Secrets of the Wealthy vs. Secrets of the Broke (Bargain Read)

With this book, you get a blueprint on everything from “Pay Yourself First” to “The Power of Compound Interest”. No preaching, but rather inspires its readers to make realistic, attainable changes and choices.

The Secrets of the Wealthy is a book purposed to awaken the reader to the simple, foundational, immutable laws required for success that many are ignoring or unaware of because these principles are not taught in school.

“The question is,” Russo, asks ” do you see your life as a great undertaking in which you are actively involved, or do you see yourself as a spectator pushed along by the circumstances of each day? Are you ‘making it happen’, or are you ‘letting it happen’? Are you in, or out?” He further says: “Life is not a do-over experience, so why not give thought to what you truly want and have a bias toward action. If we all do that, we won’t have to look in the mirror in our golden years and say to ourselves, what the heck happened.”

Through Ray’s real-life experience and purpose-driven advice, the reader gains a greater understanding of what to embrace and what to avoid in matters of personal finance.

For those seeking a basic understanding of money and common-sense approaches to financing and investing, The Secrets of the Wealthy is a compelling read.

Learn how to watch your money grow with this helpful book that helps new and experienced investors understand money concepts.

By implementing the suggestions presented, which are timeless and grounded in reality, the reader will be able to improve their financial situation in the long run.

That difference, for some, will be potentially millions of dollars. This is not pie in the sky theory. It is hard facts that represent the natural laws of money, and the mindset required to attract life and financial success.

Read this book: now!

Meet Raymond Russo

Raymond Russo is a “Dyed in the wool Entrepreneur”, who started his first business at the age of 22. Having grown up in the Bronx, NY in a broken home, living with his mother and 4 other siblings in a small 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment, and were the sole income for the family was state-issued welfare, he learned early on what he didn’t want.

At the age of 19, he left for the west coast, Palm Springs, CA to live with his dad who had found financial success in his business years prior in New York before moving west himself. To say this was a culture shock, from the Bronx to Palm Springs, is an understatement and was a real eye-opener for him.

This is where the entrepreneurial bug started. It’s been said that success happens when preparedness and opportunity meet. Ray’s never-ending pursuit of knowledge and persistent work ethic eventually led to various enterprises in real estate as a National Franchise owner, HUD-approved correspondent lender, and eventually gravitated toward the world of financial services, eventually having a financial planning business that served 6 offices in three states.

Today Ray is a fiduciary and owner of a Registered Investment Advisory firm in Las Vegas, Nevada where he provides insurance and investment solutions to individuals, couples, and businesses, as well as tax strategies for wealthier individuals as Managing Director of Redwood Tax Specialists.

Ray’s passions in life are as a mentor and trainer to those who seek knowledge and solutions for a better life. He is also a public speaker, writer, time management expert, and creator of his upcoming blog which will feature the extensive knowledge he has amassed in the areas he loves to talk about, with a focus on financial independence in a mobile lifestyle, i.e. the ability to create an epic business and lifestyle, while traveling the world and doing so with nothing but a laptop and an internet connection.

The Treasury of Quotes

A Complete Collection of Quotes for New Motivation and Energy. 1001 Daily Inspiration Quotes. A Perfect Gift for Everyone!

Meet Virginia Ellington

1000+1 Greatest Inspirational Quotes from famous people around the world. This book is the collection of the most powerful words ever used by the greatest minds worldwide. It contains the best of the wisdom they got during their lives. Inspirational deep Quotes have immense power that makes you think. Inspirational and motivational quotes endow enormous insights into improving our lives. Even the world’s most successful individuals have experienced their fair share of setbacks and hardships. Yet, there’s much to learn from their challenges as well as their success. Luckily, they’ve condensed their wisdom into meaningful quotes that you can store for later use. So, let’s take a look at some of those quotes to get energized and inspired at work and in our personal lives. Start each day with a powerful word of wisdom and let it guide you to take action, overcome fear, boost your self-esteem, create success.

Mindful Meditation: Meditation and Mindfulness Interventions to Improve Health and Wellbeing

Mindful Meditation talks about the science behind mindfulness and meditation from researchers and clinicians around the world in a number of different fields from chronic diseases to education. Learn more about how they work and the people they’ve helped to encourage your own practice or advocate programs for others.

