Supernatural Wave of God’s Presence: Receive Miracles From Heaven Every Day (Bargain Read)


Discover how to ride the supernatural wave of God’s presence and experience miracles from Heaven following you every day. Do the miracles of Jesus and even greater things as you learn how to follow God everywhere. You could even be used of God to become one of the catalysts that starts the next wave of God’s presence around you and across the world. Start your journey today to experience Heaven’s supernatural miracles chasing after you and those around you.

Many Believers are looking for the next great movement of God like surfers who are always looking for the biggest most exhilarating wave to ride. We want to follow great spiritual leaders of the faith hoping that what they have experienced somehow gets transferred to us so that we can move in the same anointing. You can catch the supernatural wave of God’s presence by not following these spiritual leaders but rather by following God everywhere and only do everything He is doing and saying.

Learn the secret of how to catch the supernatural wave of God’s presence and move in a powerful anointing that radically changes your surroundings. Discover how to do the miracles of Jesus by doing what Jesus did – He followed God, the Father, everywhere and only did and said what the Father was doing and saying.

Turning Point Moments (Bargain Read)

What If Your Next Life Challenge Could Be the Springboard to Your Greatest Joy and Success?

We don’t typically think of experiences like illness, death, betrayal, job loss, burnout, or accidents as the doorway to a more fulfilling and beautiful life. Yet, if you know how to look at these challenges in a different light, they can be powerful opportunities to turn your life around—in small and large ways.

Seeing a challenge through the prism of change is exactly how these 41 authors from 8 countries have emerged stronger and happier from what could have been devastating circumstances.

You’ll be inspired as you read how they turned:

  • Job loss into a new business
  • Relationship betrayal into deeper self-love
  • Adrenal collapse into renewed health
  • Loss of a spouse into a hope-filled future

Let these stories of hope and inspiration guide you to and through your own turning point moment experience, where the things you thought could never turn out well, end up better than you ever dreamed possible.

In Turning Point Moments you’ll gain valuable insights like how to:

  • Say “yes” to you no matter what
  • Build a new and better life after divorce
  • Be who you are rather than who others think you should be
  • View set-backs as opportunities in disguise
  • Gain the courage to follow your passion

Especially in these times, it’s essential now more than ever to gain the skills, insight and inspiration to be resilient, open to new possibilities and hopeful no matter what comes your way. These stories show you how your life will be transformed as you come back to a place of self-love where you feel nurtured and empowered.

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Occult Church Exposed

Personal testimony of how I was initiated into occult by the church leadership. The church in the last decade has moved away from the truth adopting foreign practices and mystical teaching. This is an in-depth testimony to the body of Christ how the enemy has evaded the church of Jesus Christ.

Meet Thabang Tfo

Before he started writing Christian books, Johannes got a graduate degree in Film and Television from university of Johannesburg. After that, just to shake things up, he went to equip himself with religious studies, particularly Christianity, just to have knack about the world beyond the curtains of time. And how this body of Christ has transformed millions of people around the world, not neglecting how sadly the movement has been persecuted from time to time. He now writes full time.

Fate worse than death: a Crime Thriller Murder Mystery about Child Trafficking

‘Fate Worse than Death,’ is a book riddled with crime and suspense. When Amanda’s son Logan is kidnaped, she courageously searches for him with the help of her, not by the book uncle Theuns and a private detective friend who is ex-police, Hugo. The search sees them traveling across the country, from Johannesburg to Durban and finally to Cape Town. Arranged accidents and constant harassment, even from the police, make the trio more determined to get to the bottom of the kidnapping. Their world is turned upside down and they see themselves framed for the kidnapping. Wanted, but with a few resources, the battle to get Amanda’s son back intensifies. The question is, was the kidnapping for muthi or another insidious, unbelievable reason? A well-organized human trafficking syndicate is exposed, and a lot of stand-up citizens are at risk of having their dirty laundry aired out in public. Will they allow the exposition, or will they kill to protect themselves?

Meet Gwendoline Atkinson

Gwen is an amazing woman who is passionate about social justice. Her heart emits light and her warmth towards humanity will one day see her as an advocate for change. Her warmth is comforting and ensures to those in pain. Two words to describe her are, beautiful soul. Gwen’s mantra in life is “Change Every Life You Touch” and she seeks to evoke thought, emotion, and compassion with the books she produces.

