Genetic Parenting

Living for our children is inseparable from living for our genes. They command our attention and demand our commitment. Genetic Parenting is a guide to how we secure our genetic survival – the very purpose of our lives – by doing what is right for our children. It is by giving our offspring the best chance in life that we are more likely to be genetically successful; we are more likely to secure our genetic continuation. Genetic Parenting comprises a mix of parenting principles, parenting psychology and practical advice, taking the reader through the various stages of parenting and the requirements for being a genetically driven parent.

Meet Steve Oxley

Fascinated by the influence of our genes on our development I have written widely on the subject of genetics with a particular focus on our evolution in relation to society.

Fly, die!

A seagull in an English seaside town acquires a taste for hunting and killing cats. Embarking on a killing spree, the bird inadvertently adds to an adolescent boy’s woes while causing paranoia in local cats. As the cat population diminishes, a brilliant Abyssinian called Joseph chances upon the truth and sets out to restore natural law where cats are the predators, and birds are their victims. Although media and public pressure to catch the cat killer builds, a recession and the uncertainty of Brexit means the underfunded civil service isn’t too interested in solving cat deaths. Eventually, after much public pressure, Constables Franklin and Wilkin are put on the case. Stumbling upon evidence via social media, they find their killer. Unfortunately, their deductive reasoning is flawed, resulting in an innocent teenager taking the fall, adding to his already significant problems. Mrs Crick is only too aware of nature’s cruelty, and although a lover of wildlife, especially the sparrows that play in her garden, nature shocks and scares her sometimes. Having already overcome many traumas in her long life, she suffers more as the seagull and his family reside on her roof. Nature is cruel, but the bloated British civil service is more cruel. And corrupt and stupid, too. Most species try to protect their families, but life is hard, and DNA adapts slowly to cope with environmental changes. While most evolve for the better, humanity seems to get worse and worse. A dark social satire (depending on your point of view), telling a tale about nature, family and politics.

Meet Steven Ryan

At the time of writing, Steve was a middle-aged man with a lacklustre career history. With few strings to his bow, he tried breaking from mundanity by writing a book for the challenge and in the misguided hope of becoming a millionaire. Unconcerned by his glaring lack of ability, he strove to submerge strangers in the absurdity of his imagination. Drawing inspiration from his love of nature, its beauty, simplicity and cruelty. Fly, die! was inspired by Steve’s life and the starkness of life’s unfairness. Although a believer in the maxim, “If you don’t laugh, you will cry,” life elicits many tears, his only hope being that his story provides a little food for thought along with the tears.

Challenging the Story: A Surprisingly Simple Approach to Support Children with Challenging Behaviours

Supporting kids with challenging behaviours can be difficult – but change the narrative, and you may be surprised.

Most children will behave in challenging ways at some point, but persistent and difficult-to-deal-with behaviours can have a negative impact on relationships and learning.

For educators, health professionals and caregivers who find traditional methods of behaviour management ineffective, Challenging The Story offers a fresh perspective and actionable strategies for positive change.

Read this book to:

• Approach challenging behaviours with curiosity and compassion

• Apply innovative, proven strategies to encourage positive behaviour while treating kids with respect and kindness

• Build strong bonds with children and create an environment of trust and mutual respect

• Improve your skills in dealing with difficult behaviours in a variety of scenarios

• Guide children towards significant, lasting change and a new, more positive narrative for a brighter future

