Experiencing Surrogacy: Perspective and Advice from a Surrogate’s and Intended Parent’s Pregnancy Journey Together


If you can make it through this book without feeling a shred of emotion or shedding a tear of sorrow or joy, then please check yourself for a pulse…

EXPERIENCING SURROGACY is the true story of how a beautiful girl named Ava arrived in our world through a years-long collaboration of patience, determination, love, friendship, and professionalism between two couples, their families, and a host of professionals. The story is told, step by step, from the respective perspectives of the book’s authors: Melissa, the gestational surrogate who carried and gave birth to Ava, and Emily, Ava’s intended parent and mother. In telling the story, the authors provide the reader with a unique look into and candid advice about every step in the surrogacy process from the two most important sides of the surrogacy experience.

Surrogacy is a unique, beautiful, and challenging way to have a baby. Whether you are looking into surrogacy as an intended parent or surrogate, are a professional in a related field, or are simply curious about surrogacy and want to know more, the authors hope that through you reading about their experiences and hearing their advice, you will feel more informed about the surrogacy process. No matter your level of existing knowledge or reason for interest, if you choose to read this book, then you are guaranteed to learn something new about surrogacy. And you will be treated to a beautiful story, that is both fascinating and joyous, along the way.


EMILY DUBIN FIELD is a mom thanks to IVF and surrogacy. It was a long, hard, and emotional road for her to finally become a mom. She is very open about her fertility journey and feels that, when you go through something difficult in life, who better than you to do something about it for others? She has her MBA in nonprofit management and has dedicated her career to making a difference in the world. Emily and her husband Gregg started Field Fertility in 2016, which is a legal and consulting business working with intended parents, surrogates, egg donors, sperm donors, and embryo donors. Field Fertility is a member of the Society of Ethics of Egg Donation and Surrogacy, American Bar Association, American Society for Reproductive Medicine, Resolve, Men Having Babies, and Family Equality and is a supporter of Feit 4 Kidz Fertility Fund by JFLA and Baby Quest Foundation. Emily may be contacted at: [email protected] and at www.fieldfertility.com.

MELISSA FLECK currently spends her time as a mom to two very active kids, is a wife to a hardworking law enforcement officer, and is an active member of the surrogacy community. She has been working at the Center for Surrogate Parenting, Inc. since 2016, where she is a surrogate case manager. Having been a surrogate herself, she gets to pay it forward by interviewing and guiding potential surrogates on their surrogacy journey, working for the same agency that brought her and her intended parent and coauthor, Emily, together. Melissa also enjoys working out at her local boot camp-style gym, watching her kids play sports, attending Dodgers games, spending time with friends and extended family, and watching as many movies as she can.

Mel and Shar’s Erotic Adventures: Tales from the Boomer Life


Are baby boomers panting for Elderly Erotica?

Mel and Shar, two friends of a certain age, say, “Absolutely!”

So, despite the fact that neither lady has ever watched a porn video or read anything steamier than Eighties romances, they decide Elderly Erotica is their ticket to fame and fortune.

Because…why not?

Surely, at least a few of their fellow boomers—who were once into sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll—remain interested in something spicier than the Senior’s Menu at Black-eyed Pea.

Can Mel and Shar start a successful porn business by filming certain sexual acts—later TBD–with a smartphone?

Can they write successful erotica with only a passing acquaintance of four-letter-words, not to mention marginal computer skills?

Follow the adventures of Mel McCartney and Shar Ledowsky, as they kind of, sort of explore the world of Elderly Erotica.

And, if they become porn clowns who host political porn parties in order to increase voter registration; are picketed by protestors of their C***y, C** and C**ks: Recipes for Desire cookbook, and become intimately acquainted with one Hot Shot police officer along the way, well…

That just proves Mel and Shar are up for anything.

Okay, to clarify:

Mel and Shar’s Erotic Adventures: Tales from the Boomer Life was born out of the author and her childhood friend’s late-night giggle fests, which always include the following lamentation: “What the hell happened to us boomers?”

At Daddy’s Hands: Courage Knows No Age


“… a riveting fictional story exploring the dark subject of child incestuous abuse that plagues families at all levels of society.” –Authors Reading

In public, Jim Handler is a well-respected, small-town hero, and homicide detective who solved the case of the Will’s Creek Massacre. But at home, in the shadows, Jim’s childhood demons come alive to feast upon his family in the form of sexual, physical, and mental abuse.

But his three teenage children have had enough. They have devised a plan for redemption.

Empowered by the legal system’s lack of accountability, a judge who offers a quiet and meager plea deal to save face, Jim feels enabled to do whatever he wants to his family. With no one to keep Jim in check, this cycle of sexual and physical abuse is rampant. It is up Nikki, Tyler, and Ally to end the evil that is devouring the Handler family.

