How To Build Your Dream Home: A Step-By-Step Guide to Being Your Own General Contractor, While Saving Up To $50,000, Book 1 Of The 10 Step Guide to Constructing Your Dream Home In Just 26 Weeks

Whether you’re building a tiny home or the mansion of your wildest dreams, here’s exactly how to do it. Have you always dreamed of living in a space that is designed and built entirely by yourself? Do you constantly look at other architectural designs and imagine how you would tweak it, making it better and your very own? Maybe you’re finally ready to take the leap into designing and building your own home, but after all these years of dreaming, you aren’t quite sure where to begin? Even if you consider yourself to be handy around the house and yard, undertaking a project of this size and capacity is sure to be a bit daunting for anyone. It’s completely okay to feel overwhelmed! But the beautiful thing is that when you break it down into simple and actionable steps, building your own home from the ground up is something you are entirely capable of doing. You’ve got the skills and know-how, now all you need is to put them into practice in an efficient way that produces the best results. Building a new house requires a lot of foresight — things will go wrong and the plan will most likely find itself derailed at one point or another. Although this is in many ways a natural occurrence, it doesn’t have to be in any way catastrophic. With the right plan in place and a detailed map of how to progress through the entire process, no matter the curveballs you encounter, you’ll be able to seamlessly get back into the flow of things. It’s one thing to have the skills, but it’s another thing entirely to be able to apply them in a way that produces results. Finally, you can have both without any extra stress. In Building My Own House, you’ll discover: Why you’ll need to be incredibly patient with yourself as you lay the foundations of your home and begin framing Detailed checklists to help ensure everything is perfectly aligned so you won’t have to make adjustments later on Powerful insight and guidance for successful rough-in of plumbing, HVAC, and electricity — save both a ton of time and money Effective ways to cut costs and keep the scope of your material use within reasonable budget constraints Why certain tasks should be outsourced to other professionals — and how to choose the best business partners based on your unique needs and desires How to take aesthetic design into your own hands with the successful installation of cabinetry, trim, and more How to pull everything together and give all the final touches in one cohesive approach that won’t take more than 2 weeks … and much more! Don’t sit there feeling overwhelmed, coming up with excuses for why you can’t get started. You’re ready and have what it takes to make this happen. Now, you don’t even have to make a plan. It’s a crucial component, yes, but it’s all been taken care of for you. Now you just need to get busy building! If you’re ready to finally make your dream of building your own house come true, then scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button right now.

Meet Kris Land

Kris holds extensive management experience in leading the development and implementation of emerging technologies to increase productivity while streamlining efficiency. In other words, Kris’s cumulative past business experience gives him a better view of the bigger picture, enabling the streamlining of processes to get to the end goal. What started as a small hobby soon turned into a passion. Aside from gaining extensive business experience, Kris has been building homes for many years. The more he built, the more he detailed along the way. At first, the notes were personal, a way to help Kris achieve his goal of a beautifully built home every single time. The culmination of decades of work and business knowledge is now at your fingertips. Every step Kris detailed along the way has been poured into these home building manuals, so you don’t have to make mistakes along the way. As a result, you can achieve a seamless home building process without feeling overwhelmed at the process or devastated at the outcome. Kris experienced the ups and downs that come along with building your first home or even your second. But the more he built, the more he streamlined, handing over the entire process to you so you too can work without beating yourself up about the next steps. Most importantly, Kris genuinely wants to see you succeed. He wants you to understand the joy of finishing your own home and even flourishing during the process.

Small Space Senior Living: Declutter and Clean Without Being Overwhelmed Using The Micro-Cleaning Block Method

Micro-Cleaning Blocks are small segments of a cleaning task. It usually doesn’t represent the entire cleaning project. It’s a way to declutter while you clean without being overwhelmed. With dozens of micro-cleaning jobs to choose from, even those in a wheelchair, a walker, or using a cane for support can accomplish several independently.

