Ditching Success?

At fifty, entrepreneur and seasoned workaholic Batoul Ajlouni reached the very height of her career, her middle age, and the lowest point of her life.

The endless passion and zeal she once had for work and life have all but disappeared. Confused and anxious about her never-before situation, she is faced with a life-changing decision to make: Does she listen to the business-executive in her head, tough it all out and continue with the successful career she had spent half her life building? Or does she follow the free-spirit inside her heart, sacrifice everything she has ever worked for, and leap into a place of new hopes and dreams she knew nothing about?

In her timely memoir, Batoul Ajlouni shares her personal and professional venture of self-transformation at the most challenging of times, while re-evaluating priorities, seeking balance, searching for answers to questions and dilemmas we all face at one point or another during our professional journeys.

Meet Batoul I. Ajlouni

Batoul Ajlouni is an architect, entrepreneur, and business executive with thirty years of experience in fifteen of the world’s toughest markets. Co-founded her company at twenty-four, before serving as VP for Business Development at a leading IT firm, helping it grow into a multinational corporation. A prominent businesswoman engaged in activities and public speaking events on design, business, technology, and women and youth empowerment. Also, an active board member at Jordan’s premier Society for the Conservation of Nature. Batoul works from her home in Amman, Jordan where she lives with her husband.

Bible Answers Curious Children Need: God’s Truth is in Every Child’s Heart

Children Need Our Help to Overcome America’s Version of Christianity

Many a child’s joy has been quenched by the “killjoy” rules of America’s version of Christianity. You can protect our children’s well-being by giving them a full understanding of the toxic sins of America’s religions. In this book, you and your children can discover, for yourselves, that the true doctrine of the Bible coincides with the human conscience!

This book also gives you the information you need to overcome the obstacles hypocrites have put in the path of eternal joy that God has prepared for everyone. This book continues with a philosophically exact explanation of “science and God.” On top of that, it contains a new, very persuasive argument for God: The Argument from Human Behavior. All in all, this book will be one of the most well-thought-out books you have ever read!

Unfortunately, Evangelicals and other religious hypocrites have turned America’s religions into “congregations of attack dogs.” They bully seekers of God for not dwelling in fortresses of unreasonable ideas. Further, they bully different genders, abortionists and everyone else they think God hates. If they had anything to do with Jesus, they would obey Him by feeding His sheep (John 21:17) and stop bullying people. True, many abortions are equal to murder. However, God wants us to preach the gospel to people instead of bullying them. Jesus is not a bully!

This book starts by identifying the dynamite needed to blow the corrupt lid off our immoral religions. That dynamite is: God’s Truth has already been written into every child’s heart! Next, it exploits this fact by reinforcing basic Biblical truths that children need to maintain their childhood joy. This book then gets fiery as it makes crystal clear the incompetence of our “revered moral leaders.”

Once and for all, this insightful book uncovers the ultimate Biblical narrative that thousands of American theologians and Bible scholars are supposedly looking for, and yet have never even come close to finding. This universal and plainly obvious directive is:

  • Follow Your Conscience! This book confirms that the voice of Jesus (John 10:27 and Revelation 3:20) and our conscience are identical. Following our conscience returns us to the childhood joy that bookish preachers seem to have never experienced. YIKES! Other insights:
  • Jesus is Mercy and not religious rules. God is Love; Jesus is Mercy (Matthew 9:13 and Matthew 25:31-46).
  • What we ought to do is feed Jesus’ sheep (John 21:17):and not try to turn goats into sheep; and not persecute the wolves (bully people); and certainly not feed a religious beast, as Rick Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life, directs.
  • Jesus and His disciples were poor, persecuted and killed, while most American Christians have an embarrassment of riches. That is the most conspicuous difference between America’s version of Christianity, which presents God as an easygoing life-coach and the Biblical version, which pinpoints and denounces hypocrites and wolves in sheep’s clothing.

This book has been written for children because they are eager to understand God’s Truth, while most adults have, long ago, renounced any trouble-making beliefs they might have had. It draws a line in the sand. Either you are willing to help our children overcome America’s cultural deformations, or you are not.

This book is an invite to do something eternally worthwhile. Help our children realize that their childhood joy is the pathfinder for what God wants them to do. If you are so inclined, give copies of this reference book to your children and grandchildren (if you have any). Give them the information they need to maintain their childhood joy forever.

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Meet Eric S Demaree

I was born into a Methodist family. I joined them every Sunday in going to a small country church until I left for college at age 18. That was in 1968. In college I enjoyed studying the Bible with other college-age Christians. Studying the Bible changed my understanding of Christianity. Further, trusting my future to God and applying Biblical directives like “being thankful for everything” and “forgiving everyone of everything” gave me great joy. My “dead” childhood church was no longer meaningful. By 1971 I was so excited about my independent life in Christ, I traveled constantly to meet other Christians. I fellowshipped with every Christian group that I came across, especially in Illinois, Florida and Texas.

For me, spiritual joy is the pathfinder for what I ought to do, which mostly is feeding Jesus’ sheep. And I thank God continually for making my feet like hinds’ feet (Psalm 18:33) so that I always remain in the path of His joy. God’s path is rewarding and satisfying. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ for that!

God’s letters: 132 Capital Letters came during a Vision in 2001

Source of the description: Encyclopedia “Conservapedia” (article Athanasio Celia)

The publication (“God’s letters”)[68] is about a man who in 2001 recorded a vision, which contained 132 capital letters of the Greek alphabet that created a quadrangular shape 11 to 12. A study revealed that the text is readable in 115 different ways in the ancient Greek language and parallel it encloses depictions and symbols. Besides, it can be simultaneously deciphered mathematically. The whole process of the deciphering shows off an unbreakable mathematical, geometrical and theological coherence which in the end presents 10 big revealing texts. The vision-text, which has as its principal symbol the crucifix of Jesus Christ, turned out to be the Contemporary Revelation.

The German edition of that study (“Der Logos – Der Gottes Beweis”[69]), is published by the same Protestant publisher who also publishes the renowned “German biographical encyclopaedia covering persons related to the history of the Church”.[70] And it is broadly accepted by German Christian communities who also represent it through their bookstores.[71][72] Furthermore, the book is registered in the “Index Theologicus”[73] of the University of Tübingen and in other university libraries.[74][75]

God Is Not A God Of Religion

God is not a God of Religion is Gods word for this next decade. Having a relationship with everything and everyone else we have lost sight of our most important relationship which is with our creator. This book has been inspired by God to show that there is a distinct difference between religion and relationship. For far too long God has been defined synonymous with religion which has led people to a great deception. The reason being is that the false form of something can never give you the tangible substance of that which you seek after. This is why we must detach ourselves from religion because it is the false form of God. Religion provides you with rules but no relationship. This book is designed to put the focus back on relationship with God! No matter where you are in your life; whether you have a strong relationship, no relationship, lost relationship, weak relationship, don’t even know where to start….. this book is for you. The powerful thing about this book is that it covers all spectrums no matter where you are and most importantly if you are bound by religion this book will truly destroy that bondage!

Peace and Blessings