Daywalker Chronicles Complete Series Boxed Set (Bargain Read)

Sienna has a bit of a problem. She’s a vampire by day and human by night. And it’s just as confusing as it sounds.

Does the Daywalker have what it takes to take down some of the world’s most feared and powerful vampires?

Get this complete series boxed set to find out!

What do you call a vampire by day, a human by night?


That makes two of us!

Sunlight is a little problematic for me. Will I be able to handle it?

By night I am a normal girl. I like computers, ice cream, and guys.

When the sun rises, I’m stronger. I also get an insatiable craving for you-know-what.

The weird sisters stole Dracula’s power.

As masters of the Scholomance, they are recruiting new vampires. A recipe for disaster?

Whatever they are planning, it can’t be good.

There’s only one way to deal with vampires, especially those meddling in the dark arts.

Can I bring them to light before they unleash their nightmare on the world?

We shall see.

Included in this boxed set:

  1. Vampire Morning
  2. Van Helsing R.I.P.
  3. Seven Deadlies
  4. Babylon Rising
  5. Ishtar’s Curse
  6. Gods of War

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Daywalker Chronicles is a paranormal adventure, fast-paced urban fantasy featuring a slow burn closed door romance and a snarky heroine.

Readers who enjoyed The Chronicles of Zoey Grimm met Sienna before. Now she’s in a new city, with new allies and enemies.

The stakes have never been higher.

The Warded Gunslinger: A Space Magic Western Short Novel

A gunslinger on the run. A distant mining outpost. And the gangster that rules it. I came into Jackson Depot on one engine, scraping the Bucket along the sand before managing to get her to stop. Not great, but not quite a crash. I chalked it up as a successful landing. Jake – The Warded Gunslinger – doesn’t want much in life. A place to hide, a good meal, and a quiet time with his pet void dragon hatchling. The small mining colony of Jackson Depot seems to promise just that. But when Jake’s short-lived peace is shattered by a gangster boss and his army, and the hatchling is stolen, it’s time for Jake to pick up his guns! The Warded Gunslinger is a short novel of guns and magic in a distant future, where dragons are real, warpstone ships roam the galaxy, and courage sets heroes apart from villains. It’s got cowboys and gangsters, found family, true companions, and magitech in a sprawling space opera. The Warded Gunslinger is the first standalone novel in the Warded Gunslinger series. Get it now!

Meet Filip Wiltgren

By day, Filip Wiltgren is a mild-mannered communication officer and lecturer. By night, he turns into a frenzied ten-fingered typist, clawing out jagged stories of fantasy and science fiction, found in lairs such as Analog, IGMS, Daily SF, and Nature Futures. His books, thoughts, email, and free stories can be found at:

Journey to the Hopewell Star (Bargain Read)

A mysterious star could bring stability to her world…or lead her to a blistering end.

Quiet and introverted twelve-year-old Sam Sanderson is comfortable living a simple life on her family’s peaceful farm. That is, until a mysterious visitor arrives one night, thrusting her on a formidable and dangerous journey across galaxies.

With little direction and no training manual, her mission is to find the elusive Hopewell Star to save a dying planet. But with time running out, a destructive business mogul tracking her every move, and deadly disasters threatening her community, she’ll have to rely on her wits, courage, and friends to make things right and restore peace to both worlds…all while surviving seventh grade.

From discovering the secret of the Hopewell Star to locating a lost civilization, this book has it all: exhilarating adventures, mystery and intrigue, and fascinating characters—you won’t be able to put it down!

Praise for Journey to the Hopewell Star:

GOLD MEDAL WINNER, 2021 Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards
WINNER of the Literary Titan Gold Award (December 2020)
“A RED RIBBON WINNER and highly recommended” – The Wishing Shelf
Book Awards 2020 (UK)
A Must-Have New Brunswick Book of 2020 – Atlantic Books Today
LONGLISTED for The Miramichi Reader’s “The Very Best!” Book Awards 2021

“[A] spellbinding story that is impossible to put down.” – Readers’ Favorite

“A well thought out, entertaining fantasy adventure that works on several levels.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Young adult author Hannah D. State effortlessly blends science fiction and fantasy in Journey to the Hopewell Star, an engaging story featuring an alien culture and a destructive megacorporation that is as enjoyable as it is timely.” – IndieReader (starred review)

“Wonderfully imaginative!” – Cary Caffrey, bestselling author of The Girls From Alcyone

“Five stars for a fine debut novel!” – The Miramichi Reader

“A wonderfully engaging fantasy adventure for YA. Cleverly plotted and totally unique, I’d highly recommend it.” – A ‘Wishing Shelf’ Book Review

