Waking Chaos

Lia Davies – I’m something their world has been waiting for. When my placid small-town life is ripped apart, I enter the Paldimori Games to save the one thing that brings me solace from my painful past. But I didn’t sign up for this; being dragged behind a chariot and ordered around by his Holy Hotness—the arrogant leader of the House of Chaos. When I’m marked as a Chosen—one of six powerful descendants of the primordial gods—a prophecy is triggered that could mean the end of this ancient hidden society. Can I work with their arrogant ruler to piece together the clues of the prophecy, or will we kill each other before the Paldimori’s enemies get the chance?

Meet T.L. Callahan

T.L. Callahan is the author of the fantasy romance adventure series Paldimori Gods Rising. She has always been a book lover; devouring romance, fantasy, and poetry since she was a young girl growing up in Kentucky. Her love for the outdoors inspired hours of wandering the woods pretending to be on adventures discovering magical creatures and being the heroine of her own stories. That hasn’t changed much these days. Never knowing what you can find around the next corner keeps her seeking out new adventures from backpacking in the Wind River Range of Wyoming to piloting a sailboat down the Tagus River in Portugal. T.L. lives in Ohio with her husband, son, and a cat that thinks he’s a dog.

Growing Up Fae in America: Sean’s Story Book One

You probably believe homo sapiens are the only sentient species of life now living on planet Earth. You are wrong. Until recently, the Fae have lived apart from Homo Sapiens for uncounted centuries. World War II and the threat of the Nazis forced them to confront the possibility they needed to join forces with mankind, so the Fae gave limited help to the British Government. Sean’s parents, Robert and his wife Brenda, were among those who had helped the British during the war. Now, as a member of this Fae family living discreetly in the United States, Sean attended high school with his two closest friends, a wolf-shifter named Tom and normal, human Luke. Friends since before they could walk, after high school they start college in a normal suburban environment. Follow Sean Brennan, a young noble Fae growing up in modern day America, as he and his community of Fae and Shifters face the unique consequences of growing up different while hiding in plain sight. From attempted shakedowns and an arson attack by the Mafia to crooked town cops, an attempted kidnapping, human trafficking, and finally a deadly confrontation with a Coven of Vampires sent to Philadelphia by Russia, Sean and his friends face these threats as they also navigate high school, girls, and everything else young men have to deal with in this day and age. Will they meet adversity head on and triumph or are the challenges too weighty for even this special group of friends to overcome? Find out when you purchase Growing up Fae in America!

Meet L J Dalton Jr

L. J. Dalton Jr is the pen name of the author. He lives in northern New Jersey with his wife and cat. He is a computer professional and a retired Naval Officer

Heir of Magic

She’s been dead a thousand years. Now she wants her throne back . . .

First one kidnapping. Then another.

A vengeful cult seeks to revive their evil queen whose ancient anger threatens to destroy everything.

As vaunted investigator, Keelan Rae, races to find the missing, he unearths a disturbing pattern: Only those with magic are taken—but why?

Across the border, Crown Princess Jessia Vester vanishes. Fear grips the land as rumors become whispers, then questions, then truth. All evidence points east, toward a powerful neighbor, and a desperate king wrestles with cries for war.

Time is running out.

Will the fragile peace hold?

Can the kidnapped be saved and the Princess found?

And what of the cult and their quest to resurrect their powerful queen?

You’ll love this action-packed adventure because everyone yearns for magic and hope in a time of darkness.

Join the adventure today.

What do readers say about Heir of Magic?

Meet J.D Ruffin

J.D. Ruffin is the author of multiple bestselling novels, including the epic fantasy series, the Kingdom War.

Ironically, J.D. never really enjoyed reading until a friend loaned him a dog-eared copy of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Fellowship of the Ring. From that day, he was hooked, discovering fantasy authors Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson, Robin Hobb, Terry Goodkind and many, many others.

Becoming an author was never part of the master plan, but…

As a fourteen-year-old nerdy boy, J.D. and his friends would gather around the D&D dice for hours on end, trading reality for fantasy, if only in their minds. In his quest to “stump his friends” with an impossible campaign, he dreamed up a storyline that captured his imagination.

