The Resilient Writer – Insights & Inspiration on the Writing Life & Business of Being an Author

To be a serious writer requires courage, resilience, and uncommon perseverance. It means doing the work even if you’re not in the mood, don’t feel inspired, and aren’t writing particularly well. It’s risking criticism and repeated rejection by publishers, endless rewrites, and editors who demand perfectly written sentences (if not entire chunks) be removed for the story’s sake.

Connecting with like-minded writers can help when doubt and fear threaten to stall you, but others will not always be able to offer the support you need when you need it most. This is where the value lies in having a resource such as The Resilient Writer on hand.

The first edition of The Resilient Writer was published in 2014. It took roughly six months to compile that collection and another three months to complete this updated and expanded version. You might question investing that much time in a little book of quotes when millions are available for free.

Rather than yet another How To book or compilation of familiar, well-worn quotations, my mission from the beginning has been to create an invaluable resource tool that follows a clear path for what it means to be a writer today.

From finding time for it all and dealing with the challenges of writer’s block and repeated rejection to mastering the craft and the business of being an author. By any measure, this journey is not for the faint of heart.

Writing is a messy, solitary process that takes over your life, and few outsiders will ever understand, but those who’ve spent time with it are hooked for life. I sincerely hope you find value, insight, and inspiration in this book, not just for today but for years to come as you continue to grow as a writer.

Meet Marquita Herald

Marquita Herald is an author, publisher, resilient living strategist, award-winning life and small business coach, and unapologetic Introvert


Are you unhappy with your current paycheck? Are you disappointed with your annual pay raise? Are you willing to walk the extra mile to “grow your paycheck?” Do you wish to grow in your professional career? If the answer to any of these questions is YES, go ahead and read on. Admit it, you must have thought that you are underpaid or you should get paid a little higher for all the work you are currently doing. If yes, then have you thought of the different possibilities to increase your performance to grow your paycheck? What if I say: YES! You can “GROW YOUR PAYCHECK.” How does that sound? In this book, I have revealed effective strategies to uplift your professional career by improving your credibility and worthiness at your work and to make you one of the most dependable employees in your organization. The steps that I have narrated in this book are in the form of chapters that will make you re-think about your existing stand in your organization. Once you have envisaged yourself, you should follow your plan of action. Ensure that all of your actions are strategically planned and going in the correct direction and you will achieve your goals in the very near future. Based on my professional experience of working in a corporate environment for over 15+ years, I have written the steps that are widely accepted and followed across the world by working professionals in various organizations. After reading this book, you will change the way you think, feel, act, and behave in your corporate environment. You will learn: •Effective Strategies to advance up your professional career •Improvise your credibility & Worthiness •Boost your performance •Stay in LIMELIGHT in your job and •ULTIMATELY increase your chances of GROWING YOUR PAYCHECK

Meet Swapnil Modi

Swapnil is a dynamic & detailed oriented professional with over 15 years of extensive corporate experience. He has been ranked as 10X STAR PERFORMER in his professional career with Etech, Inc. He carries abundant experience in Reviewing / Drafting / Vetting on all types of agreements and mitigating risk for his clients. He is an expert in maintaining the highest level of quality in operations; ensuring adherence to all the legal parameters and compliance as per the stringent norms.

The PSYCHOLOGICAL effect of COLORS in our life

Which color is most friendly? Which color makes you feel relaxed? How does color affect our thoughts? Why do we feel attracted towards a few colors? Did you know that color can be used to enhance focus? How exactly does color psychology work? These questions, along with many more, are answered in this book as we explore the world of color psychology. Colors have the ability to provoke certain arousal states and emotions. The study of colors in connection to human behavior is known as color psychology. This book will dive into discovering the importance of individual colors, its psychological effects, and provide you with the tips on how to use color to improve your personal & professional life. You’ll also understand the significance of each color and how it will impact thoughts. By the end of this book, you’ll be able to take advantage of color psychology in your daily life.

Meet Savyman

This book will dive into discovering the importance of individual colors, its psychological effects, and provide you with the tips on how to use color to improve your personal & professional life. You’ll also understand the significance of each color and how it will impact thoughts. By the end of this book, you’ll be able to take advantage of color psychology in your daily life.

