Incredible Servant: Book 1 An Arranged Marriage Billionaire Romance

NEVER UNDERESTIMATE A SERVANT !!! In the heart of LA City, a decrepit little house called Browns stood as a silent witness to Frank Lee’s shattered dreams. Cast aside by the Browns three long years ago, Frank had endured endless ridicule and mockery, particularly from the patriarch, William Brown. Now, Frank trudges back into that desolate dwelling, carrying a gift box in his weary hands. Dressed in threadbare garments, he exudes an air of indifference, as if the world has lost all meaning to him. But beneath his worn exterior lies a man with a defiant resolve. A man who yearns to exist as a forgotten recluse. A man who will not be disrupted. This is the story of Frank Lee, the Incredible Servant. Volume 1 takes you on a journey through Frank’s past, exploring the forces that cast him aside and the strength he finds within himself. In a world of secrets and lies, Frank Lee’s true identity remains shrouded. But as fate unfolds, and a new wedding approaches, everything changes. Will Frank Lee finally find his place among the Browns? Or will he forever remain an outsider, forgotten and abandoned? Prepare to be captivated by this tale of love, loss, and redemption. The Incredible Servant Volume 1 is a gripping story that will keep you eagerly turning the pages, desperate to uncover the truth.

Meet Sheila Gates

Sheila Gates is a Contemporary Romance Author born and based in LA. She writes steamy contemporary romance with a happily ever after. When she isn’t penning sultry scenes, Sheila Gates loves getting lost in her daydreams, going for long nighttime walks, and fine dining. She is also a red wine aficionada and bookworm. Above all, she enjoys nothing more than spending quality time with her loved ones in both human and dog form. you can find her on social media, you can find her on: Sheila Gates’ Publisher Facebook: 8CatsBook Sheila Gates’ Publisher Instagram: 8CatsBook Sheila Gates’ Publisher Tiktok: 8CatsBookTok

Lady Noble and the Masques

This is the original novel-length followup to the short story “The Masques of Noble Mansion.” In Regency England, the beautiful young widow Lady Lucinda Noble wishes to find an answer to the suffering of neglected wives and unattached respectable women. She asks herself and her female friends: “If men can have their houses of pleasure, why can’t we?” In a daring enterprise, she invites seven of the finest and most skilled men from near and far to Noble Mansion. They are special guests at the hidden parties she holds for her women friends, who find at last the attention they long for. Lucinda finds herself falling deeply in love with one of the seven, the magnificent Sable, who is especially marked for revenge by the townsmen… and then, one night, when they learn of yet another party, the enraged townsmen return to Noble Mansion. Please Note: This is a steamy, romantic story and contains detailed depictions of sexual activity between consenting adults over the age of 21. There is no mistreatment between the partners. No part of this work was generated using artificial intelligence (AI) software of any kind.

Meet Juliet Robbe

Juliet Robbe loves writing sensual, romantic stories, so venturing into the world of erotica was a natural for her. “The Masques of Noble Mansion” is a short story that serves as an introduction to the original full-length novel LADY NOBLE AND THE MASQUES: A HISTORY OF NOBLE MANSION, now available as an e-book and in paperback. Juliet has been married to her high school sweetheart for many years. When not writing, she enjoys spending time with her husband and family.

Nectar of Ambrosia

While Medusa tries her hand at wedding planner, the Greek gods tear apart her city in Sunland Florida, USA, hunting for a blue dwarf and the last drops of nectar. A standalone fourth book in the Furies series narrated by Medusa. NEW RELEASE published May 22, 2023.

Meet A.L. Hawke

A.L. Hawke is the author of the internationally bestselling Hawthorne University Witch series. The author lives in Southern California torching the midnight candle over lovers against a backdrop of machines, nymphs, magic, spice and mayhem. A.L. Hawke writes fantasy and romance spanning four thousand years, from pre-civilization to contemporary and beyond.