“Refreshing…well-written and thoughtful.” – Literary Titan

“A page-turner full of surprises.” – The Prairies Book Review

Meet Hannah D. State

Hannah D. State is an award-winning Canadian author. She graduated from McGill University with a BA and earned her MPL from Queen’s University. Hannah is bothered by inequality, violence, greed, complacency, snakes, entering a dark room, and not getting enough sleep. She enjoys writing about strong-willed characters who don’t fit the norm and who overcome great obstacles with perseverance, self-discovery, and help from others. Sometimes Hannah can’t keep up with her characters’ ideas and plans, so she takes breaks, drinks coffee, does yoga and tai chi, and takes nature walks to calm her mind and really listen.

The Enchanted Barista of Niafell: A Slice of Life LitRPG

“The Enchanted Barista of Niafell” is a heartwarming, character-driven story set within the walls of “The Arcane Brew,” a magical coffeeshop in the bustling city of Aethoria. The story follows Sarai Veldarin, a young enchanted barista with a unique ability to infuse her coffee creations with subtle magical properties that cater to the specific needs and desires of her customers. As Sarai interacts with the diverse patrons of “The Arcane Brew,” she forges deep connections and friendships with individuals from various races and walks of life. Through these relationships, Sarai learns valuable lessons about empathy, understanding, and the power of simple acts of kindness. Each encounter presents an opportunity for Sarai to grow both personally and professionally, as she hones her magical skills and gains experience points in the process. The story explores themes of community, self-discovery, and the importance of fostering meaningful connections in an increasingly divided world. As Sarai navigates the challenges of running a successful business and managing her growing magical abilities, she must also confront her own insecurities and learn to trust in the strength of the bonds she has formed with her customers.

Meet William Lbeyne

Blood Hunter: The Petra Graves Chronicles Book 1: A Seven Hungers Urban Fantasy Adventure

A werewolf, a leprechaun, and a teenage tech genius walk into a bar… Sounds like a joke, right? Well, for Petra Graves, supernatural assassin, self-professed loner, and deadly sorcerer, that joke has just become a reality. When Graves is sent to a ruined castle in Poland to hunt down a rogue bloodmancer, she suddenly finds herself facing off against an enemy she can’t defeat. Her only option? To release the wild magic within and hope it doesn’t obliterate everything in its path, including her. That single act sets in motion a series of bizarre circumstances which rapidly complicates Petra’s simple life, surrounding her with a cadre of misfits, igniting a burgeoning romance with a two-hundred-year-old werewolf, and placing her squarely in the crosshairs of the coming apocalypse. Get ready, sh*t’s about to get weird!

Meet Morgan Quaid

Morgan Quaid is a writer of urban fantasy, horror, and LitRPG novels, comics, graphic novels, short stories and screenplays. Quaid’s writing tends to blend concision and fast-moving plots with epic sci-fi/fantasy themes, creating stories that often have more in common with film rather than traditional novels. Key works include, The Seven Hungers Series, the Raven Marked Series, Whiplash, Rust Chronicles, Shadow’s Daughter, Idle Thuggery, Enmity, The Blood Below.

Bedeviled (Portals of Destiny Book 1)

A dark man with a soul that is doomed for all eternity finds hope in the presence of a beautiful fae of light. Darium Blackseed is convinced his destiny has been determined from birth. Being the eldest of the three brothers, he is expected to follow in his father’s footsteps, being the Sin Eater of the land of Mura. Taking on the sins of the dead isn’t a hard job, but it dooms one’s soul to The Dark Abyss for all eternity at death. Everyone fears a Sin Eater. Darium has accepted that he will never have a chance to find love in this lifetime, since no woman would purposely go anywhere near a man like him. When a tear in the veil between two worlds appears, a portal opens to the Land of the Dead. Spirits and dark entities start to emerge, and Darium must do whatever it takes to close it. Talia-Glenn is an Elemental of the Earth. With her race at risk of dying out, she seeks out the help of a sage. But when a Sin Eater gets in her way, she is forced to face the feared man. Sure, he saved her life, but now he refuses to help with her request. She needs him to enter the Land of the Dead through the portal, to seek out her dead father and bring back valuable information that is detrimental to the Fae. A Sin Eater is the only one who can do this and survive. Will a plan that goes awry doom more than just a Sin Eater to a destiny where happiness can never exist? Or will the love between a dark man and a fae of light, heal a dreaded fate that was never meant to be?

