Bound Before The Morrow

Prepare to be transformed.

Guy Bismarck has been hiding, burying his head in the corporate world, forever busying himself with whatever to escape his past demons. His somber existence is unsustainable, and a moment of dismay leads to Guy attempting to commit suicide.

A mysterious force intervenes, sending him on a transformative journey and granting him two wishes.

Two wishes to pave the way to happiness. After asking for great wealth and beauty, his life mysteriously begins to transform. Guy finally has the nerve to talk to the beautiful Victoria Richards, and they quickly hit it off. But, in this seemingly utopian dream, showered by all the things Guy thought he ever wanted, things fall apart. If Guy is unable to release his past issues, it may result in certain doom for his relationship and even his life.

Bound Before the Morrow is a compelling psychological thriller confronting one of the most fundamental problems faced by humanity.

Rave Reviews: “David J. Ring III debuts with a page turning novel that explores the source of happiness. Bound Before the Morrow follows Guy Bismarck’s unexpected journey from dull mediocrity to the granting of his greatest wishes. Guy is given all the apparent makings of infinite happiness yet finds himself locked in a downward spiral that could destroy himself and the woman he loves. With beautiful detail and vibrant characters, Ring spins a cautionary tale about how easily we can lose sight of what is important. The tight narrative is filled with questions that will keep you guessing and emotional tension that will grip you until the very last page.”

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How to Play the Violin: Comprehensive Techniques for Violinists

Learn the comprehensive techniques of a topnotch Violinists

Do you want to learn how to Play Violin?

Do you want to know the techniques needed to take you from a beginner violinist right up to the virtuoso player?

If you said yes to any of the questions above, then this book is for you. This book is written for both beginners and advanced violinists who want to build their skills and become virtuoso players.

This is a comprehensive guide to some of the major techniques that you will need to learn as a violinist. In this book, the basics of playing the violin are provided, and the book presents an overview of some of the most important skills that you must master to be an excellent player.

In this book you will learn,

•The basics of playing the violin. This book presents an overview of some of the most important skills that you must
master to be an excellent player.
•An overview of all the things you need to master on your journey to becoming a professional violinist.
•In just a few chapters, this book will guide you through the basics of playing the violin from scratch and cover some of
the most popular playing techniques that every violinist must master, in a clear and concise manner.

No need to put off what you’ve always dreamed of doing. Click the Buy Now button to get started today!

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Fear helps you to stay alert of the existing and potential threats. It only becomes an evil force when you allow fear to rule your mind, emotions, and decisions. Fear itself is not problematic; the treatment is. So, make sure to use your fear wisely and give yourself a chance to succeed in life.

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Falling in Love With Your Job – How to create more excitement and fulfilment in your career

A step-by-step guide to create your ideal career

Whether you are job hunting, determined to make a radical career change or simply wish for more day-to-day satisfaction in your job, in this career guide you will find inspiration and a wide range of practical exercises to help you create more fulfilment and excitement in your career.

Includes a foreword by New York Times Best Selling Author Rayomd Aaron and the Values Determination Process of Dr John Demartini.

Among other things you will:

  • Explore what matters most to you in your career 
  • Create an inspiring personal mission statement for your life
  • Change your perception of your working life
  • Establish what you are best at
  • Explore what your Dream Job could look like
  • Build your professional brand
  • Learn how to manage yourself more effectively at work
  • Set the foundations for a healthy work-life balance

Who this book is for

How do you feel when your alarm goes off on a Monday morning? Do you hit the snooze button and curse the cruelty of your daily grind? Life is too short to waste it in a job you don’t enjoy. Be among the growing number of people discovering that their working lives can be a source of worthwhile growth and fulfilment.

This book will be for you if you are struggling to find meaning in a job you do not enjoy. It could be that you are simply working against your natural flow and have lost track of what is really important to you beyond the immediate financial gains.

Download free bonus material

The book comes with additional FREE BONUS MATERIALS that are available on, including printable worksheets and the author’s e-book “10 Steps to Creating the Life You Want”.

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Figure Your Sh*t Out: The Post Grad’s Guide to Success in the Real World


Now you can figure your sh*t out after graduation and make money doing something you actually enjoy—even if you’re lost, broke, and have no real-world experience.

I’ll show you step-by-step exactly what to say to mentors and employers — especially when they have no reason to do anything but throw your resume in the trash . . . And teach you how to overcome personal and emotional obstacles that are holding you back from achieving your dreams.

Dear recent graduate,

Of course you wan’t to figure your shit out.

But you’re struggling to find your way. Your mind numbing desk job is going nowhere and no matter how many jobs you apply to, you can’t seem to land an interview.

