Here There Be Monsters

When Sam Martinez finds himself abducted by aliens, he thought he was having a bad day. When he finds himself in charge of an eccentric collection of fellow captives on a stolen spaceship, he realizes it could always get worse. Thus begins the misadventures of Captain Martinez and the crew of the starship Schwarzenegger. Intent on finding their way back to Earth, they encounter strange new worlds, new life and new civilizations… and immediately piss them off. Follow their journey as they navigate through bizarre alien customs, evade a crime syndicate with a score to settle, and match wits with a galactic government that refuses to recognize humanity as a sentient species. Fans of Galaxy Quest and The Orville will love this story of a ragtag band of misfits, discovering just how strange the universe really is.

Meet Rick Buchanan

Rick Buchanan writes science fiction and fantasy books, which, considering where you’re reading this, means you’re in the right place. He’s an avid traveler who loves books, movies and pie, as all people should. Rick lives in Colorado with his wife, Debbie and a small pack of overly entitled pets. Keep up to date on the latest online at

Firmament: Radialloy

The year is 2320. Andi Lloyd is content with her life as the assistant to her adoptive father, a starship doctor, but her secure world turns upside down when she begins uncovering secrets from her past. When her father mysteriously starts losing his mind, she finds that she can no longer count on him to guide or help her. With mutiny breaking out on the ship, and two factions desperate for a valuable secret she holds, she must race to help her father and herself before time runs out.

Meet J. Grace Pennington

J. Grace Pennington has been telling stories since she could talk and writing them down since age five. Now she lives in the great state of Texas, where she writes as much as adult life permits. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading good books, having adventures with her husband, and looking up at the stars.

Dog Flight

Encounter frightening people and witness bloodcurdling phenomena. Seven short horror stories await you. In each chilling tale, someone ends up in grave peril. Beauty Thine, Beauty Mine. A sociopath has an urge to paint a particularly beautiful woman Dog Flight. A dog walk turns into a nightmare scenario Knocked Down. A set of cursed dominoes causes a woman’s life to collapse around her Life Lesson. A man is tasked with committing murder in order to move on in life The Rearranger. A savage being with a fondness for distorting human bodies wreaks havoc The Snatcher. A visit to a fortune teller causes strange and deadly things to happen Too Far Back. A time traveller makes a mistake with devastating consequences Death is looming. Will it claim any of the characters in these short stories? If you’re a fan of the horror genre, you’re sure to enjoy Dog Flight.

Meet D. T. Adams

D. T. Adams is an anonymous writer living in England.

Mary of the Aether

Fourteen-year-old Mary Lanham lives an unremarkable life in the tiny town of Chesset, Arkansas, enduring unhappy days at school and lonely evenings in her hilltop home. She has few friends and a hopeless crush on a boy she’s never spoken to. But everything is about to change. When the stranger in the long, gray cloak creeps out of the forest, a centuries-old mystery begins to unfold. Suddenly, Mary’s life is turned upside down. As the danger grows, she learns the magical secrets of her family’s past and discovers her true destiny, a destiny far greater and more terrifying than anything she could have imagined.

Meet Jeffrey Aaron Miller

Jeffrey Aaron Miller is a full-time writer of fiction, nonfiction, and everything in between. He held a wide variety of jobs over the years–social worker, bus driver, postal carrier, pastor, tire salesman–before finally embarking on his writing career. He lives with his wife and children in Northwest Arkansas.

Rise: The Complete Trilogy (Rise Series)

It starts as a fever. A debilitating virus emerges in India and quickly burns its way through the densely populated areas of Asia. The victims suffer for days even weeks on end until finally succumbing. Streets are empty and major cities are mere graveyards Because of the slow killing nature of the virus, attempts to contain it to one continent seemingly work at first, but human smuggling into infection-free areas cause the virus to break borders globally. Darren Reynolds is a foot doctor and survival enthusiast. For years he has made it a hobby to collect all things survival, knowledge and goods. Despite the fact that the United States is fortress America, he knows the virus won’t stay out forever. However, Darren and the others learn, the threat of man’s extinction will not come from the virus. It will come from what rises in the aftermath. The trilogy is the story of their struggles and battles to save mankind.

Meet Jacqueline Druga

Jacqueline Druga is a native of Pittsburgh, Pa. She is a prolific writer and filmmaker. Her published works include genres of all types but favors post-apocalypse and apocalypse writing. Currently, many of her films can be found on Amazon Prime and youtube. A single mother of four, Jacqueline is also a musician. She resides in a small town outside of Pittsburgh with her family. Of all her accomplishments, Jacqueline is most proud of being a grandmother. Her grandchildren reside with her and are the light of her life. Jacqueline welcomes emails. You can reach her at [email protected]

Defiant Space

One starship against the galaxy. The crew of Fidelity are the only hope to save their planet from destruction. When an armada of predatory warships come to annex their world, the inhabitants of planet Vale Reach must face the fearsome threats that stalk their galaxy. Terrors lurk in the uncharted depths of space, ready to crush their world and enslave its people. A lone starship is sent on an impossible journey. But is it already too late? Caladon Heit wants to prevent the destruction of everything he knows. Together, the ship’s crew must overcome the ferocious marauders and brutal empires that seek to eradicate them all. In space, they will find a harsh and remorseless environment. Unimaginable enemies await behind every moon and asteroid. Their mission will demand sacrifices from every crew member to reach its destination. Will they emerge with their resolve and their starship intact? Or will Fidelity and their homeworld be annihilated? This is the first novel in the Infinite Void Series. About the series: Infinite Void is a science fiction space-opera series, focused on a far future galaxy of dysfunctional cyberpunk empires and frontier societies. Danger and suspense fill each exhilarating encounter. Many brave souls will fail. Only a tenacious few will reach their goals, and achieve unimaginable power. All will bear witness to the wonders and terrors brought by mankind’s inevitable transformation. The next stage of human evolution faces chaos.

