Succeed in Your Business Model: A Step-by-Step Guide to Take your business to the next level

The book “Succeed in Your Business Model: A Step-by-Step Guide to Take your business to the next level” is an essential for beginner to grow their business .The book is an essential resource for entrepreneurs and business owners looking to take their business to the next level. It provides business owners with the tools and strategies necessary to achieve success 👍. The book guides readers through the process of developing and implementing a successful business model. It covers topics such as customer segmentation, product development, pricing strategies, marketing, operations, and financial planning. Additionally, the book provides strategies for operational aspects of a business. With the help of this book, businesses can make informed decisions and create a successful business model that will ensure their success.

Meet a.zakaria mami

Graduated from the specialized banking training center, passionate about painting, his skills have been strengthened through continuous training. To improve, he also took courses in financial development and financial inclusion, as well as courses in painting and other complementary disciplines. As a creator, trainer, consultant, painter, he has produced numerous essays on entrepreneurship and its various aspects, as well as abstract paintings. He is passionate about business and is always looking for new opportunities to learn and improve in this field. His goal is to apply his knowledge and experience to help companies grow and prosper by contributing to the achievement of their strategic objectives. His artistic side is manifested in abstract paintings that I find extraordinarily expressive, with these bright and positive colors.

Controlling brains: How does Putin’s propaganda work?

Just look at these sensational and exclusive materials that are compiled in this book and easily served to the reader. Controlling brains, How Putin’s Propaganda Works is a book about journalistic analysis of the Kremlin’s psychological and political propaganda, which addresses the following questions: • what is hybrid warfare and how does it relate to the concept of the “Russian world”? • who is responsible for propaganda at the technical level and how propaganda journalism works; • who is Russia’s ally in terms of ideology and where to expect danger from; • whether it is possible to resist the information warfare and what methods are best to fight the Kremlin’s hybrid separatism. These and many other questions are addressed in this journalistic study, which is presented in an accessible form with examples of manipulation of people’s minds. The reader of the book “Controlling brains” will get acquainted with the tools of counteracting and filtering propaganda in order not to become puppets in the dangerous theater of the Russian hybrid war, and this book will definitely be useful to anyone who is not indifferent to the current situation in Ukraine and the information field in which its citizens are formed, as well as to anyone who is interested in politics without waiting for politics to become interested in them. The book is more about investing in your mind and awareness to be prepared to counter Putin’s manipulative propaganda. And do not miss your chance to buy this book in our common civilized world and become part of the team that is fighting for freedom and democracy against the armed aggression of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine. Also, be sure to check out other books by Jack Tesla. And follow the social networks of the author because only there you will know exactly on what dates he organizes weekly promotions and gives away free books to his subscribers.

Meet Jack Tesla

Jack Tesla was born in Ukraine. He grew up in the Donbass region, in an industrial town. In 2014, he was compelled to relocate to Kiev due to the armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. Since February 24, 2022, the author has been an eyewitness to Russia’s full-scale war on Ukraine. In his life, he is researcher of politicians in domestic and international politics, historical events, and journalism. Through his books, the author aims to convey the detrimental influence of the Russian Federation on Ukraine. Ukraine, in turn, is an integral part of the European family and the entire civilized democratic world. The Ukrainian people are the heroes of our time, fighting for life and peace, for their cities and country against hostile aggression, for freedom and democracy – for each and every one of us and the future of our children in a civilized world.

Trial Advocacy Goes to the Movies: Go to the Movies for Lessons in Trial Strategies, Techniques and Skills

What do My Cousin Vinny and Atticus Finch have in common? A lot more than you might think. While Atticus Finch’s closing argument in To Kill a Mockingbird continues to inspire viewers to attend law school, the cross-examinations in My Cousin Vinny—while hilariously funny—offers an equally compelling example of excellent trial advocacy.

With the aid of movie clips that are just a click away, this e-book explores advocacy from pretrial preparation through closing argument.

Inside this concise yet comprehensible eBook, which is includes movie clip gems that you can watch, you’ll learn:

• A methodology for writing the script for your trial performances from opening statement through closing argument
• How to effectively engage and deliver a message to an audience—the jury
• Trial advocacy strategies, techniques, and skills
• Whom to cast as witnesses to be called at trial
• How to be successful in trial by watching movies based on real trials
• The ethical and legal boundaries that trial lawyers should not cross
• How to impart your message to a jury with storytelling and visuals
• The concession-seeking cross-examination methodology
• And, so much more

Get your copy of the book with accompanying movie demonstrations of successful trial advocacy today.

Meet Ronald Clark

Professor Ronald H. Clark is a Distinguished Practitioner in Residence at Seattle University Law School where he has taught Pretrial Advocacy, Trial Advocacy, Essential Lawyering Skills, Visual Litigation and Today’s Technology, and Essential Litigation Visuals and Technology.

