Fake Dating Romance Box Set

List of novels inside are:
Fake Ex-Wife – A Enemies to Lovers Romance
Fake Boyfriend – A Bully Romance
Fake Stepdad – An age-Gap Romance
Fake Reverse Harem – A Forbidden Office Romance
Fake Date: Grumpy Billionaire Stepdaddy – An Age-Gap Romance

All are standalones, contain no cheating and have happy-ever-after endings ♡
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Send Wish To World (Book 1): Suspense, Medical, Doctor, Friendship Romance Story

If you weren’t a believer in fate before, you will be after reading this story. Will a new chance lead to true love? Lauren is excellent at her job. She works at the online company, SendWishToWorld.com. Her job is to try her best to fulfill wishes. It all started when a moody and rude Lauren collapsed in the middle of the road. She ends up in the hospital where she meets an entirely inaccessible sexy and hot Dr. Jones. After meeting, fate intervenes to put everything on the right track. An adorable little girl, Riley, comes with her wish to make her dad happy again. Will Riley’s wish come true? Send Wish to World is a single dad romance that will make you believe in the power of fate. A sweet and emotional contemporary romance about love after loss and a second chance. If you like drama, romance, tension, and suspense, you will love this series from Rachel J. Green. Unlock Send Wish to World to meet a new wish center and discover this excellent series today!

Meet Rachel J. Green

What you get from me: – Medical – Hot – Sweet – Steamy I am an author of sweet doctor romance novels, Rachel J. Green. I have always liked doctor stories, series, and movies. That is why I love to write exciting, juicy, romantic stories. Everything in my stories is about doctors and everything and everybody around them. To stay up to date on new releases, copy and paste this link to a new window and sign up: https://www.docromancenovels.com/romance-book-club/

Many People to Love: Understanding Adoption Trauma (L.I.F.E.* Adventures series Book 1)

It’s National Adoption Awareness Month! Many People to Love is the inspiring story of Carla, and her emotional journey to find love and acceptance in her adoptive home. Carla is overwhelmed by the new language, sites, smells and food she experiences, making her feel confused and unsure. She must learn to adapt to her new family, but will she ever learn to love them? This beautifully written and illustrated children’s picture book is appropriate for adoptive, foster and all blended families.

Meet Anna DiDio

Anna Maria DiDio, MSW is an adoptive parent, writer, speaker, and educator. Her first book, “Love at the Border,” is a rare behind the scenes look at the international adoption of an older child. Her mission in writing children’s books is to encourage conversation between adoptive parents and children around trauma, separation, grief and loss so that all blended families thrive!

Midnight & Mistletoe (Midnight Rising Series Book 1)

The heart of a man is through his bite. When prim and proper Priya Pant started work at the Odd Duck, she expected a professional kitchen, given the man that hired her. But what she got from Braden Boss was just plain fowl!   Hurting for money and longing for a chance to redeem herself from a former billionaire life, she tries to ignore Boss’s bad-boy behavior, but the more she tries to maintain her measured distance from the man, the more he wants to stir the pot.   Braden Boss has always gotten what he wanted and has done what pleases him. Vampires with money and status possess that kind of privilege.   The problem was that no matter what he wanted out of life—whether it was fortune, fame, or devotion from all his television groupies—he wasn’t happy.   After living four centuries, any vampire expects to run into a slump of boredom. But Braden was looking for the one ingredient he never seemed to find in any other method of pleasure. He wanted love. Or at least, Priya, the sous-chef he hired for her perky breasts, proved he should toss out his old recipes and whip up love from scratch.

Meet Amanda Kimberley

USA Today Best Selling and award winning author Amanda Kimberley has written in various genres in the course of almost four decades.
Her nonfiction blog, which focuses on the chronic disease fibromyalgia, has garnered recognition from various organizations, including Health Magazine. Naming her blog, Fibro and Fabulous, as a top blog for fibro sufferers.
Amanda has also written for medical magazines and sites like FM Aware, The National Fibromyalgia Association’s magazine and ProHealth.
When Kimberley is not writing nonfiction, she enjoys penning romance. Her first Furry United Coalition story, The Turtle and the Hare, earned the 2020 Summer Splash Book Awards of Ink and Scratches for Best Romance. Her Forever Series Books, Forever Friends and Forever Bound were featured in 2015 and 2016 on the BookCountry website, a division of Penguin/Random House as editor’s picks. She has also been featured as a USA Today Happy Ever After Hot List Indie Author with Claiming My Valentine, a Best Poet of the 90’s ranking for an anthology, and has had a #1 PNR ranking with Immortal Hunger and Hearts Unleashed.
Amanda Kimberley is a Connecticut native that now lives in the warmth of Northern Texas with her zoo consisting of her husky, tuxedo cat, mice, rabbits, guinea pigs, a tank of fish, two daughters, and a husband. 
When she is not writing you can find her cooking whole foods for her pack. She also enjoys reading, hiking, and gaming.