About Black Women, My Grandmother Told Me


Speaking frankly, not peddling fantasy, and writing honestly and sharply, in About Black Women, My Grandmother Told Me: Worthy Advice for Future Generations, Narcisse Nguema offers 791 bits of time-tested advice for everyone, but especially for African American women.
Women are the core of society, and the black woman’s authenticity is not a matter of negotiation or discomfort—the black authenticity is pride, and shall remain immaculate. The blacker women accept themselves in their entirety, the better the black community will be.
With Nguema’s firm but clear guidance, readers of About Black Women will again claim the feminine behaviors that civilized culture before the actions that built up ethics, morals and rules, and law and wealth.

The Path of Leashed Resistance: The Buddy System


Imagine you find a chicken coop full of orphaned puppies in the middle of bone-chilling winter. You already have a house full of rescue dogs. Your resources are already at their breaking point. You know the shelter is no place for puppies. It’s a death sentence. Do you close your heart to them, and leave them for dead? Do you turn them away and deny their cries for help? Or, do you have the strength to do the right thing?
What would Beth and her husband do when faced with such a life-changing decision?Standing on the edge of a slippery slope, would they save themselves, or fall head first into rescue? Would they walk away, or take the path of leashed resistance?
This book is a hilarious and heartbreaking look into the life of a remarkable family that fell into canine rescue completely by accident, but now lives to protect and care for their dogs absolutely on purpose. An awe-inspiring read for anyone who loves dogs!
When Robert and Beth Hading-Yostlot rescued Buddy Lee, they had no idea what they had started. How one dog would spark such compassion in them for abused and abandoned animals. But that spark turned into a blazing fire that burned brighter and hotter than they could have ever imagined.
Fueled by destroyed furniture, food follies, bizarre accidents, and near death experiences, the fire spread to every corner of their lives.
They experienced both the pleasure of seeing damaged dogs be healed by the courage of a loving family and the love of other amazing dogs, as well as the hardships of having to make such great sacrifices to give them what they needed to grow in strength and joy. They also experienced the triumph of watching a dog’s spirit be lit up by life, along with agony when it was extinguished by death.
Beth Hading-Yostlot gives us a glimpse into their adventures, their pragmatic existence, and explains why forty-plus dogs later, they’re still living a life devoted to canine rescue and what it means to live by the Buddy System. The only thing she can’t predict, is who’s going to need their help next…

Best practices in Toddler Discipline from 1 to 5 without tantrums: Effective Strategies for Developing and Helping your Child


Best practices in Toddler Discipline from 1 to 5

Do you know your unique toddlers?

This is about them: screams, stomping feet, tears, protests, unwillingness to listen and cooperate… or you just don’t feel your kids? If you want to raise a happiest and respectful child, and do no harm –  this is the best book for you!

This book was created to help parents and their children to grow up and thrive. Here you’ll find other parents’ experience and advice from best modern psychologists and educators as well as teachers of more conventional views. This is not just another book where all the psycho-types of children are thoughtlessly collected. Children’s behavior is very different and it’s impossible to find a simple solution for every situation, you need an effective combination of techniques and strategies. Why our book is different from others and why it’ll help you ?

Why our book is different from others and why it’ll help you ?

  • Brief theory
  • No trivial & superficial information
  • No old-school parenting methods
  • Examples from day-to-day life
  • Practical exercises
  • Age 1 to 5 characteristics

This book is a real guide for raising children!

We studied a lot of questions in our book. Let’s think, what situations do parents face? There are various everyday life situations, so we tried to describe the most popular problems with children aged 1 to 5:

  • Going to bed
  • Mouthing everything
  • Gadgets and TV
  • Helping parents
  • Fight over the table
  • Toilet Training
  • Fights with siblings

and many MORE

We have put a lot of effort into creating that guide and we hope our book will become your real assistant.

Are you still in doubt?

Do you think you can handle tantrums on your own using old methods?

Scroll to the top of the page and select the “buy” button.

Bonus: Buy and look inside the book to get a bonus – 20 real-life situations and solutions for free!!

Journey to Men: 25 Awesome Missions to Teach Boys Resourcefulness


25 Missions to teach your children aged 5 to 15 resourcefulness, responsibility, and independence in a unique fun way. We focus the activities for kids on a particular skill such as service, entrepreneurship, outdoor survival, vehicle maintenance, woodworking, saving money, creative thinking. For instance, in Operation Timbuktu your cadet (child) will provide complete navigation instructions for their driver to and from a destination of their choosing. In the MacGyver challenge, their neighboring town is being overrun by a rare colony of Egyptian Gas Ants. Will you be able to build a mechanism to deliver the antidote from the lab surviving a 6-foot drop?