The Angelic Realm: Discovering The Spiritual World and Its Healing Powers

Become inspired as this book reveals mystifying and unusual encounters outside the realm of normal existence. You will become fascinated by the way spirits try to make contact with their loved ones here on earth as I take you into the Angelic Realm with my visits, spiritual encounters, along with the messages and the signs that are being revealed to me to deliver to others. The stories and revelations are heartening and enlightening that will provide a sense of hope and healing of one’s heart, mind and soul. As my journey takes me to seek out and understand my enhanced abilities in this uplifting and powerful book that will bring joy, peace and comfort to those who seek it. My hope is that my experiences can bring reassurances to those who are seeking answers and for those individuals who have had spiritual encounters along with visions that scientifically cannot be explained.

Meet Dennis Macy

I was an instructor in the teaching profession for 36 years. Author of two #1 Best Selling eBooks on Amazon, “The Angelic Realm,” which is a revealing look into the Spiritual World that will provide you with hope, comfort and inspiration along with my latest book, “Demystifying Enlightenment: Messages, Signs, and Predictions From The Spiritual World.” It’s a glimpse into what angels, spirits, and our dearly departed want us to know. I love assisting others along with traveling and being an avid biker. I enjoy reading other authors’ books to relax in my down time along with watching and following the University of Maryland sports teams.

Spiritual Keys for Life

The book provides biblical truths and foundational scriptural revelations believers in Christ must follow to enable them to live a victorious Christian life. The book can be used as a bible study because it guides the Christian believer and helps the vessel examine himself in the faith. You will encounter life lessons, uncommon truths, and spiritual knowledge in this book. Christian believers will find this book helpful because it is a self-study manual. The book will challenge you to work on Christian life and teach you how to follow the Holy Spirit and live a Spirit-led life.

Meet Duodu Henry Appiahkorang

Pastor Duodu Henry Appiahkorang is an ordained minister of the gospel. He has been in the ministry since 2009. He loves writing and sharing the gospel.

Prayers Against Water Spirits

Are you living in defeat? Do you feel like the power of darkness is in control of your life? If the answer is yes, then the blood of Jesus is your answer! The blood of Jesus speaks better things! Marine demons and water spirit can only be defeated by God. Only God matter when dealing with marine kingdom. It is one of the dangerous kingdom upon the earth. We don’t fight as someone who is beating the air. We fight spiritual warfare strategically, allowing the spirit of the Living God to lead the way. I hope this prayer book will inspire you. And lead you to breakthroughs in you life.

Meet Johannes Tefo

Before he started writing Christian books, Johannes got a graduate degree in Film and Television from university of Johannesburg. After that, just to shake things up, he went to equip himself with religious studies, particularly Christianity, just to have knack about the world beyond the curtains of time. And how this body of Christ has transformed millions of people around the world, not neglecting how sadly the movement has been persecuted from time to time. He now writes full time.

Egyptian Occultism, Ancient Secrets of Paranormal Powers: From the Great Master Kalika-Khenmetaten, in the Era of Amenhotep III & IV