Then… well… nothing happened. He grew up and went to work in a completely different world.

Too many years later, that story pulled at the corner of his mind, demanding to be heard… to be written.

Hence, an author was born.

Accidental Magic

Welcome to Myrtlewood, a quirky town, steeped in magic, tea and mystery… Life’s a struggle for Rosemary Thorn and her teen daughter, Athena. But their regular troubles are turned upside down after Granny Thorn’s mysterious death. Despite her cousin’s sinister manoeuvrings, Rosemary returns to Myrtlewood and the sprawling, dilapidated Thorn Manor. But there’s more to the old house than meets the eye, as Rosemary and Athena soon find out — in a whirlwind of magic, adventure, mystical creatures and endless cups of tea. Life in Myrtlewood would be bliss if Rosemary could only clear her name in a certain murder investigation, solve the mystery and stay out of mortal peril – for at least a little while!

Meet Iris Beaglehole

Iris Beaglehole is many peculiar things, a writer, researcher, analyst, druid, witch, parent, and would-be astrologer. She loves tea, cats, herbs, and writing quirky characters

The Rise Of Manifesto The Great: A Sci Fi Comedy Where Women Wear The Trousers (Prequel to Planet Hy Man Book 1)

Manifesto the Great comes from a dynasty of leaders who treat women like breeding machines. When his father dies, he must take over as leader, but will he be able to control the women? Planet Hy Man is a planet as pure as a baby’s belly button until a spaceship arrives. A spaceship full of celibate men and women hungry for all things ‘earthy’. They hurl themselves into a frenzy of real meat, real air, and procreation until a leader emerges to create order, civilization, and a sewage system. Manifesto the Great watches as his forefathers pollute the planet, treat women like they are walking wombs, and design dodgy robots until that is, it’s his turn. Will he rise over the tidal wave of discontented women, or will he drown under a sea of underwire and estrogen? The Rise Of Manifesto The Great is the first of three prequels to the Planet Hy Man science-fiction comedy series. If you like high-mileage heroines, fast-paced satire, and meticulously crafted universes, then you’ll love Kerrie Noor’s otherworldly farce. “This is a comedic sci-fi adventure with plenty of crazy action, argumentative women, and equally argumentative men who will drag you into their lives and keep you firmly ensconced there throughout the book.” Goodreads reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Highly recommend. Pick this up! I assure you that you will enjoy this as much as I did!” Goodreads reviewer⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “The Rise Of Manifesto The Great (Planet Hy Man) by Kerrie Noor is very fast-paced and very funny! I appreciate a good satire and this held my attention to the very end.” Goodreads reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Meet Kerrie Noor

Back in the days before TV had remote controls and Scotland was known for the Bay City Rollers Kerrie left Australia on a working holiday and fell in love with many things Scottish. In the past, she has been a regular on Community Radio, taught Belly dancing, ‘done’ a little stand-up, and appeared at the Edinburgh Festival. Kerrie still dances often accompanied by storytelling and the odd joke and has inflicted her quirky style of humor on many- including, several rest homes, charity events and pretty much anyone who will sit still long enough to listen. She has past been shortlisted for the Asham short story award and had two short plays performed on radio.


The four companions are finally heading north once more in the wake of the kaerlings who have abducted Derri and Lally. But the ocean is vast and pirate ships lurk in fog banks. Can the companions reach Jargoiden before the pirates attack them?

Meet Freya Pickard

I don’t promote escapism. Rather, I invite readers to immerse themselves in my worlds and return to their own, feeling refreshed and renewed. My aim in life is to enchant, entertain and engage with readers through my writing. I don’t write stories that are cosy or comfortable with happy endings because my experience of life has been quite the opposite. Instead, I write real books. Books that contain characters with both light and darkness within them. My characters are all flawed, some more so than others.

twelve good minutes

Charming and Cinderella are two people who met at a beach. And began their journey. But their journey started long back. They don’t know the beginning. And obviously, they have no idea how it ends. But Unlike us, They don’t make memories in life. Instead, they are busy living it. They are two people who meet at the right time in the right place. And made for each other. Cinderella loves asking questions and talking about things that wander in her heart. Fortunately, she has Charming with her. A right person. He is the only one who can be on her side even with complications they have. I, hereby, present you with a short tale of Charming and Cinderella. I am confident they will be liked. Jump in to the tale and experience the feeling.

