Dwarvish Dirty Dozen Boxed Set: Books 1-3

War is a messy business and anyone who claims otherwise is trying to sell you something.

This is a tale of war and desperation, of grit and heroism. See what a batch of desperate dwarves can do when the chips are down.

Pick up the first three books from the Dwarvish Dirty Dozen series to dive into their tale today!

The dwarvish legions, the Holt’Dwan, are familiar with this but these are strange times.
The dead are rising from the earth in the freshly settled Ysgand Vale and the war just got a lot messier.

So an old custom was resurrected and the Bad Badgers were formed.

Condemned and disowned, the Badgers have nothing to lose and everything to prove. But in a world where the dead don’t stay dead and victory will cost you everything, what can be done?

A lot, if one has the will and stomach for it.Included in this boxed set:

  1. Mud War
  2. Dirt Line
  3. Dust Song

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Tales of Splendania – A Golden Wish

Dive into the beautiful and magical Kingdom of Splendania! This is the first book in the new fantasy adventure series for children age 8+, and fans of How To Train Your Dragon, Earthsea and The Wizards of Once.

“This book reminded me of Aesop’s Fables in that the world-building is in-depth and vivid, and there are a lot of fantastical elements. Including a sword imbued with magical power and pixies leaving breadcrumbs for an enthused Vanadae, which is especially interesting because the story alludes to a big magical future for the princess.

Tales of Splendania: A Golden Wish is an entertaining and magic-filled read that promises more excitement in later books.” – Rosie Wylor-Owen, Author of The Rogue Valkyrie Series

About The Story

In this ancient and mystical land, the most marvellous and dangerous magical creatures roam the lands and skies. The beautiful and valiant Princess Vanadae must find a way to protect her beloved Golden Unicorn from the most dangerous creatures of them all — the people of Splendania themselves. All of whom are completely hellbent on capturing and killing magical creatures, the Golden Unicorn most of all.

Vanadae must find and protect the majestic Golden Unicorn before Magnus the Mighty, her father and the High-King of Splendania becomes the first to slay this wondrous creature and ensure his rule over the three realms; Theos, Valastry and Ovamthia.

Will the Golden Wish, granted once in a lifetime to the members of the royal family, cause the malevolent Witch of the Woods to come out of hiding and continue her vengeance against the royal families of Splendania? Will the courage of Vanadae’s brother, Prince Galderon, protect her from the dangers in the Spellbound Woods and set them on a path to fulfil their destinies?

This debut novel from T.O. Griffiths is perfect for all the family to enjoy together.

The sequel, Tales of Splendania: A Heart of Ice, is coming soon.

Recent Reviews:

“This book is so creative and the author really does have a way with his words! His descriptive writing leads your imagination through a magical journey of fantastical monsters, intriguing characters and marvellously enchanting kingdoms – it kept me fully engaged and eager for the next line, page and chapter. The only downside to this book is that there’s not more of it. Engrossed from the off and already yearning for the second book. Seriously well done T.O Griffiths!” 5/5

“Absolutely loved this book, I love fantasy so I bought this book for myself, but I’ll definitely be buying it again for a friend’s daughter! Looking forward to the next one!” 5/5

“My daughter tried everything to get out of reading her books. Since she was given this book everything changed. This book is a great fantasy book, captured her imagination and she reads it every night before bed. Lovely to see her enjoying what she is reading and showing this much interest. The book itself has over 100 pages, we choose the paperback version, the letters are large so it’s easier to read for beginners and the pages aren’t white but in ecru colour which we much prefer. The story is very engaging and lets imagination loose. The wording is smart and for everyone who loves unicorns, dragons and fantasy this is a top-shelf book not only for the little ones! Definitely highly recommend to all my friends and family to get one as totally worth to get one!” 5/5

“My 2 kids loved the book and were disappointed that it had to end – hoping for a follow-up edition soon – highly enjoyable and helped their reading too!” 5/5

Meet T.O. Griffiths

Born and raised on a beautiful farm overlooking the Black Mountains and the Brecon Beacons on the border of Wales and England, T.O. Griffiths grew up fascinated by animals, sharks most of all. He was lucky enough to be surrounded by farm animals – including the magnificent peacocks – and a stunning view. As a boy, he used to write short stories and poems, somewhat inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

With a large collection of swords, axes and armour himself, his fascination with weaponry has helped inspire certain characters T.O. Griffiths has created in Splendania.

