On Solid Ground (Bargain Read)

Trusting each other is the only way to defeat the evil they face.

The exciting conclusion of the award-winning Grounded Series trilogy.

While tracking illegal immigrants through hidden passageways on Apache land in Arizona, FBI agent Gage Youngblood, stumbles upon a human trafficking operation. Before he can pursue, an unexpected call from Qiana Apachito, his former girlfriend, now heading up the local Indian Affairs Office for the Department of Justice, interrupts his mission. He finds himself grudgingly helping her investigate an unearthed corpse, a corpse they suspect may be the body of a man they pursued years earlier in a clandestine mission; a mission that would be career-ending for them both.

Their quest to identify the human remains and true cause of death leads them to several young girls living in the clutches of a cult leader with sinister plans. While searching for answers, they must reexamine their relationship and deal with unhealed emotional wounds.

Can these ex-lovers, combine their talents and put aside their anger and hurt long enough to bring down the trafficking operation, free the enslaved women and rekindle lost love? Find out in this high stakes, action-packed adventure across the Arizona desert.

Meet Jansen Schmidt

I am an award-winning author of women’s fiction and romance. My debut novel On Common Ground was a finalist in the Great Beginnings Contest sponsored by the Utah chapter of Romance Writers of America and earned a 5-Star Readers’ Choice Award. The first two books in the Grounded Series garnered prestigious Readers’ Crown Awards from InD’Tale Magazine and The Ties That Bind, Book One in the Family Ties Series, earned the Literary Titan Gold Award.

My husband and I moved to historic Vicksburg, Mississippi in 2015, where we own and operate a lovely Victorian B&B. I never pass up a good meal or a good theater production. In my free time I enjoy cruising and trips to Disney World. I love reading romance, thrillers, mysteries, biographies and anything that’s well written and captivating.

Stalker vs. Stalker: An Enemies to Lovers Romantic Comedy

FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME! February 6th and 7th only! Investigating Mr. Hawkes was supposed to be easy. Work undercover in his office, catch him stealing company millions, then lock that Herculean himbo away and launch the key into space. I even concocted the perfect excuse for keeping him in my sights: become his sworn office rival. That’s where our mutually malicious arrangement got… complicated. I didn’t mind losing “broadest shoulders” or “fanciest car” to Samuel. I’ll even concede defeat over “best smile-wink combo without accidentally catching our boss Mr. Paterson in the crossfire.” (…I don’t want to talk about it.) But I never thought I’d lose “most fixated on everything about you.” Samuel’s obsessive one-upping is looking a lot more like obsession, period. Who’s stalking who here? And worst of all, why is it all so much fun?

Meet Katie Charm

Katie Charm was born weak, small, emotional, and unsightly. In the years since, she has undergone almost no character growth. She once hated an attractive coworker, but was never forced to share a solitary hotel bed with him. Thus, having grown weary of this world, she writes romance.

Amish Sheltered Baby

Will a foundling baby give Susie Yoder the strength to love again? After Susie Yoder’s fiancé, Jacob, dies in a tragic accident, she loses herself in grief. Then she finds a baby in her barn with a note begging an Amish family to care for him. Susie feels called by Gott to raise the boy as her own, and with the help of her neighbor Mark Stoltzfus, she may just prove herself capable of providing a stable future for the child. But Mark has secrets of his own, and as lies leading to Jacob’s death surface, Susie is forced to question everything. With three lives on the line, can Mark prove himself trustworthy? And if so, will Gott give Susie the courage to risk her heart again? Find out in Amish Sheltered Baby, a second chance Amish romance with a touch of suspense that shows the healing power of faith, community, and love.

Meet Ruth Price

As a lifelong Pennsylvanian, I’ve (Ruth Price) had a unique opportunity to meet Amish folks in my everyday life. It’s a delight to get to know a culture and people who may have a different way of living but share a common love of God and a common belief in the goodness of other human beings. I try to channel this higher good through my fiction, and while I can’t say I always reach that ideal, I hope my stories inspire and entertain.

A Rebel’s Persuasion

For Mandy it’s a simple question – should she use the taser or just shoot him? Surely there can be no third option or can there be? For Mandy it seems like a death sentence when she is assigned her first duty as a police officer to serving a town so deeply buried in the mountains of West Virginia that the reality of electricity seems to have been a fairly recent development. Her new reality is one of survival in a sea of whiteness as she has no illusions that every man she meets in this wild land must still be a rebel at heart. Some prejudices are hard to let go and for her she finds that this applies not just to the townspeople, but also to her.

Meet Aedan Sayla

Up till now only half the story has been written and so now it’s time to read everything and not just what many have found acceptable. The truth and love itself are not bound by man, but are timeless and should be shared in full and so I write the whole story. Sincerely, Aedan Sayla

Indignation : (Mafia Princess Series Book 1): An Enemies-to-lovers sweet mafia romance suspense

Sweet enemies to lovers light mafia suspense romance. A fearless female that never backs down from a challenge, Valentina is the tough princess of the mafia. At least that’s how it appears within the Rossi Family. Armando, Valentina’s training partner, is loved by the Boss like a son. He is fierce on the outside, but has a soft spot for Valentina on the inside. There’s only one problem, Valentina hates him. Armando’s father was kidnapped 3 years ago and he has been on a mission to find him since the day he was captured. One day, Armando receives information about his father. Attempting to retrieve him would mean life or death for them all. There’s only one person that can assist him on this dangerous mission and that same person wants to be the furthest away from him… Mafia Princess Pt I is a light mafia first-in-series romance with no cheating, but a fearless mafia princess and charming young gentleman that tug on emotions until the very end. Series ends in a HEA.