Meet Dotti Swenson

For 25-years, I worked as a caregiver to older adults who preferred to stay in their homes. Some were quite active and living independently, needing little help. There were those living at home Aging in Place, finding life more challenging and requiring various degrees of support, and others in different stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Manifestation Prayer Secrets: How to Ask, Embody, and Receive (Heart-Based Manifesting Book 3)

Ready to Step into the Realm of Unlimited Quantum Possibilities? It’s time to fuse yourself with something bigger and activate your cosmic powers to create a life you love, desire, and deserve! Manifestation Prayer Secrets is the third book in the Heart-Based Manifesting series. In this book, bestselling modern spirituality and manifestation author, Elena G. Rivers, invites you to take yet another deep dive into the art of magical, love-based, heartful manifesting! As you keep releasing ego-based limitations such as fear, doubt, resentment, and other negative shackles of your shadow self, you open the gate to a myriad of new possibilities you had no idea you even existed… This is the KEY to joyful and effortless manifesting everyone on this journey so deeply desires! Manifestation Prayer Secrets will help you: -Make you feel guided and well taken care of by the Universe (or whatever Higher Power you believe in); -Restore your connection to something bigger and act in alignment with your authentic desires to manifest what you want; -Release your fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs; -Unleash your full potential and have more energy and zest for life. Join Elena as she walks you step-by-step to help unleash your full spiritual potential, soothe your inner state, empower you, and manifest your wildest dreams! Do not let your ego mislead you…Manifestation Prayer is not a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of inner strength and spiritual maturity. By unlocking the power of heart-based manifesting and embracing manifestation prayer secrets, you will never feel alone on your journey… Why stubbornly force yourself into coming up with limited solutions that may not even work or get on the path of misalignment and disappointment if you can tap into Something Bigger, and co-create with the Divine? All you need to make this material work for you is the willingness to open your heart, acknowledge that the Divine, your angels, the Universe (or whatever you believe in) are there to help you, and be ready to be guided! (Please note: reading past works of this author is not required to understand the message of this book; nor is it required to have any previous knowledge or experience with manifesting; this book covers everything you need to know in simple, conversational, no-judgemental, so typical for Elena “let’s talk over some coffee” style that welcomes all spiritual seekers and ambitious souls!) You, too, can manifest with more joy and ease…just by unleashing the power of your heart and using it as a compass that connects you with the Divine creator inside you. It’s time to acknowledge that your HEART is always right… It’s time to replace fear with faith… It’s time to step into the unknown and joyfully create the results your mind can’t even comprehend yet! Because you can! And you deserve to have an amazing, joyful, and happy experience here on Earth. Manifesting is your birthright, so unleash your full potential! Order your copy of Manifestation Prayer Secrets today and start your heart-based manifesting journey to live your most magical life!

Meet Elena G. Rivers

Elena G. Rivers is a bestselling author with a passion for writing highly uplifting Law of Attraction and spiritual self-help books aimed at helping ambitious souls manifest their dream reality. Elena’s books combine the metaphysical with the practical. Instead of chasing the latest “manifestation method,” Elena focuses on timeless and practical Universal laws and metaphysical principles to help you shift your mindset and energy to find the alignment you deserve. Thanks to embracing your true path and alignment, you can create a new, more empowered version of yourself and mindfully create a life you love. Elena fuses her proven manifestation tools with deep inner work to help you embrace self-love and transform your self-image in a powerful way. After all, you don’t attract what you want; instead, you attract who you are – this is the real LOA work and profound metamorphosis you can experience by reading one of Elena’s books! It’s time to raise your vibration and launch a new, more empowered version of yourself! When not writing, Elena enjoys indulging in self-care, meditating, yoga, reading, traveling, long walks in nature, listening to audiobooks, and inspirational programs, cooking, and eating.