Meet Richard Rimington

Richard Rimington is a British writer living in Hong Kong. He is an author of science fiction, and has been writing for over fifteen years. He works full-time on developing his books. His writing is inspired by authors such as Phillip K. Dick, Alastair Reynolds, Dan Simmons and Ann Leckie.

The Last Prince: A Celtic Fae Inspired Fantasy Novel (The Coming of Áed)

In a hellish city, the fate of a young boy rests on the very thing he fears most… Robbed of his childhood by tragedy and betrayal and forced onto the streets, only fury makes young Ninian feel whole – and in a world of gangs and fae, Ninian is more than willing to fight for his life. But it doesn’t take much to topple a life which is already balanced on the edge of a knife. And by the time a desperate Ninian realizes he’s crossed the wrong person, it is much, much too late. In his frantic struggle to right his collapsing world, Ninian’s furious, bloody efforts are dredging up history he’d rather forget – the past is tired of being held at bay, and even fighting cannot protect Ninian from himself. So when he meets a crimson-eyed stranger, a boy so broken he refuses even to speak, Ninian does not believe he has the capacity to care. He is wrong. And that will change everything… (A full-length prequel to The Hidden King)

Meet E.G. Radcliff

SIGN UP TO MY READER COMMUNITY! CONNECT ON SOCIAL MEDIA! ———————————– E.G. RADCLIFF IS A part-time pooka and native of the Unseelie Court. She collects acorns, glass beads, and pretty rocks, and the crows outside her house know her as She Who Has Bread. Her fantasy novels are crafted in the dead of night after offering sacrifices of almonds and red wine to the writing-block deities. You can reach her by scrying bowl, carrier pigeon, or @egradcliff on social media. ———————————– VISIT ———————————–

Chosen: The Path of Heroes

MULTIPLE WORLDS, FOUR HEROES, ONE DESTINY. Not long after his thirteenth birthday, Tauzuri Jones discovers an astonishing secret that forces him to seriously question his origins. For as long as he can remember, he has felt distinctly detached from those around him, a certifiable loner…and now he knows why. Whisked to another world by a friendly wizard, a place full of wonders he never imagined, Tauzuri meets the most unlikely group of friends with whom he shares an inevitable destiny. They embark on a journey that tests them to their limits, an adventure that will eternally seal their intertwined fates as they prepare to confront the evil Overlord that threatens all of existence.

Meet K.I. Price

Born in Saint Louis, Missouri, K.I. was always a curious, smart, and creative child. She knew very early on that she wanted to be a writer. Around the age of thirteen, she got into tabletop role-playing as well as online literary role-playing, where she collaborated epic stories and adventures with like-minded friends. After a couple of years of role-playing in online forums, K.I. began the groundwork for Chosen: The Path of Heroes, the first book of a series she’s been gradually building. In 2009, K.I. joined the United States Navy and honorably served six years of active duty. She met her husband in Sasebo, Japan, and they married in 2013. Aside from writing, K.I. loves traveling with her family, hiking, beautiful mountain views, trying new recipes in the kitchen, and playing video games. She is currently working diligently on her Chosen book series.

The Chameleon

When a series of appalling murders leads the local sheriff to conclude that the perpetrator may not reside in the mortal realm, he recruits washed-up horror novelist Philip Solomon to offer insight into the investigation.

Meet KC Anderson

KC Anderson is a pseudonym for a best-selling author who shall remain nameless. He loves reading, writing, and never leaving his house.

Barbarian Princess Complete Series Boxed Set

Alongside friends, the former paladin turned Barbarian Princess Cassandra has faced her fears and come out on top. Now her journey takes her on a new path – alone.

She’s on a quest and it will demand everything from her. Does she have sufficient skill, experience, and determination to face and defeat the challenges she faces?

Get this complete series boxed set and enjoy the story of Cassandra – The First Barbarian Princess.

Cassandra has fought alongside Skharr DeathEater, but will she be able to forge a new path alone?

When the former paladin turned Barbarian Princess is robbed while aiding travelers against brigands, she vows to find the miscreants. Will her search lead her to them or greater danger?

In the war-ravaged north-east of the continent, a new evil has arisen and begins to impose a rule of dark sorcery and fear on the small settlements.

Will she find the allies she needs in time to save a town? How will she know who she can trust in this evil hour?

Her quest will demand everything from her but she cannot turn away. Does she have sufficient skill, experience, and determination to defeat the rising malevolence?

She pits her steel and will against sorcery and its army and digs deep. This is what it means to be a Barbarian of Theros, but can she hope to survive?

With new allies at her side, Cassandra fights to turn the tide of darkness and fear.

This is her path—to smite evil and save innocents.

Included in this complete series boxed set:

  1. Holy Terror
  2. A Righteous Killing
  3. Reincarnated Wrath

Go up and click Read for Free on Kindle Unlimited or Buy Now and enjoy the story of Cassandra – The First Barbarian Princess.