Invoke The Elements (Bargain Read)

The word “balance” can sometimes leave us rolling our eyes at the idea, even though we may not be that satisfied or really enjoying all we want in life. So what if there was a way to manifest your own version of an aligned life?

Balance isn’t some elusive ideal that only an enlightened few gets to find. By unearthing your unique blend of natural energies, you can get away from the feelings of overwhelm, stress, and stagnation and develop a personal version of balance that makes you feel whole in mind, body, and soul every day.

Just as nature moves in cycles and seasons, your energetic state of being depends on cycles as well. So when you learn to harness the earth, air, fire, and water energies within you, you’ll activate your highest potential for abundance, joy, and peace.

Author Kristen L. King brings her experience as a certified Energy Leadership Coach, Chakra Healing Practitioner, and intentional living guide to show you the incredible power that elemental awareness can bring.

This book guides you through each of the four elements to discover how they all play a role in supporting your best life.

Earth to ground and center you.
Air to give you wisdom and free your mind.
Fire to activate your motivation and drive.
And water to spark inspiration and bliss.

Bring these together in a way that highlights your authentic self, and you’ve got a roadmap for mindful self growth alongside conscious day-to-day living.

Use the in-depth discussions of each element and suggestions for how and when to integrate each season of life to feel more like your best self than ever before.

There are beautiful affirmations, correspondences, and even short visualizations included to keep you connected to each element as needed.

Plus, you’ll learn how to lean into your dominant energies and compliment those by bringing the right proportion of the other elements into your life.

Imagine getting so tapped into both your masculine and feminine sides that you know exactly what you need to do to feel calm, happy, and on track on any day.

You have the capability to be confident in who you are, clear in what you want, and empowered in how you’re creating your reality.

This is your chance to connect more deeply with your inner guidance and say “yes” to the higher self you truly are.

Invoke The Elements is the first book in The Elemental Energies Series and brings together the mindfulness, intuitive nature, and heart-centered purpose and passion you need to live at your highest vibration.

To activate the four energies within you, get your copy today and start intentionally creating a more balanced state of being.

Meet Kristen L. King

Kristen is an author, intentional living coach, and spiritual creative. She understands moving through life checking all the boxes and living for the next thing, yet still feeling misaligned and yearning for more. Once she gave herself the space to go within and connect with who she truly was, Kristen found the balance that already existed inside of her and the fulfillment that she could create for herself. Now Kristen supports other heart-centered souls in building their own conscious, aligned life one step at a time.


This book “Power of Grace” is a book with a unique appeal. Aloyce Mkude has revealed the great mystery of grace and its nature and shown the right foundation to begin with in realizing the essence of grace.Many writers have talked about grace in its broadest sense but this book goes deeper into giving the Christian a real sense and analyzing the very basic knowledge that at a young age a Christian will feel a great victory in understanding the meaning of grace. this will give every Christian a very high level of focus on the subject itself and will be the catalyst for passing that knowledge quite easily and without fear.

Meet Aloyce Nazael Mkude

Aloyce Mkude has been working in several Christian services and he is an evangelist with big heart. In open to Christ’s ministry, Aloyce has verified as faithful steward for the gospel of Christ. His first book was Power of Grace which was first released in 2014 and was published in Swahili language. Then by the year 2020 in English language. The book was loved by many Christians especially pastors. He has a biblical education at a spiritual level and has been fully committed to various matters concerning the church.


When athletes go to a foreign country they usually carry their food with their doctors. Why do we as a foreign people rely on the ideas of the natives? Where is the security? carry your food. But what kind of food is that?. read the book and you will avoid the poison of the natives Grace has taken us out of fellowship with the flesh and blood and into the spirit communion in heavenly place. All the curses targeted at our human nature do not get us. We are separated, surely this is amazing grace! In a foreign land you cannot have peace because you never know what will happen to you in the hour, day, month or next year. Similarly in the world we live in, we are strangers. Because often what we plan is not what it used to be. Every part of life is suffering. Eating is a problem, because once they say certain kinds of food they are high in fat or that food contains sugar, etc. You also walk around not knowing what will happen to you after that, but can grace help us win? please go through the book and you will find more. In the book “Atonement and the Cross of Christ” the author shares with us that, at one point God saw the need to provide a solution to the abolition of the power of sin, and proclaimed the good news to fallen humanity. The Lord also ensured that this promise of redemption was alive and well, and urged His people to be ready to receive that promise through Jesus. Throughout the Old Testament God established institutions that would be responsible for the preparation of redemption. Through the sacrifices of the priests and even the king (himself as a symbol of the Messiah), they anticipated the great sacrifice, the coming of the high priest, the Messianic ruler whom God had prepared for redemption. How grace reigns. there are several aspects that enables grace to reign, read the book and you find deep understanding in these aspects. As we continue to proclaim Christ, we destroy the business of the devil. As we move forward to spread the gospel the Devil loses his power to rule the world. In this way Jesus rules. At Pentecost 3,000 people rejoiced to spread the gospel, until now the whole world is extinguished by the gospel. Christ is proclaimed with power and to a great extent we witness his reign. Salvation is the backbone of the gospel and is the bearer of the flag of Jesus, and it is the Holy Spirit who makes it light. The blood of the Lamb is what gives us the right to possess the kingdoms as we precede Christ in prayer and supplication, and praise Him; rule the Lord, rule the king! (Colossians 2: 14-15). It is written that the whole world is under the control of the evil one. But by grace we can draw kingdoms and be subject to the Lamb. There is one thing that many Christians do not yet fully understand. We probably think that as long as Jesus saves us then the business is over that we should not have any problems. The truth is that salvation is the power that Jesus has given us to break and tear down the strongholds of the devil. When the Bible says that we are fighting against powerful rulers in the spirit realm, it is not a joke. This means that war is being fought in heaven and on earth is part of the battlefield. Before Jesus came to earth, evil spirits were divided. Each had its own fortress for the respective parts. Know how grace did overcome them