Meet Elizabeth Rose

Elizabeth Rose is the author of over 100 books and counting. She writes medieval, historical, contemporary, paranormal/fantasy, and western romance. She is an award winning, bestselling author and an amazon all-star. Her books appear as ebooks, print, and audiobooks as well. Her favorite characters in her works include dark, dangerous and tortured heroes, and feisty, independent heroines who know how to wield a sword. She loves writing 14th century medievals, and is known for her many medieval series. Elizabeth started writing romance back in 1996 and had her first book traditionally published in 2000. She loves anything paranormal and is inspired by spending time in nature. Elizabeth has a secret garden that serves as her outdoor office where she writes in her hammock in the summer. This same secret garden inspired her series, Secrets of the Heart. Elizabeth’s website is: where you will find book trailers, sneak peeks at upcoming covers, excerpts from her books, as well as original recipes of food that her characters eat in her stories. If you’d like to sign up for her newsletter, join her private readers’ group, or follow her on social media, just copy and paste the following links. Goodreads: Facebook: Pinterest: Twitter: Newsletter: Bookbub: Amazon: Readers’ Group Instagram: Series by Elizabeth Rose: Portals of Destiny Highland Outcasts Pirate Lords Highland Chronicles Secrets of the Heart Seasons of Fortitude Legendary Bastards of the Crown Second in Command Holiday Knights Tangled Tales Barons of the Cinque Ports Legacy of the Blade Daughters of the Dagger MadMan MacKeefe Elemental Magick Series Greek Myth Fantasy Dark Encounters Tarnished Saints Cowboys of the Old West Once Upon a Rhyme Sweet Nothings A Look Behind the Series Working Man Series

The Shadow Atlas Trilogy Boxed Set: An Urban Fantasy Series

Welcome to the Tower of London, where dark magic always comes with a price. . . The Shadow Atlas Trilogy is a must-read urban fantasy filled with dangerous secrets, entwined lives, and forbidden magic. Perfect for those seeking a darker, university aged Harry Potter. Uncontrollable Shadow Magic, pleas from her dead father, a mysterious enchanted book, and enemies at her door. Eighteen-year-old Azalea Sharp thinks life can’t get any worse until she is driven into hiding at a secret magic school in the Tower of London. Struggling to hide her dark powers, Azalea quickly learns that not all magic is equal. Then she meets the enigmatic Torin Dumont, a notorious shadow mage with secrets of his own. With more than her own life at stake, will his help be enough? Or will the darkness she brought forth unleash itself on London? Box Set Includes the Complete Shadow Atlas Trilogy Initiate (The Shadow Atlas #1) Apprentice (The Shadow Atlas #2) Captive (The Shadow Atlas #3) Step into a hidden world of dark magic and binge read the complete series today!

Meet Jenny Sandiford

Jenny Sandiford grew up in small town New Zealand on a steady diet of fairytales and fantasy books. She lived in Mongolia for nine years with her husband where they spent the unfrozen months of the year living on the edge of the Gobi Desert mining gold. When she isn’t writing, Jenny enjoys hiking, meeting new animals, and loves to curl up in a sunny corner with a cup of tea, a cat, and a book. She is currently in the United States with her husband and their two street cats from Mongolia.

Pixie Rebels Complete Series Boxed Set

What happens when a gang of rogue pixies takes the troublemaking just a little too far?

They get noticed by the U.S. Army and playtime is over.

Now that they’ve been caught, they can either sign their lives away to enter an experimental new program for magical Army soldiers or accept a one-way ticket back to Oriceran.

Can Z and her cousins learn to rein in the chaos as new magical Army recruits?

Find out with this 8-book boxed set!

Z Thornbrook and her cousins are like any other Oriceran pixie on Earth. Mischief is their middle name, and for the last hundred and fifty years, that’s been their game.

But what happens when a gang of rogue pixies takes the troublemaking just a little too far?

They get noticed. By the U.S. Army. And playtime is over.

Now that they’ve been caught, it’s time for Z, her cousins, and the entire pixie gang to face the music, and they only have two choices. Sign their lives away to enter an experimental new program for magical Army soldiers – or accept a one-way ticket back to Oriceran for good.

For any other pixie, this would be a no-brainer. They don’t back down, and they definitely don’t take orders from anyone, even other pixies. But for Z and her eccentric cousins, returning to their home planet is a fate worse than death.

It’s time to lace up their boots and stand at attention—or not.

Because the Thornbrook pixies are heading off to magical Bootcamp run by humans, and the Army had no idea what they were getting themselves into.

