Rockin’ Crystals: How Healing Crystals Can Rock Your Life

What’s crystal healing all about, anyway? Rockin’ Crystals answers this question and many others in a down-to-earth manner geared for beginners. Sharing anecdotes and intriguing information, this book will enhance your life by explaining how to connect with your crystals.  

*See 130 interesting, colorful photographs of rocks and minerals, crystal grids, chakras, and auras.  
*Learn about dyed vs. natural crystals.
*Explore ways to store and display your crystals collection. 
*Receive instructions on how to do a crystal layout on yourself.  
*Feel more energy!  
*Honor your intuition.
*ROCK your life with the healing power of crystals!

Meet Brenda DeHaan

Brenda DeHaan is a Certified Crystal Healer and a K-12 librarian…and a glowing grandma.

Maverick Heart


Carli Jameson is used to being on her own – abandoned by her mother as an infant – all she’s ever wanted is to feel like she belongs. She has had no choice except to be strong and independent, but now, can she learn to trust God to be her partner?

Georgia girl, Carli Jameson, inherits a Texas cattle ranch from grandparents she never knew. After much thought, she makes the courageous decision to pack up her life and move to Texas to run the ranch. She forges ahead into a new life filled with uncertainty and along the way discovers a ranching community that becomes the family she never had.

Independent, ambitious and smart, Carli has always been careful with her heart, except for the one time she thought she had found her soul mate and true love. He proved her wrong, and she vowed never to jump into a romantic relationship that easily again. When Carli drives away from her life in Georgia, no looking back, she intends to stick with her vow and not fall into any sweet romances, especially with a Texas cowboy.

Can a fresh start erase the troubles of her past?

Bell Hammers


Remmy grows up with Beth in Bellhammer, Illinois as oil and coal companies rob the land of everything that made it paradise. Under his Grandad, he learns how to properly prank his neighbors, friends, and foes. Beth tries to fix Remmy by taking him to church. Under his Daddy, Remmy starts the Bell Hammer Construction Company, which depends on contracts from Texarco Oil. And Beth argues with him about how to build a better business. Together, Remmy and Beth start to build a great neighborhood of “merry men” carpenters: a paradise of s’mores, porch furniture, newborn babies, and summer trips to Branson where their boys pop the tops of off the neighborhood’s two hundred soda bottles. Their witty banter builds a kind of castle among a growing nostalgia.

Then one of Jim Johnstone’s faulty Texarco oil derricks falls down on their house and poisons their neighborhood’s well.

Poisoned wells escalate to torched dog houses. Torched dog houses escalate to stolen carpentry tools and cancelled contracts. Cancelled contracts escalate to eminent domain. Sick of the attacks from Texaco Oil on his neighborhood, Remmy assembles his merry men:

“We need the world’s greatest prank. One grand glorious jest that’ll bloody the nose of that tyrant. Besides, pranks and jokes don’t got no consequences, right?”


“Schaubert recounts a mischievous man’s eight decades in Illinois’s Little Egypt region in his picaresque debut. Remmy’s life of constant schemes and pranks and a lifelong feud with classmate Jim Johnstone and the local oil drilling company proves consequential. This is a hoot.” 

— Publisher’s Weekly

“BELL HAMMERS is written in a style not unworthy of John Kennedy Toole and William Faulkner – the vivid characterization of Southern ethnography commingled with stark, episodic spectacle breathes with the spirit of quintessential Americana. It is a text I would happily assign in an American Novel class and would expect it to yield satisfying discourse alongside works in the canon, whether beside the sardonic prose of Mark Twain or the energetically painful narratives of Toni Morrison.”

— Dr. Anthony Cirilla

“Schaubert’s words have an immediacy, a potency, an intimacy that grab the reader by the collar and say, ‘Listen, this is important!’ Probing the bones and gristle of humanity, Lancelot’s subjects challenge, but also offer insights into redemption if only we will stop and pay attention.”

— Erika Robuck, national bestselling author of Hemingway’s Girl

“Myth, regret, the lore of our heritage and the subtle displays of our castes — no one so accurately and imaginatively captures the joys and sorrows of life in the Midwest as Schaubert does here. BELL HAMMERS is a Tree Grows in Brooklyn as told by Gabriel Garcia Marquez if Marquez lived in rural Illinois and only told stories to his grandkids. Seriously a delight to read.”

— Colby Williams, author of the Axiom Gold Medal winning book Small Town, Big Money

“Loved BELL HAMMERS because Lancelot wrote about people who don’t get written about enough and he did it with humor, compassion, and heart.”