Adapt & Overcome: Stories, Insights & Strategies to Defeat Self-Sabotage, and Develop Awesome Success Habits

Have you ever found yourself working toward an important goal only to fail? Maybe you feel stressed and anxious while seeking your life’s meaning? You must overcome your self-sabotage mindset, to make the most of your life and your career. You can beat self-sabotage by developing your behaviors, feelings, thoughts, and beliefs about yourself and challenging them when they stand between you and your goals. You can develop positive, self-supporting behaviors to keep you on the right track. “Adapt and Overcome” shares real-life stories, lessons, insights and strategies to get you to develop awesome Success Habits. This is a book compilation that guides you to defeat self-sabotage and helps you to achieve focus, dedication, and success… as explained by the experts: “You Are Allowed To Dream Again” by Sonja Henke “Step Into Self Love” by Gina Marissa “Be Careful What You Wish For… Your Subconscious Is Listening!” by Peter Harris “From Hoarding to Freedom” by Lynda McCallum “Seven Golden Secrets to Grow and Scale Your Business 100X or More” by Juan Jeffery “The Knowledge, Skills, Attitude, and Habits of Horse Training” by Norm Glenn “Vestibular Dysfunction & Migraine Rebalanced” by Gillian Train “Mentors Come in Many Forms” by Deborah Gallagher “Adapt to the Struggle and Overcome with Massive Action” by David Cavanagh “Overcome Any Obstacle with Personal Reinvention” by Pat Mesiti Following these strategies and tips to free yourself from exploring new opportunities, work more efficiently, and improve your relationships. Download your copy now!

Meet Pat Mesiti, Sonja Henke, Gina Marissa, Peter Harris, Lynda McCallum, Juan Jeffery, Norm Glenn, Gillian Train, Deborah Gallagher, David Cavanagh

“You Are Allowed To Dream Again” by Sonja Henke “Step Into Self Love” by Gina Marissa “Be Careful What You Wish For… Your Subconscious Is Listening!” by Peter Harris “From Hoarding to Freedom” by Lynda McCallum “Seven Golden Secrets to Grow and Scale Your Business 100X or More” by Juan Jeffery “The Knowledge, Skills, Attitude, and Habits of Horse Training” by Norm Glenn “Vestibular Dysfunction & Migraine Rebalanced” by Gillian Train “Mentors Come in Many Forms” by Deborah Gallagher “Adapt to the Struggle and Overcome with Massive Action” by David Cavanagh “Overcome Any Obstacle with Personal Reinvention” by Pat Mesiti

Choose to Change: It’s your life: Easy Steps to Live the Life of Your Dreams (Happiness is One Choice Away Book 1)

Ready to stop dreaming about happiness and claim your bliss? Discover easy-to-follow steps for helping to overcome life’s challenges. Fear that joy has passed you by? Plagued by worry over what other people think? Struggling to get through each day? With training in behavioral therapy and knowledge gained at the feet of spiritual gurus, respected author Jacqui Penn has helped hundreds break out of ruts and build fulfilling futures. And now she’s here to show you the way to wipe out negativity and tackle the world with sparkling confidence. Choose to Change is a powerful, fluff-free tool for kicking self-defeating practices to the curb and embracing personal empowerment. Featuring thought-provoking questions and a gentle manner, Penn’s conversational tone demystifies the true roadblocks on the path to positivity. And by following these simple but profound ideas, you’ll dismantle destructive habits and replace them with a newfound zeal for each sunrise. In Choose to Change: It’s your life, you’ll discover: Expertise to help point you toward a vibrant outlook A friendly, chatty approach so you can safely pull down your own barriers How to let go of what’s holding you back so you’ll aspire to new, exciting goals Actionable guidance for analyzing and making purposeful choices to find enrichment Access to a free downloadable journal, inspirational quotes, and much, much more! Choose to Change: It’s your life is the enlightening first book in the Happiness is One Choice Away self-help series. If you like straightforward lessons, empathic advice, and finding motivation, then you’ll love Jacqui Penn’s uplifting resource. Buy Choose to Change: It’s your life to stand tall today!

Meet Jacqui Penn

Jacqui Penn was born in London and grew up in Kent. She spent her childhood by the sea where she spent many hours contemplating life. If you’re looking for inspiration, positive thinking, or something uplifting, then check out Jacqui’s nonfiction, life-changing books. When she’s not writing, she’s walking with her dogs and husband on the coast of Kent, or around the lovely Andalusian hillsides, gathering inspiration and plotting her next book. You can follow her author page here on Amazon.

