories and novella included in this collection into circumstances that challenge assumptions they have made about themselves, their lives, and the world in which they live:

The mother who is estranged from her son.
The young woman who has doubts about her relationship with an older man.
The widower who struggles to accept the death of his wife.
The young man who is fearful of becoming his abusive father.
The homesteader who fights to redeem his pride.
The aging salesman whose livelihood is threatened by technology.
The father who relives his past at the expense of his relationship with his son.
The boy who discovers that having money creates as many problems as it solves.
The veteran teacher who crosses an emotional boundary in spite of herself.
The teenage boy whose relationship with God is complicated by a pretty girl and a misunderstanding.
The woman who doubts her decision to put her husband into a nursing home.
The man whose faith in the justice system is shaken.
The high school girl who is self-conscious about a birthmark on her face.
The middle-aged insurance adjuster who receives more than he bargained for when he comes to the aid of an attractive woman.

K.C. Knouse uses compassion, humor and an eye for detail to bring these characters to life and bind their stories to your heart.

Meet K.C. Knouse

K.C. Knouse is the author of Twenty Miles West of Branch, Texas and other stories, a collection of short fiction, A Short Stack of Short Fiction, Three Character Driven Short Stories, and a non-fiction book, True Prosperity: Your Guide to a Cash-Based Lifestyle (1996, Double-Dome Publications).

Knouse began writing for publication in 1985 and has had his short fiction published in print literary magazines and online at Wattpad.com. He wrote a personal finance blog, LiveOnCash, from 2010 to 2021.

A career outside salesperson, Knouse enjoyed a forty-year career in the printed products industry. He spent most of his career as a self-employed person.

K.C. Knouse lives on the U.S./Mexico border in far west Texas. More information can be found on the author’s website, KCKnouse.com.