A Sunrise on Conroy Island

Clean & Wholesome. No swearing or intimate scenes. PG-Rated Romance. Claire is looking forward to an epic camping trip with her graduating class on the gorgeous remote cliffs of Conroy Island, Maine. Rapidly outgrowing her hometown and desperate to start her own life, Claire is anxious to test out her newfound freedom, especially when she discovers her long-time crush, Silas, will be chaperoning the trip. But when her mother insists she cancel the night before so that she can stay home and put on a fake show of family unity, she is faced with her first choice to make as a full-on adult. And with Silas going, nothing will keep her away. Returning to the Island after being away at college, all that calm, reliable, and solid-as-a-rock Grant wants to do is watch his younger brother’s graduation, visit with his family, and enjoy some downtime. No way is he letting his best friend, Silas, rope him into a camping trip. But when Silas brings Claire into their conversation, the girl he has loved afar for so long, suddenly Grant will do anything to go. When an unwelcome text lands Claire in the biggest trouble of her life, the first man to rush to her side isn’t who she expected. Yet, Grant’s soft words and gentle insight show her what it really means to be a true soul friend.

Meet B Burton

B Burton is the clean and wholesome alter ego of Brooke Burton, medium spice closed door author. For more information check out

The Double Date Disaster

A heartfelt & hilarious tale about a workaholic whose blind sushi date turns into a whitewater rafting disaster that puts love at the top of her to-do list.

City girl Jennifer Page works sixteen-hour days and has little time for love. But when her best friend proposes they go on a blind double date, Jennifer doesn’t hesitate to say yes. What’s better for her overworked soul than time with her best friend, a new sushi restaurant, and a cute guy?

Outdoor adventurist Dylan Douglas is surprised when his blind date shows up for whitewater rafting dressed to the nines in high heels. Turns out the only experience she has with the outdoors is when she almost got eaten by a bear as a kid. Despite the mix-up, Jennifer continues with the date and Dylan admires her spunk.

Jennifer and Dylan have little in common, but he turns out to be fun and insightful. As they spend time together, Jennifer realizes an adventurist girl has been hiding inside her this whole time. Will their differences tear them apart or teach them that a rafting disaster can turn into the love of a lifetime?

Meet Susan Hatler

SUSAN HATLER is a New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author, who writes humorous and emotional contemporary romance and young adult novels. Many of Susan’s books have been translated into German, Spanish, French, and Italian. A natural optimist, she believes life is amazing, people are fascinating, and imagination is endless. She loves spending time with her characters and hopes you do, too.

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Billionaire’s Enemy Offer: An Enemies to Lovers Romance

I don’t know whether to kiss or kill my billionaire boss after the stunt he just pulled.

My Playboy bosshole just told everyone we are engaged.

His investors congratulated us, but all I could do was glare at him.

When I asked him what the hell was going on, he offered to clear my debts and then some.

That’s something I couldn’t refuse.

The deal was simple: play nice for the cameras for a few months.

I could do that, considering the entire company’s reputation was at stake.

But then he invited me to his ski cabin.

One night, one kiss, and a disarming smile changed everything.

My anger melted as our lips touched and his rock hard body pressed into mine.

I spent more time exploring the silhouette of his toned physique than I did skiing.

No harm. No foul. Just a little fun.

I couldn’t help but envision myself starting a new life as a single woman, unburdened by financial worries.

Only one problem.

I’m pregnant.

Meet Lane Fox

Meet Lane Fox, a passionate and determined author who is just starting her career in contemporary romance. Lane has always had a love for writing and a strong interest in exploring the complexities of relationships, which is what led her to focus on writing in the romance genre.

Lane’s writing style is characterized by her ability to create relatable characters with depth and personality, as well as her use of vivid imagery and emotionally charged scenes. Her stories often explore themes of love, self-discovery, and overcoming obstacles, and are sure to leave readers feeling both inspired and satisfied.

With many contemporary romance novels set to be published in the coming months, Lane is excited to share her stories with the world and make a name for herself in the romance genre. She hopes to connect with readers and inspire them with her heartfelt and relatable stories of love and self-discovery.

