Small Space Senior Living: Declutter and Clean Without Being Overwhelmed Using The Micro-Cleaning Block Method

Micro-Cleaning Blocks are small segments of a cleaning task. It usually doesn’t represent the entire cleaning project. It’s a way to declutter while you clean without being overwhelmed. With dozens of micro-cleaning jobs to choose from, even those in a wheelchair, a walker, or using a cane for support can accomplish several independently.

Meet Dotti Swenson

For 25-years, I worked as a caregiver to older adults who preferred to stay in their homes. Some were quite active and living independently, needing little help. There were those living at home Aging in Place, finding life more challenging and requiring various degrees of support, and others in different stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Lead The Right Way: How to Lead With Empathy, Agility, and Resilience to Drive Sustainable Results in Turbulent Times

Lead the Right Way is designed to help you make an investment in yourself and become the next generation leader that your organization needs. This book introduces a simple leadership framework to overcome the great resignation and drive sustainable results during and post-pandemic. With this book, you will have an in-depth understanding of the three leadership pillars along with practical applications and concrete examples to bring greater empathy, agility, and resilience to your workplace every day. This book provides valuable guidance to leaders and organizations about behaviors and actions that they can adopt during any crisis.

Meet Aditi Agarwal

Aditi Agarwal is an experienced leader who leverages an outcome-driven approach to help teams innovate, embrace change, continuously improve, and deliver valuable experiences. With 22+ years of unparalleled excellence in planning and executing strategic large-scale initiatives, she is best known as an empathic, agile, and resilient leader who is passionate about coaching others. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her loving family. Her mission is to share her knowledge and accelerate learning for others.

React for Beginners: An easy-to-follow guide on how to build a real web project in 5 days (using React, Redux, Markdown, Firebase and Netlify)

The book is aimed at beginners who are willing to learn React from scratch. It starts by showing how to add React to an HTML page. After that, creating a real React application will be introduced with all the concepts related to React. In this book, you’ll learn – Writing a React application (main content) – Using Redux for easily scalable state management – Using Firebase to authenticate users and store data in a NoSQL database – Working with Markdown files – Optimizing your React app – Finally, building and deploying site’s code on Netlify.

Meet Neo D. Truman

Neo D. Truman got a Master of Science in Information Technology degree in 2011. He has more than fifteen years of experience in software development especially full-stack web development.

HEXA: Pick 3 Lottery System

From the clever mind of John Savant arrives another Pick 3 lottery breakthrough. Presenting HEXA. A fully automated system that eliminates all the guesswork and time consuming lottery workouts. Players can now sit back and relax and allow the game to be fun again. Forget about being glued to your arm chair performing mind numbing exercises that leave you exhausted and frustrated. That old way of playing is officially now a thing of the past. John Savant has taken charge and propelled a system that obliterates anything else on the Pick 3 lottery scene. Don’t sit back and allow this premier system to run away from you. The time is now to take action. This brand new winning system has perfectly timed itself for the spring and summer months ahead. Time to collect those prizes. HEXA: Pick 3 Lottery System. Make it yours today.

Meet John Savant

John Savant, is a leading authority on the pick 3 lotteries. He has been an active player since 2011. He’s mingled with the best and developed some of the finest systems of his own. He has taught thousands of players worldwide on how to win using his innovative number systems. He’s relentless when it comes to analyzing lottery numbers and his brilliant observations have made him an original system creator. Just when you thought you had seen it all; he always surprises with new cutting edge algorithms. With his instructional books, winning the pick 3 game just got easier.

Craft the Draft

Craft the Draft is a simple and straightforward guide for aspiring writers, with examples from well-known books to help readers understand and put their newfound knowledge into context. Everything from what a zero draft is to how to format dialogue and avoid common writing mistakes will be covered. Readers will also learn how to create a zero draft using the resources provided in an easy-to-follow exercise.

Meet Dawn Jones

I’m a nonfiction author who focuses on writing and writing craft. 100 Writing Prompts, my first nonfiction book on the subject, was released on October 18, 2021.

Secrets of the Wealthy vs. Secrets of the Broke

With this book, you get a blueprint on everything from “Pay Yourself First” to “The Power of Compound Interest”. No preaching, but rather inspires its readers to make realistic, attainable changes and choices.

The Secrets of the Wealthy is a book purposed to awaken the reader to the simple, foundational, immutable laws required for success that many are ignoring or unaware of because these principles are not taught in school.

