Raw Sexuality, or a Year of Indiscretion


“(Extremely) brutal honesty, total sexual unabashedness and slightly bitter, but meditative and charming humour. […] If Nick Hornby, Henry Miller, Philip Roth and Charles Bukowski had shared a house for a week or two, they would have come up with something very similar. Most importantly though, it never lets you get bored – not for a moment.” (Alexandr Hus from CZECH LIT OWL)

Based on a true story

Your life can be both a comedy and a tragedy. Especially your sex life – and most especially if you spent your entire youth in a borderline celibate mode and are now jeopardizing your long-term relationship to catch up on what you missed. There will be hilarity and embarrassment, there will be jealousy and lots of experimentation going on. You may want to see what the world of online adult entertainment has got to offer. Or you could go and pay for sex in real life. Or you just start a real affair. And if you’re a bit snobbish, neurotic, geeky and jealous of your girlfriend’s über-masculine and psychotic new friend, you’ve got yourself one huge debacle.

“Raw Sexuality, or A Year of Indiscretion” is a comedic and subversive novel about sexual self-discovery and polyamory, about questioning society’s values and ideas when it comes to intimate relationships, about letting out one’s own demons and making compromises, about misanthropy and cultural identity.

And of course the Internet.

How Daddy got his groove back, with a lot of help from me, Matchmaker Extraordinaire!


Cassie Morrison is very very worried about her Daddy…

He has a good job, is an excellent cook, and spends more than enough of his time with her and her sister Anna.

But there’s one thing missing from her Daddy’s life, a good woman!

Fortunately for him, Cassie is going to find him one!
Even if he doesn’t want her help!
Especially if he doesn’t want her help!

Target acquired!

Name: Esmeralda Lockhart!
Profession: Substitute teacher!
Height: 6ft!
Hair colour: Red!
Pretty: Yes!!!
Niceness: 10/10!
Suitability: 10/10?

Let the matchmaking commence!!!
After all, what could possibly go wrong?

A Man Called Smith


A battle-scarred father. A disillusioned daughter. Can a grieving widower rebuild his splintered family to find peace at last?

South Dakota, 1949. WWII veteran John Smith longs for the life he lost after the tragic death of his wife during childbirth. But in the desperation to provide for his two small children, he is manipulated into an unsuitable marriage by a young woman with a dark neurosis. Tormented by his own grief and the ravages of war, John is blind to his children’s turmoil and pain.

Washington State, 1964. John’s sixteen-year-old daughter Calla dreams of a life beyond her vindictive stepmother. Forced to care for her younger siblings with a list of household demands larger than she is tall, Calla knows it’s only a matter of time until she can escape the abuse and begin anew at college. But her dreams crumble when her heartless stepmother claims the college fund for her own selfish purposes.

As John fears he is too late to stop the war within his home, Calla vows to build a new life worth living.

Can John survive the consequences of war on the home front? Can Calla find the strength to rediscover the meaning of family?

A Man Called Smith is the heartwarming and heart wrenching story following the life of John Smith. If you like courageous characters and narratives told over multiple generations, then you’ll love Tanya E. Williams’ emotional tale.

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My Name is Rebecca: A Novelette


“My Name is Rebecca” is the story of a father and his sons who emigrated from Russia to the United States in the early 1900s, living in New York and then settling in Wisconsin. The reader accompanies the family as they leave behind their home land to escape persecution and poverty, searching for religious freedom and a better life. They bring not only their beliefs and traditions to America, but they also bring the story of their family to hand down to future generations.

Downward Cycle : Catalyst Book 1


NOW ON SALE – In the first five minutes over a million people will die… that’s just the beginning of the nightmare.

The super solar-storm wasn’t supposed to hit Earth—the odds were against it. And yet with barely a warning it did, and everything changed. In a remote oceanfront town, life begins to spiral downward after the storm causes a global electrical blackout. As planes begin falling from the sky, Scott Montgomery watches helplessly as pandemonium consumes the world around him. But the loss of electrical power is just the first of the problems facing the survivors in the chaos that follows.

Social order crumbles as a steadily growing number of people realize that there are no longer any consequences for their actions. Soon Scott discovers the truth: Not just about the extent of damage to the world’s infrastructure, but also the draconian plans one group has for regaining control and ensuring their own vision for the new world .

Catalyst is a shockingly realistic and largely fact-based tale about how society copes when the world is thrust back to a time before technology. If you are a fan of Steve Konkoly, Tom Abrahams or A. American, —you will love this book.

Tales from Big Country: A Western Stories Collection


Tales From Big Country is a wild west thrill ride brought to you by USA Today, Wall Street Journal and Amazon best-selling authors!

If you like westerns, historical fiction and action packed adventures, look no further! This thirteen-story collection, featuring work by national and international bestselling and award-winning authors, offers the best in western fiction.