Professor Clark is a nationally known lecturer and author. He has lectured at over 40 national continuing legal education courses and for numerous bar associations and prosecutor associations across the country. He also has conducted international training for the Department of Justice and Department of State. For 27 years, Professor Clark was in the King County Prosecutor’s office in Seattle, Washington, where he served as a Senior Deputy and as the Chief Deputy of the Criminal Division. Next, Professor Clark was the Senior Training Counsel at the National Advocacy Center in Columbia, South Carolina.

Professor Clark has authored over a dozen books, including, among others Pretrial Advocacy and Trial Advocacy; Jury Selection Handbook; Visual Litigation; Roadways to Justice; Eradicating American “Prosecutor Misconduct”; Powerful Presentations; Trial Advocacy Goes to the Movies, Addressing the Jury. and Management and Leadership Handbook.

The Change Jar


This game changing book comes with valuable, life, leadership, and happiness lessons that will shift how you see and experience the world. Based on his research in positive psychology and the science of well-being and inspired by a Jar of Change, the author seeks to educate and encourage you to live a purpose driven life.

By the end of this book you will be able to:

  • Leverage purposeful work to build an environment that drives cultural excellence and unleashes everyone’s full potential.
  • Increase your sense of purpose and well-being.
  • Accomplish any goal.
  • Create habits that stick.
  • Learn how to find the value in others.
  • Improve your social skills and communication.

Every theory and lesson presented in this book is paired with the authors unique and vulnerable stories, giving you a more personal and relatable feeling. It is genuinely an interesting book that will offer plenty of food for thought about leadership, cultural excellence, and life in general. The authors passion shows through on every page.

Meet Justin Berrey

My name is Justin Berrey. I’m passionate about my mission to inspire others to live a grateful, healthy, and happy life free of judgement. I believe deeply that we all have something to offer the world. Not everyone shares the same opinions as me on every subject but those same people know many things that I don’t know and I love to hear other perspectives and to challenge my own thinking. I seek to understand and not to judge. I’m a career leader with nearly two decades of experience. I am an ambassador of kindness, health, and well-being. Most importantly I am a father, a husband, a son, a brother, an uncle and a friend.

Decision Making in Employee Compensation Management

Written by an experienced Compensation and Benefits Professional, this book aims to introduce the reader to key principles of employee compensation management from a compensation professional’s viewpoint and the thought process behind the decisions made in the process. The endeavor here is to help the reader embrace the subtleties of this eclectic subject, and pique the interest levels through a practical exposition of the way it actually pans out in the corporate world. This book would be of immense help to early stage Compensation professionals and Management students. This would also be of interest to Human Resource Professionals who want to understand the nuances and the basic thought processes governing this important area.

Meet Ravishankar Duvvuri

My name is Ravishankar Duvvuri. You can call me Ravi. I am a reading and writing enthusiast. I blog/write about my areas of expertise which include Human Resources, Compensation and Benefits and Chess. I give wings to my imagination in the form of Short Stories and poetry. All my writ is always original in terms of thought. I don’t believe in rehashing existing thoughts or literature as my work. I have some projects of interest currently in the making. I have a corporate experience as a Human Resource Professional, which i gained post my MBA from NMIMS, Mumbai, which is a reputed management institute in India. Currently i am working with ManipalCigna Health Insurance, a company which i am in love with. I have also had some stints with companies like Damco (Maersk Group) , Xerox, Bharti Airtel and Essar Group. My core strength is incubating centers of excellence. I have also gained a lot of understanding about entrepreneurial spirit and other aspects of HR through my esteemed colleagues, past and present, and my daily lenghty discussions and debates with my better half. I have also worked in Indian Railways for around 2.5 years and have some family business understanding. I have had an entrepreneurial stint as a full time Options Trader. Chess is my passion and if i am not at work, you would mostly find me playing blitz on chess sites. I am a Candidate Master, a title awarded by the International Chess Federation, FIDE. I have an ambition to achieve higher titles at some stage of my life. Chess has given me some of the most beautiful moments of my life. I have made good friends, have traveled extensively and have learnt from the association with refined minds. I believe in the concept of a bucket list to be ticked off, with some easy and some not so easy targets. Writing a book was one of the easiest i had assumed, though the discipline required to bring a closure is immense. I am forever grateful to all the people who have valued me and shared their time, knowledge and experiences. Eveything i am today is because of this all rounded support.

Structure of Magic NLP Training

This book will teach you how to transform yourself and others. If at least one person knows how to do something effectively, then others can learn it too. I assert this as a practicing psychologist with a PhD and 10 years of experience in individual and group therapeutic and educational work. You will be able to: Set goals in such a way that they come true. Program your behavior. Access and direct your unconscious potential. Manage your emotions. Replace harmful habits with beneficial ones. Adjust your beliefs and create new ones. Heal phobias and allergies. Expand your possibilities. How can one assess the ability to influence perception? There is only one way to find out: read the book and apply the acquired knowledge in practice.

Meet Artem Kudelia PhD

Artem Kudelia is a Ph.D. psychologist, therapist, and coach with expertise in integrative approaches. Helping clients achieve well-being and personal growth through counseling, coaching, and meditations.

