Invisible Wounds: Help, Hope, and Healing for Women in Abusive Relationship, or Recovery

“Kay Douglas’s book is the most supportive, realistic, and practical guide for abused women that I have encountered. A woman with this book in her hands is on the path to a new life. The author really ‘gets it’ about what it takes to deal with a destructive partner and takes the reader step-by-step from the beginnings of grasping what is happening to her all the way to healing once the relationship has ended. Outstanding!”
– Lundy Bancroft, author of Why Does He Do That?

Invisible Wounds is a powerful and engaging book for emotionally abused women. As a survivor and professional, Kay Douglas comes across as warm, knowledgeable, and compassionate. Her positively and encouragement can be found on every page as she walks readers through the process of acknowledging and ending a damaging relationship. This book will be of great value to women who are questioning their partner’s behavior and to those seeking freedom from abuse.”
– Lynn Fairweather, author of Stop Signs: Recognizing, Avoiding and Escaping Abusive Relationships.

  • Does your partner put you down, control what you do, or have distressing angry outbursts?
  • Do you find yourself walking on eggshells and trying to keep the peace?
  • Are you sometimes afraid of what he will do?

Invisible Wounds is a compassionate and compelling guide that offers the clarity, information, and support that is needed. Containing the moving, inspiring stories of 50 women who have experienced an abusive relationship, Invisible Wounds will help you to rebuild your strength, increase your personal power, and recover from the hurts that have been done.

“Kay Douglas has written an extraordinary book about a terrifyingly ‘ordinary’ phenomenon: emotional abuse of women by men. Invisible Wounds is the strong, wise companion every woman needs who doubts her right to a life free from emotional abuse, and the shame and self-blame that so often accompany it.”
– Dr. Stephanie Dowrick, author of Intimacy and Solitude, Forgiveness and Other Acts of Love, Everyday Kindness, and Choosing Happiness.

“This is a must read for any woman feeling unhappy in her relationship. Using the voices of women she has interviewed, Kay Douglas carefully describes the various forms of abuse they experienced. She articulates the dilemmas women face when confronted with these experiences and in her gentle and sensitive style opens up opportunities for change. I have no hesitation in recommending this book.”
– Dr. Alison Towns, registered clinical psychologist, specialist interest in the prevention of men’s domestic violence against women.

From her own personal and professional journey, and from interviews with women who have lived in emotionally, physically, or sexually abusive relationships with abusive and controlling men, Kay Douglas has written an outstanding and moving resource for women.
Invisible Wounds powerfully and compassionately describes the devastating physical, emotional, and spiritual toll these relationships take on women, and outlines practical, healing, and liberating steps for women.”
– Sue Lauber-Fleming and Patrick Fleming, authors of Shattered Soul? Five Pathways to Healing the Spirit after Abuse and Trauma

“Kay Douglas’s book, Invisible Wounds, provides a powerful and intimate look at the experiences of fifty women who have lived with intimate partner violence.
I found the book riveting to read. I would recommend Invisible Wounds to anyone trying to understand intimate partner violence. A great tool for those who have a friend or family member they are worried about or for someone who is trying to leave an abusive relationship.”
– Professor Angela J. Hattery, author of The Social Dynamics of Family Violence & Intimate Partner Violence.

Meet Kay Douglas

Kay Douglas is a registered psychotherapist. For 28 years she has specialized in the fields of abuse and trauma recovery and anger change. This is work she is passionate about.
She is the author of six books on these subjects.
Kay lives in Auckland, New Zealand.

PACKAGE NEVER RECEIVED: A to Z tips to successfully get your order

Buying things on Amazon is second nature to many people, and that’s ok, but many of us make purchases without much thought about the logistics. This book aims to equip you with all the knowledge you need to transact on Amazon without any problems; or know what to do if issues do arise. 

4 MOST COMMON SCENARIOS of what can go wrong with your package and actionable steps saying what to do in a given regard. 

“THE SELLER’S PERSPECTIVE” SECTION where real Amazon sellers are explaining how things work from their point of view.

SCAM SELLER TEST INSIDE helping you to figure out if there are any reasons for becoming concerned.

CARRIER CONTACT INFORMATION providing you with useful numbers in case you need some additional guidance. 