— Brian Slatterly, author of Lost Everything and editor of The New Haven Review

“I’m such a fan of Lancelot Schaubert’s work. His unique view and his life-wisdom enriches all he does. We’re lucky to count him among our contributors.”

— Therese Walsh, author of The Moon Sisters and Editorial Director of Writer Unboxed

Meet Lancelot Schaubert

Two excerpts of Lancelot Schaubert’s ( debut novel BELL HAMMERS sold to The New Haven Review ( Yale’s Institute Library ) and The Misty Review, while a third excerpt was selected as a finalist for the last Glimmer Train Fiction Open in history. He has also sold poetry, fiction, and nonfiction to TOR (MacMillan), The Anglican Theological Review, McSweeney’s, Poker Pro’s World Series Edition, The Poet’s Market, Writer’s Digest, and many similar markets.

Spark + Echo chose him for their 2019 artist in residency, commissioning him to write four short stories.

He has published work in anthologies like Author in Progress, Harry Potter for Nerds, and Of Gods and Globes — the last of which he edited and featured stories by Juliet Marillier (whose story was nominated for an Aurealis award), Anne Greenwood Brown, Dr. Anthony Cirilla, LJ Cohen, FC Shultz, and Emily Munro. His work Cold Brewed reinvented the photonovel for the digital age and caught the attention of the Missouri Tourism Board who commissioned him to write and direct a second photonovel, The Joplin Undercurrent, in partnership with award-winning photographer, Mark Neuenschwander.

He remains a committed husband to the grooviest girl on earth and is a public advocate for more free range trees. You know, Ents.

Leadership In The River: Obeying God In Our Leadership

In God we trust? It is a pertinent question answered by this book, for trust comes from believing something, and belief is another word for faith. The Bible says that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God, so the purpose of this book is twofold:

1. To equip ministers to better understand the often brutal law of the jungle that the business world has become and to see Jesus as King of the Jungle, a mighty warrior who fights for our families, our businesses, and our churches.

2. To further equip successful business owners in their growth in mature Christian leadership.

If you are a Christian leader in either ministry or business- the eternal revolutionary truths revealed in this book make it a manual for success you cannot afford to pass by.

Apotheosis Now: Rabbit Hole to the Beyond

Resolve all your confusion in life!

A mind that is fragmented and sees the world in terms of what is me and not me, good and bad, will be caught in endless conflict. Because externally, we are always trying to control what is “not me,” and internally, we always get perplexed trying to figure out whether our actions came from our “higher” or “lower” self. As Albert Einstein said: “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

This book will help you to understand:

  • Why we have internal conflicts
  • How does our ego trap us in undesirable circumstances
  • How do our beliefs limit us
  • Why thought-based teachings (Law of Attraction), or self-improvement advice don’t work
  • How do we really get what we want
  • Why is happiness so rare for us
  • Who we are really
  • What is the nature of existence
  • What is the meaning of life
  • How do we know if there is a God
  • What is the process of spiritual enlightenment

Many of us are starting to become tired of this game of life. We have been comparing and striving all our life. But no matter how much success we have achieved—we are still hollow and still have found nothing fulfilling. We don’t even know if happiness exists because it is no longer a living thing in our experience—it has become dead, as we only know it as a concept or memory.

We have sought self-help advice, philosophies, and religious teachings to transform ourselves but have not gotten anywhere. We have made some superficial improvements—like adopting a new mindset—but our core remains the same. We are still competitive, still fearful, and we get disturbed all the time.

The problem with all attempts at self-improvement is that we do not address the fundamental problem, which is: who is the “you” who needs to be improved? We do not see that the one who is making the improvement is the same one who needs to be improved. The more we try to improve, the more conflict we introduce, within and without. The more knowledge we stuff in our heads, the more we become trapped in a conceptual prison of reality. Inevitably, the more confused we get in life.

The book guides the reader out of their distorted beliefs to experience reality beyond the mind. When the deeper intelligence is allowed to flourish without our mind’s interference, then the game of life becomes effortless.

Discreetly Matched (Bargain Reads)

What’s an heiress’ to do when her fiancé dies suddenly? Ask her aunt, who is the premier matchmaker in all of the West, to discreetly match her with a new suitor. What could go wrong?

Edwin Clarke is aimless. A fault his father insists can be corrected by way of a wife of substance, financial that is. Ed stands to inherit the family ranch, and the thousands of acres that comes with it. The problem is, the family’s money has been depleted by his mother’s outrageous spending habits. A rich heiress can solve all their problems, but how does he go about finding one? 