With a busy job and life moving forward, time to focus and complete the book became a labour of love for T.O. Griffiths, but something he was determined to accomplish.

The story coming into existence was completely spontaneous; he was asked to make up a bedtime story for his girlfriend to help her sleep. It was not helpful, however, as he was then up all night, writing it down instead of finishing the story for her, until now.

Tales of Splendania had been rattling around T.O. Griffiths’ head for many years and the story evolved and swayed this way and that, and now, he is extremely excited to share it with you and hopes you enjoy it as much as he has enjoyed creating the World of Splendania.

An Acceptable Future

A driven woman. A forbidden love. Fatal consequences… across every conceivable future. Alice Goetz can’t wait to be free. And if she can just locate the right timeline where the stubborn man actually signs the contract she’s supposed to land, she’ll be able to retire early to a pleasant tropical planet. But she’s about to violate her employer’s number one rule: Don’t fall for the client. As the multiverse continues to force the two together and Alice struggles to resist her growing feelings, a bitter rival issues an ominous ultimatum. And the desperate woman soon finds herself fighting an eternal chain reaction where her handsome target dies in every reality… and the only thing that will save him is love. Will Alice escape from a nightmare on repeat and find happily ever after? An Acceptable Future is a brain-bending science fiction romance novella. If you like strong female characters, suspenseful action, and clever twists on second chances, then you’ll adore L.P. Masters’ ode to infinite destiny. Buy An Acceptable Future to rewind fate today!

Meet L.P. Masters

Born and raised in the rainy streets of the Seattle Area, L.P. Masters spent her fair share of time staring out rain-streaked windows and writing books. Masters has always had extremely vivid dreams, which often spark inspiration for her novels. These days she doesn’t have much time for sleep, and those novel-inspiring dreams, as she currently has four children, three jobs, two dogs, and one amazing husband. All of which keep her very busy and somewhat sleep-deprived.

Goddess of Rain

Greek gods aren’t gone – they’ve just been lost.

After months of dreams of being pursued by a man in an iron mask, 19-year old Zoe is plunged into the world of lost gods. Suddenly she can see what no else can see – Greek gods are real, they have been running the world, and the world is in trouble.

While on the run from a god who wants to possess her and a goddess who wants her dead, Zoe decides she will take her destiny and the destiny of the world into her own hands. She will fight to save it. But she won’t do it alone. She will have to decide who is worthy of her trust and who is worthy of her love.

Goddess of Rain is the first novel in the Lost God Series. For fans of Greek mythology, Urban Fantasy and friends to lovers romance.

Meet Jane Frkovich

Jane’s love of Greek mythology dates back to when she was a child in search of something to read and she had already read everything in the house. She started digging through closets and found a stack of books on antiquities. When she opened the book on Greek mythology she was hooked. If you also go digging for adventure, meaning, and love in books, you’ll enjoy Jane’s writing.


Born into slavery, Jace will rise to power.

When Jace was a newborn baby, he was branded with a metal bracer to prevent cultivation. Destined to live a life of slavery for a crime he didn’t commit, Jace can only dream of one day becoming a powerful cultivator and leaving his shackles behind.

But when danger threatens the life of his sister, Jace decides to take fate into his own hands. He boldly escapes his master’s estate and makes his way through dangerous lands to rescue his sister.