Aloyce Mkude has been worked in several Christian services and he is an evangelist with big heart. in open to Christ’s ministry, Aloyce has verified as faithful steward for the gospel of Christ. His first book was Power of Grace which was first released in 2014 and was published in Swahili language. Then by the year 2020 in English language. The book was loved by many Christians especially pastors. He has a biblical education at a spiritual level and has been fully committed to various matters concerning the church

The Oracles of Our Stars

“Before we knew each other, we knew each other, we didn’t speak to one another, yet we spoke to one another, we hadn’t met, but we had known each other this whole time; and in our start, we completed each other with the void that was meant for each other our whole lives” The Oracles of Our Stars is a poetry book about the fate of all true lovers. As a book of poems, it is a romantic and spiritual collection which ultimately points to that love which goes out to find us when we are not looking for it.

Raised From The Dead: Brugada Syndrome Survivor

I was not raised in church so I made many bad choices as a child, teenage and young adult. God was never a part of my life until I found myself in prison for a 1st degree murder case due to drug involvement Yes, I was a drug dealer in my early young adult life. It was then, I found Jesus Christ after my incarceration. I served (19) years of my life for a murder case. I was sentenced to a life sentence as my term but by the grace and mercy of God . I was granted parole in (2011) from a Texas maximum security prison.

The Angelic Realm: Discovering The Spiritual World and Its Healing Powers

Become inspired as this book reveals mystifying and unusual encounters outside the realm of normal existence. You will become fascinated by the way spirits try to make contact with their loved ones here on earth as I take you into the Angelic Realm with my visits, spiritual encounters, along with the messages and the signs that are being revealed to me to deliver to others. The stories and revelations are heartening and enlightening that will provide a sense of hope and healing of one’s heart, mind and soul. As my journey takes me to seek out and understand my enhanced abilities in this uplifting and powerful book that will bring joy, peace and comfort to those who seek it. My hope is that my experiences can bring reassurances to those who are seeking answers and for those individuals who have had spiritual encounters along with visions that scientifically cannot be explained.

Meet Dennis Macy

I was an instructor in the teaching profession for 36 years. Author of two #1 Best Selling eBooks on Amazon, “The Angelic Realm,” which is a revealing look into the Spiritual World that will provide you with hope, comfort and inspiration along with my latest book, “Demystifying Enlightenment: Messages, Signs, and Predictions From The Spiritual World.” It’s a glimpse into what angels, spirits, and our dearly departed want us to know. I love assisting others along with traveling and being an avid biker. I enjoy reading other authors’ books to relax in my down time along with watching and following the University of Maryland sports teams.

My Demon, My Jesus: Delivered from Demonic Oppression & Suicidal Depression; Brought Back from Death Into Victorious Life, Divine Joy & Visions

In 1997 I killed myself.

God had another plan.

Four angels woke me from barbiturate oblivion urging me to “Wake up! Call for help!”

The angels’ voices pushed me forward as I dragged my body off the couch and crawled across the floor to my phone. The operator picked up and my mind collapsed into emptiness.

I left my body that night. My disembodied spirit floated weightlessly through hospital corridors. I watched from the ceiling as medics pounded on the chest of my body below me before my soul blasted back into it.

This began my tangled passage from brokenness, drug addiction, demonic oppression and death into healing and spiritual awakening. Today I am completely drug and depression free. In the two decades since my suicide attempt, Jesus has guided me into true healing from depression, and taught me to enjoy a deeply victorious life with Him as my companion.


In the summer of 2019, I read a book about meditation and decided to try it. I incorporated my Christian faith into the steps and used this new technique to seek the presence of God through silence. Meditative prayer has become part of my daily routine and has drawn me even more deeply into relationship with Jesus as I still my thoughts and rest in His beautiful presence.

Then I started having strange vision experiences in which my spirit was transported to a heavenly place full of God’s glory where I prayed for our world along with millions of other saints. The visions took me by surprise. I wasn’t seeking them. I had never even heard of anything similar happening to any other modern day Christian. I was disturbed and suspicious at first.

Over time, through months of testing and praying and searching, God slowly convinced me in the quiet, loving way He does, that I wasn’t going insane. The visions were really from Him. I learned that many other Biblically sound Christians also have visions today.

God loves and cares deeply about us.

