How to Hack a Local Election Without Using Foreign Help


This story shows us how folks with superior intellect are coming to our shores to infect us with one of the biggest scourges of the day, election hacking.

Garrett Clear has once again been hired by the Attorney General from Parallel World Number One, to root out these culprits and send them back to Parallel World Number One.

Garrett is compelled to take his handgun with him, even though he prefers to use his mind instead of his handgun; because the paranormal folks he seeks can be dealt with by him using that handgun.

Garrett has to assume another identity, in this case that of Campaign Manager! This is so he can see first-hand how the Paranormal Hackers are going to perform their dirty deeds.

Along the way, one of the hackers uses his powers to transform himself into a wild animal, but our reluctant user of force, Garrett Clear, responds with force.

Figure Your Sh*t Out: The Post Grad’s Guide to Success in the Real World


Now you can figure your sh*t out after graduation and make money doing something you actually enjoy—even if you’re lost, broke, and have no real-world experience.

I’ll show you step-by-step exactly what to say to mentors and employers — especially when they have no reason to do anything but throw your resume in the trash . . . And teach you how to overcome personal and emotional obstacles that are holding you back from achieving your dreams.

Dear recent graduate,

Of course you wan’t to figure your shit out.

But you’re struggling to find your way. Your mind numbing desk job is going nowhere and no matter how many jobs you apply to, you can’t seem to land an interview.

To make matters worse, your friends are scattered across the country, and everyone seems to be doing cool shit . . . except for you. You’re feeling lonely, your bank account is dwindling, and you’re just about ready to give up.

That’s where I come in. After graduation I:

Got 10+ job offers right out of school

Started a Media Agency

Got hired to write a Broadway Musical

Over the past few years, I’ve discovered exactly what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to figuring your shit out as a twenty-something.

In this book, I’ll show you exactly what to do, even if you’ve never had a full-time job, have no money, and have no idea what you want to do with your life.

“This book demystifies the road to success” -Victor Kholod, Singer/Songwriter who went from a finance job he hated to a career in music that he loves

“A Must-Read for New Post-Grads” -Lucy Gamades, Screenwriter who went from a university desk job to writing for top Producers

“Anyone struggling to figure out what they want out of life can benefit from this book” -Bella Rose Pope, A freelance writer who, without a college degree, became a Content Creator for a top Publishing School

In Figure Your Sh*t Out you will find:

  • My system for choosing a job that you actually enjoy (while also paying the bills)
  • Proven and actionable ways to maximize your productivity and make your goals a reality
  • How to intentionally select routines and habits that will improve your quality of life and set you up for continued success
  • Networking secrets they didn’t teach you in college that got me dozens of job offers, mentors, and professional advocates before I even had a diploma
  • Studied methods for navigating adult relationships and dealing with post-grad loneliness
  • Concrete, real-life examples supported by research and data from the fields of Psychology, Storytelling, Business, and more.

Figure Your Sh*t Out equips readers with the tools for success every college grad needs to survive in the real world.

Whether you’re going through a quarter-life crisis or just need a little career and life guidance, this book will help you figure your shit out, and fast.

Don’t wait until you’re broke, depressed, and floundering . . . read this book and figure your shit out today!

About Black Women, My Grandmother Told Me


Speaking frankly, not peddling fantasy, and writing honestly and sharply, in About Black Women, My Grandmother Told Me: Worthy Advice for Future Generations, Narcisse Nguema offers 791 bits of time-tested advice for everyone, but especially for African American women.
Women are the core of society, and the black woman’s authenticity is not a matter of negotiation or discomfort—the black authenticity is pride, and shall remain immaculate. The blacker women accept themselves in their entirety, the better the black community will be.
With Nguema’s firm but clear guidance, readers of About Black Women will again claim the feminine behaviors that civilized culture before the actions that built up ethics, morals and rules, and law and wealth.

The Path of Leashed Resistance: The Buddy System


Imagine you find a chicken coop full of orphaned puppies in the middle of bone-chilling winter. You already have a house full of rescue dogs. Your resources are already at their breaking point. You know the shelter is no place for puppies. It’s a death sentence. Do you close your heart to them, and leave them for dead? Do you turn them away and deny their cries for help? Or, do you have the strength to do the right thing?
What would Beth and her husband do when faced with such a life-changing decision?Standing on the edge of a slippery slope, would they save themselves, or fall head first into rescue? Would they walk away, or take the path of leashed resistance?
This book is a hilarious and heartbreaking look into the life of a remarkable family that fell into canine rescue completely by accident, but now lives to protect and care for their dogs absolutely on purpose. An awe-inspiring read for anyone who loves dogs!
When Robert and Beth Hading-Yostlot rescued Buddy Lee, they had no idea what they had started. How one dog would spark such compassion in them for abused and abandoned animals. But that spark turned into a blazing fire that burned brighter and hotter than they could have ever imagined.
Fueled by destroyed furniture, food follies, bizarre accidents, and near death experiences, the fire spread to every corner of their lives.
They experienced both the pleasure of seeing damaged dogs be healed by the courage of a loving family and the love of other amazing dogs, as well as the hardships of having to make such great sacrifices to give them what they needed to grow in strength and joy. They also experienced the triumph of watching a dog’s spirit be lit up by life, along with agony when it was extinguished by death.
Beth Hading-Yostlot gives us a glimpse into their adventures, their pragmatic existence, and explains why forty-plus dogs later, they’re still living a life devoted to canine rescue and what it means to live by the Buddy System. The only thing she can’t predict, is who’s going to need their help next…