Meet David Jereb

Dave Jereb is a visionary paediatric occupational therapist who has shown unwavering commitment to enhancing the lives of children for over two decades. Dave and his equally dedicated wife, Kathy, co-founded MoveAbout Therapy Services in 2008 and have revolutionised paediatric occupational therapy in Australia. Central to Dave’s philosophy is the belief ‘We support the people who support the kids’.
Dave passionately advocates the best way to assist children is by empowering the adults in their lives –parents, caregivers, allied health professionals and educators –with the tools to read, understand and positively influence their behaviour. This core principle is evident in MoveAbout’s promise to offer unparalleled therapy and support, ensuring that children, regardless of their differences, have the opportunity to lead meaningful lives and become valued and valuable members of their communities.
A staunch advocate for continuous learning and development, Dave, in collaboration with Kathy, crafted the MoveAbout Activity Cards and
developed transformative workshops, including ‘A Dynamic Approach to Regulation and Behaviour’ and ‘Connecting with Kids with ASD’. Dave’s contributions also include co-presenting the online course ‘STEPPSI: A Tool For Effective Clinical Reasoning’ with Tracy Stackhouse, and the in-person
live course ‘Sensory Defensiveness: A Comprehensive Treatment Approach’ alongside Dr Julia Wilbarger.
Beyond the bounds of MoveAbout, Dave has been a guiding star to early career OTs and the businesses who employ them, battling burnout and striving to nurture their professional growth. As a mentor and coach, he’s passionate about uplifting the community, fostering connections and injecting a playful spirit into the process of lifelong learning. His expertise shines through multiple platforms, from podcasts like Chatabout Children with Sonia Bestulic, Private Practice Made Perfect with Cathy Love, Run Like Clockwork and Holly the OT Podcast to enriching series on the MoveAbout Therapy Services YouTube channel, such as Beach Topics and MoveAbout Supervision Sessions.
In every endeavour, Dave brings along his relentless dedication, keen insights and an unwavering spirit of service. With his vast experience and a heart anchored in making a difference, he is undeniably shaping a brighter future for paediatric OT in Australia.

Room For Another: A Courageous Adoption Story Based on True Events

A Courageous Adoption Story Based on True Events

Every choice you make carries a consequence. What if your consequence was an unwanted pregnancy?

Having retired from teaching and journalism, Theresa receives a phone call from a friend asking for a favor. Would she help out two girls who are struggling with a high school writing assignment?

Theresa graciously agrees to share part of her life for the biographical paper. She surprises her unsuspecting young interviewers with stories of a broken childhood, tales of love found and lost, and the strength summoned to make the hardest decision of her life.

The sharing of her past not only provides fodder for Theresa’s students, but also prepares herself for one of the most impactful introductions yet to come.

Room For Another is a fictionalized account based on true life events of author Diane M. Dresback’s biological mother. The one thing that Diane learned about her mother was that it didn’t matter if you were blood, step, half, ex, in-law, adopted, or anywhere in-between—everyone was family and she always had room in her heart for another.

Meet Diane M. Dresback

Diane M. Dresback loves to tell stories through novels, self-help books, and films. Novels about ordinary people that bump into or discover challenges they must overcome. Often tales that are present day dramatic but also encompass the hint of a science fiction element to make things interesting. Her latest fiction story is a trilogy that begins with one character waking up in a stranger’s body. Most recent non-fiction is a book that compiles 25 stories from women who share their struggles and their triumphs in order to bring hope and inspiration to others.

In 2007, Diane M. Dresback began working in the independent film industry in Arizona. She has completed over 35 short films as writer, director, and producer and has won numerous awards for her efforts. She has written several feature length screenplays, including one she also co-produced called PARANOIA. Diane received the 2012 Arizona Filmmaker of the Year Award by the Phoenix Film Foundation.

Diane has over 27 years in corporate Human Resources and Training experience with most of that time in management and executive level positions in the financial and travel industries. She holds a Masters degree in Adult Education and a Bachelors degree in Human Services.

Learning Potty Training in a Weekend

Do you want to ditch the diapers but are tired of one-size-fits-all potty training books that don’t work?

Fret not! You can learn the basics of potty training in just 3 days! This book offers effective, flexible, and realistic potty training solutions for toddlers ages 1 to 3.


  • Healthy, stress-free, and proven methods that cater to different situations.
  • step-by-step plan for 2 primary approaches: intensive 3-day potty training approach and gradual approach.
  • Real-life examples with practical solutions.
  • Understand your child’s cues of elimination and readiness like never before.
  • Learn the differences between daytime and nighttime potty training.
  • Potty training myths debunked.

Grab your copy today and head toward potty training success!

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Meet Madam Bonfree

Madam Bonfree is an aspiring author and mother of three. She lives in Florida with her loving family and dogs. She loves sharing knowledge and wisdom related to parenting, mental health, and passive income to help people get through the mundane yet troubling issues of life.

Embracing Positive Discipline: A Parent’s Guide to Calming Chaos and Creating Connections

Strengthen Family Bonds and Save Your Sanity!

This guide, written with compassion and understanding, is designed for parents who are seeking a more balanced and harmonious family life. It offers practical strategies and insightful advice to help you transform your parenting approach, fostering a sense of calm while deepening the bonds within your family. It will take you from reactive to proactive, from stressed to composed, and from disconnected to intricately connected with your children.