“The question is,” Russo, asks ” do you see your life as a great undertaking in which you are actively involved, or do you see yourself as a spectator pushed along by the circumstances of each day? Are you ‘making it happen’, or are you ‘letting it happen’? Are you in, or out?” He further says: “Life is not a do-over experience, so why not give thought to what you truly want and have a bias toward action. If we all do that, we won’t have to look in the mirror in our golden years and say to ourselves, what the heck happened.”

Through Ray’s real-life experience and purpose-driven advice, the reader gains a greater understanding of what to embrace and what to avoid in matters of personal finance.

For those seeking a basic understanding of money and common-sense approaches to financing and investing, The Secrets of the Wealthy is a compelling read.

Learn how to watch your money grow with this helpful book that helps new and experienced investors understand money concepts.

By implementing the suggestions presented, which are timeless and grounded in reality, the reader will be able to improve their financial situation in the long run.

That difference, for some, will be potentially millions of dollars. This is not pie in the sky theory. It is hard facts that represent the natural laws of money, and the mindset required to attract life and financial success.

Read this book: now!

Meet Raymond Russo

Raymond Russo is a “Dyed in the wool Entrepreneur”, who started his first business at the age of 22. Having grown up in the Bronx, NY in a broken home, living with his mother and 4 other siblings in a small 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment, and were the sole income for the family was state-issued welfare, he learned early on what he didn’t want.

At the age of 19, he left for the west coast, Palm Springs, CA to live with his dad who had found financial success in his business years prior in New York before moving west himself. To say this was a culture shock, from the Bronx to Palm Springs, is an understatement and was a real eye-opener for him.

This is where the entrepreneurial bug started. It’s been said that success happens when preparedness and opportunity meet. Ray’s never-ending pursuit of knowledge and persistent work ethic eventually led to various enterprises in real estate as a National Franchise owner, HUD-approved correspondent lender, and eventually gravitated toward the world of financial services, eventually having a financial planning business that served 6 offices in three states.

Today Ray is a fiduciary and owner of a Registered Investment Advisory firm in Las Vegas, Nevada where he provides insurance and investment solutions to individuals, couples, and businesses, as well as tax strategies for wealthier individuals as Managing Director of Redwood Tax Specialists.

Ray’s passions in life are as a mentor and trainer to those who seek knowledge and solutions for a better life. He is also a public speaker, writer, time management expert, and creator of his upcoming blog which will feature the extensive knowledge he has amassed in the areas he loves to talk about, with a focus on financial independence in a mobile lifestyle, i.e. the ability to create an epic business and lifestyle, while traveling the world and doing so with nothing but a laptop and an internet connection.

The Treasury of Quotes

A Complete Collection of Quotes for New Motivation and Energy. 1001 Daily Inspiration Quotes. A Perfect Gift for Everyone!

Meet Virginia Ellington

1000+1 Greatest Inspirational Quotes from famous people around the world. This book is the collection of the most powerful words ever used by the greatest minds worldwide. It contains the best of the wisdom they got during their lives. Inspirational deep Quotes have immense power that makes you think. Inspirational and motivational quotes endow enormous insights into improving our lives. Even the world’s most successful individuals have experienced their fair share of setbacks and hardships. Yet, there’s much to learn from their challenges as well as their success. Luckily, they’ve condensed their wisdom into meaningful quotes that you can store for later use. So, let’s take a look at some of those quotes to get energized and inspired at work and in our personal lives. Start each day with a powerful word of wisdom and let it guide you to take action, overcome fear, boost your self-esteem, create success.

Mindful Meditation: Meditation and Mindfulness Interventions to Improve Health and Wellbeing

Mindful Meditation talks about the science behind mindfulness and meditation from researchers and clinicians around the world in a number of different fields from chronic diseases to education. Learn more about how they work and the people they’ve helped to encourage your own practice or advocate programs for others.

Meet Sima Chowdhury

I use mindfulness and meditation to manage chronic pain after a couple bad car crashes. As I transitioned out of care I needed to stay motivated to practice and I wanted to learn why these were effective techniques, which is why I wrote Mindful Meditation. Enjoy!

Windows 10 Adjust for Best Performance

Windows 10 Adjust for Best Performance helps you: • save money on computer maintenance services • save time looking for solutions • make your computer run as fast as possible with simple and easy-to-understand steps. In the book, I’ll guide you on how to adjust your Windows 10 for its best performance. Your computer will run faster than it ever does after a few simple steps. Follows my step-by-step guides and then enjoys a new state of your Windows 10.

Meet Neo D. Truman

Neo D. Truman got a Master of Science in Information Technology degree in 2011. He has more than fifteen years of experience in software development especially web development. Have a broad understanding and in-depth experience in front-end web development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and back-end web development using Java Spring MVC, Java Hibernate, and PostgreSQL.