Your First Screenplay: The Beginner’s Guide To Movie Writing

If you’ve ever wanted to write a movie or had an idea for a movie…YOU NEED THIS BOOK! Packed with tips & techniques for first-time and seasoned writers You’ll learn: • How to write a professional screenplay from beginning to end • Finding ideas and how to get a great one • The tools you’ll need before you start writing • How to get your ideas out of your head and onto the page • How to develop realistic, engaging characters • Crafting later drafts that take your screenplay from good to great • Solutions to problems including writer’s block, self-confidence, writing routines, and feedback And much more Kickoff your screenwriting journey with this easy-to-follow method of writing YOUR FIRST SCREENPLAY.

Meet Adam Fiske

Adam Fiske is an acclaimed screenwriter and director. After writing his first feature screenplay at age 19, he continued writing features throughout the next two decades. These scripts resulted in successes in multiple prestigious contests including ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship, The Writers Store Spotlight Competition, and Scriptapalooza among many others. His films have won awards in film festivals all over the world, including in France, England, Italy, Japan, Spain, and Brazil. He does script consulting, releases films, and develops projects through his company Image Machine. He currently resides in Southern California.


Writing a novel does not have to involve mysterious processes that take a lifetime to understand. After writing and ghostwriting millions of words of marketable fiction, I began working as a copy editor and writing coach. I soon realized I was seeing the same basic errors over and over again in my clients’ manuscripts– errors that were easy enough to fix with a few simple guidelines. Whether you write as a hobby or for publication, you can apply this plainspoken advice to any story. Try one tip and see what happens. You might be surprised at what they can do together!

Meet Janeen O’Kerry

Like many who end up being writers, I’ve worked at many different jobs: riding instructor, horse trainer, computer programmer, and medical transcriptionist. I began my writing career in the early 1980s with articles for several national and regional horse magazines. My friend Hazel wanted to break into writing novels, so together we wrote three: A *Star Trek* novel; a rather spicy romance; and, finally a sweet romance called *April’s Christmas.* April was the one who got us started when Avalon published that book in 1994. After that I sold my own first novel, the historical romance *Lady of Fire,* to Dorchester Publishing in 1995. Today I am a full-time novelist, Kindle ghostwriter, and copy editor, and can often be found doing workshops and panels at writers’ events and conventions.

The Bitcoin Book: A Beginner’s Guide to the Future of Finance

Dive into the world of Bitcoin with this comprehensive beginner’s guide! Are you interested in discovering how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies could revolutionise global finance – and what this means for you? Do you want to learn how this amazing technology works? Do you want to uncover how to safely buy, and store these new digital coins? Are you looking for a detailed (yet friendly) beginner’s guide to the world of cryptocurrency? Or are you just looking for the perfect gift for a Bitcoin curious person you know? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this is the book for you. Bitcoin is an incredible technology which has the potential to drastically reshape the concept of money as we know it. But far from being daunting and complex, the truth is that anyone can come to grips with this technology. Join author and early adopter Matthew Underhill, as he reveals the foundations and benefits of Bitcoin. Using simple explanations that even a complete novice can understand, along with a light-hearted and down-to-earth tone that will resonate with readers of all backgrounds, this insightful book guides you through the world of Bitcoin – along with why you should be paying attention to it. Covering the history of Bitcoin, an easily digestible look at to how it works, what makes crypto so different to other currencies, this beginner’s guide is your ticket to understanding crypto. Here’s just a little of what you’ll discover inside: Bitcoin 101 – a Detailed History of Cryptocurrency Common Bitcoin Myths and Misconceptions Addressed Why Was Crypto Made? The Secret to Why Bitcoin Will Revolutionise Finance The Simple and Surprising Reasons Why Bitcoin is Similar to Gold Learn Why the Price of Bitcoin is Expected to Rise A Step-by-Step Guide to Buying Bitcoins Learn How to Store These Digital Coins Safely Learn About Other Leading Cryptocurrencies An Introduction to Bitcoin Mining, Investing and Trading And Much More… So, drop the complex finance books and say goodbye to jargon – this beginner’s guide offers you a down-to-earth introduction to the world of Bitcoin.

Meet Matthew Underhill

Matthew Underhill is an author and entrepreneur with over 5 years of experience with Cryptocurrency. He has been fascinated with Bitcoin and the potential it has to transform finance ever since first discovering the technology in 2014. Now, he hopes to share what he’s learned with his readers, teaching them the wonders of Bitcoin and how to make the most of this cryptocurrency revolution. He lives in the South West of England with his wife, young daughter and their dogs. While not working and looking after this young family, Matt can be found tinkering on his camper van, clay pigeon shooting and playing rugby. To find the online home of his book and all the products and services Matt recommends please visit his website.

