The Real Estate Playbook for Pro Athletes: Learn the Mindset & Strategies to Successfully Rent, Buy, Sell & Invest in Real Estate

It’s time to stop the “rags to riches to rags” narrative around athletes … We all know the sad stories of lost fortunes.

The most expensive asset you will buy is real estate. The difference between financial ruin and true wealth is simple: obtain the knowledge to make the right real estate decisions. This is your real estate playbook, and with it you will create your very own “rags to a lifetime of riches” story. Ready?

When you retire, don’t you want to have steady income you can rely upon for you and your family? Imagine how purposeful your life can be knowing you have money coming in after your sports career is over.
Beyond real estate, this book will change your mindset about
how you spend and invest your money. You will learn and get these questions answered:

– The difference between active and passive income and how this concept applies to the acquisition of assets.
– Real estate: Leasing, buying or selling? You may move many times during your career. This book has all the information you need to be empowered to think for yourself and save money.
– How to view your real estate portfolio (even if you don’t have one right now) as a business. A successful business has more money coming in than money going out.
– Worried about having enough money to fund your lifestyle once you retire from professional sports? It’s all about investing in real estate for income.
– Understanding the crucial elements of how to properly value, title, finance, inspect, renovate and build a property.

“Happiness from my pain” A poem book of feelings & emotions

How do you heal and mend a broken soul? How do you find sunshine after the rain has gone? Happiness from my pain, A poem book of feelings & emotions, can be your literature guide. Leading you out of the darkness, onto a promising path of love, light & liberation.

Meet L. T. Williams

Born in the south, raised in Chicago, L. T. Williams is a writer, and first-time author, on a personal journey to heal the soul and find, happiness through words, poems and imaginative writings.

The 9 Cosmic Laws

This book is a spiritual journey that will help you tap into your godpower. The intention of this novel is to inspire and transform the reader. This is a journey of the human experience that is charged with a wide range of emotions. You will identify with the adversities that the main character faces. Yet most importantly, you will walk with her as she grows during her life path. Here you will see these universal principles explained and experienced. The author will teach you how to use these principles to manifest your goals into reality.

Meet Maylin Ofarrill

Maylin O’Farrill was born in Cuba and raised in America. She is a Spiritual Manifestation Coach. She has been helping clients to succeed for 30 years.

STARTUP COMMUNICATION SKILLS: A Practical Handbook for Entrepreneurs

Amplify your startup journey with ‘Startup Communication Skills’ by Pete Moon. Elevate your impact through the power of effective communication!

Meet Pete Moon

Pete Moon is a Reluctant Entrepreneur, Aspiring Publisher and Founder of ‘Moonster Handmade Leather’ – 7 Figure Global ECommerce Business. He started out with a next-to-useless Media Degree at Cardiff University in the UK. He went back to study again at a Bible College, then swiftly ‘failed’ at becoming a Pastor. This led him to retrain as a plumber/kitchen fitter and then set up his first company. In his “spare time” (burning the candle at both ends), he began to build a second business from scratch – what is now a multi-million physical products business, selling in 10 online marketplaces worldwide. Currently Pete is working on a third digital products ecom business and is always dreaming about other possible future start-ups.

Street Smart: How to Start a Million-Dollar Business and Run It like a Weed Empire

From jobless teen to millionaire business owner—strategies forged in the school of life to help you turn your passion into a thriving business, even if you’ve never studied business before!

Do you have a genius idea that you’d love to monetize?

Have you made vital connections with people who share your dreams and ambitions, and do you hunger for a better life?

Perhaps the 9-to-5 lifestyle was never cut out for you, and you don’t want to live from paycheck to paycheck.

Listening to those who say you won’t make it if you don’t have a business degree or experience in entrepreneurship won’t get you anywhere.

And here’s something they don’t tell you: most self-taught entrepreneurs have one crucial quality that an MBA can’t teach you—vision.

Whether you have creative marketing ideas or are passionate about your products or services, you can put your experience and knowledge to use by honing key skills along your entrepreneurial journey.

Chad Wade learned everything he needed to know to become the figurehead of three successful enterprises through experience. Whether in prison or working for a clothing company, he met people who changed his life for the better and helped him define where he wanted to take his business.

This book is the story of Chad’s entrepreneurial life and a playbook for launching and scaling a successful business. Inside, you’ll discover:

  • How to move from fear and frustration to a clear action plan that will see you start your first retail or wholesale operation
  • How to discover the most in-demand products and niches by understanding your target market’s wants and needs
  • How to make a defined business plan, so you move forward at a continuous pace, and have a clear idea of where you’re heading
  • How to find a constant supply of products, so your back is covered if one supplier lets you down
  • Finding the right team—how to find people that share your vision and are willing to give 110% to take your business to the next level
  • Unique strategies for advertising your businesses and standing out from your competitors—and why traditional advertising and social media alone won’t cut it
  • Why you need to scale your business if you want to thrive rather than just survive

And much more.

Naysayers love telling budding entrepreneurs that it’s impossible to strike it rich.

They say that building a successful team and expanding into new territory is a privilege known by a lucky few.

But your life doesn’t have to have a fairy tale start for you to turn it into a story of success, commitment, and passion.

If you’re ready to find a million-dollar business by uniting your vision with a focused, collaborative action plan, then scroll up and click “Add to Cart” right now!