A Love in the Vines: A Clean Friends to Lovers Romance

Claire has loved John forever, but her loyalty to his late wife, Rose, keeps her lips sealed. John was behind the wheel when Rose died in the car accident. He feels guilty and misses her dearly. Managing the thriving Leroy Vinyard with his brother Pat and raising his daughter, Emily, as a single dad is not enough. But can he move on with his life? Claire, the gorgeous owner of the local wine shop in the small town of Woodpaw, has her roots firmly planted there. Since Rose’s passing, she’s stepped into the mother role for Emily. As the trio spends more time together, the townspeople’s whispers become louder. Watchful eyes and wagging tongues fuel the gossip mill. Are they having an affair? And what about Rose? Claire feels the sting of embarrassment and hurt. Is there a chance for her to find love, or will John remain just a friend?

Meet Hannah Haywood

Hannah Haywood writes sweet, heartwarming stories. Her cozy tales take you on a journey to charming small towns, where you’ll feel the strong bonds of friendship and the warmth of family. Oh, and let’s not forget about finding hope, second chances, and love that lasts forever and a day. Hannah’s own story is quite the adventure. She grew up in South Africa and lived in Europe for many years before making her home in the good old USA. Hannah likes to travel around the world, which shows in her writing as she brings diverse settings and characters to life. So, enter her world, and let your heart find its melody in her sweet and wholesome tales.

One Day, A Thousand Autumns

When the line between past and present blurs, all roads lead to home. The haunting legacy of a brutal family massacre casts a dark shadow over the picturesque coastal town of Crescent Cove. In a night of unfathomable violence, the Piper family was torn apart, leaving one solitary survivor. Enna Piper, a gifted artist with an affinity for capturing the essence of life on canvas, fled this idyllic haven a decade ago. Bound by guilt for surviving while her loved ones perished, Enna could only run from the relentless memories for so long before fate dragged her back to the home she tried so desperately to leave behind. Armed with a new found desire to unearth the truth and unravel the threads of her own shattered history, Enna vows to confront the darkness that claimed her family. As she delves deeper into the intricacies of the past, the town’s secrets begin to reveal a twisted tapestry of greed, vengeance, and deceit. Enna must navigate a treacherous path, reconciling her yearning for answers with the longing to build a future. This is Book One in the Crescent Cove series but there is no cliffhanger.

Meet Katherine Rawson

Katherine Rawson began writing her first full-length novel while working on her undergraduate degree at the University of North Texas. Writing has always been a passionate hobby and a cathartic way to get through life’s ups and downs. Born in upstate New York, Katherine spent her formative years in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. She has also called Texas, New England, and the Pacific Northwest home. Katherine now resides in the highlands of West Virginia with her husband, daughter, and beloved Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

DESIREE’S PRIZE: Trouble Don’t Last Always

All seems lost for Anna “Desiree” Kane, a beautiful, homeless mother who loses her children to the system and hits rock bottom a few weeks before Christmas. However, with a twist of fate, she meets a local shelter worker and pastor, Jacob Day, who is well liked in his community, but jeopardizes his integrity when he goes against all odds to help rebuild her life by showing tough love. They must trust God for restoration to overcome the battles that will rip them apart.

Meet Melissa Hudson

Melissa Hudson obtained an MFA degree in English and creative writing, a Masters degree in education, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology. She has appeared on two national television talk shows and spoken on various radio channels across the country. She was featured in an International women magazine and was named an international woman of Faith for her extraordinary passion to spread the name and fame of Jesus Christ. Ms. Hudson is an Amazon Bestselling Author of three ebooks, “Desiree’s Prize: Trouble Don’t Last Always,” and, “Don’t Go There: Where Terror Lurks In The Shadows,” and “ER NURSE.” She is a children’s picture book author of the work, “There’s a Stinky Monster inside My Shoes,” and a self-help relationship writer of the book, “The Female Fool: 10 Reasons Why You Aren’t Attracting a Good Christian Man,” and a novelist of the novel, “Black Wedding Veil: beauty is the den of death, and the body is the road to the grave.” She is an educator in the public school system, a widow and has one son.