Meet Hannah Black

Hannah Black is a sweet romance writer that lives in a bustling metropolis and loves to unwind with a glass of wine, pamper herself with a manicure and cuddle up with a good book whenever she can grab some spare time.

Marrying the vet

Ariana has been stuck after a tragedy, but one day she decides to shake things up and adopt a dog not knowing that this would chance her fate and put her on the path of cupid. Samuel has been wondering if moving to a small town to be closer to his girlfriend was the right choice until he met the girl of his dreams. Would they be brave enough to accept a love dictated by the gods?

Meet caryarit ferrer

Caryarit Ferrer is a Venezuelan writer living in Catalonia. She works as a Computer Engineer during the day and writes at night. Her secret plan is to conquer the world by giving away arepas.

Virgin Mate: Steamy Shifter Romance (Cascade Cougar Series Book 1)

A Rogue. A Betrayal. A Marked Mate. Lucy Michaels is about to realize her dream of becoming an international photographer when an attack from a rogue cougar-shifter triggers her physical transformation to a species the world doesn’t know exists. As voraciously unstable appetites emerge, Talen Cascade, the sexy shifter who rescued her, embarks on a mission to integrate her into the ways of his clan and satiate her rising hunger. While the rogue shifter continues to pursue Lucy, Talen discovers an unseen foe is hunting and experimenting on his species. Although Talen is convinced that Lucy is his true mate, only she can decide whether she belongs to him or the man who claimed her. Discover the truth behind the experiments by reading VIRGIN MATE, the new Paranormal Romance Series readers are comparing to Jessie Donovan and Lora Leigh. One click to start this epic paranormal adventure today!

Meet Tia Didmon

Tia Didmon is a USA Today bestselling author of provocative paranormal romance and paranormal women’s fiction. When Tia isn’t busy writing about sexy shifters and dreamy demons, she spends her time binge watching The Order and reruns of The Vampire Diaries, cooking with her daughter, and serving her cat. Her love of writing stems from a self-diagnosed book addiction. Subscribe to Tia’s newsletter at tiadidmon.com for a free book and start your journey through Tia’s supernatural world today!

Wolf’s Warrior Mate

A hyena shifter manipulated by arcane magic. An elite commander with a no-win decision. And a mate bond that could destroy them both. Nia leads a serene life. Unaware her perception is being manipulated by arcane magic, she’s oblivious to encroaching danger. And when her hyena rebels and demands she claim a mate, she’s pulled into a perilous alliance with a handsome soldier. Cole is wired for change. But stepping down from his specialist military team is the one thing his Little Warrior will not forgive. When he risks her fury, peril with unthinkable consequences erupts, forcing them to take extreme measures. When lives are nearly lost and memories prove to be fake, Nia’s world spirals into turmoil, making her question if anything is real. Cole never considered himself a victim needing protection, and letting his mate be his savior won’t come easily. Can they work together to defeat an ancient evil, or will their love be shattered? Wolf’s Warrior Mate is the spicy first novel in the Rock Falls shifter romance series. If you like friends to lovers romance, hot heroes, and fierce heroines, you’ll love Sammi Mason’s steamy tale. Grab your copy of Wolf’s Warrior Mate to find a love worth fighting for.

Meet Sammi Mason

I’m a tea-guzzling, chocolate-loving, cat enthusiast who hails from the south coast of the UK. Who’s lucky enough to have two wonderful but slightly eccentric kids. When I’m not writing, you’ll find me reading. My passion for paranormal and fantasy romance grew until it exploded into my own world, which I turn into books to be enjoyed by all. Otherwise, I’d be a crazy lady talking to people in her head! I’ve released 6 books so far, with a surprise release coming as soon as I finish it, which should be soon because the Shadow Wolf refuses to wait any longer for his mate! But then, they are not known for restraint. Wish him luck because she isn’t will not be easy to win over. I’ll be back to tell you more about my books in a bit. If you love smoking hot alpha types and sassy, kickass heroines, you’ll love them.

Love Report

Professional baseball player Dan Pelameno struck out with the woman of his dreams. So when she calls to set up an exclusive television interview with him, he jumps at the chance to set things right. He let her slip away once, but he won’t make the same mistake.

Celebrity news reporter Kendra Star thought she had moved on from Dan Pelameno until she had to see him again for a work assignment. When the encounter lands him a gig at her job, she promises to keep her distance from him and his charming ways. But the more she has to work with him, the harder he is to resist.

The Cosmic Adventurers

The Cosmic Adventurers” is an exciting and action-packed adventure for children. Join a group of intrepid young explorers as they embark on a journey through the stars, exploring distant planets, and encountering strange and wonderful alien life forms. As the children discover the secrets of the universe, they will learn about the importance of teamwork, determination, and perseverance. They will also learn about the beauty and diversity of the cosmos, and the importance of protecting our planet and all its inhabitants. With vivid illustrations and a fast-paced narrative, “The Cosmic Adventurers” is sure to capture the imagination of young readers, and inspire them to dream big and reach for the stars. So it’s a book that not just entertain but also educate children on how to be responsible and kind.


Multi-genre Author and Digital Product Designer. I write about design, adventure, fiction and the supernatural. Hobbies including reading (obviously) and researching book ideas.