As a lowly seared facing powerful hunters looking to punish him for escaping, and deadly monsters wanting to make a meal of him, he has only one option.

Grow stronger.

Seared is an exciting coming-of-age, progression and cultivation fantasy series for fans of series like Cradle, Thousand Li and He Who Fights with Monsters. Light romantic elements with no harem.

All Things Weird & Strange

Six authors. Six extraordinary stories. Throughout history, storytellers have shared visions of wondrous worlds just beyond the edge of reality. This anthology continues that tradition. Within its pages, you’ll find two stories of celebrities facing heartbreak in futuristic and fantastical worlds, two of power and ability and their inherent possibilities, and two of space exploration and disasters faced by humanity. All with heartwarming characters and compelling action. Prepare to leave your reality behind.

Meet Stephanie Hansen, Jessica Marie Baumgartner, Shelly X Leonn, Michael Hilton, Amanda Lance, & LL Montez

Multiple Authors – this is only one author’s bio Stephanie Hansen is a PenCraft and Global Book Award Winning Author. Her debut novella series, Altered Helix, released in 2020. It hit the #1 New Release, #1 Best Seller, and other top 100 lists on Amazon. It is now being adapted to an animated story for Tales. Her debut novel, Replaced Parts, released in 2021 through Fire & Ice YA and Tantor Audio. It has been in a Forbes article, hit Amazon bestseller lists, and made the Apple young adult coming soon bestsellers list. The second book in the Transformed Nexus series, Omitted Pieces, released in 2022. Her most recent novella, Ghostly Howls, released 2023. She is a member of the deaf and hard of hearing community so she tries to incorporate that into her fiction.

The Unconventional Agent Beaufont Complete Series Boxed Set

The Fairy Godmother Agency has been operating without a need to change for centuries—until now.


Because Love is dying…

Can the agency adapt to how love works in a modern world?

Grab the complete 9-book series to find out!

When a young halfling with snark, an attitude, and a criminal record breaks into the ranks of agents at FGA a lot of members aren’t happy.

Unfortunately, those upset can’t argue Agent Paris Beaufont’s results are incredible.

She just doesn’t follow the rules to get things done.

For some incredible results just aren’t enough!

Corruption has insinuated itself deep inside the ranks of agents at FGA.

Many believe that tradition is what makes love go ‘round.

Are they wrong? Will changing the old ways stop love from blossoming in the world?

Can Agent Beaufont shatter the beliefs that have kept FGA from evolving?

The fate of love depends on it.

Included in this boxed set:

  1. The Extraordinary Fixer
  2. The Ruthless Negotiator
  3. The Practical Maverick
  4. The Considerate Terror
  5. The Savvy Renegade
  6. The Careful Revolutionary
  7. The Affectionate Monster
  8. The Courageous Believer
  9. The Violent Valentine

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Short Horror Stories For Young Adults: A Collection Of Spine-Chilling, Scary, Dark, Fiction

◆ Beware! ◆ Delving into the pages of this horror book is not for the faint of heart. If you’re looking for spine-chilling tales that will keep you up at night, then you’ve come to the right place. Each of these bone-chilling stories is expertly crafted to immerse you in a world of pure terror and unspeakable horror. As you read, you’ll encounter a range of hair-raising scenarios that will make you question everything you thought you knew about the world. From haunted houses to demonic possessions, from murderous spirits to malevolent monsters, this collection of short scary horror stories will leave you on the edge of your seat, heart pounding and palms sweating. These stories are best enjoyed alone in the dark, with no one to hear your screams. Whether you’re spending a cold, dark night at home, camping in the woods, or even on Halloween night, this book is sure to provide you with the spine-tingling scares you crave. So what are you waiting for? Take a deep breath, turn off the lights, and dive into the terror-filled pages of this spine-chilling horror book. But be warned: once you start reading, you won’t be able to stop.