Positive discipline presents a holistic approach to parenting that goes beyond traditional punishment and reward systems. Instead, it focuses on building self-discipline, resilience, and emotional intelligence in children. It encourages parents to understand their child’s behavior before responding, leading to more effective and positive outcomes.

Positive Discipline: A Parent’s Guide to Calming Chaos and Creating Connections is an invaluable resource for parents wishing to foster an environment of respect, love, and mutual understanding at home. Learn how to turn misbehavior into opportunities for growth and connection, creating a home environment where everyone thrives. Embrace the change and watch as your family dynamics transform, one positive interaction at a time.

Success Life Skills for Teens

Every Teen’s Ultimate Resourceto Master the Most Essential Life Skills and Prepare for a Successful Future… Success Life Skills for Teens is a collection of 4 books that are designed to help you with every aspect of your pursuit of a successful and easy life. Learn everything you need to know from practical life skills such as cooking and cleaning to responsible financial planning and impeccable communication skills that will really give you a bulletproof foundation for entering adulthood. There’s also a career planning deep dive for those who have no idea what they REALLY WANT from life. The combination of the following four books will help you lay the foundation you need to build already as a teen if you really want to make the most out of your life: 1. The Big Book of Adulting Life Skills for Teens: A Complete Guide to All the Crucial Life Skills They Don’t Teach You in School for Teenagers 2. Money Skills for Teens: These Are The Things About Money Management and Personal Finance You Must Know But They Didn’t Teach You in School 3. Social Skills for Teens: A Simple 7-Day System for Teenagers toBreak Out of Shyness, Build a Bulletproof Self-Confidence and Start Overcoming Social Anxiety to Excel in Social Interactions 4. Career Planning for Teens: How to Understand Your Identity, Cultivate Your Skills, Find Your Dream Job And Turn That Into a Successful Career Each book is planned to be engaging and interesting for your teen mind because learning important skills should not be boring (like in school), but FUN! They are packed with simple and actionable tips and strategies along with easy-to-understand examples that will make implementing the new skills as effortless as possible.

Meet Emily Carter

Emily Carter is an author who loves helping teens with their biggest turning point in life, adulting. She grew up in New York and is happily married to her high school sweetheart. She also has two children of her own. In her free time, Emily is an avid volunteer at a local food bank and enjoys hiking, traveling, and reading books on personal development. With over a decade of experience in the education and parenting field she has seen the difference that good parenting and the right tips can make in a teenager’s life. She is now an aspiring writer through which she shares her insights and advice on raising happy, healthy, and resilient children, teens and young adults. Emily’s own struggles with navigating adulthood and overcoming obstacles inspired her to write. She noticed a gap in education regarding teaching essential life skills to teens and young adults, and decided to write comprehensive guides covering everything from money and time management to job searching and communication skills. Emily hopes her books will empower teens and young adults to live their best lives and reach their full potential.

GROWING UP SENSITIVE : A Parent-Child Guide for Overcoming Anxiety, OCD, Fear & Phobia

Is your highly sensitive child struggling with anxiety, OCD, or overwhelming fear? Are you searching for a compassionate and effective way to guide them towards a brighter, anxiety-free future? Look no further.”Growing Up Sensitive” is not just a book; it’s your family’s roadmap to breaking free from the chains of anxiety and OCD, and nurturing your child’s incredible sensitivity into a superpower. Discover in this transformative guide: Empathic Parenting: Unearth the secrets of parenting a highly sensitive child with empathy and understanding. Learn to be their unwavering ally as they confront their fears. Anxiety-Busting Strategies: Dive into a treasure trove of proven techniques and exercises, carefully crafted to help your child conquer anxiety, OCD, fear, and phobias. Interactive Workbook: Engage with your child through meaningful activities that strengthen your bond and provide them with vital tools to face challenges head-on. The Highly Sensitive Advantage: Embrace the unique gifts your child possesses. See them transform from a fearful caterpillar into a resilient butterfly, ready to soar above anxiety. A Brighter Future: Watch as your child blossoms into their full potential, unburdened by anxiety, and equipped with the skills to navigate life’s challenges with courage. Every page of this book is infused with the compassion and wisdom you need to help your highly sensitive child break free from anxiety, OCD, fear, and phobia. Grab your copy of “Growing Up Sensitive: A Parent-Child Guide for Overcoming Anxiety, OCD, Fear & Phobia” today and embark on a transformative journey of love, understanding, and empowerment. Say goodbye to anxiety, and let your child’s sensitivity shine as the beautiful superpower it was meant to be. Their brighter, more confident future starts here.