Julia Bennett’s life is perfect, enjoying the spoils of being the darling of the upper crust of society. She’s an heiress with a handsome fiancé, set to marry within weeks. When tragedy strikes, however, her future crumbles around her, forcing Julia to make new plans. With her father’s imminent death looming, Julia must find a new man to marry in order to inherit. She is forced to turn to her aunt, a seasoned matchmaker.

Can Ed find his way to be the man Julia needs? Can Julia find her way to open her heart after her loss? And will the two of them agree to marry before the clock runs out for both of them?

These standalone stories are sweet, clean romances designed to whisk you away. We believe in building a world that begins at the very core of what makes romance stories work – faith, hope, and love. 

Come join us in the border towns of the Old West, where cowboys, lawmen, and small town workers not only end up with brides, but their perfect partner, too!

*This book was previously part of the Match Made in Heaven Series and has been edited to move it from a Victorian era to an Old West setting. The characters and plot have remained the same.

30 Days with Joshua: Inspiration from Joshua’s Spiritual Journey for Yours (A Devotional)

Joshua was just like you. As such, his spiritual journey provides insight, inspiration, and encouragement for your own trip toward Home.
Joshua blazed a trail that lays out the challenges and battles, progress and setbacks common to every traveler on their personal faith journey. In “30 Days with Joshua,” the author traces Joshua’s character development, hurdles he overcame, and the courageous faith that spurred him to take risks that scared him.
It reveals how God corrected Joshua’s incomplete perception of what he’s really like, and how that transformed Joshua from a Nervous Nelly into a man who trusted God enough he’d even follow illogical orders simply because God told him to.
Why learn the hard way? Follow Joshua’s journey highlighted in “30 Days with Joshua.
Written in a devotional format, “30 Days with Joshua” offers bite-size chunks of Joshua’s encounters with God so you can leisurely absorb what God wants to show you rather than slam the book shut, check off “Have Devotions” on your to-do list, and rush on to the next item. 
It gives you something to chew on every day for a month allowing God to shape your character, show you how to overcome your challenges, mold your understanding of what God’s like, and build a courageous, uncompromising faith.
Grab a copy and jump in. An exciting adventure awaits you!

Meet Steve Wilmot

I wrote this book of devotional readings to guide you through the Book of Joshua and help you learn from his spiritual journey. His challenges and battles, his progress and setbacks, his ultimate rejection of fear as a motivation for his life, replaced with courage and faith. How God transformed Joshua from a Nervous Nelly into a man who trusted him enough he’d follow illogical orders simply because God told him to.
If that’s the kind of Christian you want to be, you’ll find insights and encouragement on the pages that follow.
I intentionally wrote “30 Days with Joshua” in a devotional format. Bite-size chunks of Joshua’s life so you can take your time to absorb what God wants to show you rather than slam the book shut, check off “Have Devotions” on your to-do list, and rush on to the next activity. For the biggest impact, you need time to meditate on the truths found in each daily devotional. Time to talk to God, to let him search your heart and show you what’s there, and to formulate a daily plan to follow Joshua’s example on your own spiritual journey.

Ditching Success?

At fifty, entrepreneur and seasoned workaholic Batoul Ajlouni reached the very height of her career, her middle age, and the lowest point of her life.

The endless passion and zeal she once had for work and life have all but disappeared. Confused and anxious about her never-before situation, she is faced with a life-changing decision to make: Does she listen to the business-executive in her head, tough it all out and continue with the successful career she had spent half her life building? Or does she follow the free-spirit inside her heart, sacrifice everything she has ever worked for, and leap into a place of new hopes and dreams she knew nothing about?

In her timely memoir, Batoul Ajlouni shares her personal and professional venture of self-transformation at the most challenging of times, while re-evaluating priorities, seeking balance, searching for answers to questions and dilemmas we all face at one point or another during our professional journeys.

Meet Batoul I. Ajlouni

Batoul Ajlouni is an architect, entrepreneur, and business executive with thirty years of experience in fifteen of the world’s toughest markets. Co-founded her company at twenty-four, before serving as VP for Business Development at a leading IT firm, helping it grow into a multinational corporation. A prominent businesswoman engaged in activities and public speaking events on design, business, technology, and women and youth empowerment. Also, an active board member at Jordan’s premier Society for the Conservation of Nature. Batoul works from her home in Amman, Jordan where she lives with her husband.

Bible Answers Curious Children Need: God’s Truth is in Every Child’s Heart

Children Need Our Help to Overcome America’s Version of Christianity

Many a child’s joy has been quenched by the “killjoy” rules of America’s version of Christianity. You can protect our children’s well-being by giving them a full understanding of the toxic sins of America’s religions. In this book, you and your children can discover, for yourselves, that the true doctrine of the Bible coincides with the human conscience!