Z, Domino, and Echo must find the acceptable middle ground between being who they are, in all their chaotic pixie glory, and following the terms of their magically binding contract.

But training three Army pixies is no joke—if it’s even possible at all.

Included in this boxed set:

  1. The Rogue Regiment
  2. Rebel Squad
  3. Pixie Platoon
  4. The Pixie Squad
  5. The Pixie Soldiers
  6. Rising Storms
  7. Wings of Valor
  8. Warrior Pixies

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The Sperm King

By the year 2050, the not-too-distant future, humanity is the most endangered species on Earth! Clay Roberts lives in a world tragically reduced by debilitating infertility and the catastrophic effects of climate change. Mandatory sperm testing by Government (a totalitarian regime) identifies Clay as one of the most fertile young men on the planet. His wannabe fertility agent, Hank Gallagher, dubs him The Sperm King; but, Clay agonizes over whether his precious, potent gift should help save the most threatened species on earth, or if he should hasten humanity’s demise because he holds it responsible for the criminal destruction of our planet. Everyone wants a piece of Clay: major Sperm Banks offer flexible working conditions, the National Fertility Service appeals to his sense of patriotism, wealthy sperm vendor Hishiro Tanaka makes him an unbelievable offer, eco-activist Lynne Lee wants him to join the Plastic People’s Sanctuary Movement, the Endgame Brotherhood urges him to help extinguish the human race, and the armed and dangerous Copulation Cartels are coming after him. Clay is definitely out of his comfort zone!

Meet William Mesusan

WILLIAM MESUSAN lived and traveled in central Mexico where he wrote seven cover stories for El Ojo del Lago, Mexico’s most widely read English-language magazine along with a dozen and a half e-zine articles. Two trips to Spain, and research into the country’s past, inspired The Galician Woman and The Bone Relic, the first two medieval mysteries in The Andalusian Trilogy series. The author put this series on hold because the urgency of addressing environmental threats in the modern world, and the ongoing damage to future generations (including the possibility of human extinction), warrants an individual response.

The Zoo – Alien Invasion Starter Pack: Six Book Ones For Six Series

Fountain of Youth, or Valley of Death?

The future of mankind is growing in the Sahara Desert. The government needs the best of the best military and scientific minds working out how to pull the secrets from the ZOO while keeping the deadly fauna and flora in check.

Join intrepid adventurers in book 1s of six series as they take on the ZOO!

Fight For Life and Death

Fighting hard, multiple countries band together to successfully pause the apocalypse.

So what did the military want with Dr. Christopher Lin?

By the time his helicopter ride was on the ground, he wasn’t a ZOO virgin any longer.

Join Dr. Christopher Lin as he learns about the ZOO, how to stay alive and the opportunities that being a part of the ZOO has brought humanity.

Kill Or Be Killed

Jeremiah Johnson needs a job and Retired Marine Colonel Anderson needs a man with Johnson’s particular skills.

It’s either a match made in Heaven or Hell, depending on which side of the gun you are standing on. Inside the ZOO isn’t the only place people are acting greedy. Doctor Courtney Monroe has taken control of her Dad’s legacy. Are Anderson and Savage the men she need to make it happen?


With nothing in their future, Former US Marine Charles, ex-SAS Booker, and ex-Australian Army Roo decide to give the Zoo a shot. Without the contacts, without backing, without knowing what they are getting into, they scramble to get their foot in the door to even make rent in one of the most dangerous areas in the world. With high rewards comes high risk. Can they learn on the job?

He Was Not Prepared

While eating his supper of microwave popcorn, PhD student-genius Salinger Jacobs is grabbed from his apartment in California, stuck on a C-130 military plane and sent to the Sahara Desert to witness the reality of the ZOO for himself. If he can stay alive long enough, he might be able to afford something besides packaged microwave popcorn to eat.

First order of business?

How do you shoot a gun, and just HOW MUCH is that plant worth?

Hired Killer

His name is Taylor McFadden, survivor of 83 trips into the ZOO. Now, he’s retired, and yet his country needs his skills to save people in the country he calls home. Can he build a company, put down roots and still bring the pain when the FBI calls? When they tag him as The Cryptid Assassin, they weren’t wrong. For monsters that go bump in the night, he is death incarnate.

An Assassin’s Accord

The world is different. An alien ‘infection’ of flora and fauna is contained by massive walls and substantial firepower over in the middle of Africa. It holds the promise of immortality, and infinite wealth. Now, when a country needs help finding and taking down the worst they have a new company to call. McFadden and Banks. This is their story.

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