The visions continued. They were varied, included multiple locations and introductions to various characters from Biblical history and loved ones from my own life. Were the visions really happening or purely spiritual, like waking dreams? I cannot answer that. They are so vivid, often involving all my senses. They seem very real to me. But whatever the answer, one defining message clearly threads throughout all of them. God loves and cares deeply about us. He wants us to know Him and delights to teach us about His character. I was being called to join with the saints in praying for our world, for a great awakening that would draw all people to God.

One of God’s charges was that I write everything down, every vision in detail. As I did this I realized that there was a connection between the visions and my own life journey, from my early experiences of demonic oppression and suicide to eventual miraculous healing through the love of Christ. I began to understand that my visions about God’s love for us were also a message to others struggling with depression. My own story of God’s healing could be used to help others learn how to seek God’s healing presence through meditative prayer.

So I told it all, from a demonically oppressed disturbed child who also fell in love with Jesus and prayed to become a Christian at six years old, to a suicidally depressed young adult who overdosed on sleeping pills and was brought back from death in the hospital, to years addicted to prescription drugs, to miraculous healing, victorious life and divine visions.~

My healing was miraculous. But it was not instantaneous. It was a process of learning how to think in a healthy way, how to shift my thoughts and spirit life from defeat to victory. My prayer is that my journey will help others climb their way out of the trap of poisonous thought patterns and prescribed drug addictions. There are so many of us out there fighting this battle…

Meet Blue Tapp

Blue Tapp is a writer, artist, photographer, musician, and homesteader. She has an A.A. in Fine Arts, B.A. in English, M.A. in English Literature, and completed Ph.D. coursework in Rhetoric & Composition. She has run her own website development company, Blue’s ArtHouse Graphics & Web Design, since 1997.

Blue writes inspirational nonfiction and speaks about seeking God through meditative prayer, healing from depression, and deliverance from demonic oppression. She is available for speaking engagements and podcast interviews. Email inquiries to [email protected]

Blue and her husband, Craig Scheffer, live and homestead in Blue Eye, Missouri, where they raise chickens, ducks, rabbits, and goats and grow their own food. Follow their homesteading adventures at

You Are… Uplifting truths about YOU! Workbook

You’re special, special to God and amazing as an individual. Don’t take our word for it – take God’s. Exploring affirming bible truths about you will give you a fresh appreciation of who you are. Get ready to be uplifted and energized! ‘You are…’ will touch your heart. It’s all about God answering those deep questions you have – “Who am I?” and “What’s my life all about?”. You’ll find out through over 31 “You are…” declarations about you and fascinating facts to go with each one. Written as a workbook, you’ll personalize what you discover and take easy steps to add them into your life. You’ll never see who you are in the same way ever again. Are you ready to find out these life-affirming truths about yourself?

Meet A Victor

Dr Victor writes books that are intended to be profoundly life-changing. He takes the distilled knowledge and expertise derived from over 35 years of dedicated biblical study and research and a life saturated in practical experience and makes this understandable and easy for anyone to apply. He has an earned PhD degree in Theology and Religion. He has an authoritative depth and clarity that comes from his breadth of knowledge, understanding and expertise and most importantly, from his extensive practical experience bringing depth and reality to the subjects he presents. And so, there’s a practical, workable aspect to all his training and writing. He draws insights from multiple disciplines and a wide range of personal experience. He is continuously studying, researching, writing and instructing and he has developed and created courses. He is amongst many things, a Researcher, Doctorate level Lecturer, International Seminar Speaker, Workshop Leader, Trainer in Business and Life skills, People & Business Developer, Entrepreneur, Mentor, Consultant, Writer and Artist. Dr Victor has taught internationally at all levels; from foundational instruction through to specialized instruction to senior leaders, from recovering addicts to doctorate students. His passion to inspire, transform lives and bring his readers into a living relationship with their creator shines through in all he writes.

Celtic Spirit A Journey to the Heart

Welcome to Celtic Spirit, a tour for the curious, the searching, and the weary. When American transformation coach Dorrie Donahue conceives of a tour to the island, her deepest wish is to help travelers on their journeys to personal transformation, using the mysteries and magic of Ireland as a portal to self-discovery. Ireland, home of the leprechauns and faeries, land of thin places and journeys of the heart beckons. Join our travelers as they explore ancient mysteries, history, and the breathtaking landscape of the Emerald Isle while mapping the terrain of their own hearts. Celtic Spirit is the story of ancient history and new friendships, of growth and transformation, and most of all, of opening to new possibilities.

Meet Jeanne Crane

Sharing Celtic Spirituality and Celtic Wisdom through writing blogs and books what I love to do. I also enjoy sharing Celtic teachings through speaking engagements including festivals and book clubs. My first trip to Ireland was as a teenager. I immediately felt a deep connection to my Celtic roots. But it was on a much later trip that I was introduced to the ancient sites, the dolmens, stone circles and beehive structures that have captivated me. These thin places stir me beyond any cathedral, temple or sacred site I have ever visited. Each trip I take to Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall or the Isle of Mann deeps my connection to the mystery and wonder of our amazing Universe.