The missions are standalone activities that provide just enough information and reference all the relevant resources to complete. Give your children permission to succeed or fail on their own merit. They’ll have fun doing it and feel a real sense of pride and accomplishment at the conclusion. Technology use is minimal and if included is only for mission planning. We crafted the tone and language of the individual missions for boys but there is no reason girls can’t take part. Most of the missions would be relevant and interesting for boys and girls alike.

While the cadet is completing the missions, they are earning Man Points. At the conclusion of the missions if they’ve earned enough points they qualify for the Celebration of Man, a fun-filled event to reward their achievements.

Inside the book you’ll find two sections. The parent guide providing instructions for running the missions with feedback and instruction for each task. The cadet guide is for kids only and includes a standalone mission briefing and instructions. The missions are style after military field manuals with entertaining illustrations and engaging backstories. If you’re looking for compelling summer activities for your boy, then you’ve found your book. These missions also work well for school vacations or even long weekends.

    1. Operation Timbuktu: Navigate a Mechanized Vehicle to a Fixed Way Point
    1. Operation Metaknife: Learn Knife Skills and Whittle a Letter Opener
    1. Operation Good Neighbor: Help Out a Neighbor in Need
    1. Operation Inferno: Build and Start a Fire
    1. Operation Packmule: Ready Your Gear for Travel and Load Vehicle
    1. Operation Pennypinch: Saving for a Big Ticket Item
    1. Operation Rise and Shine: Prepare Breakfast for Your Squad
    1. Operation Brokenspoke: Overhaul and Maintain Your Bicycle
    1. Operation Gas Pumper: Fuel the Squad Transport
    1. Operation Kickstart: Start a Kid Small Business
    1. Operation Condor: Build a Birdhouse
    1. Operation Cleansweep: Ready and Clean Your Living Quarters
    1. Operation Knot My Job: Knot Tying in the Heat of Battle
    1. Operation Avocation: Research and Develop a New Hobby
    1. Operation Perseverance: Design and Keep a Physical Fitness Goal
    1. Operation Wheels on the Bus: Utilize Public Transport to Reach a Destination
    1. The Macgyver Challenge: Save the Village from Noxious Gas Ants
    1. Operation Falling Water: Build a Water Balloon Launcher
    1. Operation Correspondence: Write a Letter to a Relative
    1. Operation Foxhole: Dig a Fighting Hole to Survive a Frontal Assault
    1. Operation Time Crisis: Manage Your Teams Schedule and Save the Town
    1. Operation Safe House: Build an Emergency Shelter
    1. Operation Blowout: Replace a Tire on a Mechanized Vehicle
    1. Operation Bugout: Embark on an Overnight Outdoor Deployment
    1. Operation Skidmark: Perform Laundry Operations

Beat your kids (at sports,games, etc.) and other advice for dads.


When I became a dad, I realized that I needed to have goals for raising my kids, I even wrote them down. My goal is to raise kids that are capable, confident, and accountable. But how do you do that? How do we handle all of the challenges we face as dads? This book is a simple easy to follow list of advice. Its what works for me and my family,so far, and I wanted to share it with you. So what kind of dad do you want to be? What kind of kids do you want to raise? I hope this book helps and I hope it starts a dadding conversation. Happy dadding!
This was created in an effort to bring consciousness to my own parenting and to help others do the same.

From Battery to Victory 2: In the Midst


Just when Deanna thinks she has escaped the nightmare her life has become, Jamie is set free and picks ups right where he left off. Vowing that he had changed like so many times before, Deanna finds herself once again trapped sub-coming to abuse much worse than before. What will she do? Will she survive?

Baby Names: Baby Names List with 22,000+ Baby Names for Girls, Baby Names for Boys & Most Popular Baby Names 2017


Don’t wait; find the perfect baby name today

If you’re tired of getting baby name advice from friends, reading endless baby name lists, and suffering from indecision, don’t worry, your search for the perfect baby name is finally over!

This baby names book has more than 22,000 baby names, from classic to unique, popular to edgy, vintage and time-honored to new and modern.

Discover a new baby name, or discover an old favorite you’ve forgotten. This baby name book includes names from all over the world.

If you buy “22,000+ Baby Names List,” you’ll get:

    • Easy-to-navigate A to Z list of baby names for girls and baby names for boys


    • List of Top Baby nNames 2017 for Girls and Top Baby Names 2017 for Boys


    • Comprehensive list of more than 22,000 baby names


  • Link to the baby name wizard to see baby name popularity over time and baby name meaning


This book also makes the perfect baby shower gift or present for any expecting parents-to-be.

The simple and sophisticated design and simple-to-browse lists will put a smile on the face of a pregnant couple.

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