Please All Rise!

The wisdom we were able to cultivate in our minds and the love we were able to express with our hearts, are the only true ‘pearls’ you will be able to show upon arrival in the afterlife.

With each choice, our free will designs our life, as the architect of our current life, and the builder of our future conditions. But only a wise ‘architect’ that truly knows his own nature, will be able to make the right choices.

The author parachutes himself into the reader’s life to question our habitual ways. Why do we try to buy our way into happiness? Why do we postpone ‘being’ happy’? Isn’t there always something missing? How can we come out of a crisis as a winner? How to tackle our life? Why do we judge all the time? Why do we compare to others? How to start-up one’s spiritual practice? And more.

All people struggle in our hectic lives, and unless you turn inward, it is difficult to reach a blissful state that makes you feel ‘you are not alone’.

Oscar J. Frye, of Dutch origin, is a writer, a business owner, and holds degrees in psychology (B.A.), International Studies (B.A.), International Business (M.A.), and psychotherapy (Gestalt Therapy).

His ‘practical spirituality’ puts ordinary life situations in a spiritual light, enticing us to question our habitual ways of doing, of being, and of living.

He finds that it is about time we realize that we must raise our level of consciousness, and help each other in this challenging process. The current state of the world begs us to realize that we are on the wrong track, as the world population. I pray that my writing may serve as our collective wake-up call.

I aim to contribute to raising our level of consciousness, by means of getting people to stand still and look at themselves. All I ask, is that we look in the mirror and question our ways, our habits. The first thing we can rediscover when we look in the mirror, is that we are not what we see, we are inside of what we see.

We must see through our physical envelope and realize our true nature is soul, before anything else. From the moment you realize this, you will understand that only ‘serving the body’ might get you comfortable conditions in the here and now, but unless you also take care of your soul needs, you will not reach greater satisfaction, true fulfillment and an advancement in your spiritual evolution.

Earthly life will never be completely fulfilling or perfect, because it simply isn’t meant to serve such a purpose. Life on earth is not a dream-vacation destination but rather a workplace, and people generally come back for one life after another, to time and again, resume their unfinished business.

While on earth, man has higher objectives to pursue than all the material things this world can offer. As children of God, of the creator, of the universe, or whatever you want to call it, we must ‘spiritualize’ our lives. We are all loving and caring beings at our core, but we can’t help wondering when looking at our world: How far have we gone astray as mankind?

I write for and to any person that is seeking a better understanding of life and that wants to make an effort investigating the subjects listed in the table of contents. My writing doesn’t just spread spiritual truths in a ‘take it or leave it’ manner, it invites the reader into the subject. In this way, the reader effortlessly identifies with each ‘discussion’.

Meet Oscar FRYE

About the Author …

Oscar J. Frye, of Dutch origin, is a writer, a business owner, and holds degrees in psychology (B.A.), International Studies (B.A.), International Business (M.A.), and psychotherapy (Gestalt Therapy).

He is the father of four and works and lives with his family in Monaco and Southern France for almost 30 years, dividing his time between hectic city life and the tranquility of a more natural setting.
His ‘practical spirituality’ puts ordinary daily life situations in a spiritual light, and so, enticing us to rethink our habitual ways of doing, of being, of living, and possibly question ourselves if we are on the right track, or if we would better make a change. All thoughts, ideas and concepts are spear pointed to raise your level of consciousness.
The topics discussed are broad, accessible, and inclusive to all and written in a conversational style. All people are ‘colleagues of life’, companions on our path of spiritual evolution. Realizing that we are souls, before anything else, makes us understand that our soul needs nourishment too.
This realization enables us to make better choices with our precious time, keeping us focused on our top job; succeeding our life while neve losing sight of our spiritual evolution over time. Each time we come back we upgrade ourselves in our thinking, in our doings.
Oscar Frye is an advocate of a sound life-work balance; instead of working harder and harder, we should become keener on living better. Our energy is best maintained through a healthy diet and by a body/mind/soul balance; interchanging cerebral activities with physical exercise and meditation.
He finds that we are a ‘planetary family’ and it’s about time we come together to focus on the job we have collectively; raising our level of consciousness and helping each other in this challenging process.
He has cultivated his interests in spiritual matters for over thirty years and developed a keen interest in psychology, psychotherapy, and spirituality. He believes in the necessity of incorporating our soul nature and spiritual evolution in our way of seeing both the beauty in our life as well as our troubles and struggles.