His World Never Dies: The Evolution of James Bond


He likes his vodka martinis shaken, not stirred. He drives one of the most recognizable cars in film history, and his Walther PPK has become legendary too. Very few have ever looked better in a tuxedo.

His name is Bond … James Bond.

He’s chased villains — and women — on screen for decades. His fictional world and movie run have been threatened, but he is never defeated … because His World Never Dies.

In his book debut, Dave Holcomb takes a fresh look at how the 007 film series has persevered through multiple generations. He follows Bond from his birth on screen in 1962 through the early stages of Bond 25, detailing how the series has evolved its portrayal of masculinity, femininity, race, and humor over the course of its history.

Through the use of nostalgia, timeless musical themes and fan theories, Holcomb explains how 007 remains contemporary, relevant, and most importantly, popular, through the first two decades of the 21st century.

RESTORE TRUST – Economic Solutions to Current Social and Political Issues in the U.S.


Economic Solutions to Current Social and Political Issues in the U.S.

Poverty is a structural problem created by economic thinking errors and institutional poverty traps, revealed and discussed in detail in this book. Neff argues that America is a welfare state.

The working poor are a social problem created by politics. The low minimum wage does not support a most basic lifestyle and as a result, food stamps, free medical services and other social programs become necessary to cover the gap. Half of the Federal budget supports the poor and the elderly across the country. Americans, mostly the middle class, subsidize this insufficient minimum wage with their taxes and unknowingly and indirectly support the bottom line of companies that underpay their employees. Economic thinking errors are the source of our entitlement society.

Democratic principles are distorted. The current political system allows the wealthy and large corporations to covertly influence legislation and bend economic laws in their favor.

Too many Americans are blinded by dreams of success and vote against their real interests and values. This is the American voting paradox, institutionally supported by gerrymandering and voting restrictions that favor the libertarian ideology.

RESTORE TRUST is an invitation to take a fresh look at the current socio-economic reality. Neff discusses economic solutions to dysfunctional politics and offers a conclusive call to action to help Americans restore trust and defend their needs and core values. He offers opportunities to create a shift to strengthen our democracy.

Karma in Indian Mythology: Short Stories Collections on Reincarnation and Past Life


India: Karma in Indian Mythology: Short Stories Collections on Reincarnation and Past Life

Indian mythology is filled with ancient tales and legends of karma and how it affected people’s current lives and beyond. Does karma also affect the mythological Gods, or is it only reserved for mortals?

This book contains ten stories of karma and how even the smallest of actions can result in lives being changed, including lives of the Gods. The lessons range from the effects of stealing a sacred cow to allowing an animal to keep its life and many more. In these stories, battles rage on earth and in the heavens, animals and plants can change one’s destiny, and both honor and betrayal are featured prominently. All of these themes come together as foundations for these legends passed down through generations to teach the lesson of karma.

After reading these stories, you can’t help but examine your own life and wonder what effects the decisions you have made and actions you have taken will have on your future.


A summary of reader reviews of ‘Karma in Indian Mythology: Short Stories Collections on Reincarnation and Past Life’:

“..fascinating book on Karma which deals with Universal Law of Cause and Effect..”

“ one is immune from Karmic Laws of Action and Reaction…”

“…good insight into karmic relationships, reincarnation and the law of karma..”

“..great glimpse into Indian mythology – particularly those on Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism philosophy…”

“..covers afterlife, karma and reincarnation, past lives, action and reaction, and cause and effect..”

“..overview of Buddhism for beginners, Hindu tales and Jainism..”

“..message of Karmic healing and as you sow, so shall you reap, and divine love and divine light are important..”

“..enjoyed reading this book on reincarnation, after-life, and Eastern mythology…”

“..10 fascinating stories from Indian mythology..”

“..glimpse into one of Earth’s most ancient civilizations..”

“..enjoyed reading all ten mythological tales..”

“..excellent collection of Indian mythology stories with solid moral undertone..”