Explore the secret knowledge of an occult master of the Eighteenth Dynasty and the powers that underlie the unparalleled accomplishments of Ancient Egypt. No historical mystery has inspired the depth of fascination as the enigma of Ancient Egypt. Over ten-thousand years ago, as if sprung from the sands, a small stone-age culture abruptly rose to create perhaps the greatest civilization of known history. How was such an incredible feat achieved? This book explores answers to that mystery through the discovery and translation of an esoteric manuscript, a creation of the great Egyptian Master Kalika-Khenmetaten, who authored her masterpiece under the patronage of the great Kings Amenhotep III and Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten) over three-thousand-three-hundred years ago. Kalika’s manuscript, examined in detail in this book, clearly reveals the profound power, knowledge, and techniques of a great master of that distant age. Kalika’s manuscript everywhere reveals the occult knowledge of an exceptional intellect: “Energy, matter, space, time, and separation are our perceptions of reality, not pieces of it.” Over two-thousand years before Shankara, Kalika wrote of the spatio-temporal world as being an illusion; and over three-thousand years before Kant, she stated: “Space and time are not things that we perceive, but modes of perception, a framework our consciousness generates in which to cognize the world we create around us.” “Experience is the product of the mind—your conscious thoughts and images—propelled into being by feelings; it is also a product of unconscious thoughts and feelings. These together form the reality that you experience. You are therefore not at the mercy of a reality that exists apart from yourself, or is thrust upon you.” —Kalika-Khenmetaten “You form the fabric of your experience through your own beliefs and expectations. Your interpersonal ideas about yourself and the nature of reality directly affect your thoughts and inner images. You take your beliefs about reality as truth, and so do not question them. They seem self-explanatory. You perceive them as statements of fact, far too obvious for examination. Therefore they are accepted without question; they are not recognized as beliefs about reality, but are instead considered characteristics of reality itself. They become invisible assumptions, but they nevertheless form your personal experience.” —Kalika-Khenmetaten Our exploration begins with Ancient Egypt, not merely because it was the setting for Kalika’s life, but because that civilization formed the background and source of the modern world. We shall be surprised to learn how much of our indispensable inventions, our economic and political organization, our science and literature, our philosophy and our art, goes back to the dawn of civilization in Egypt. “Egypt gave birth to what later would become known as ‘Western Civilization,’ long before the greatness of Greece and Rome.” —John Henrik Clarke From Ancient Egypt came the technology of architecture, agriculture, metallurgy, and engineering; the invention of glass and linen, of paper and ink, of the calendar and the clock, of geometry and the alphabet; the excellence and sublimity of sculpture and the arts, refinement of dress and ornament, of furniture and dwellings, of society and life; the remarkable development of orderly and peaceful government, of education; the advancement of writing and literature, of science and medicine; the first clear formulation known to us of individual and public conscience, the first cry for social justice, the first widespread monogamy, the first monotheism; all elevated to a degree of superiority and power that has seldom, if ever, been equaled since. “It is even possible,” as Faure said, “that Ancient Egypt, through the solidarity, the unity, the disciplined variety of its magnificent achievements, its unexcelled artistic products, and through the enormous duration and the sustained power of its effort, offers the spectacle of the greatest civilization that has yet appeared on the earth. We shall do well to equal it.” An outstanding book for anyone on a spiritual path, and/or curious about the incredible achievements of the Ancient Egyptians and the occult knowledge that underlies them. For more information, please see the description and ‘Look Inside’ feature on the book’s Amazon page. Thank you.

Meet Michael Hawking and Jenna Wolfe Ph.D.

M.G. Hawking is an avid traveler, adventurer, and writer. Devoted to exploring remote areas of the globe to discover regions unknown to the Western world, always in search of extraordinary people and experiences, he has found many, especially in the Great Range of the Himalayas, the setting for most of his books. His focus is documenting profound wisdom traditions and revealing the knowledge and power they convey. Hawking is the author of the book series, ‘In The Valley of Supreme Masters,’ along with its associated companion volumes. When not traveling, he spends his time working on projects related to presenting books of an esoteric nature with his wonderful team in Northern California. Heather Cantrell, M.Litt., contributor and editor for Wisdom Masters Press, is an experienced world traveler. Having been born in Nepal to British parents who were teachers in various parts of Asia, she has extensive experience in the Himalayas, and is a devoted equestrian and animal lover. Amber Chellings, M.Phil., contributor and newsletter director, is an avid photographer, outdoor enthusiast and ardent equestrian. Jenna Wolfe, Ph.D., our exceptional research expert, contributor and book content supervisor, is a primary link to our numerous academic technical advisers.

BLINK TO OBLIVION—IT’S BEGUN: A Spiritual Timeline For Hope

Dearest Reader;

FAIR WARNING: When you dive in, you won’t come out. Should you by chance happen to, you won’t be the same.

For an immeasurably long time, deeply hidden, deliberately Frozen Truths remained on ice until life imploded upon the author with its long held secret agenda.

This true story weighs in heavily on how one may seemingly be calling the shots to their own life, for pretty much the entirety of their whole life, until there’s an “in your face” . . . Wake me up! Shake me up! You best be standing at attention . . . and right now.

BLINK TO OBLIVION — IT’S BEGUN: A Spiritual Timeline For Hope takes the reader on an introspective free-fall dive questioning of the wherefores and whys of her journey while connecting to God, who had been simmering on the backburner for a profoundly long time. It morphs solidly, and remarkably, miraculously, and even supernaturally, into her “Testimony of Faith.”

This Book proves to you that you have a “Calling” with an Obligation attached and that is to bring the ideas she reveals, to help bring momentum of a crucial difference to the lives of others, particularly those most lost, wounded, afraid, confused, despaired, dismayed or mired in Spiritual desolation.

She offers a in-depth look, well beyond the Unordinary, everyday life of Jan Jackson, with Life Lessons and no room for wiggle; if you pay attention.

Ultimately, upfront, center and culminating, a full-blown “Testimony of Faith” is forthcoming of unfathomable importance for the Spiritual and Physical Preparation for these Definitive Times, we’re now living in.