Women in STEM

With full colour illustrations and simple rhyming verses, this book is for little people everywhere, so they know that they are wonderful people, with the capacity of genius like Marie Curie, with fiery courage like Dr. Muthulakshmi Reddy, with tenacity of purpose like Wang Zhenyi, and the compassionate good will of Mary Seacole.

Meet Ramya Julian

Author, illustrator, and dentist, Ramya Julian finished her first novel at the age of ten and she avers it was very well received though it was read only by her brother. She has all the hobbies of a maiden Victorian aunt – reading, writing, painting, crocheting, knitting and sewing, and the temperament of one. When she’s not guilt-tripping her two daughters into good behaviour, she can be found devouring books, crafting poems and puns, and chuckling at her own witticisms. She grew up in India and now lives with her husband and their two daughters in London. She has experienced so much joy through the enchanting artistry of many authors and creators, that she aspires to share at least some of it through her writing.

Forever On Pointe: A True Story

Dancing was her life. Until a paralyzing virus threatened to shatter her dreams.

Forever on Pointe: A True Story is the fascinating account of one woman’s ever-evolving journey from the intense world of professional ballet to the bloody streets of the Hungarian Revolution to the glittering nightclubs of Montreal. In this intimate and revealing memoir, Agota Gabor shares how grit and determination allowed her to attain her wildest dreams.

As a young girl, Agota intends to become a professional ballerina in Budapest, but her dream is shattered when she contracts polio. Through gruesome therapy and iron willpower, she learns to dance again, making a living as a dancer in Canada after her home country erupts in the Hungarian Revolution of 1956.

Agota forges ahead to achieve a prosperous and dynamic life, working as a chorus girl in Montreal casinos and nightclubs. But she wants more than just the glitz and glam. After going back to school, Agota becomes a television journalist and works with her foreign-correspondent husband as they live the expat life, traveling across the world from Hong Kong to Jakarta to London. Agota’s roller-coaster life continues as a mother and a businesswoman, as she runs a successful communications firm and makes a killing in real estate.

Meet Agota Gabor

Agota Gabor grew up in Budapest, Hungary and attended the Ballet School of The Hungarian State Opera House. After fleeing Budapest with her mother during the Hungarian Revolution, Agota settled in Canada where she became a dancer in Montreal. During the 1960s and 70s, Agota worked in television production, eventually going back to school to receive a degree in journalism from Ryerson University. After travelling the world as a freelance reporter and becoming a mother, she founded The Gabor Group, a media company specializing in public awareness campaigns, digital communication, and video production. In 2020 she wrote a handbook on communications and media interviews. Forever on Pointe is her debut memoir. Agota lives in Toronto.

Small Space Senior Living: Declutter and Clean Without Being Overwhelmed Using The Micro-Cleaning Block Method

Micro-Cleaning Blocks are small segments of a cleaning task. It usually doesn’t represent the entire cleaning project. It’s a way to declutter while you clean without being overwhelmed. With dozens of micro-cleaning jobs to choose from, even those in a wheelchair, a walker, or using a cane for support can accomplish several independently.

Meet Dotti Swenson

For 25-years, I worked as a caregiver to older adults who preferred to stay in their homes. Some were quite active and living independently, needing little help. There were those living at home Aging in Place, finding life more challenging and requiring various degrees of support, and others in different stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Lead The Right Way: How to Lead With Empathy, Agility, and Resilience to Drive Sustainable Results in Turbulent Times

Lead the Right Way is designed to help you make an investment in yourself and become the next generation leader that your organization needs. This book introduces a simple leadership framework to overcome the great resignation and drive sustainable results during and post-pandemic. With this book, you will have an in-depth understanding of the three leadership pillars along with practical applications and concrete examples to bring greater empathy, agility, and resilience to your workplace every day. This book provides valuable guidance to leaders and organizations about behaviors and actions that they can adopt during any crisis.

Meet Aditi Agarwal

Aditi Agarwal is an experienced leader who leverages an outcome-driven approach to help teams innovate, embrace change, continuously improve, and deliver valuable experiences. With 22+ years of unparalleled excellence in planning and executing strategic large-scale initiatives, she is best known as an empathic, agile, and resilient leader who is passionate about coaching others. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her loving family. Her mission is to share her knowledge and accelerate learning for others.