To make matters worse, your friends are scattered across the country, and everyone seems to be doing cool shit . . . except for you. You’re feeling lonely, your bank account is dwindling, and you’re just about ready to give up.

That’s where I come in. After graduation I:

Got 10+ job offers right out of school

Started a Media Agency

Got hired to write a Broadway Musical

Over the past few years, I’ve discovered exactly what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to figuring your shit out as a twenty-something.

In this book, I’ll show you exactly what to do, even if you’ve never had a full-time job, have no money, and have no idea what you want to do with your life.

“This book demystifies the road to success” -Victor Kholod, Singer/Songwriter who went from a finance job he hated to a career in music that he loves

“A Must-Read for New Post-Grads” -Lucy Gamades, Screenwriter who went from a university desk job to writing for top Producers

“Anyone struggling to figure out what they want out of life can benefit from this book” -Bella Rose Pope, A freelance writer who, without a college degree, became a Content Creator for a top Publishing School

In Figure Your Sh*t Out you will find:

  • My system for choosing a job that you actually enjoy (while also paying the bills)
  • Proven and actionable ways to maximize your productivity and make your goals a reality
  • How to intentionally select routines and habits that will improve your quality of life and set you up for continued success
  • Networking secrets they didn’t teach you in college that got me dozens of job offers, mentors, and professional advocates before I even had a diploma
  • Studied methods for navigating adult relationships and dealing with post-grad loneliness
  • Concrete, real-life examples supported by research and data from the fields of Psychology, Storytelling, Business, and more.

Figure Your Sh*t Out equips readers with the tools for success every college grad needs to survive in the real world.

Whether you’re going through a quarter-life crisis or just need a little career and life guidance, this book will help you figure your shit out, and fast.

Don’t wait until you’re broke, depressed, and floundering . . . read this book and figure your shit out today!

About Black Women, My Grandmother Told Me


Speaking frankly, not peddling fantasy, and writing honestly and sharply, in About Black Women, My Grandmother Told Me: Worthy Advice for Future Generations, Narcisse Nguema offers 791 bits of time-tested advice for everyone, but especially for African American women.
Women are the core of society, and the black woman’s authenticity is not a matter of negotiation or discomfort—the black authenticity is pride, and shall remain immaculate. The blacker women accept themselves in their entirety, the better the black community will be.
With Nguema’s firm but clear guidance, readers of About Black Women will again claim the feminine behaviors that civilized culture before the actions that built up ethics, morals and rules, and law and wealth.

The Path of Leashed Resistance: The Buddy System


Imagine you find a chicken coop full of orphaned puppies in the middle of bone-chilling winter. You already have a house full of rescue dogs. Your resources are already at their breaking point. You know the shelter is no place for puppies. It’s a death sentence. Do you close your heart to them, and leave them for dead? Do you turn them away and deny their cries for help? Or, do you have the strength to do the right thing?
What would Beth and her husband do when faced with such a life-changing decision?Standing on the edge of a slippery slope, would they save themselves, or fall head first into rescue? Would they walk away, or take the path of leashed resistance?
This book is a hilarious and heartbreaking look into the life of a remarkable family that fell into canine rescue completely by accident, but now lives to protect and care for their dogs absolutely on purpose. An awe-inspiring read for anyone who loves dogs!
When Robert and Beth Hading-Yostlot rescued Buddy Lee, they had no idea what they had started. How one dog would spark such compassion in them for abused and abandoned animals. But that spark turned into a blazing fire that burned brighter and hotter than they could have ever imagined.
Fueled by destroyed furniture, food follies, bizarre accidents, and near death experiences, the fire spread to every corner of their lives.
They experienced both the pleasure of seeing damaged dogs be healed by the courage of a loving family and the love of other amazing dogs, as well as the hardships of having to make such great sacrifices to give them what they needed to grow in strength and joy. They also experienced the triumph of watching a dog’s spirit be lit up by life, along with agony when it was extinguished by death.
Beth Hading-Yostlot gives us a glimpse into their adventures, their pragmatic existence, and explains why forty-plus dogs later, they’re still living a life devoted to canine rescue and what it means to live by the Buddy System. The only thing she can’t predict, is who’s going to need their help next…



5 Steps To Success

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they were busy laying bricks by the hour, as the great English playwright John Heywood once said. The same can be said when it comes to enjoying meaningful successes in life, i.e., it takes time and multiple important action steps or “bricks.” And in this book, you will learn about the 5 important steps towards achieving success in life. While the context may be more about career, the principles in this book – the 5 steps – can be applied to just about any area of your life that you’d like to succeed in. Are you ready to start your success journey?

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