Esie Explores Beneficial Bacteria


Esie leaves her twin Es behind to explore a world teeming with beneficial bacteria. Could Esie be one of them? Or is she just a nasty germ, as some people say? On her rugged journey through air, water, and a cow’s guts, Esie meets new friends who help her find the answers she seeks.

Esie Explores Beneficial Bacteria reassures kids that the world isn’t always a scary place. Not all bacteria cause disease: many bacteria are beneficial, and life on our planet would be impossible without them.

Esie’s story of friendship and discovery is accompanied by lively illustrations and scientific facts about bacteria. Yet the facts don’t distract from the story. Kids (ages 6-8) can enjoy Esie’s adventures and decide which facts they want to read, and when. A young reader, who previewed the book, wondered: “Since this is such an interesting subject for kids . . . why has no one written a book like this before?”

Esie Explores Beneficial Bacteria concludes with a glossary and an activity section about the diverse bacteria introduced in this story.

Algorithmic Universe


The structure of orderly space-time is geometric and digital data corresponding to the ten digits of human hands, which means that the knowledge of the cosmos is at hand. It is available, ready, accessible, handy, and right there at the fingertips.

The cosmos is digital data organized into an orderly network of geometric shapes and patterns called space-time – a concept describing the merger of time and three-dimensional space to form a four-dimensional continuum.

This book unlocks the structure of orderly space-time (the cosmos) using simple arithmetic and geometric principles, and basic binary concepts in general relativity, information theory, astronomy, and cosmology.

By the time you finish reading this book, you will discover that the universe is inscribed in your hands and the structure of space-time is as simple as when we have a handshake, when we join hands together, and when we hold hands.

God Made Me


God Made Me!I am unique, I am strong, I am exactly who I am supposed to be.Take a journey through the human body, as we learn together. From a single cell, all the way to a fully formed person, we are all unique, created in God’s image. Learn more about your amazing body as you discover that you are special and uniquely made.

This book is written in US English. It is also available in UK English.

Evolution’s Final Days


The Theory of Evolution Is In a Crisis

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“In China we can criticize Darwin, but not the government. In America, you can criticize the government, but not Darwin”. – Jun-Yuan Chen (Paleontologist)

In this groundbreaking book, John Morrison examines the theory of evolution currently being taught in high schools and colleges across the world. This planet was once nothing but liquid and gas but somehow, over billions of years, the countless number of living organisms currently on earth came into existence. This includes humans descending from apes.

Once the currently taught theory is understood, John then proceeds to explain what the textbooks don’t teach which puts the theory of evolution in a new light. Once you’re done reading Evolution’s Final Days, you’ll realize that the theory of evolution could never have happened in the way scientists proclaim, and the many reasons why new theories are not currently being taught. You’ll understand why we need to stand up as a community, and fight for science to be taught as it was intended. And you’ll come to know why the theory of evolution is truly in its final days!

Whether you’re new to the theory of evolution or have your PhD, this book will truly make you question what you have been told, and you’ll be sure to learn new information you may have never knew existed.

As a FREE bonus, only for book buyers, you’ll receive John’s special reports titled The Top 5 World Mysteries and The Top 5 Most Haunted Places in America. These special reports are not available to the public, or anywhere else. They exists solely as a “thank you” to buyers of this book.

Expand your mind and learn what evolutionists don’t want you to know. Click the “Buy Now” button at the top of the page and start reading Evolution’s Final Days TODAY!

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Humans Space and Bible Prophecy


                                            Humans Space and Bible Prophecy
                                                      A classic for the future

There is a space race on. We are moving at a fast pace to get to the Moon, to Mars, and other parts of the Solar System. Many are working to be first. Others are working to just get off of the planet and colonize space. The technologies have been developed or are under development to complete these tasks. In just a few short years mankind will begin a new chapter in this journey.

How does this fit with Bible Prophecy? Does it fit with Bible Prophecy? This book sets off on a journey of its own to find the answers to these questions and find out what the Bible actually says about the possibility of humans in space.

Aliens are Humans from the Future, UFO is a Time Machine


Are you curious about aliens and UFOs?

I bet you do! And you must have so many questions about this mighty universe, the unknown, the yet-to-be-discovered…

Well, in this book, you will find answers to these questions:

  • Is there any evidence that UFOs and aliens have visited our planet?
  • What is the purpose of their visit? 
  • Is time travel possible? And how can it become a reality?
  • How will we humans evolve in the future?
  • Why haven’t we received any kind of signals coming from outer space?
  • And last, but not least, why does the author believe that aliens are humans from the future, and UFO is a time machine? (And more questions you might have about this mighty universe.)

It will answer these questions based on various findings in history, and theories of scientists like Einstein, Kip Thorne, and Stephen Hawking…

So scroll up and get this book!

Dive in and begin the journey of scientific discoveries.

Marsianism: The New Mars Religion

Marsianism is a new religion for the 21st century. It is an honest approach to faith. It is atypical in form. It has no gods, holy men or holy books. It has no physical location, formal leadership or membership cost. It crosses all ethnic boundaries to include the entire human family. What is it? It is an ideology found in the hearts and minds of its believers. It is faith in the colonization of Mars for the survival and advancement of humanity. Its core tenets are found in the Marsian Creed.

It is the new Mars religion.

The Marsian Creed

I believe in humanity,
and the pioneering spirit
that dwells within us.

I believe science
is the final authority
of all human knowledge.

I believe colonization
of our solar system
is paramount for
our survival.

I believe Mars,
The Red Planet,
is our stepping stone
to the Cosmos.

I devote my life
to the colonization of Mars
and the advancement of humanity
for the goodness of all.

I am a Marsian.