Wisdom from Flawed Characters in the Bible

After examining the lives of Barabbas, Job’s wife, Saul and Jezebel, persons who are forever stained by their imperfections and character flaws, the authors decided to write this book. A book that highlights that wisdom can be gained from persons who have messed up and those who are grossly imperfect. This book talks about the history, the biblical references, the characteristics and lessons to be gained from these biblical characters. Having experienced firsthand what it is like to mess up and learn valuable lessons from our ordeals, this book was written to give hope to those who are struggling spiritually and wisdom for spiritual growth and development for those who desire it. This book will indeed bless your life, it takes controversial situations and messed up characters in the Bible and turn it into a life application for success. It will challenge you to become the person that God has called you to be by avoiding these mistakes. This book is a must-read!

Meet Monique A. Lynch

Dr. Monique Lynch is an award-winning Community Development and Mental Health/Disorder Expert from the beautiful island of Jamaica. She currently serves as a Diplomat for the African Union of Youth Assembly, she is an Author of 7 books, Entrepreneur, Curator of Lead in Heels Program, Lecturer and a Programme Coordinator for the PAHO/WHO Collaborating Centre for the Development of Nursing & Midwifery Education in the Caribbean. She has a passion for self-actualization, purposeful living and helping others to become the best version of themselves. She is a philanthropist at heart, loves children, traveling, music, nature and long drives to the countryside.

Structure of Magic NLP Training

This book will teach you how to transform yourself and others. If at least one person knows how to do something effectively, then others can learn it too. I assert this as a practicing psychologist with a PhD and 10 years of experience in individual and group therapeutic and educational work. You will be able to: Set goals in such a way that they come true. Program your behavior. Access and direct your unconscious potential. Manage your emotions. Replace harmful habits with beneficial ones. Adjust your beliefs and create new ones. Heal phobias and allergies. Expand your possibilities. How can one assess the ability to influence perception? There is only one way to find out: read the book and apply the acquired knowledge in practice.

Meet Artem Kudelia PhD

Artem Kudelia is a Ph.D. psychologist, therapist, and coach with expertise in integrative approaches. Helping clients achieve well-being and personal growth through counseling, coaching, and meditations.

7-Step Spiritual Guide To Rapidly Overcome Emotional Eating The Way God Intended: Improve Eating Habits, Lose Weight, Strengthen Your Faith, & Enhance Your Mind

Are you sick and tired of overeating?

Perhaps you have always had an unhealthy relationship with food and constantly overeat when stressed, anxious, or sad.

Or maybe you have developed this habit recently and want to get rid of it immediately.

If you’ve decided that the cycle of overeating has gone on for too long and you’re ready to take action, then look no further.

The 7-Step Spiritual Guide To Rapidly Overcome Emotional Eating The Way God Intended is a must-read. It will help you improve your eating habits, lose weight, strengthen your faith, and enhance your mind.

By reading this book, you will learn the circumstances that may cause you to eat emotionally and the steps you can take to prevent it.

It will teach you how to connect with your faith on a deeper level and eradicate the negative impact of overeating once and for all!

Inside 7-Step Spiritual Guide To Rapidly Overcome Emotional Eating The Way God Intended, discover:

  • Different types of hunger.
  • How emotional eating impacts your life.
  • Your feelings and the power of God.
  • And much, much more!

Say goodbye to emotional eating, and say hello to emotional stability and happiness.

Grab a copy of 7-Step Spiritual Guide To Rapidly Overcome Emotional Eating The Way God Intended today!

Meet Bailey Palmer

Bailey Palmer is the author of books on Christian values, self-help, personal growth, and youth culture. Bailey writes from her own life experience and education. It is her mission to share her findings with the world. Bailey is published by KLEC Publishing, an independent publishing company, and she loves to hear from her readers. You can connect with Bailey at [email protected]