Hoping, Healing, & Whole-ish

Have you ever had that butterfingers moment when you drop a bowl and watch as it shatters in slow motion? Pieces fly everywhere and you’re not sure you’ll ever find them all again. Have you ever felt like that broken bowl yourself, shattered into a thousand pieces that won’t ever be whole? Worse yet, have you ever been broken yourself and still trying to be the glue putting someone else back together? It’s a terrifying, helpless, and lonely place. And I’ve been there. It’s time to learn to hope after loss, heal from the pain, and become whole again. This book is you picking up those broken pieces one at a time. Learn from broken people in scripture who are being beautifully restored. Reflect on your own broken pieces with thoughtful questions and prompts. Pray through that broken place you’re afraid will never heal. You may be helpless to heal those you love most, tired of hoping for restoration, and so far from whole you’ve adopted a different identity. And yet I promise God will lovingly put you back together and work miracles you could never have imagined. Don’t wait! This book will be a little glue for your broken pieces. You won’t heal overnight, and neither will I. But you have a choice. Keep staring at the broken pieces or start letting God remake them today. What will you choose?

Meet Mariah Miller

Mariah Miller is a sarcastic and compassionate middle school teacher who loves learning with her students. She lives in Denver where she enjoys a good hike and the gorgeous fall foliage. You can find her tackling a good DIY project on a Saturday or spending time with friends. She has had a love for writing since she was a teenager. Over the years she has filled over 25 journals with all the fun, messy, and crazy parts of life. She knows from personal experience that stories have the power to heal, and that is why she writes.

A New Paradigm of Education

A New Paradigm of Education: How to Support the Next Generations of Change-makers and Radically Inspire NEW Ways of Education. Open Your Mind and Heart to Receive the New Paradigm Shift in Education What does a new way of education look like? What’s not working in education anymore? How can we all make changes to education to help our children and students? Discover a new type of education led by inner truth where we all thrive; a New Paradigm of Education is a collective response to making changes within education. It’s a gentle letting go of all old paradigms of education that have not been serving our students, educators, mentors, and parents and exploring the new paradigms that are rapidly changing education. So, don’t be left behind and get real-life, effective advice to move into an education that is transformational for the highest good for all; you are than better off reading the collective stories, interviews and resources from eight global educators A New Paradigm of Education: How to Support the Next Generations of Change-makers and Radically Inspire NEW Ways of Education, which includes the following chapters: 1. Discover why Connection is the most important part of making any organization a place where people can thrive as explained by a school psychologist. 2. Learn about highly intuitive children, born with infinite wisdom and a deep desire to change the world. 3. Explore how to transition from a teacher to an awakener. Highly applicable steps. 4. Discover On the Spot Language (OSL), learning a functional language through ESL, integrating into a new community, and genuinely connecting with people. 5. How to encourage The Synchronicity of Learning within homeschooling, colleges and other educational settings. 6. Become a teacher who not only provides education but one who creates values that impact students’ lives at home. Learn to Serve Our Superhero Students within special education. 7. How to help children to overcome limiting beliefs and emotions through the Havening method. 8. Education is Spontaneous. Learn how to open the gateways to truth, love, and wisdom (knowledge). A practical guide. Well-written. Easy read. A wonderful gift too. This book will open your eyes to a new and powerful “education,” one that has now expanded to mean more than simply acquiring information, instruction, or even wisdom. You will not only read stories from educators but receive 14 interactive questions to engage with as well as various educational tools and resources. Read what other educators are saying; “I love how this book was birthed through a higher-consciousness as this is the key to a new paradigm on Earth.” ~ Mia Munro, The Human Re-Invention Academy. “A must-read for any educator or parent in how to help your child explore and learn from nature!” ~ Magriet Potgieter, Future Stars-Youth Program, PR, Media, Branding Coach, Author and Speaker. “The heart that these educators are conscientiously addressing the need for a long-overdue revamping in the approach to education is inspiring. I have seen first-hand a lack, discord and a need for a connection of body, mind and spirit.” ~ Holly Brunner, Teacher, Holistic Coach, Co-Founder of Consulting. “I love the idea of manifesting your own reality and giving skills to children to paint their own reality. With your curriculum, if you believe in doing it, you can do anything! It’s a win-win!” ~ Jennifer Willard, Art Educator. Now, you can dig deep into these stories and find ways to improve how you choose to educate as the world changes! Get your copy of A New Paradigm of Education. Start your journey today.