Take a journey into the Old West, from its civilized order to lawless frontier. From the big skies of Montana to perilous rides with the Texas Rangers, you won’t want to put this collection down.

From traditional historical westerns to those with a paranormal twist, Native American stories to contemporary romantic suspense, bone-chilling horror to tales of fantasy, this collection has something for all western lovers.

>>>So saddle up and get ready for thirteen unforgettable rides!

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Hell to Reality: One prisoner’s journey


1939 Torun, Poland; the journey was perilous. The Mayer family; Peter, Mary his wife and their two sons John and Vladek, were under deep peril and had a decision to make. Early in the morning Peter was conscripted to a mandatory sentence by regulation under the threat of death at gunpoint by the Gestapo to be the “Volksdeutsche,” informer. Peter had no choice but to immediately leave Torun to flee to his cousin Klaus Kramke. He settled near the borders of Germany and Lithuania. Peter became one of many hundreds of migratory people without a name, identity, or a place to call home. Peter was victimized, attacked and left for dead on one of his trips to Lithuania. Unable to care for his own needs and bad bodily injuries, Peter was taken in as a refugee. Peter’s memory was obscured. In 1940 Peter was forced to join the Russian army. In 1941 the German army invaded Russia and Lithuanian provinces. Capture and transfer was inevitable to the infamous “Stalag 18” camp for migratory prisoners. Providence was with Peter and even as an unknown without a past he was recognized by family, his cousin Klaus. In 1943 Klaus and Peter escaped from Stalag 18 and fled to Olsztyn and later to his native home town Torun. In 1945 the Russian invaders liberated Torun. After the war Peter had his mind set on true freedom. The Baltic Sea was the only way to freedom; this idea never left his mind. Accounts from “Hell to Reality” is loosely based on the harrowing accounts of war, persecution and an identity that never left or abandoned Peter. Names and locations were changed.

The Cost of Caring: Can a Fresh Start Erase the Past?


Fans of Carrie from Book 1 will be delighted when Lisa and Carrie’s paths cross!

Sometimes you’re better off alone. That’s what Lisa Naylor decided when she was sixteen. After two years of keeping secrets from her parents, she’s ready to leave her dysfunctional family and create her own future.

Alone in a big city for the first time, she lets loose and blows through all the money she had so carefully saved. By the end of the summer, she’s broke, lonely, and doesn’t have a plan.

A chance encounter challenges her to take control of her life and make something out of it. Four years later, she’s transformed into someone confident, successful, and about to make a childhood dream come true. Then, one phone call changes everything. She must choose whether to rescue her mom and risk her own dream or turn her back on her family for good.

The Cost of Caring is the story of one woman’s transformation and the way her choices change the lives of the people around her. Read it on its own, or as part of the Success on Her Terms Series.
*This book was previously published as Counting on Success in the Net Worth series

The Divine Dots



“An affecting bildungsroman grounded in principles of emotional intelligence.” – KIRKUS REVIEW

Bijoy is a young boy in a remote Bangladeshi village where the legacy of hardship is passed from generation to generation.
But a distinct dream has been handed to this little soul by his father. His tiny heart embraces the dream without knowing the price he will endure for this vision. Inevitably, every triumph comes with a price. But Bijoy didn’t accept this cost as a choice; he followed it as it was the only means to escape.
When every door closes, Bijoy and his mother must embark on the unknown. At every turn, Bijoy is both aided and puzzled by the mysterious plots of destiny.
Where will this hostile journey steer Bijoy? What is adversity striving to profess?

Spanning two continents and several decades, Bijoy’s dramatic journey captivates the reader through each twist and turn as he deals with poverty, danger, oppression, unusual breakthroughs, and love, and gains precious wisdom on life along the way.
Ultimately, his greatest struggle is an existential one: finding peace with the hand life dealt him.



His Dark Obsession: A Dominant Alpha Male Steamy Romance (His Dark Desires Book 1)


One look is all it takes for her to become his dark obsession.

Ramiro Anton (AKA Ram)

I always know what I want. I always get what I want.

When I see her, there is no doubt in my mind. I want her. Innocent eyes and a wildness in her that hasn’t been unleashed. I’m going to be the one to release it. To take her body to new heights of desire until I’m imprinted on it. Until she knows she belongs to me.

Jasmine Daniels

He’s dark and magnetic. I can’t help but fall into his orbit.

Without even touching me, he makes my body feels things no man has ever made me experience. I’m falling into a tunnel of lust and submission. He does things to me that feel too good to be wrong. So why does it feel like I’m being pulled into his sweet darkness?

This steamy short story is the first of the His Dark Desires trilogy. It has a sexy Alpha dominant male and the fun-loving college girl he has all intentions of making his. If this sounds like your kind of high-heat short, dive right in.