Meet Sima Chowdhury

I use mindfulness and meditation to manage chronic pain after a couple bad car crashes. As I transitioned out of care I needed to stay motivated to practice and I wanted to learn why these were effective techniques, which is why I wrote Mindful Meditation. Enjoy!

Windows 10 Adjust for Best Performance

Windows 10 Adjust for Best Performance helps you: • save money on computer maintenance services • save time looking for solutions • make your computer run as fast as possible with simple and easy-to-understand steps. In the book, I’ll guide you on how to adjust your Windows 10 for its best performance. Your computer will run faster than it ever does after a few simple steps. Follows my step-by-step guides and then enjoys a new state of your Windows 10.

Meet Neo D. Truman

Neo D. Truman got a Master of Science in Information Technology degree in 2011. He has more than fifteen years of experience in software development especially web development. Have a broad understanding and in-depth experience in front-end web development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and back-end web development using Java Spring MVC, Java Hibernate, and PostgreSQL.

Self-Publishing Painlessly for FREE: A Helpful What-to-Do List for Frugal Authors

If you want to be an author, this book makes the indie publishing process easy to understand. It really is possible to publish a wonderful Kindle book and paperback for free. Zero financial investment on your part can lead to money in your bank account.

If unsure which route to take, “Self-Publishing Painlessly for Free” guides you through the forest of information overload so you can find your own comfortable path. The conversational tone makes the content accessible because you have an English teacher-librarian-author helping you each step of the way.

“Self-Publishing Painlessly for FREE” focuses on Amazon’s popular Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) program. More and more people are discovering the rewards of being an indie author.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get your book published and promoted, all for free. Exciting times are ahead!

P.S. This book is not full of technology jargon because the author doesn’t speak that language very well. Instead, read it like a friend is gently encouraging you along your publishing journey.

Meet Brenda DeHaan

Brenda DeHaan is the author of an eclectic mix of books that reflect her interests: writing, library genrefication, healing crystals, children’s picture books, craft fairs, and hospitality. As a certified English teacher and school librarian, she is programmed to help people and wants more books in the world!

Love, Travel, and Volunteering Caring for the World

Experience the challenges and joys of making a difference while meeting new friends all over the world

Many people dream of seeing the world and making a difference. Not everybody will act on that dream, an undertaking that can be scary and overwhelming. Kandy puts those feelings aside and sets off to volunteer as a nurse in Peru. But things do not always work out as expected. Kandy does not know that she will end up doing voluntary work as a nurse in Guatemala, with children in Thailand and South Africa, and dogs in Jamaica and Mexico. She is left stranded in the middle of nowhere, jumps off the world’s highest commercial bridge, connects with monkeys, snorkels with seals, and so much more!

Will the joys of her self-discovery journey outweigh the hardships, or will she want to return to a stable life in Canada?

Love, Travel, and Volunteering is a travelogue about self-discovery and making a difference. It captures the many obstacles that need to be overcome as a solo traveller. This travelogue is a must-read for those who love books that take them around the world and talk about different cultures as well as the challenges and joys of volunteering abroad.

A portion of each sale will be donated to The Animal House Jamaica.
This donation will help cover the cost of vet bills, dog food, fresh water, adoption fees, and so much more.



“What a gift to read about in a day and time where everyone remains so self-centered and the news is so depressing. THIS IS NOT THAT BOOK!!!! This is where you are uplifed and encouraged! What are you waiting for?!?! Get out – enjoy life – do good! Thank you for sharing your heart and passion for life!”

“Great read, very inspiring. The author’s journey touched my soul. This book is a road map for anyone looking for adventure and wanting to make a difference in the world.”

“As a longtime, solo backpacker volunteer traveler myself, I am glad to see other female volunteers sharing their experiences to encourage others to do the same. We can all help each other out – and doing so in other countries breaks down barriers and stereotypes while buidling empathy and understanding.”

“If you’re intending on setting off into the world, and thinking of volunteering in third-world countries, this book gives a lot of tips and experiences about the subject. The author combines her own experiences working with children and animals in very undeveloped regions, with lists of items you would need to know if you want to follow in her footsteps. A useful book to have with you on your journey.”