The Art and Science of Dealing with Toxic People and Relationships: The Practical Manual for Handling a Narcissistic Wife, Husband, or Parent, and Leading … Skills Training Series Book 5)

If you are in a relationship that seems to be suffocating you and you are no longer happy and want to come out of it, keep reading… If you do a quick online search of ‘toxic people,’ the overwhelming advice you’ll find is to cut these people out of your life. But that’s easier said than done, especially if these so-called ‘toxic’ people are family, colleagues, or other people with whom we live or work closely. We’ve all been around those people who can leave us feeling drained or a bit ‘off’ after an encounter with them. Some people can leave us feeling agitated or annoyed or even just feeling really bad about ourselves. The most important thing you need to understand when dealing with someone like this is – Their behavior towards you has nothing to do with you, and more often reflects what they are going through or have gone through personally. Identifying their harmful behavior is the first step to minimizing their impact. You might not be able to change what they do, but you can change what you do with it. Humans are social beings. There is an inherent need in all of us to socialize and interact, but not everyone that walks into our lives has our best interest in their minds. Thus, we all have come across toxic people at least once during our time on earth. But the situation can become ugly when you are involved in a relationship with that toxic person. These unhealthy patterns hold us back and generate a lot of suffering. They condition our reactions and responses in a way that is not serving our highest purpose. So, how can you stand up for yourself and confront this unhealthy relationship? This book will provide you with all the tools necessary to heal these toxic relationships and move forward. The symptoms of being entangled in a toxic relationship are anger, resentment, sadness, feeling powerless, addictions, unhealthy control issues, obsession, and feeling manipulated and not respected. No relationship is indeed perfect, but at the same time, it does not mean that you will allow the other person to manipulate you or emotionally abuse you. Remember that when you are in a relationship with the wrong person, it can affect your day-to-day life from the very core and completely alter your sense of self-confidence. This book’s main aim is to help you come out of a toxic relationship and heal from everything you have faced. The first step is acceptance, which can be accomplished with the right strategies and a supportive network of friends and family. By the time you reach the end of this book, you will have a better understanding of self-love and everything about yourself that you had lost amidst the abuse. This book will teach you: How to identify, understand, and end toxic relationships Signs of toxic and narcissistic behavior Manipulation tactics of narcissists The toxic relationship cycle How to develop personal and relationship skills to build healthier relationships Boundaries, healthy coping skills, shame resiliency, and healthy communication Toxicity vs. abuse How to forgive yourself and others How to heal and recover from the toxicity And more… Even if you feel utterly hopeless right now, it’s never too late to start working on yourself and take baby steps towards healing. The critical factor is to identify a toxic relationship before it can completely shatter your sense of self. If you are ready to move forward, and let go of the past, if you are really willing to change your life and set yourself free, then this book is for you. Upon completion, you will emerge as a stronger, more empathetic, and more assertive person. Are you ready to transform and heal your relationships? All you have to do is click the Buy Now button!

Meet Richard Banks

Richard Banks is a personal development and leadership coach of 20 years. He specializes in helping people develop their confidence, leadership presence, communication, and relationships. His work across multiple disciplines broadly addresses the narratives of human experience. Richard has helped many in-person clients transform their lives to become more confident and self-assured, and he’s dedicated to helping you do the same. It’s his passion and mission to bring as many new titles to as wide a readership as possible to help those in need. For more information and to receive free books and bonuses, Join Richard Bank’s VIP list here:

Turning Point Moments (Bargain Read)

What If Your Next Life Challenge Could Be the Springboard to Your Greatest Joy and Success?

We don’t typically think of experiences like illness, death, betrayal, job loss, burnout, or accidents as the doorway to a more fulfilling and beautiful life. Yet, if you know how to look at these challenges in a different light, they can be powerful opportunities to turn your life around—in small and large ways.

Seeing a challenge through the prism of change is exactly how these 41 authors from 8 countries have emerged stronger and happier from what could have been devastating circumstances.

You’ll be inspired as you read how they turned:

  • Job loss into a new business
  • Relationship betrayal into deeper self-love
  • Adrenal collapse into renewed health
  • Loss of a spouse into a hope-filled future

Let these stories of hope and inspiration guide you to and through your own turning point moment experience, where the things you thought could never turn out well, end up better than you ever dreamed possible.