Meet Jenn F. Harper

The DBT Skills Workbook for Teens

DBT Skills Workbook for Teens: One Quest | Four Keystones | 60+ Fun Activities | Powerful Teen Life Skills Empower your teen with essential life skills! Our “DBT Skills Workbook for Teens” is a GAMIFIED workbook that offers teenagers practical tools for emotional well-being and resilience. A must-have teen guide for a thriving future! In this book, four powerful life skills—mindfulness, emotion management, stress tolerance, and creating better relationships — come to life through a captivating and immersive gamified approach. By the time your teen is finished with the activities in this book, they will have learned essential life skills that will benefit them for the rest of their life. DBT Skills Workbook for Teens: Make your family life happier. Experiences less stress and drama at home and welcome more harmony and love.

Meet LifeZen Publications

LifeZen Publications is a group of expert writers, life coaches, and mental health professionals. Most of us are also PARENTS. That’s why we felt strongly about having DBT Skills Workbook for Teens as our first publication. Our teenagers are facing unique challenges that previous generations never experienced. Cyberbullying, social media pressures, digital addiction, sleep problems, depression, anxiety, stress, and many other 21st-century issues hound our teens. To help them, we wanted to release a book that would make them emotionally stronger and more resilient! But on the other hand, how can we get teens to read such a book? So, the challenge for us was to develop a FUN and GAMIFIED book. Hence the quests, wizards, and keystones. These are the fun parts. The learning is hidden in the worksheets, of which there are plenty. We spent over a year developing this book, and we sincerely hope it helps you and your teen!

Social Skills for Teens

If you have always wanted to feel confident in social interactions but still keep finding yourself being awkward and the shyest and quietest person in the room, keep reading… Pain. Is that what you often feel inside during social situations? Do you feel like talking to a stranger is so daunting a task that it drains all your energy? Or maybe you have skipped an amazing opportunity or canceled some plans because you simply felt too shy and not confident enough to go? If so, then this book is for you. You see, breaking out of shyness and building bulletproof self-confidence doesn’t have to be difficult. Even if you’ve already tried the common advice “just be yourself” and failed miserably, you don’t have to lose hope. The truth is, overcoming your social anxiety is much easier than you think. With over 10 years of experience in the education and parenting fields, Emily Carter introduces her 7-Day system that is designed to help you to break out of shyness, build bulletproof self-confidence and eliminate social anxiety to excel in social interactions without having to spend months and months trying to make a change. In Social Skills for Teens, you’ll discover… Simple and Fast – The mind-opening truths, relatable real-life stories and boosting daily tasks of the 7-day system are designed to make beating your shyness as simple and fast as it possibly can be. Tried and Proved – Emily Carter has developed, tried and proved her methods while working with teenagers of different ages and, with this exact process, 96% of them said they felt a lot more confident already after the first week. Whole New Life – The tips from enhancing communication skills and building meaningful relationships to sustaining social skills for long-term success will open you to a whole new life with a ton of new adventures and relationships that you missed out on earlier solely because of your shyness. And much, much more… Imagine how you’ll feel once you don’t have that painful social anxiety anymore, and how your quality of life could change for the better. So even if you’re the person that always sits in the corner, never talks to new people and always feels socially the most awkward person in the room, you can stop the shyness and gain a never-seen amount of self-confidence with the help of Social Skills for Teens.

Meet Emily Carter

Enter The Adulthood With Ease! Emily Carter loves helping teens with their biggest turn point in life, adulting. With over a decade of experience in education and parenting, she has seen the difference that good parenting and the right tips can make in a teenager’s life. Emily’s own struggles with navigating adulthood and overcoming obstacles inspired her to write. She noticed a gap in education regarding teaching essential life skills to teens and young adults and decided to write comprehensive guides covering everything from money and time management to job searching and communication skills. Emily hopes her books will empower teens and young adults to live their best lives and reach their full potential.