“Do good and be good! I love this book and the author’s down to earth manner and real-life stories! I couldn’t help using one of the stories in a sermon I was preaching because of its relevance and the lesson learned (something that is soooo valuable).”

Meet Kandy Ostrosky

Kandy is from Hamilton, Ontario. She has been a registered practical nurse since 2012 and began her career on a stroke rehabilitation unit. Currently, she works on a neurobehavioural unit. Her love and passion for nursing and helping people created her desire to volunteer in underdeveloped countries. She began journaling her trips in 2017 and will continue to journal her future adventures, as she wants to create a second part of this travelogue.

The Cosmic Playbook for Writers: Daily Affirmations And Mindfulness For Authors (Bargain Book)

The Wishing Shelf Book Award Finalist

“As a writer herself, P. K. Davies shows a real sympathy and understanding of writers’ unique emotional needs and her book is wonderful.”

Sarah Scheele, author of Facets of Fantasy

A fresh and fun gift for writers and authors, the Cosmic Playbook for Writers is a daily motivational tool.

It will show you how to get inspired for writing and support you as you bring your hard work into the world!

This little book will help you spark the incredible creative inspiration ideas that lie within, just waiting to be unleashed.

Refocus, recharge and get back on track! Enjoy soothing mini meditations, daily creative inspiration, magical intentions, positive affirmations and an abundance meditation – specifically created for your writing journey!

A taste of what we cover:

·      How to silence the inner critic without sacrificing writing quality

·      How to deal with negative reviews

·      How to master distractions and overwhelm

·      How to clarify your position through contradictory advice on ways to share your work, and maintain harmony

·      How to fall naturally into a success mindset, regardless of sales

How you’ll benefit from The Cosmic Playbook for Writers:

·      Face your fears and writing challenges head-on and overcome them!

·      Reboot a positive creative mindset again and again, and get right back onto your writing path.

·      Do what you do best – CREATE powerful content and share your work with those who want to hear what you have to say!

By the end of this book, you’ll discover where you get tripped up, how to tweak your writing habits and how to keep your vision strong. You’ll bounce back stronger than ever before!

…Join me on the incredible writer’s journey through the highs and lows of the full creative process.

We will celebrate each stage of the writing journey together and take heart during the challenging times. 

Are you ready to let your creative spark thrive?

Then let’s begin…   :)

Meet PK Davies

PK Davies is a writer, voice artist and manifesting coach.

THE PEOPLE’S GOLD: EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE, EVERY TIME! A Beginner’s Practical Guide on All You Need to Know on How to Profit from Gold (Bonus! Practical Tips for Investing in Silver)

Don’t have gold in your investment portfolio? Here’s why you’re missing out.

Is gold just for the rich?

Is it irrelevant in this highly digital economy?

Will it be of any use to your already diversified portfolio?

With prices at thousands of dollars for a few grams, gold is an expensive element.

You’d have good reason to believe that it’s only something the wealthy would buy, and probably just as a part of their collection of expensive things.

But gold is much more than a material for luxurious jewelry or for ornate decorations.

Nowadays, gold is considered a safe haven for investors in an increasingly volatile market.

Some investors invest in gold when they foresee a recession, inflation, or uncertainty. Others hold on to gold to preserve wealth, while having a vehicle to pass it on to future generations.

In short, because uncertainty is inherent in any investment and in any economy, gold can serve as insurance in case of economic or political disasters.

Even in a highly digitized economy, gold continues to be attractive because it’s a tangible asset that can still be of value, even if our entire monetary system collapses.

Fortunately, gone are the days when you had to pan for gold in a river, under the heat of the sun, with the possibility of ending up with nothing but a severe sunburn.

In today’s economy, gold is easier to access and more affordable as well.

There are several ways to invest in gold that require nothing more than a computer, an internet connection, and a reasonable amount of money.

Don’t lose out on the benefits of gold in your portfolio, even if you don’t have billions of dollars to spare.