The Hidden Beats of Destiny

Emma, a dreamy and adventurous soul, stumbles upon a mysterious book titled “The Hidden Beats of Destiny” in a charming bookstore. Intrigued, she embarks on a journey where the lines between fiction and reality blur. As Emma explores a picturesque village, she encounters a captivating stranger who shares her passion for literature. Their serendipitous meeting ignites a deep connection, weaving their own love story in parallel with the pages of the book. Together, they navigate the highs and lows of their unfolding romance, guided by the hidden beats of destiny. With each chapter, their bond strengthens, and they embrace the power of love and the courage to shape their own destinies. Through their adventures, they discover that love can transcend the boundaries of imagination and lead to a remarkable tale of shared dreams, resilience, and endless possibilities.

Meet Amelia Hartwood

Amelia Hartwood is an accomplished author whose captivating storytelling and heartfelt narratives have touched the hearts of readers worldwide. With a passion for exploring the depths of human emotions and the complexities of relationships, Amelia weaves tales of love, self-discovery, and the transformative power of embracing one’s true destiny. Born and raised in a small coastal town, Amelia’s love for literature and writing blossomed from an early age. Drawing inspiration from the beauty of nature and the intricacies of the human experience, she embarked on a journey to share her stories with the world. Amelia’s writing style is characterized by its lyrical prose, vivid imagery, and the ability to transport readers to enchanting worlds filled with relatable characters and heartfelt moments. Her stories delve into the depths of emotions, capturing the joys, sorrows, and vulnerabilities that make us truly human. As an advocate for personal growth and self-empowerment, Amelia’s works often explore themes of self-discovery, resilience, and the transformative power of love. Her writing invites readers to reflect on their own lives, encouraging them to embrace their passions, face their fears, and embark on their own journeys of self-realization. Amelia’s novels have garnered critical acclaim and have become cherished additions to the literary landscape. With each new release, she continues to captivate readers with her ability to evoke powerful emotions and create stories that resonate long after the final page is turned. When she’s not immersed in the world of storytelling, Amelia enjoys spending time in nature, seeking inspiration from the beauty that surrounds her. She is also an avid traveler, finding solace and inspiration in the exploration of different cultures and landscapes. With her compelling narratives and unwavering commitment to crafting unforgettable stories, Amelia Hartwood is a literary force to be reckoned with. Her work continues to touch the hearts of readers, leaving an indelible mark on the world of literature.

Boston Brawlers Hockey Romance: Second 3 Book Set

If you love hockey, very sexy books, and hunky players, this set is what you’re looking for. “I love Stephanie Queen books!” This 3 book set includes: He Has a Baby – Single dad hockey star Rafe moves to Boston to start over with his baby, but his nanny quits and he’s desperate enough to hire the first woman he meets, Zoey, not knowing she was a super model. Will it work out? Or does he end up with more than he was looking for? He Has Charm – Bad boy hockey player Maddox is traded away to the Boston Brawlers for a fresh start, but there’s a catch. His agency agrees to the team’s terms requiring a handler. The problem is his handler is Harper, a hot temptation in a pin-stripe suit—and she’s squarely in the hands-off zone… He Has Pluck – Rookie hockey player Jason is just up from the minors to join the Boston Brawlers for their legit Stanley Cup run and he has a lot to prove. But the pressure doubles when he’s the focus of a documentary being made of the season—and Juliette, the filmmaker, is the kind of woman he can’t resist. Too bad she hates hockey and hockey players… Three full length New Adult hockey romances set in the world of the Boston Brawlers hockey team. You’ll see players from other stories drop in for fun. If you love bad boy hockey players, single dads and sizzling forbidden romance with all the feels right up to the satisfying happy endings you’ll love this set of stories! (Contains sex and language for mature audiences.)