Meet Monique Sayers

Monique Sayers is the visionary for A New Paradigm of Education which is a culmination of her life’s work as a passionate educator, mother, and awakened meditation healer. She offers this vision to all of humanity to awaken and bring forth a new paradigm that will serve ALL students for their highest good. She’s also an International Best-selling co-author of “A Journey of Riches-The Attitude of Gratitude,” where she shares about the embodiment of gratitude. She’s taught over 20,000 students from all over the world TEFL/English, Primary School and Online classes. She’s taught in classrooms across China, Bali, Uruguay and her mother country Australia. Monique also set-up free global online English classes for all students to access as she truly wanted to create accessible learning for all. Her skills are diverse, ranging from being an Australian Life-Saver Trainer at the beach, a Training Consultant in an office and a Meditation Guide in the inner home. Her favorite classroom is the ocean and her greatest teacher is her daughter, Coral. As part of her service to the planet, she combines her background of teaching foundational skills combined with courses in meditation, visioning, and other new paradigm ways of learning. Monique is open for collaborating around projects that serve students.

The Stoic Philosopher Within You: Uncover And Embody The Wisdom Of Seneca, Epictetus And Marcus Aurelius (Stoicism Mastery)

We all want to be kinder and thankful for what we have. 

We all aspire to be happier, more successful, and free of negative emotions. 

All we need to achieve our goals is a philosophy of life. Enter Stoicism. 

What takes someone from good to great? 

This question has haunted humanity for millennia, engaging the most learned and well-regarded people in finding its answer. 

Today, we believe that the difference between failure and success, from average to elite, from dead-beat dropout to CEO is the mentality.

It might sound like an easy answer but a healthy mentality requires constant work, just like happiness and all the good things in life. 

To help you achieve that wholesome mentality that takes you from good to great, we analyzed three of the greatest philosophers and broke down their observations on human nature, mentality, and happiness. 

Seneca. Epictetus. Marcus Aurelius. Before these men became history’s greatest philosophers, they had insecurities just like you.

We’ve studied their lives, we’ve researched their teachings and philosophies of life, and we’ve extracted key concepts and actionable information for you to better digest Stoicism. 

Here’s a bit of what you’ll get in this book:

  • How a lottery winner could’ve saved $113,000,000 by heeding the teachings of Seneca on prosperity 
  • A crucial lesson Lance Armstrong learned from the Stoics and how you can apply it to meet your goals 
  • How to find empowerment in the challenges you face and overcome the barriers you encounter (hint: your teachers are Seneca and the founder of No Barriers) 
  • What it takes to accept what you cannot control and take charge of what you can control (mastering this will change your outlook on life) 
  • The philosophical difference that made Joan of Arc a hero and martyr, and how you can embody her perspective for that beneficial change you want in your life 
  • The Stoic cure to procrastination, and how self-love saves us from feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, and lack of self-confidence 
  • Prince William’s way of putting himself into somebody else’s shoes to better understand life and what we can all learn from his experience 
  • How to emulate Stephen Hawking and Marcus Aurelius’ views to “live the life of the mind” (side effects: increased focus, tranquility, and kindness) 

…and much, much more!

You can do all the right things, check all the right boxes, cross every T and dot every I in life. Still, without the right mentality for success, you’ll cap out.

On the other hand, stoic principles can take you anywhere. 

Just ask Angel Cruz, who after a series of arrests and criminal convictions, internalized a principle of Marcus Aurelius’s – we are responsible for our own virtue. 

In prison, he began studying the law, appealed his own case, and was granted clemency. Today he runs his own legal practice and is a candidate for civil court judge. 

Such a transformation is possible only with the right mindset. 

That’s why we’ve distilled the greatest philosophers in history, down to the essentials for you. 

This book is full of actionable stoic principles applicable to your professional and personal life. 

Let the Stoics guide you towards a more meaningful life by simply scrolling up and clicking “Add to Cart”!

Meet Thinknetic

“Thinknetic publishes books that speak to people’s minds. We love uncovering and discussing topics like critical thinking, philosophies, or mental models (to name a few), and we’re earnest to share with you their daily applicability.

Our books start the conversation about the thought process and ways to improve it from different perspectives. Expect to be entertained, inspired, maybe a little bit enlightened, and supported to take action.

In every book, we provide you with a mix of storytelling, timeless quotes, theories made easy (and making a lot more sense), tools, and strategies to support you in improving your life while improving your thinking.”