  • A step-by-step guide to getting started with gold investments, which you can follow even without any investing background
  • How to legitimately invest in gold with less than $100
  • How much of your portfolio to invest in gold so you don’t lose out on market gains, but you still protect yourself enough in case of a severe downturn
  • An easy and accessible way to invest in gold without having to worry about storage and theft
  • How to tell real versus fake gold, and other smart ways to protect yourself from gold scammers
  • Have a better understanding of your profile as a gold investor
  • The varying reasons for investing in gold, and how they affect your investment strategy
  • Know the different types of gold investors and see which one you can identify yourself the most
  • Bonus chapter: Practical tips for investing in silver that could augment your portfolio even more

And much more.

Whether you think the economy as we know it will collapse in the foreseeable future, or you’re just looking for a hedge against low interest rates, gold offers you this protection and more.

Even if you think your portfolio is already diversified enough, with stocks, bonds, real estate, and more, gold can still make a valuable addition to your portfolio.

Its unique qualities & ability to hedge against both equities & fixed income securities offer an extra layer of diversification & protection, especially for the most extreme cases.

Don’t wait until the economic system collapses. Get some gold now and ensure that you’re financially protected in case anything ever happens.

If you want to protect your finances & prepare for an uncertain future with a tangible, safe, & reliable asset, then click the “Add to Cart” button right now!

Word Savvy: Use the Right Word


Do questions like these interrupt your writing, bringing you to a temporary halt as you hastily check the Internet for answers?

  • Which word do I want, accept or except? … affect or effect? … bring or take? … complement or compliment? … emigrate or immigrate? … empathyor sympathy? … fewer or less? … imply or infer?
  • Is this the correct meaning of nonplussed? … of peruse? … of gourmand? … of infamous? … of enervate? … of ingenuous? … of infamous? … of ironic? … of penultimate?
  • What’s wrong with alot? … What about alright? … heartwrenching? … diligency? … orientated?
  • Is “could care less” the correct expression? … What about “escape goat”? … “for all intensive purposes”? … “hone in on”? … “statue of limitations”?
  • What is the singular of bacteria? What is the plural of hypothesis? . . . of diagnosis? … of phenomena? … of  Maddox?… of secretary general? . . . of editor-in-chief? … of teaspoonfuL?
  • Which is the correct spelling: absence or absense? . . . competant or competent? . . . comparetive? or comparative? … cemetery? … or cemetary? … permissible or permissable?

NOW have the answers to your questions at your fingertips, (No Internet required.)

Word Savvy Handbook is the easy, quick reference you need to clear those pesky, reoccurring roadblocks to efficient writing. At the flip of a page, you’ll find the answers to:

  • Words commonly confused
  • Words commonly misused
  • Non-words & other No-No’s
  • Tricky singulars & plurals
  • Common spelling demons

NOT ONLY THAT! … WORD SAVVY HANDBOOK helps you remember the correct answer with:

  • Dictionary definitions
  • Example sentences, including interesting quotes from such diversified celebrities as Mae West & Winston Churchill.
  • Memory tricks – mnemonic devices, rhymes, alliterative sentences, related words, & suggested visualizations
  • Self-Quizzes to help you see if you understand the material and will apply it when you write.
  • Entries are in alphabetical order, cross-referenced and indexed, making it easy to find what you  are looking for.

Make your writing easier, faster, more productive.
Keep your WORD SAVVY HANDBOOK handy whenever you write.

You’ll wonder how you ever wrote without it.

Meet Nancy Ragno

Nancy Ragno is an educational writer and co-author of a language arts textbook series for grades K-8: WORLD OF LANGUAGE. In addition to language arts textbooks, she is the author of children’s books and adult nonfiction on grammar and Presidential history. Originally from Philadelphia, she now lives in Tennessee at the foot of the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains and is a volunteer at the Knoxville Zoo.

No Other Gods: Loving What God Loves; Hating What He Hates (Volume 2)

No Other Gods: Loving What God Loves; Hating What He Hates (Volume 2) - ASIN B082BLL8GB

We are headed toward the end—the end of time. And we need to get ready. Does Jesus love you? Yes! Does He forgive sins? Yes! But as the age of grace comes to a close and the day of judgment is ushered in, God raises the bar. We’re used to His mercy, but judgment begins with the household of God. He’s purifying His bride, and these are the principles you’ll need to liberate yourself from the devil, who, if you’re not careful, will take hold of you and not let go. Learn how to live free from him and walk in sweet, tender fellowship with the Lord of Hosts through earth’s darkest hour.

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