Meet Stephanie Queen

Never Miss a new release – click Follow now! USA Today bestselling author Stephanie Queen writes steamy angsty new adult and sports romance, romcoms and romantic suspense. She’s been writing stories forever, the kind with happy endings. Besides writing, she loves UConn basketball, NFL football, kittens and hanging out with friends and fellow readers in real life and on Facebook talking about books, romance and life. She goes to the gym. More or less. She is the president of her local Chocoholics Anonymous chapter (after a long-standing denial and spectacular failure to control her permanent addiction). Her writing desk overelooks one of many New Hampshire lakes where she lives with her husband and cat, and while their two sons are off on their own life adventures. ➜➜You can check out all my books at ➜➜Join my Newsletter Here: ➜➜Join my Stephanie Queen Team on Facebook Here:

School Resource Officer

A change in patrol. ★ An officer trying to find a second chance. ★ A hot blonde who is a much-needed distraction. (updated cover!) Officer Tony Sepulveda is jaded. He’s had decades on the force, slamming it out in patrol, keeping the streets safe. When a new post opens, his sergeant puts Tony in for the job. Community Policing? Tony’s appalled at his new position. At first, he thinks his new patrol is nothing more than babysitting and community finessing. But then he meets Amber, a stunning mom at the local middle school, and suddenly the new patrol is much more interesting. Sparks fly right away. He never thought this change at the police station would make such an impact. He finds himself with a second chance as he falls hard for her. And she seems to be falling for him. She becomes more than a distraction until a drug problem hitting close to the schools also hits close to Amber’s daughter, and puts them in the path of danger. Can Tony stop the supply and find the kingpin before any kids, school officials, or parents are hurt? The Men in Uniform series is a pulled-from-real-life police romance with hot cops and police action. If you like the boys in blue, police action, and exhilarating characters, you’ll love School Resource Officer by M.D. Dalrymple.

Meet M.D. Dalrymple

M.D. Dalrymple is an author, professor, wife, and mother. She is the author of several award winning books and lives on the west coast with her family.

Hidden Berries: Forbidden Fruit

‘Be with me. Stay with me. Just until I don’t need you anymore…’ When Willa Henderson flew to Chicago, she was just supposed to pack up her brother’s apartment and ship everything inside it back to LA. That included packing up his roommate’s things up as well. It was a big ask, but Dave was her big brother, so Willa agreed. The last thing she was expecting was to run into said roommate – the intense German named, André Bauer, a photojournalist who was supposed to be in Afghanistan working for the next few weeks – on her first night there. She also wasn’t expecting him to throw her out on her a** without even trying to let her explain who she was and why she was there. Let’s just say it was…hate at first sight. From the moment they met, they didn’t like each other, and neither of them really had any interest in changing that fact. But one thing they did know, was that they were unequivocally attracted, and it didn’t take too long for them to collide. With both of them screwed up by their pasts, neither of them could handle a relationship if they tried – André is a self-confessed a**hole. Willa is a self-confessed commitment-phone and gets angry whenever she feels. Then there’s Willa’s brother, who could very well kill André if he found out he’d slept with his sister. But, when desires go unchecked, there’s little that can change the outcome, and eventually Willa and André agreed to give in – just until they got each other out of their system. They expected it would take a week, maybe two. Then they could walk away without anyone getting hurt. Before each other, that arrangement might have worked out, but there was something there – an intensity they couldn’t explain. As layers are peeled back and secrets are revealed, they find themselves in a state of need that neither was prepared for… Hidden Berries was previously published as ‘Before You’ a standalone contemporary romance with no cliffhanger and its own HEA.

Meet Eve Cates

Eve Cates is a twenty-something author of contemporary erotic romance. She loves all things naughty, demanding men and difficult situations (pass the popcorn please). Her first series, StepSister Devotion, will be told in four parts, releasing via Kindle Unlimited. Eve has loved writing ever since she picked up her first crayon and penned a note to her imaginary friend ‘Pok’. Accused of being a ‘dreamer’ as she grew, she’s taken that notion and turned her daydreams into stories to delight and satisfy her readers. When she isn’t writing, you’ll find her at home with her husband, four children, and two dogs.