Being Breast Aware: Nine Lives…And Many More

Breast Cancer has emerged as the number one cancer killer of women globally. Ironically ,lives can be saved by early detection.Being Breast aware is the only way forward for this. The book is aimed at creating awareness about breast problems in women, specifically breast cancer. Nine stories from real life, set against Indian societal backdrop, to illustrate what women need to know about breast health. Its a life saver!.

Meet Dr Manisha Pandey

Dr. Manisha Pandey, MBBS, MS(O&G),PGDMH has worked ,for over 30 years, as a Senior Consultant in Public health.She is a bestselling author and healthpreneur who is passionate about promoting women’s health awareness, parenting, adolescent health, and stress management. She enjoys traveling in addition to being a bibliophile. She has traveled extensively experiencing diverse cultures and bonding with people — always viewing the world through her own kaleidoscope – she is a dreamer and a storyteller Her writing, usually women-centric, is based on her encounters with various shades of human nature from various cultures. She is involved with several non-governmental organizations in her mission to empower women through health promotion.

Affiliate Marketing Handbook: Build a Successful Online Business and Achieve Financial Freedom

The Affiliate Marketing Handbook is the perfect guide for anyone looking to start a profitable online business through affiliate marketing. This book provides an easy-to-follow, step-by-step approach to building a successful affiliate marketing strategy that generates consistent passive income. You’ll learn everything from what affiliate marketing is to how to pick a target market, create content, and pick the right products to promote. Plus, with the bonus chapter on utilizing artificial intelligence in affiliate marketing, you’ll have the tools to take your results to the next level. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced marketer, The Affiliate Marketing Handbook has the information you need to succeed. Don’t wait any longer, start your journey to financial freedom today!

Meet Will Strong

I’m Will Strong, a non-fiction author and expert in making money online. With over a decade of experience in internet marketing, I’ve helped countless individuals start and grow their own online businesses. After graduating from college, I began working in traditional brick-and-mortar companies. However, I quickly became interested in the potential of online businesses, and began to study and experiment with different online marketing strategies. In 2023, I published my first book on making money online, which focuses on growing a successful affiliate marketing business. Since publishing my first book, I have started work on several more books on the topic, sharing my expertise and knowledge with readers around the world. My approach to making money online is grounded in practicality and realism. I understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach, and I work closely with readers to help them develop their own unique strategies and approaches. Whether you’re just starting out in the world of online business, or you’re a seasoned entrepreneur looking to take your business to the next level, my books offer practical, actionable advice and guidance to help you succeed.

I Am Changing Careers: Career Questions to Consider with a Work Transition

“I Am Changing Careers” is a series of questions and answers as the author describes their own journey of what worked to get them hired at a company. Topics include what career, getting hired, how to take care of your health, and what to do once hired. The questions are meant to act as a guide and provide multiple strategies to find meaningful employment as quickly as possible.

Meet Anita Job

A division at the company I was employed with shut down, some friends in the travel industry saw their jobs disappear overnight at the start of the pandemic, and others were looking for a new challenge after working at their employers’ company for a number of years. Some of my cousins were close to graduating high school or university and were asking me for advice. I had successfully navigated a few transitions myself and wanted to help my friends and family in their search for work. I hope from reading my book you find work just as they did!

The Locksmith

A Sufi tale has it that there was once a metalworker who tinkered with locks and was unjustly put in the dungeons by the king. His wife came upon a brilliant plan to gift him a prayer rug with a pattern of the inner workings of the lock woven in which one day he saw in a flash after the fajr prayer. He cajoled the guard to provide him with some scrap metals and after months of procuring such tiny shards he would eventually fashion a key and with the help of the guard escape. He would be reunited with his loving wife and be lifelong friends with the guard in a classic fairy tale ending! He once shared this with Sarah. She was lying on the bed in a bathrobe having just blow-dried her hair and solving New Yorker crosswords. “That’s so silly!” He just didn’t know if she was so absorbed in trying to remember the capital of Eritrea or really thought of this sparkling tale as stupid. But a pang of anxiety clutched his arteries. We often tend to take umbrage and slide these daily idiosyncrasies straight under our emotional rug, but they stay with us forever. (Excerpt)

Meet Zeeshan Mahmud

The Man Who Knew Too Much aka Zeeshan Mahmud was born without a liver on February 29, 1943 at an obscure village in the district of Comilla. Due to his congential disorder, he would experience cerebral hemorrhage which might have led to his unusual powers subsequently deemed near-psi at Rhine Institute. At an early age, the performer realized he could control Nature by virtue of reverse psychology which he repeatedly used at grade school to get marks above 85%. His first insight of powers came when he was walking down promenade at Sher-E-Bangla Nagar and a globe-sized lightbulb-cover fell on his head at age six. It is believed at that precise moment he received the great Cosmic Insight. In order to develop his siddhis he has studied with various masters and adepts at the subcontinent. He has vanished moon, duplicated it, ate raw bricks, disappeared Tuesdays from calendar as well as been stuck in a rock for 498 days and once removed a tonsil from an alligator among various other feats documented in his official YouTube channel! Fun fact: He can also recite pi to 100 digits!