Communication Skills Training: A Practical Guide to Improving Your Social Intelligence, Presentation, Persuasion and Public Speaking

Do You Know How To Communicate With People Effectively, Avoid Conflicts and Get What You Want From Life? 

…It’s not only about what you say, but also about WHEN, WHY and HOW you say it.

Do The Things You Usually Say Help You, Or Maybe Hold You Back?

Dear Friends,

Have you ever considered how many times you intuitively felt that maybe you lost something important or crucial, simply because you unwittingly said or did something, which put somebody off?

Maybe it was an unfortunate word, bad formulation, inappropriate joke, forgotten name, huge misinterpretation, an awkward conversation or a strange tone of your voice? 

Maybe you assumed that you knew exactly what a particular concept meant for another person and you stopped asking questions?

Maybe you could not listen carefully or could not stay silent for a moment? How many times have you wanted to achieve something, negotiate better terms, or ask for a promotion and failed miserably?

It’s time to put that to an end with the help of this book!

Lack of communication skills is exactly what ruins most peoples’ lives.

If you don’t know how to communicate properly, you are going to have problems both in your intimate and family relationships.

You are going to be ineffective in work and business situations. It’s going to be troublesome managing employees or getting what you want from your boss or your clients on a daily basis.

Overall, effective communication is like an engine oil that makes your life run smoothly, getting you wherever you want to be. There are very few areas in life in which you can succeed in the long run without this crucial skill.

What Will You Learn With This Book?

✅  What Are The Most Common Communication ObstaclesBetween People And How To Avoid Them

✅  How To Express Anger And Avoid Conflicts

✅  What Are The Most 8 Important Questions You Should Ask Yourself If You Want To Be An Effective Communicator?

✅  5 Most Basic and Crucial Conversational Fixes

✅  How To Deal With Difficult and Toxic People

✅  Phrases to Purge from Your Dictionary (And What to Substitute Them With)

✅  The Subtle Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback

✅  Rapport, the Art of Excellent Communication

✅  How to Use Metaphors to Communicate Better And Connect With People

✅  What Metaprograms and Meta Models Are and How Exactly To Make Use of Them To Become A Polished Communicator

✅  How To Read Faces and How to Effectively Predict Future Behaviors

✅  How to Finally Start Remembering Names

✅  How to Have a Great Public Presentation

✅  How To Create Your Own Unique Personality in Business (and Everyday Life) 

✅  Effective Networking

You do not need a Kindle to read this e-book. Available for immediate reading with your Amazon virtual cloud reader.

Scroll to the top of the page and click the orange buy button to instantly download this book to your PC, Mac or Kindle!

Work Matters Insights and Strategies for Job Seekers in this Rapidly Changing Economy

Are you looking for a career change and you don’t know where to begin?

If you’re ready to change your professional trajectory, check out “Work Matters: Insights & Strategies for Job Seekers in a Rapidly Changing Economy.” You’ll learn how to get a job you love (and pays you what you’re worth) regardless of the global economy, your age, or your life situation.
Author and career development coach Brent M. Jones has worked with over 500 people who lost their jobs or had to find one under difficult circumstances. “Work Matters: Insights & Strategies for Job Seekers in a Rapidly Changing Economy” is a compilation of all that knowledge. Jones reflects on how the COVID-19 crisis impacts job seekers and shows you how to get the job you want.
In this quick and insightful read, you’ll discover how to…

✔️ Overcome the fear that is natural after losing a job.
✔️ Find the motivation to get a new job that is more aligned with your wants and needs, despite your age or the state of the world.
✔️ Assess your strengths and use them to your advantage.
✔️ Network effectively (so many job seekers are not networking or are doing it all wrong).
✔️ Handle the logistics of your job search.
✔️ Ace your next job interview.
✔️ Stay relevant in your industry, rather than being just another commodity.
Ready to change your work and change your life? Then check out “Work Matters: Insights & Strategies for Job Seekers in a Rapidly Changing Economy” right now!

Meet Brent M. Jones

Brent M. Jones is a business executive and career development coach who helped over 500 job seekers in the last few years. He’s eager to share his experience and success with one of the most underrated methods in the job search process – the informational interview.

Crusade Against Kidney Disease & Ageing

Declare a crusade against the chronic kidney disease (CKD) and accelerated ageing by getting educated on diverse interventions with possibility to stop and even reverse its progression.