Meet Bryce Nealham

Bryce Nealham is an author of many young adult horror fiction books. The main focus of the books is to write in a Creepypasta style that provides a more real-time feel to the stories.

Weaponized Magic (The Cerberus Paranormal Detective Series Book 1)

When Agent Tony Mendoza is tasked with apprehending a deadly supernatural entity, he’ll do whatever it takes to close the case… even risking his humanity in the process! During a routine investigation, Deputy Federal Marshal Tony Mendoza is attacked by a nightmare creature straight out of folklore and mythology. Somehow, Tony survives. But when the U.S. Marshals Service orders him to scrub his report of any mention of the supernatural, he doesn’t take it very well. And when his boss places him on indefinite administrative leave, he’s left feeling betrayed, angry, and frustrated. Soon Mendoza is approached by a shadowy federal law enforcement agency he’s never heard of before. Initially, Tony is skeptical. But when he’s offered the chance to take down the rogue magician who assaulted him, it’s an offer he can’t refuse. With his return to duty, Agent Mendoza will do whatever it takes to bring the murderous magic user to justice. But how far will a good man go to fight the dark? And if in fighting monsters he becomes a monster himself, how much of the man will be left? – – – Weaponized Magic is the action-packed prequel to this new paranormal law enforcement series with a male protagonist. Written by M.D. Massey and D. William Landsborough, the story features characters from Massey’s Druidverse® contemporary fantasy setting. If you enjoy urban fantasy cop novels featuring hard-boiled detectives, eldritch enemies, and investigations chock full of conjury and combat, then you’ll love Weaponized Magic. Grab your copy and start reading it today! (NOTE TO READERS: The CERBERUS Paranormal Detective Series consists of short action-packed reads. This book serves as the main character’s origin story, and at 37,000 words it is just under novel length. If you’re looking for an epic fantasy length novel, this is not it—these are Doc Savage or The Executioner length stories. Also, the main character is a veteran and a cop. These characters talk like soldiers and cops—they curse. You have been warned.)

Meet M.D. Massey

M.D. Massey describes himself as the prototypical INTJ. He’s been a combat medic, an emergency room technician, a fitness trainer, a truck driver, a martial arts instructor, a cook, a business consultant, a web designer, and a security professional. If there’s one thing readers say about his novels, it’s that Massey makes the fantastic seem real. His eclectic background provides him with a rich tapestry of experiences to draw on when crafting fiction, as evidenced by the believable worlds and relatable characters he creates. M.D. Massey lives in Austin, Texas with his family and a huge American Bulldog that keeps him company while he writes. When he’s not in his office or at the local coffee shop writing, you can find him in his garage pummeling inanimate objects, or knife fighting with his friends. If you’d like to find out more about his work and get a FREE book, visit his website at MDMassey.com.

Angel from the Rust

They say Earth was a place of wonders, where towers pierced the clouds, cities lit up the night, and flying machines streaked across the sky. It was magic. But the magic conjured the End War. Fire fell from the sky, and metal beasts leveled the cities. That was six hundred years ago. Now the ruins of the Ancient world are buried or overgrown. And the technology of the past is feared as forbidden magic. Corvala, a young musician on the run from the law, never intended on getting mixed up with history. But when a murderer falls from the heavens and sets himself up as a god, she’s driven into the wilderness and discovers the secret of her bloodline: a code of immense power embedded in her DNA. The code could save thousands—or plunge her into madness. To defeat the tyrannical false god, Corvala must do something more terrifying than confront the demons of Earth’s history. She must confront her own.

Meet Jason Link

Jason is a high school English teacher by day and an author by night (if by “night” you mean the early morning when it’s still dark). A bestselling instructor on Udemy, Jason has over 13,000 students from all over the world enrolled in his writing courses. He lives with his family in beautiful Nicaragua—the land where he once proposed to his wife on an active volcano. (It erupted a week later, but he had nothing to do with that.) You can learn more about his writing projects at epicjason.com.