The Quantum Mind, Concepts of Consciousness

New Release. This book presents the scientific information and esoteric knowledge necessary to enable a properly equipped individual to reach a greater understanding of consciousness with the goal of attaining abilities such as extrasensory perception and psychokinesis, the utilization of consciousness in a manner enabling a person to observe or manipulate a physical system without direct physical presence or interaction. Recommended for high-intermediate or advanced students. “Consciousness cannot be accounted for in physical terms, for consciousness is absolutely fundamental. Quantum physics reveals a basic oneness of the universe. Multiplicity is only apparent; in truth, there is only one mind.” —Erwin Schrödinger, Nobel Laureate “The only acceptable point of view is the one that recognizes both sides of reality—the quantitative and the qualitative, the physical and the psychical—as compatible with each other, and can embrace them simultaneously. It would be most satisfactory of all if physis and psyche (matter and mind) could be seen as complementary aspects of precisely the same reality.” —Wolfgang Pauli, Nobel Laureate “The so-called miraculous powers of a great master are a natural accompaniment to his exact understanding of subtle laws that operate in the inner cosmos of consciousness.” —Yogananda (A.D. 1893-1952) Remarkable advancements in scientific research have provided new windows into consciousness and its powers. Since the development of quantum mechanics in the first part of the 20th century, progress has been made to understand consciousness and its “paranormal” abilities on the basis of the concepts of quantum physics. The quantum world builds the classical world. Everything in our classical, macroscopic world is composed of microscopic units of energy—the quanta—acting in unison. Consciousness and its various mental abilities are part of that quantum physical universe. Since consciousness arises at the quantum level, the features of quantum physics are involved in, and represent explanations for, all the countless paranormal phenomena that have been observed through the ages, and which modern researchers consistently observe in experimental settings, including extrasensory perception and psychokinesis. Both of the great revolutions in modern physics—relativity and quantum theory—have revealed factors that play a fundamental role in the creation of what we perceive as physical “reality.” They challenge the assumption that there is a material reality that exists ‘out there’ at all. In past centuries it was believed that the physical reality we experience around us exists independent of our observations—in other words, that there is an actual, real material reality. Advancements in quantum research have revealed that this is demonstrably not the case. “All matter originates and exists only by virtue of the existence of consciousness. The mind is the matrix of all matter.” —Max Planck, originator of Quantum Mechanics, Nobel Laureate The personal experience of many of our readers demonstrates that the knowledge presented in this book, when founded on a comprehension of scientific models of consciousness, offers the illumination which, with diligent study and practice, can enable the realization of very uncommon abilities, ones that can be utilized to create a superlative life for both the practitioner and others. 2023 Release, 25 Chapters, 42 Subsections, e-reader page count 364 (estimated, actual count varies with the reading device used). Includes a Bonus Material Anthology and Suggested Reading list. For more information, please see the ‘Read Sample’ feature on the book’s Amazon page. Thank you.

Meet M.G. Hawking, Jenna Wolfe Ph.D., Amber Chellings M.Phil.

M.G. Hawking is an avid traveler, adventurer, and writer. Devoted to exploring remote areas of the globe to discover regions unknown to the Western world, always in search of extraordinary people and experiences, he has found many, especially in the Great Range of the Himalayas, the setting for most of his books. His focus is documenting profound wisdom traditions and revealing the knowledge and power they convey. Hawking is the author of the book series, ‘In The Valley of Supreme Masters,’ along with its associated companion volumes. When not traveling, he spends his time working on projects related to presenting books of an esoteric nature with his wonderful team in Northern California. Heather Cantrell, M.Litt., contributor and editor for Wisdom Masters Press, is an experienced world traveler. Having been born in Nepal to British parents who were teachers in various parts of Asia, she has extensive experience in the Himalayas, and is a devoted equestrian and animal lover. Amber Chellings, M.Phil., contributor and newsletter director, is an avid photographer, outdoor enthusiast and ardent equestrian. Jenna Wolfe, Ph.D., our exceptional research expert, contributor and book content supervisor, is a primary link to our numerous academic technical advisers.

The Rebirth of Heaven on Earth: Messages to Awaken Peace, Hope, and Joy in the Midst of Monumental Change

A compilation of direct letters to humanity from Mother Divine,the Angels and the Legions of Light;this book is a precious and sacred gift to enlighten, inspire,and guide humanity through the chaos of today’s world into the imminent rebirth of heaven on earth. Transcending barriers os separation and embracing the oneness of spirit within us all, these messages are a call to the return to lover;the love thatg resides in the core of humanity and the spark of light that resides deep within every one of our hearts and minds. If you have ever wondered if there is more to life that meets the eye or are simply wondering how to navigate these trying times these messages are meant for you. Step into these divine messages to awaken a life of peace, hope and joy in the midst of the monumental changes surrounding us now.