In Turning Point Moments you’ll gain valuable insights like how to:

  • Say “yes” to you no matter what
  • Build a new and better life after divorce
  • Be who you are rather than who others think you should be
  • View set-backs as opportunities in disguise
  • Gain the courage to follow your passion

Especially in these times, it’s essential now more than ever to gain the skills, insight and inspiration to be resilient, open to new possibilities and hopeful no matter what comes your way. These stories show you how your life will be transformed as you come back to a place of self-love where you feel nurtured and empowered.

Available in Kindle and paperback. Click ‘Look Inside’ to begin reading now.

30 Days to Diversity

The humanization of diversity and inclusion is a tough topic, but it’s important. This 30-day guide will help you get started by asking yourself some questions that may be on your mind when it comes to this complex issue like “What does humanizing really mean?” or even more challengingly  “Who are we without our differences?”. You’ll also learn how practicing empathy can go hand in glove with valuing someone else’s perspective so they feel seen as an individual rather than just another member within groups whose membership has been reduced down over time through natural selection processes which sometimes includes violence against those individuals who don’t fit into society expectations anymore.

Meet Gary Brackett

Gary Brackett was born with a love of competition and a will to win. By all accounts, he has already lived a life that most athletes (and even non-athletes) only dream of. If you know anything about football, it’s likely that you know his name. You may remember his impressive stats (he still holds the record for most individual tackles in a Super Bowl). But he is best known for his unwavering passion, unmatched energy and unrelenting work ethic that transformed this “underdog” into a Captain of a World Championship Team.   Since his “retirement” (from football), Brackett has continued tackling opportunities. After hanging up his jersey, he received his MBA from George Washington University and founded Brackett Restaurant Group.  During his time as a restaurateur, he realized the critical ingredients to success, as well as the potential pitfalls to avoid failure.  His own experience, coupled with his obsession with uncovering “hacks” and “secrets” of the world’s most successful leaders and businesses, lead him to create his own signature framework.  He uses the framework as a tool to guide his clients through actionable steps with measurable results.  His training helps clients align themselves with their vision, become crystal clear on their desired outcomes, and unlock the champions they are inside of their organizations.    Brackett has mentored and empowered thousands of small business owners and professionals to realize their value, maximize their potential, and begin to thrive in business and in life.

Control Burn: A Book of Poetry

Get up off of your bruised knees and remember what you were built for In her debut collection, poet Darby Taylor takes us through the pains of transformation. With inspired imagery, startling honesty, and an affinity for the hauntology of southern Americana, Taylor arrives with a bang. Control Burn begins with the hurt of Part I: Lightning Strike, purges and reflects in Part II: Wildfire, then finds redemption and triumph in Part III: Ashfall. Never sacrificing clarity, this collection sets itself apart in its willingness not to say the simple thing strangely, but to say the strange thing simply. This is a story of pain turned to power told by a poet interested in telling nothing but the truth, no matter how uncomfortable.

Meet Darby Taylor

Darby Taylor is a native Arkansan, and The Natural State’s mountains and valleys inspired much of the imagery in Control Burn. Though she studied singing and acting for the majority of her life, she has been writing as long as she knew how. Nowadays she can usually be found reading, daydreaming, sitting on porches with her friends, or studying to be a real life renaissance woman. She currently lives (quite happily) with her three cats, Scrappy Todd, Feline Dion, and Olong Johnson.

Occult Church Exposed

Personal testimony of how I was initiated into occult by the church leadership. The church in the last decade has moved away from the truth adopting foreign practices and mystical teaching. This is an in-depth testimony to the body of Christ how the enemy has evaded the church of Jesus Christ.

Meet Thabang Tfo

Before he started writing Christian books, Johannes got a graduate degree in Film and Television from university of Johannesburg. After that, just to shake things up, he went to equip himself with religious studies, particularly Christianity, just to have knack about the world beyond the curtains of time. And how this body of Christ has transformed millions of people around the world, not neglecting how sadly the movement has been persecuted from time to time. He now writes full time.