This book also gives you the information you need to overcome the obstacles hypocrites have put in the path of eternal joy that God has prepared for everyone. This book continues with a philosophically exact explanation of “science and God.” On top of that, it contains a new, very persuasive argument for God: The Argument from Human Behavior. All in all, this book will be one of the most well-thought-out books you have ever read!

Unfortunately, Evangelicals and other religious hypocrites have turned America’s religions into “congregations of attack dogs.” They bully seekers of God for not dwelling in fortresses of unreasonable ideas. Further, they bully different genders, abortionists and everyone else they think God hates. If they had anything to do with Jesus, they would obey Him by feeding His sheep (John 21:17) and stop bullying people. True, many abortions are equal to murder. However, God wants us to preach the gospel to people instead of bullying them. Jesus is not a bully!

This book starts by identifying the dynamite needed to blow the corrupt lid off our immoral religions. That dynamite is: God’s Truth has already been written into every child’s heart! Next, it exploits this fact by reinforcing basic Biblical truths that children need to maintain their childhood joy. This book then gets fiery as it makes crystal clear the incompetence of our “revered moral leaders.”

Once and for all, this insightful book uncovers the ultimate Biblical narrative that thousands of American theologians and Bible scholars are supposedly looking for, and yet have never even come close to finding. This universal and plainly obvious directive is:

  • Follow Your Conscience! This book confirms that the voice of Jesus (John 10:27 and Revelation 3:20) and our conscience are identical. Following our conscience returns us to the childhood joy that bookish preachers seem to have never experienced. YIKES! Other insights:
  • Jesus is Mercy and not religious rules. God is Love; Jesus is Mercy (Matthew 9:13 and Matthew 25:31-46).
  • What we ought to do is feed Jesus’ sheep (John 21:17):and not try to turn goats into sheep; and not persecute the wolves (bully people); and certainly not feed a religious beast, as Rick Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life, directs.
  • Jesus and His disciples were poor, persecuted and killed, while most American Christians have an embarrassment of riches. That is the most conspicuous difference between America’s version of Christianity, which presents God as an easygoing life-coach and the Biblical version, which pinpoints and denounces hypocrites and wolves in sheep’s clothing.

This book has been written for children because they are eager to understand God’s Truth, while most adults have, long ago, renounced any trouble-making beliefs they might have had. It draws a line in the sand. Either you are willing to help our children overcome America’s cultural deformations, or you are not.

This book is an invite to do something eternally worthwhile. Help our children realize that their childhood joy is the pathfinder for what God wants them to do. If you are so inclined, give copies of this reference book to your children and grandchildren (if you have any). Give them the information they need to maintain their childhood joy forever.

Use the “Look Inside” feature and start reading now!

Meet Eric S Demaree

I was born into a Methodist family. I joined them every Sunday in going to a small country church until I left for college at age 18. That was in 1968. In college I enjoyed studying the Bible with other college-age Christians. Studying the Bible changed my understanding of Christianity. Further, trusting my future to God and applying Biblical directives like “being thankful for everything” and “forgiving everyone of everything” gave me great joy. My “dead” childhood church was no longer meaningful. By 1971 I was so excited about my independent life in Christ, I traveled constantly to meet other Christians. I fellowshipped with every Christian group that I came across, especially in Illinois, Florida and Texas.

For me, spiritual joy is the pathfinder for what I ought to do, which mostly is feeding Jesus’ sheep. And I thank God continually for making my feet like hinds’ feet (Psalm 18:33) so that I always remain in the path of His joy. God’s path is rewarding and satisfying. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ for that!

God’s letters: 132 Capital Letters came during a Vision in 2001

Source of the description: Encyclopedia “Conservapedia” (article Athanasio Celia)

The publication (“God’s letters”)[68] is about a man who in 2001 recorded a vision, which contained 132 capital letters of the Greek alphabet that created a quadrangular shape 11 to 12. A study revealed that the text is readable in 115 different ways in the ancient Greek language and parallel it encloses depictions and symbols. Besides, it can be simultaneously deciphered mathematically. The whole process of the deciphering shows off an unbreakable mathematical, geometrical and theological coherence which in the end presents 10 big revealing texts. The vision-text, which has as its principal symbol the crucifix of Jesus Christ, turned out to be the Contemporary Revelation.

The German edition of that study (“Der Logos – Der Gottes Beweis”[69]), is published by the same Protestant publisher who also publishes the renowned “German biographical encyclopaedia covering persons related to the history of the Church”.[70] And it is broadly accepted by German Christian communities who also represent it through their bookstores.[71][72] Furthermore, the book is registered in the “Index Theologicus”[73] of the University of Tübingen and in other university libraries.[74][75]