Meet Karen Vivenzio

Karen J. Vivenzio is a spiritual medium who has been channeling messages from the Angels, Ascended Masters, and Guides since 2003. Karen is also the author of Earth Angel: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light, a non-fiction guide to help you discover your divine nature and your spiritual gifts.

NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES: True stories of Near-Death Experiences: True Stories of going to Heaven

This book contains some of the most remarkable, compelling, and comforting true stories of people who have had Near-Death Experiences. These people describe finding themselves in Heaven. Their stories are astonishing, and from these stories we are given a glimpse of what really happens to us when we die, of where we go, of what Heaven is really like, and how each and every person who got taken there, simply cannot wait to go back there again. They say it felt like home. It felt like where they truly belonged, and the overwhelming unconditional love they received there was like nothing they had ever known before; total pure all-encompassing love, joy and forgiveness. Have you ever wanted to know what happens when a person has a Near-Death experience? Have you ever wanted to know what happens when you die? Have you ever wanted to know if Heaven really does exist? The stories in this book will answer those questions…

Meet Rachel J. Hopkins

Life Calling

Life is no stranger to anyone who has ever taken a breath, yet it remains a mystery that very few have been able to solve.

When Kaanja finds himself at an uncomfortable crossroad in his life, he is determined to answer the call of Life. This kicks off a chain reaction for his father, mother, and sister, each of whom end up discovering a facet of Life that is meaningful for them. Guided by Life itself, they unlock the mystery of life piece by piece, learning to deal with everyday issues haunting both older and younger generations, such as unfulfilled expectations, worry, fear, lack of confidence, and nonconformity.

As the pieces of the puzzle start to fall into place for Kaanja and his family, will Life finally reveal Itself?

Spirituality Why Give a ****

What it means to be spiritual but not religious is in need of a clarifying facelift. In this non-narrative and non-bs deep-dive, spirituality aims to connect and reconcile with its debunking adversary science.

So why care? What’s in it for you?

Let this book tell you why developing a spiritual shield to deflect ego-seeking projectiles is a no-brainer when it comes to personal growth and pivoting gracefully through life’s twists and turns.

Meet Oagis Revilo

Raised entirely in the absence of any spiritual belief, my religious classmate once told me that as long as I did not believe in God, I would be destined for hell, no matter how good a person I could ever be. This led me to scoff and scorn religious ideologies with added emphasis. Through association, spirituality was tossed into the same basket of ridicule. Many years later, I haphazardly stumbled onto a spiritual path amidst secular struggles and unexpectedly discovered its concealed potential.

Admittedly, I am painfully average, but therein lies the paradoxical aptness of my credentials. Like most people, I wasn’t raised specially educated or trained, fed by a spiritual spoon. Instead, my qualifications arise from transitioning out of the common, materialistically driven, atheistic perspective to see the contrasting light of the other side.


What is it like to live out of a tiny cargo van while traveling across the USA? Wonderful, challenging, delightful, annoying, messy, breathtaking, and so much more. #VanChurch is the true story of one couple’s adventures camping across the country in a tiny van. In this wry, thoughtful travel memoir, Anna and Jim Hall chronicle the adventures and challenges of living for weeks and months out of a 40 square foot van. Facing down middle age and needing a new challenge, the couple finds delight, challenge, disorientation, and transformation along the way. With equal helpings of humor and reflections, the authors vividly portray the practicalities of #vanlife along with the spiritual lessons found on the journey. In locations from their native Georgia to the back roads of Iowa, to the mountain West, and back again, the Halls experience the struggles, the silliness, and the sublime of the great American road trip. The nomad life isn’t as picturesque as portrayed on social media, yet in even the most gritty of road moments, there are gifts to be found. #VanChurch is a spiritually rich and highly personal tribute to the gifts of travel – a love letter to getting outside one’s comfort zone, and ultimately, to finding home wherever you are.

Meet Anna and Jim Hall

Anna Hall is an author, pastor, consultant and coach who loves superhero TV and movies almost as much as she loves travel and church. Jim Hall taught high school history for over 20 years and is a massive Tottenham Hotspur soccer fan. Find Anna at,, and