Trading Favors with the Girl Dad: Single Dad InstaLove Steamy Short Romance

Curvy Woman Short & Steamy Small Town Single Dad Next Door Instalove Romance She never expected to fall for a single dad. His past is closing in quick. Can one little girl and a whole lot of love be the key to their happiness, or will his past bring everything crumbling to the ground? Michelle I’ve had my share of unsuccessful relationships in the past. The last thing I need in my life is another man with drama issues. So, I’m starting fresh with a new town, a new job, and my first real home. I’m in charge of my destiny, and this year, I’m choosing self-care over romantic relationships. When a precocious little girl wanders into my backyard followed by her father, my priorities begin to shift, and seeds of love begin to sprout. Charlie is gorgeous, engaging, and comes with a side-helping of extra cuteness. But do I want to give my heart to a man with trouble brewing in the background and guaranteed drama on the horizon? Charlie I never expected to be a single dad, but life has a way of working out for the best sometimes. For now, it’s Emma and me against the world. I’m not looking for the picture-perfect woman. What I’m waiting for is the perfect woman for my daughter and me. When my new neighbor turns out to be a head-turner with maternal instincts, my daughter and I are both smitten. Michelle is an independent, down-to-earth, knockout gorgeous woman with curves for days. But will trouble from my past be a roadblock to the three of us becoming one happy family? *** If you love cinnamon roll alpha protectors, then you’ll love single dad Charlie. He saves the day, gets the girl, and wins your heart.

Meet Piper Cook

Hello! I live deep in the heart of the United States, love to cook, bake, and create. I love to paint, draw, and work with my hands. My mind’s always racing with new ideas and crazy creative endeavors. I’m sweet and sassy just like the women in my books. I’ve aspired to be a writer my entire life. My first love was journalism, which taught me the fundamentals of writing. But then fell in love with writing short, steamy, borderline chili pepper hot romance. My books are short but full of all the feels. I like real characters with real flaws, pain and problems. But everyone deserves their own happily ever after, so you’ll never be disappointed by cliffhangers or couples who cheat. I hope my stories inspire you, light a fire in your heart, and make you laugh and sometimes cry for joy. But must of all, I hope you reach The End with love in your heart for the characters you chose to spend time with. Write to me anytime: [email protected] <3 Piper

Cowboy Kind of Trouble (Only an Okie Will Do Book 1)

Will Baxter lost the use of his legs, his wife, and his bull riding career in a car wreck caused by a man he believes wants to steal his ranch. Made miserable because of how limited his life seems, his half-brother convinces him to hire a home healthcare aide. He doesn’t need a babysitter or a warden and he certainly doesn’t need anyone’s pity. Only justice for what was done to him. But when Jessi Dixon strolls through his door, even Will’s stormy moods can’t cast a shadow on her sunny disposition. Jessi’s met her share of cranky clients and Will’s got most of them beat by a mile. He thinks he’s confined to his wheelchair and his ranch forever, but with a some tough love, she knows she can get him back out into the world. Little by little, Will’s stony heart thaws and Jessi starts to fall for him. The trouble is, he sees danger everywhere since his accident. His half-brother doesn’t believe him and she’s not sure what to think. When Will tries to push her away for her own safety, she won’t take his bullheadedness lying down. But the man gunning for Will isn’t a figment of his imagination. It’s not only Will’s ranch at stake, but his life and the promise of new love with Jessi.

Meet Becca Turner

“The West isn’t won until a cowboy claims your heart.” Becca Turner was raised in Missouri except for a couple of formative years in SW Oklahoma that left her with an Okie accent. One day she was reading cowboy romance novels and wondered why they’re all set in Texas. Then she set out to do something about it. She lives in Missouri with her husband and two dogs. Find all her links at http://linktr.ee/beccaturnerbooks

Georgie’s Long Goodbye

Georgie has grown up with talking newspapers posted in the trees and scanning his fingerprint to open his front door. So when his mom, Sara, hands him his grief-support toy, he knows just what to do with his new hologram Grams. Play! Georgie and Grams laugh together. They bake together. They put eggshells in the brownie batter together. (Some things never change.) But what happens when her battery dies and Georgie has to say one last goodbye? Georgie!s Long Goodbye is about the eternal bond of love that carries us far beyond the reach of this lifetime.

Meet Bri Kozlowski

Bri Kozlowski, crafting compassionate tales like “Georgie’s Long Goodbye,” offers solace and support for young hearts navigating the complexities of grief.