Meet nikhil chowdary

I am Nikhil. And twelve good minutes is my first published work. Actually i have been working on a novel and i am half way through it. This short story works as a side story for that novel and can be read as stand alone. i worked hard for making this short story and i am very sure that it will be liked by readers.

The Seven Hungers: Crimson King

“Jaw-Dropping action, a great blend of investigation and horror, I’ve never quite read anything like it!” Censured Crown sorcerer Ambrose Drake is hired to investigate a bizarre emergence in a city halfway across the world from his native London. Drake soon learns that a being from one of the Seven Hungers beneath our world is attempting to cross over. Flanked by his ex-lover and betrayer, Agent Karen Winter and a young acolyte with a severe lack of magical ability, Drake must plunge once more into the depths to save humanity. The Seven Hungers is a fast-paced fantasy thriller which blends sorcery, horror elements and the exploration of dark new worlds with intense emotional struggle. Perfect for fans of Brad Magnarella, Shayne Silvers, and M. D. Massy! **NOTE: This book contains graphic descriptions of nightmarish monsters, with a dash of gore. If you’re turned off by horror elements, this may not be the series for you. If you’re fine with a little creepy, monstery type terror, then fill your boots! ** Here’s what readers are saying about The Seven Hungers: “Truly spell binding!” “I just couldn’t put it down..every chapter end makes you excited to start the next!” “Full of action, snark, gore, humor, and fun, I want the next book now!” “I read about half of the novel with my jaw dropped and my eyes popping out of my head!” “Just the right blend of magic, horror, and charm!” “I’m hooked on this series!” “This book was absolutely amazing!” “A rip-roaring fantasy thriller from start to finish!”

Meet Morgan Quaid

Morgan Quaid is a writer of speculative fiction, specializing in comics, graphic novels, short stories and fast-paced, first person novels. Quaid’s writing tends to blend concision and fast-moving plots with epic sci-fi/fantasy themes, creating stories that often have more in common with film rather than traditional novels.

Dead City

One drug saved the world. Now, the same drug threatens to destroy it. Necrophage is the drug that paused the necrotic outbreak and allowed the infected to live among us. But the “cure” the company gave the world might not have been a cure at all. Is there time to save what’s left of the world … or has the inevitable slide back into chaos already begun?

Meet Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant

Sean Platt is an entrepreneur and founder of Sterling & Stone, where he makes stories with his partners, Johnny B. Truant, and David W. Wright, and a family of storytellers.
 Sean is a highly-prolific author in both fiction and nonfiction, with more than 10 million words under his belt and more than a dozen published collaborations. He brings a rich sense of place, strong pacing, conflict-filled dialogue, powerful twists, and a flair for high-stakes drama to every story he contributes to. He’s known for bringing out the best in whoever he collaborates with, thanks to his generosity, his adaptability, and his philosophy that “the best idea wins.” Originally from Long Beach, California, Sean now lives in Austin, Texas with his wife and two children. He has more than his share of nose.

Between Shadow and Flame

With a past shrouded in mystery and a childhood spent constantly on the move, David Rose has lived a life without consequences or connections. The last thing he cared deeply about was his friendship with his barely-remembered brother he hasn’t seen since he was seven. When he discovers his mother burning a letter from the estranged family they’ve been running from, David ignores his mother’s warnings to reclaim what he lost. What awaits him is a fog-shrouded castle full of threatening strangers and dangerous secrets. Torn between the meaningful relationships he’s always yearned for and his own sense of morality and self, his only hope lies in a power he never knew he possessed.

Meet C.T. Bryce

C.T. Bryce is the pen name for the writing partnership of two authors who are also partners in life. They have been creating stories together for years and have decided to share them with the world. This is their debut novel and the first in the Guthanderkaz series. They currently reside in Santa Cruz, California. They love cats, foggy days, the songs of corvids and all things gothic.