Capacity: The Roadmap to Secure Corporate and Government Contracts

If you want to learn how to win corporate and government contracts, then look no further!

There are millions of dollars in corporate and government contracts available and if your business is not supplying its goods and/or services to these buyers, then you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

I took my small business from struggling to pay bills to generating over a million dollars in corporate and government contracts and you can too.

The government and major corporations are the largest purchasers of goods and services. This is why securing contracts to sell your products/services to the government and major corporations is a game changer.

Read Capacity, the Roadmap to Secure Corporate and Government Contracts to learn the formula I used to secure my first million-dollar contract! Follow the roadmap to successfully grow your business with corporate and government contracts!

CRYPTOCONOMY®, 2nd Edition: Bitcoins, Blockchains & Bad Guys

Are you tired of finding online trading sites and platforms that you would not call 100% trustworthy? Would you appreciate some guidance in this new era of virtual currency?

There needs to be some form of global trust and there isn’t yet. In the 2nd Edition of his bestselling book, Cryptoconomy®, industry expert Gary Miliefsky is sharing the real story about the rapidly growing cryptocurrency market and the innovative “blockchain” (public electronic ledger) technology that powers it. Along the way, you will learn how to avoid the scammers and cybercriminals.

Cryptoconomy is the global virtual currency economy created by the advent of Bitcoin (BTC) as the first virtual currency, which trades leveraging blockchain technology. It continues to expand through the launch of many additional cryptocurrencies, as well as Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), digital wallets and Non-fungible tokens (NTFs). Some cryptocurrencies are already being traded on the Forex (FX) market.

In the 2nd Edition of Cryptoconomy, you will discover answers to the following:

  • WHY invest in cryptocurrencies
  • WHICH cryptocurrencies to invest in
  • WHICH exchange or trading platform is most likely to meet your needs
  • WHERE to keep crypto investments
  • HOW to minimize the risk of losing your investment

Miliefsky predicts that the cryptocurrency trading markets will merge with the forex in the near future, as part of the cryptoconomy. The Forex market is the largest, most liquid market in the world, with average traded values that can be trillions of dollars per day. It includes all of the hard currencies in the world.

If you’re ready for answers and guidance, get started with Cryptoconomy today!

Do THIS With Your Money: Six Steps to Live Your Dream Life and Retire Rich

Don’t spend another minute wondering what to do with your money.

Do THIS With Your Money will guide you through six straightforward steps that will get you on your way to increasing your income, destroying debt, planning for retirement, getting invested, saving on taxes and more!

You’ll be guided on how to plan for financial success with actionable education, relatable real-life stories, and a journal at the end of each chapter to keep you focused and on track.

Whether you’re a novice or experienced in personal finance, you’ll develop the skills needed to make smarter financial decisions and retire richer than you thought possible.

Don’t let money manage you- YOU need to manage your money!

The most effective method to misfortune weight in 40’s

Effective Weight Loss in 40s Default (GPT-3.5) User The most effective method to misfortune weight in 40’s description in professional eay ChatGPT Losing weight in your 40s, like any age, should be approached in a safe and sustainable manner. Here’s a professional guide: Consult a Healthcare Professional: Before starting any weight loss program, consult your doctor or a registered dietitian to ensure it’s safe for your unique health profile. Balanced Diet: Focus on a balanced diet rich in whole foods like fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, and healthy fats. Avoid excessive processed foods, sugar, and saturated fats. Portion Control: Be mindful of portion sizes to avoid overeating. Use smaller plates, and pay attention to hunger and fullness cues. Regular Meals: Eat regular, balanced meals throughout the day to stabilize blood sugar levels and prevent excessive snacking. Hydration: Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and help control appetite. Exercise: Incorporate a mix of cardio, strength training, and flexibility exercises into your routine. Aim for at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity per week. Strength Training: As you age, maintaining muscle mass is essential. Include strength training exercises to preserve muscle and boost metabolism. Sleep: Prioritize quality sleep to regulate hormones that influence appetite and weight. Stress Management: Practice stress-reduction techniques like meditation, yoga, or deep breathing to prevent emotional eating. Tracking Progress: Keep a food diary and monitor your progress to stay accountable. Accountability: Consider joining a weight loss group or working with a professional, like a dietitian or personal trainer, for guidance and support. Realistic Goals: Set achievable, realistic weight loss goals. Aim for a gradual loss of 1-2 pounds per week. Patience: Understand that weight loss may be slower in your 40s, but steady progress is key. Remember, weight loss should not compromise your health, and it’s essential to focus on overall well-being rather than just the number on the scale. Always seek professional guidance and prioritize your long-term health. User The most effective method to misfortune weight in 40’s write description for a book publishment ChatGPT Title: “Unlocking Health and Vitality: The Ultimate Guide to Weight Loss in Your 40s” Description: Are you in your 40s and ready to embark on a transformative journey towards better health and sustainable weight loss? “Unlocking Health and Vitality” is the essential guidebook you’ve been waiting for. In this comprehensive and professionally crafted book, you will discover the most effective and science-backed methods to shed those extra pounds while optimizing your overall well-being during this pivotal phase of life. Drawing from the latest research in nutrition, fitness, and wellness, this book provides you with a roadmap to achieve your weight loss goals and embrace a healthier lifestyle tailored specifically to your 40s.

Meet Zoro