Kidney is one of the most important organs in the human body, and it is one of the most interesting too. Kidneys filter the blood and act as the waste disposal system of the body, sending unwanted products to the ureter to be passed out as urine. Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is turning out to be a silent epidemic in making, as it’s tricky to diagnose it at an early stage. 10% of the population worldwide is affected by it, and millions die each year because they do not have access to affordable treatment which usually are very limited and often ends with dialysis or renal transplant. It is estimated that number of cases of kidney failure will increase disproportionately in developing countries, such as China and India, where the number of elderly people are increasing.Crusade Against Kidney Disease & Ageing is the most comprehensive guide to understanding how your kidneys work, why CKD is often associated with accelerated ageing and how to apply a set of scientifically researched holistic strategies, diet, nutrition, herbs, supplements and exercise routines to fight against this silent epidemic. Get measurable results in 60 days.

Crusade Against Kidney Disease & Ageing includes around 68 interventions spanning over 14 amazing chapters supported by hundreds of medical studies published in journals of medicine, biochemistry and nephrology. It’s an interesting read even if you don’t have CKD and want to get proactive about kidney health and anti-ageing

You will learn:

  • Steps to slow or reverse progression of kidney disease in particular, and ageing in general
  • How to take the control of your health back by understanding how your body (& kidneys) work, and how to make them last longer
  • Wide variety (68 of them) of innovative & amazing therapies for kidney and anti-ageing, backed by numerous medical studies
  • Nutrition plan to reduce load on kidney. Go beyond the vanilla CKD / renal / “alkaline diet”
  • About precision supplements to rejuvenate your kidneys & entire body
  • Exercise protocols to feel more energised, slow down ageing and keep kidneys healthy
  • Highly affordable renal and anti-ageing strategies including ones uncovered from traditional medicine, herbs and yoga, validated by scientific research
  • A set of biomarkers and specialised tests to monitor and manage health of your kidney, in consultation with your integrative GP or Nephrologist.

The author having painfully watched three of his extended family members suffer terribly through chronic kidney disease (CKD), accelerated ageing, failure (and toxicity) of traditional clinical treatments, deep-dived within medical research journals and genetics to uncover effective and affordable therapies, stabbing at the heart of CKD and accelerated ageing.

14 Chapters:

  • Popping BP Pills
  • Strange Story of The Sunshine Vitamin
  • The Wine Factor
  • Apple of Grenada
  • That Mythical Greek Goddess
  • It Stores The “Jing”
  • The Darkness Hormone
  • The Acidic Controversy
  • His Majesty – King Trumpet
  • An Ancient Bacteria
  • The Simmering Fire
  • Fix The Gut
  • Breath It Out
  • The ‘Third Kidney’

Bonus: FREE eBook (link inside; worth 9$) on how to improve health of your family away from the #BigPharma’s profit machine.

NOTE: Recommendations given in this book needs to be ran through an experienced integrative GP or holistic nephrologist.

Meet D. Bose

After a successful career as an engineer and entrepreneur, when Deb painfully watched three of his extended family members suffer terribly through chronic kidney disease (CKD), accelerated ageing, failure (and toxicity) of traditional clinical treatments, he dived deep within medical research journals to uncover effective and affordable therapies, stabbing at the heart of CKD and accelerated ageing.

WHAT DO WOMEN DESIRE?: A Practical Oriented Guides To All Aspiring Men and Women who want to UNDERSTAND what a Woman Desire all over the world

Some say that a wife desires to serve her husband and make him glad that he married her, others say that a wife desires to usurp her husband’s leadership role. This verse describes something basic in the nature of women. As engineers would have difficulty building bridges based on a wrong understanding of cement, couples have difficulty founding marriages based on a wrong understanding of the wife. Many men treat their wives as if they expected to be usurped at any moment. If women desire to please their husbands, treating wives as usurpers is a cruel injustice which God hates… What do women desire is as practical as it is insightful. Updated to reflect the complexities of relationships today, which reveals intrinsic truths and applies relevant, actionable wisdom in ways that Gods work.

Meet Joseph R. Griffin

Joseph R. Griffin is an award-winning author whose works focus on dating, relationships, and wellness. His work has been praised in Library Journal and Publishers Weekly, and he contributes to many other sites, including He has appeared on KL Morning News, Good Morning San, and several other programs. He is passionate about helping others find happiness and success in their dating lives as well as in their relationships.